Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question

Miss South Carolina...

... a perfect example of why our country is doomed!!

Imagine her future as a unwed single mother of three kids by three Baby daddies, struggling to teach her offspring the common sense that God gave a chicken...

America, we shall mourn your passing!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life III


Previously, I wrote about the absolute strength of character and conviction needed to follow the MGTOW lifestyle.

In addition, I argued that for those men that choose to marry, despite all of the risks that marriage entails, they should seek a bride from a non-feminist culture outside of the West.

While there is always the possibility that this kind of marriage may end up in divorce, and that feminized foreign women are as bad as, or worse than, native born feminist women, the odds are generally much better, in terms of divorce avoidance, if a man chooses a foreign woman as his lifelong companion.

In the perfectly ideal situation, you and your beloved would live in the most family friendly environment possible, which would rule out many countries in the West such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Unfortunately, for many, this is not an option, so I will focus on the "living-in-the-West" experience.

Before I continue, I should note that MGTOW is a big tent, and home to many different personalities and ways of living. Some will never marry, while others will seek out wives, both foreign and domestic. Some will live as Ghosts, dwelling in the very shadow of death, while others, such as the Heroic Daddyblogger, will fight to bring our issues to the mainstream.

The common thread that unites us is the recognition that our culture is infected with the Pox of feminism. The putrid boils of misandry riddle the Body Politic. The mental illnesses of greed, selfishness, corruption, and fear permeate every pore of our social, political, and even religious life.

We who embrace MGTOW have decided to fight, to evade, to disregard. We have determined that we will not be driven into destructive situations and ways of living simply because of fear of blame, shame, or ridicule. We have made the decision not to follow the herd, and we will not go over the cliff with everyone else like deranged lemmings.

We are AWAKE.

So with that said, please remember that my way won't necessarily be the best way for you. Careful consideration, and strategic planning are a huge part of the MGTOW philosophy. However, please allow me to share my humble advice and experience, so that those who choose to seek a bride from distant shores can know what to expect, and the rewards that come with living wisely.

To this end, I would like to tell you a tale.

An Unexpected Meeting.

I was a student at one of the largest, and most famous, business schools in my state. For two years, I had been studying Japanese language and culture, in addition to my Economics and Finance course load. My Japanese teacher informed the class one day that Japanese students, who attended ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, were seeking English tutors to help improve their English skill.

(College is one of the best places to meet foreign women, as most Universities have large populations of intelligent, good looking, and (mostly) non-feminized young women that, in most cases, are very open to the idea of forming a relationship with an American man.

Oftentimes, these foreign students are actively looking for an English language tutor, as most of them, especially the Asian students, tend to be very shy and have difficulties in making friends and acquaintances in the American manner.

In Asia, and a lot of traditional countries, the best way to meet people are through third party introductions, and volunteering to tutor a student is a very effective way to break the ice.)

Many of my friends were a bit hesitant, but I thought that tutoring would be a good way to make friends that were also native speakers of Japanese.

After class, I left the room and proceeded to the ESL office. The man at the counter was quite helpful, and the sign up process was pretty painless. I simply gave my name, phone number, and preferred language, and walked away.

The next day, I received a phone call from a Japanese guy by the name of Tobishima.

(What?? A guy?

Surprising as it may seem, making friends with guys from the country/culture of your choice is the best way to find the quality girl of your choice.


Because if you have good relationships with the men that come from the country of interest, not only will they introduce you to their female friends, but they will also make sure that you don't end up with an "Americanized" girl, a vicious bad-girl that will make your life a living hell sooner or later. This is the kind of woman that is interested in an American man only for the green card, money, favors, and the like that she can squeeze out of him. Devious and cunning, this is the kind of girl that can ruin a man.

See, many men make the fatal mistake of marrying just any woman from another country, simply because they are foreign and "exotic".

The reality is that most Americans are completely clueless as to the real personality and intention of people from other places, because most foreigners are not as open and direct as Americans tend to be. And, unlike most American women, who in their arrogance and "Me Me Me" mentality, readily spill the beans and inform you how selfish and needy many of them really are, foreign women are much more circumspect and cunning, and that makes her even more dangerous.

Your "sweetheart" might be running game on you, talking all manner of sweet talk, and all the while, plotting to stab you in the back.

Believe me, I've seen it. A few friends of mine, who were completely unable to read the real intentions of the girls they were dating, ended up with their hearts, and their nutt-sacks, getting handed to them on a silver freaking platter.

However, your guy friends, if they like and respect you, will let you know what's REALLY going on. They won't let you get burned, and on top of that, depending on the culture, your buddies will go to bat for you and inform your squeeze that she needs to straighten up and fly right.

The key difference, in my opinion, between Americans and foreigners, especially from Asia, is that Asians have NO problems correcting someone when they are violating the rules. Male or female; the nail that sticks up, gets hammered the funk down!

Keep in mind that this works both ways: If you piss off and alienate the guys that hail from the country your future wife is from, and if they know her on a first name basis (which is often the case, as, more often than not, they probably introduced you to her in the first place), then they will make sure, by hook or by crook, that your relationship with her goes down in flames.

I've seen that happen quite a bit as well.)

Tobi and I quickly became good friends, going out to parties together, hanging out at the mall, studying together, drinking massive quantities of alcohol, and all manner of foolishness.

Thanks to him, I quickly became friends with most of the Japanese students that went to my school. I came know some of them quite well, sharing all manner of experiences. To this day, we still keep in contact, although less frequently. Some of them have become Salarymen, working insane hours, others got married and became parents, others are living that carefree bachelor life, doing outrageous things that are beyond the scope of this blog. But thanks to Tobi, I had made an impressive amount of contacts, and was well known amongst the Japanese student community. Later on, I found out that my reputation indeed proceeded me, to my benefit.

(If you decide, dear reader, to pursue a foreign wife, understand that you MUST learn about the language and customs of the target nation. For example, if you are looking for a Central American woman, then you will earn tons of Brownie Points if you learn some Spanish, and acquire some basic knowledge about the culture you are going to be dealing with.

This cultural training will come in handy when you negotiate for your bride's hand. Most women raised in non-feminist countries are very strict when it comes to protocol, and long, hard negotiations with her parents are pretty much guaranteed.

Another important consideration is that your woman will expect you to act a certain way, even if it is totally alien to your experience. Your relationship will go much smoother if you are aware of these cultural quirks ahead of time, and adjust accordingly.

Something else to consider:

Foreign men are, on the whole, less accepting of certain kinds of bad behavior, such as excessive weight, poor grooming and dress, bitchiness, poor housekeeping and cooking skills, and the like. Foreign men tend not to overly compromise on many of these key points, and NEITHER CAN YOU.

Please understand this point carefully. I am not recommending that you become an over the top male dominate chauvinist, a wife abuser, or anything as untasteful as that. But I am also not recommending that you bend over backwards to accommodate certain negative behaviors. Gorgeous foreign women, the kind that are feminine and wifely, aren't born that way, but they are shaped by various forces, including the expectations of the men in their lives. In other words, what you expect from her matters.

Foreign women from most traditional cultures expect their men to make their feelings, wishes and desires known, and can be quite disoriented when the Western man shows too much kindness, that self-sacrificing Chivalry that is the product of feminist brainwashing and an overwhelmingly powerful sense of "male guilt" [a][b].


Traditional cultures are traditional for a reason, and that is because in Patriarchal cultures, men have no qualms about laying down the law when it is appropriate, and do not hesitate to challenge ideas and actions that are ruinous to the relationship, or to the society itself.

It goes without saying that virtues such as kindness, love, respect, honor, and duty go hand in hand with the unpleasant duties of correcting people when they are clearly in the wrong. Balance is essential in all things, and many traditional women, from all countries, respect a man that is not afraid to speak his mind, and is not willing to compromise foolishly on certain basic tendencies.

While this mindset is quite foreign to many American men, this attitude is essential to the entire concept of Male Headship, something that is sorely lacking in our culture today. And, as I noted earlier, your foreign woman will, more often than not, test you to make sure that you are capable of being the responsible leader that she desires.

Remember, in most of the world, Men are looked to as Elders, Leaders, Warriors, and Sages. We as men must remember that the notion of a wife looking to her husband for certain manly qualities is NORMAL and NATURAL. It is we in the West who are living outside the bonds of the Universal Law.

Therefore, if your princess from distant lands cannot sense your manliness, then she will, knowingly or inadvertently, lose respect for you. And my readers know what happens to men when their women lose respect for them!)

So then, after a period of three years, I decided to go down to the ESL office and volunteer to be an English tutor, as most of my college buddies had moved back to their respective countries. Upon my arrival to the center, I walked into the middle of a meet and greet socializer, organized and promoted by the foreign students themselves, in the hopes of meeting a good tutor.

As I made my way through the throng of people, my eyes fell upon a young Maiden.

And she, unlike most of her sisters, returned my gaze with a quiet expression of confidence.

I didn't know it at the time, but my entire life was about to change forever.

Next time on Kumogakure School...

Courtship, Marriage, and the Immigration Process!

One Love.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hot Film...

... is The End of the World by the Hidabroot group, a Jewish religious organization.

Because some of my ancestors are German Jews, I've made it my business to become familiar with Judaism and Jewish religious thought in general.

After much observation and study, I have mixed feelings. While some aspects of Jewish philosophy indeed make tons of sense, at times I have come across blatantly "Supremicist" undercurrents that raise all manner of red flags.

For example, according to the Midrash:

When the Jews returned from Babylon, their wives had become brown, and almost black, during the years of captivity, and a large number of men divorced their wives. The divorced women probably married black men, which would, to some extent, account for the existence of black Jews.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Israelite captives of the Assyrians with Negroid peppercorn hair, Courtesy of

Now in this case, the Midrash is quite wrong, historically. The truth is that many of the Hebrews, (including Jews, who trace themselves to the southern part of the larger Israelite nation before the Assyrian exile) who made the Exodus from Black African [1][2] Kemet (Eygpt), were of varying colors, including the Hamitic (African) persuasion.

For example, it is written:

And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle (Exodus 12:38).

This passage refers to a mixture of peoples and ethinicities. And when one considers that the Israelites were surrounded on all sides by the Cannanites and other Hamitic peoples...

(See map at The actual map is all the way at the bottom of the page.)

... then it is irrational to believe that all Hebrews were, at all times, as light as my Jewish ancestors who were born in Europe.

This is but one example of some of the fallacies of Judiasm that has raised my overall suspicion that Conspiracy might be afoot.

But, I digress.

Getting back to the film, you might want to take a look at 1:03:18, which assures the Jewish audience that, during the battle of Gog and Magog, both Christians and Muslims will be punished by God (Blessed be He) for ill-treating the Jewish nation.

Truthseekers will be especially intrigued by section 1:11:27. In this part of the film, the speaker informs the audience that the Jewish Messiah will be a great political and spiritual leader, and he will form a NEW WORLD ORDER.

From that moment on, the film covers how this New World Order is to be implimented, and how all of the nations will ceed their sovereignty to this new government, which will be headquartered in Israel.

Many conspiracy researchers have accused Zionists of undermining and controlling the governments of the world through banking, media cartels, destructive social movements such as communism, and other means. And it appears that this Rabbi has confirmed everything that said theorists have written about the Zionist role in the formation of one world government.

Marx himself was an ethnic German jew. Does this mean that he could be one of my distant ancestors???

Just playin.

Seriously though, the evidence seems to be overwhelming, and now we have this video laying out the masterplan in living color.


I'll let you decide that one.

With that said, please check out the entire broadcast, and take the knowledge contained within with a grain of salt.

When you are done with that, take a look at these anti-Zionist videos. In these last days, it's time for people to look at all sides of any given argument. And the more taboo a subject is, the greater the need for careful and thorough examination of said issue.

The time of living in a fog is over. No matter how ugly and upsetting the truth may be, its high time for us take our heads out of the sand, before they are cut off at the shoulders by our shadowy puppet masters.

The rabbit hole goes deep, and the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Kumo tha Dude.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex Slaves: One Man's Journey

In the film Sex Slaves, we follow the story of girls from the Eastern European countries of Ukraine and Moldavia who are sold into sexual slavery in Turkey, and one man's quest to save his wife, who has fallen into the hands of Turkish pimps.

The documentary is powerful, and harrowing. You can watch it here.

Some points of interest:

A) The Islamo-Turkish pimps, brothel-owners, and slavemasters weren't doing anything wrong according to "the religion of peace," as sex with slave infidels is quite permissible under the laws of Islam.

Unfortunately, the Islamic justification of sexual servitude is left out of the film entirely, doing its viewers a grave dis-service.

(In the spirit of fairness, I should point out that another great Middle Eastern religion, namely Judaism has no qualms about "White slavery" either.)

O where are the feminists when you need them??

Ah I get it. They are too busy condemning American men, you know, the men that DON'T enslave women, as Patriarchal Bastards that must be destroyed.

My Bad.

B) Women play significant roles in the sex trade. The film highlights three women who are key players, on both the buy and sell sides of the deal.

I guess the following saying...

Friendship among women is but a suspension of hostilities.

... is right on the money. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

Just as my Black African forebearers were sold into the ravenous and highly murderous Trans Atlantic slavetrade with the full knowledge, aid, and consent of fellow Africans, especially the Muslim variety [a][b], so are the women in the world being auctioned off like cattle, some of them at the hands of their fellow woman.

Even the so-called liberators of womankind, the feminists, follow the blind philosophy of a man who encourages his followers to keep "all women in common" and dispose of their children if they don't cut the Guardian mustard.

So much for the sisterhood!

And if women in distant lands, some by choice and a great many by force, end up living a life of indentured sex servitude based on social upheaval and grinding poverty, what will happen to the Mistress of the Universe, the American woman, when our splendid economy finally falls flat on it's face?

While the future is unknown, I feel comfortable in predicting that the haughty, selfish, and self-absorbed attitudes of many Western women would go out of style with the quickness.

Anyone call for some Humble Pie??

One wonders how long the sisterhood of women would hold together in the face of extreme hardship. Would they continue their demonization and debasement of men for their own comfort, or would they turn on each other in order to survive?

One hopes that men and women, at that moment, would kiss and make up and find a way to rebuild what has been lost, but only time will tell. Unless our societies change, and quickly, decision time is going to come and bite a lot of people in the ass.

C) The most important aspect of the film, at least for me, was the determination and perseverance of one man, who sought the return of his beloved wife, who was sold into slavery by a person the man considered a friend.

Gents, this documentary is an excellent example of how the vast majority of men would act to save someone they loved from a fate worse than death. Feminists and other nay-sayers that label us all "Rapists" and "Batters" need to really sit down, shut up, and watch how a real man takes care of business!


My momma told me a long time ago that 99.9% of the world's population doesn't give a funk about me, and that the only people who truly care are my family, and my loved ones. These are the people, my wife and others, who've got my back for serious.

Women should realize that Government doesn't care about you, Business only wants to exploit you in the quest to make a profit, most guys just wanna fuck you, and a lot of women only want to bring you down to their level of misery, like crabs in a bucket. Only your blood relatives, and 99% of the time, your lawfully wedded husband, who loved your ass enough to marry you in the first place, stand ready to spend their time, treasure, and blood on your behalf.

When the chips are down, only these people are willing to risk their necks to pull you out of the pit.

Take heed, cause Momma didn't raise no fools.

In summary, I would like to inform everyone reading this that the problem of slavery, both male and female, is real. It exists, as it has always existed, in localities around the globe.

Now we here in the West have a good thing going. Slavery and other forms of indentured servitude, save child support, are outlawed. And, while there were plenty of mistakes along the way, we have mostly eliminated inequality from our laws and customs.

However, the death cult of feminism arose, and proceeded to create a new class of people that it deemed acceptable to discriminate against: namely Men and boys.

Instead of promoting equal rights for all people, feminism, and the Leftist Elitists behind it, simply used the sheep's clothing of Liberalism and the rhetoric of Social Justice to cover up a ruthless, and unconstitutional power grab of our government, academia, and popular culture.

And, for the most part, feminists have used "women's issues" to drive an ever-deepening wedge between the sexes. And behold, most women see that it is good.

Those who believe that women "deserve" said special rights should pull their heads out of the sand and recognize that our way of life, being an artificial creation, is extremely fragile.

If the sexes cannot find a way to settle their differences in a fair and just manner, then the oppressed will rise up, AND SMASH THIS HOUSE OF CARDS TO THE GROUND. Someday, when women need men the most, they will find that their cries fall on deaf ears. And, as the film points out exceptionally well, women don't fare too well when men close their ears, eyes, and hearts to their former helpmeets.

But on the other hand, men that are attached to kind, sweet, and loving women, and who are respected and appreciated for who and what they are, will go out of their way to defend against all manner of evil, hardship, tyranny, and discord.

Trust that.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Check out...

My Finance links!

I got some good leads for all you investors out there.

Be sure to check out Valueline and in particular, as these guys have a British Bulldog lock on the research and analysis end of the business.

Keep your eyes open, as we're not out of the Crisis yet. The end of an era is about to unfold!

Kumo out.

Men are not the only abusers.

Women beat, batter, and bruse just as often as men do.

Believe it.

Peace to the guys at MensActivism for posting this beauty:

Anonymous writes "This article in Psychiatric News should be distributed to as many editors, politicians, educators etc. as possible. Excerpt:

'In addressing intimate partner violence, the focus is usually on women who are physically battered by husbands or boyfriends. However, women sometimes hurt their partners as well.

Women are doing virtually everything these days that men are - working as doctors, lawyers, and rocket scientists; flying helicopters in combat; riding horses in the Kentucky Derby. And physically assaulting their spouses or partners.

In fact, when it comes to nonreciprocal violence between intimate partners, women are more often the perpetrators.'"

Stuff like this is a far cry from the typical feminist line that:

All men are rapists and that's all they are" -- Marilyn French, Authoress; (later, advisoress to Al Gore's Presidential Campaign.)

Kumo tha Dude learned a long time ago that women dish out tha violence on the same scale that they receive it. In my 'hood, girls were fighting all comers like a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

Taking the Project Chicks from my area for a joke was a quick and easy way for an unsuspecting guy to get FUCKED UP [1][2][3].

The policy I adopted then, which I still hold to today, is that any person, male or female, with the will and the skill to cause me serious physical harm, is liable for an ass whuppin, off top.

If a chick wants to fight me like a man, then she is gonna get beat down like a man.

For real.

As a matter of fact, as the article points out, not a small number of incidents involve women initiating violent episodes. Often times, these girls goad their partners, male or female, until the other person ends up, out of frustration or anger, assaulting her.

Around my way, the saying, "Don't start no shit, won't be no shit," is an expression that would prevent a portion of women from getting their arses kicked by their significant other. If you treat a dog with all the sense that God (Blessed be He) gave a chicken, and the dog ends up taking a bite out of your ass, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

People reap what they sow, and women are not exempt from this Universal Law.

At the same time, a man that beats on his woman just because he can is not a man at all, he is a monster that deserves to get dealt with, the pre-VAWA way.

Guys and dolls alike should learn to keep their hands to themselves, and play nice nice.

Anywhoo, this article is another fine example of how the "all women are victims" line is nothing more than a hot, steaming pile of BULLSHIT!

Have a nice day.

Kumo the Realist One.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Candidates @ Google: Ron Paul

Check it out peeps.

Good stuff.


Looks like our man Paul is winning some straw polls, and gaining mainstream recognition!

One last thing... I guess the saying is true that politics makes strange bedfellows.

Even White Nationalists at Stormfront, more or less, like Ron Paul.

I can't blame 'em tho... feminism and socialism are nobody's friends, unless you happen to be a global elitist seeking world domination.

Go Ron Paul!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life II

What's Good?

In Part I, I argued that the modern man seeking a woman worthy of marriage and family should set his sights overseas. Unfortunately, the majority of Western Women have succumbed to the feminist super virus, and are unsuitable for married life.

Before I speak about my experiences with meeting and marrying a woman from distant shores, I feel it is necessary to slay the feminist inspired myth that many men and women both believe in; that anyone who seeks out a foreign wife is a loser who simply couldn't hack it with "normal" Western women.

A key tenant of this myth is that Western men are only interested in non-feminized traditional women because they want door-mats and slaves that will obey without question. This point of view, that non Western women are simply too stupid and naive to exercise their own judgment in matters of love and marriage, leads to the passage of blatantly discriminatory and unconstitutional legislation such as the IMBRA law.

Of course, such attitudes are perfect examples of feministic "shaming language;" demeaning rhetoric that is not based on logic and common sense, but is intended to produce massive quantities of guilt, stifle debate, and squash all possible dissent.

Shaming language, according to Harvey Mansfield's Masterwork Manliness, was a huge part of the early twentieth century feminist movement's stunning success:

"Manly in substance, feminism is womanly in manner. Rather than by violent revolution, feminism undertook to bring on the gender neutral society by raising consciousness. Unlike the manly suffragettes, who broke the law and demonstrated scandalously in public places, the feminists... were so law abiding that none of them spent a moment in jail. Raising consciousness was intended to make women and men aware of how much society is prejudiced against women... (Mansfield, Manliness, p. 149)."

The thinker continues:

"By working through changes of language, feminists were able to correct social prejudice without having to demonstrate or even argue for reform. How could one answer them that the impersonal pronoun "he" did not favor men or that women were not equal to men (p. 150)."

The author goes on to expose the real villains behind feminism, and their brand of "shaming language":

"Consciousness is a word used by Marx, and conscious-raising is a compound of neo-Marxist origin that was apparently first used in 1969 in the Red Stocking Manifesto, coauthored by Shulamith Firestone when she helped found a radical feminist group in New York... the term is a reminder that feminism came from the left and that it owed much to Marx's critique of Liberalism; many of the early feminists considered themselves to be Marxists, and (Betty) Friedan herself was either a communist or close to communists in the 1940's (p. 150) [a][b][c]."

Long time readers know that feminism is the Bastard Red Headed stepchild of Marxism and Platonism. And now you know how dangerous "shaming language" is, and why men must be inoculated against its toxic effects before any attempt to improve their situation is undertaken.

Women, especially feminists, have the gift (or the curse) to talk a man right out of his head. Believe it.

The fact of the matter is that the war against men isn't being fought in the streets, at least not yet. It is being fought in the halls of government and the courts, it is being waged in the media and in academia, but most of all, the war is being waged in the darkest interiors of YOUR OWN MIND.

It is impossible to fully embrace the freedom that the MGTOW philosophy provides, nor is it possible to begin the long struggle for social change, until you yourself purify your mind of all the feminist brainwashing that you have ever received, and start making decisions and choices that benefit you, within the boundaries of reason, morality, and common sense.

I have walked the walk. I don't talk about, I AM about it. I have gone out and found the woman who is most worthy to be at my side as I resist feminist tyranny day in and day out. I want to share my knowledge and my experiences with you so that you too, if that is your desire, can find a quality woman worthy enough to bear your last name.

But none of what I write will help you, until you free your mind of the bullshit, and put MGTOW into practice in your own life.

Having information at your command is knowledge; applying knowledge is true WISDOM.

Let go of the feminist orthodoxy, and everything else will fall into place.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Niccolo Machiavelli)

Because, as the Great Machiavelli tells us:

"I conclude, therefore, that as fortune is changeable whereas men are obstinate in their ways, men prosper so long as fortune and policy are in accord, and when there is a clash they fail. I hold strongly to this: that is is better to be impetuous than circumspect; because fortune is a woman and if she is to be submissive, it is necessary to beat and coerce her. Experience shows that she is more often subdued by men who do this than by those who act coldly. Always, being a woman, she favors young men, because they are less circumspect and more ardent, and because they command her with greater audacity (Machiavelli, The Prince, p. 81)."

Take his words figuratively, not literally, and remember always:

Fortune favors the brave.

So then, in order to destroy the myth that foreign women are the preserve of malcontents and ogres, I would like to share with you a post that a friend, who has since retired from the MRA game, wrote in response to the following article entitled A Rare Moment of Sanity Out of the Bush Administration, by Ms. Bonnie Erbe.

I repost portions of it now.

A rare moment of sanity out of the Bush administration

Let's not just make it tougher for American men to hook up with "mail order brides" over the Internet and import them, let's ban the practice altogether.

(Oh? I thought Americans were free to choose who they could associate with! Sounds racist and xenophobic to me, but I could be wrong.)

In one of the more laudable acts of his tenure in the White House, President Bush earlier this year signed into law the "International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005" or IMBRA. The law imposes some tough restrictions on men seeking to import wives. Some of the men complain the law presumes all such American men are abusers.

(Yes, because it does.)

But I say the mere act (to wit, the bizarre act) of deciding to marry someone from a foreign country who is just about guaranteed to be less well educated and a lot less well off financially, creates such an incurably unhealthy imbalance of power in the union, even horrifically burdensome regulation won't suffice.

(Really? Again your prejudice shows my lady. My wife, and many foreign women who meet and marry Americans, are very well educated. Probably better than you are!)

The law requires before any foreign woman's contact information is sold (by an Internet marriage broker) to an American man, he must disclose his criminal and marital background. It also requires the agency brokering such relationships to obtain the man's record from the National Sex Offenders Public Registry database, translate it into the woman's native language and give her a copy.

An Internet search for the words, "mail order brides abuses" brings up articles entitled, "A license to Abuse" and "Mail Order Misery" among many others. Tales of brutalized and murdered women are legion. The situation is not new, although the Internet is clearly increasing opportunities for men to find developing nation wives (very few so-called mail order marriages if any are between American men and women from other developed nations.)

(Yes because no one wants to go through the time and effort of bringing home a FemiNasty woman from a foreign country. If I wanted someone who would mistreat me, refuse to do the most basic of marital duties, and subsequently divorce me, I would have married American. In my post, FemiNasty Portolio Risk, I calculated that the probability of unilateral divorce from a foreign woman was only 15%, whereas the probability with an American woman is a whopping 32%!)

The New York Times reports, "In 1998, fewer than 2,500 foreign women applied to become permanent residents under the Violence Against Women Act (of which IMBRA is a part) which allows abused wives to apply for residence without the support of their husbands. In the fiscal year that ended in September, 9,500 applied." That's a 400 percent increase in six years. The paper quotes the INS saying some 37,500 women entered the country last year on fiancee visas or temporary visas for spouses of American citizens _ up 50 percent from three years before.

(Yes Ma'am. FemiNasty women like you are being outsourced. Deal with it.)

A 1993 Yale Law Journal article described several cases of unimaginable abuse including the tale of one Maria who came to the United States from the Dominican Republican to marry a man who began brutalizing her shortly after they married.

"I had eight stitches in my head and a gash on the other side of my head, and he broke my ribs .... He would bash my head against the wall while we had sex. He kept threatening to kill me if I told the doctor what happened."

(Ahh playing the abuse card. A few cases does not a trend make. Show me your studies! Show me your evidence! Then I will take you seriously Madam. Until then, enough with the shaming language!)

Who pays these women's health care bills when their husbands beat and abandon them? Most likely, the American taxpayer.

(Again, prove than American men are beating and abandoning their foreign brides on a wide scale.)

I don't assume all such marriages end badly. Perhaps many last long and end blissfully "until death doth them part." That aside, it still seems a bizarre and unappealing choice for an American man to set out to marry a woman on the basis of a preconceived notion that she emanates from a submissive culture. And submissiveness is key, as the men portrayed in the Times article make clear.

(It seems bizarre to you. It makes perfect sense to men with intelligence. Why buy a ford pinto when you can drive an Audi? Foreign women, as a whole, are simply more feminine and better mothers and wives than most of today's modern American women. Women are always in a state of flux, unsatisfied with their souls. Men, on the other hand, haven't changed much. We want what we have always wanted, a happy family, a little bit of cash in our pocket, and a little respect.)

"'It all started with women's lib', said Sam Smith, a former salesman of insurance and mutual funds, who founded I Love Latins in Houston six years ago. 'Guys are sick and tired of the North American me, me, me attitude.'"

(Yep!! And its too bad women no like that we have an opinion, but women are free. They answer to no one, not even to God himself. It's only fitting that we men also claim our freedom. That freedom involves meeting, mating, and marrying foreign women, NOT FemiNasties!)

Two thoughts in closing. We are already a nation divided on mass immigration with polls showing more and more Americans want limits to the number of foreigners granted citizenship. Do we really want another 40,000 plus people entering the United States per year to satisfy men who cannot seem to find suitable mates among America's already copious supply? And, if the mail order marriage industry is so great for women, then why aren't American women flocking to the Internet to find foreign husbands?

Why not indeed?

Something to think about.

In any event, those who are considering going overseas to find your dream girl should be aware of the prevailing prejudices that having a foreign wife will bring upon you, and should also know how to counter the shaming language that you will inevitably receive. An unwavering belief in the validity of your wise decision to marry an non-feminist foreign woman is an absolute must!

Educate yourselves gentlemen. I recommend that you read the outstanding Shaming Language countermeasures, and check out the awesome Online Dating Rights website for more in depth information concerning IMBRA.

Next time on Kumogakure School:

How I met my young wife, solid advice on how to meet foreign women, how to deal with IMBRA, and how to successfully handle the immigration process.

Be there!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

How The West Was Lost...

... to Islamic Jihad.

Gents, be sure to read this peice from my favorite Anti Islamo terror blog Jihad Watch:

UK: Grooming of white girls for sex is exposed as two Muslim men jailed

The cultural norms being described are Islamic, although the paper sticks to the UK euphemism of "Asian." And of course the extreme likelihood that these men didn't respect their victims as human beings because they were unbelievers is left unmentioned and unexplored. "Grooming of white girls for sex is exposed as two Asian men jailed," by Lucy Bannerman and Richard Ford for the TimesOnline (thanks to all who sent this in):

A hidden world in which Asian men “groom” young white girls for sex has been exposed with the jailing yesterday of two men for child-abuse offences.

Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months after exploiting two girls aged under 16 by plying them with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them.

Both men pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to abduction, sexual activity with a child and the supply of a controlled drug.

Despite being told explicitly by police and social services that both girls were under-age and should be returned to care, the men picked up one girl from a children’s home in Blackburn and then drove on to collect her friend who was living in temporary foster care in North Wales.


The trial came amid growing concern at the attitudes of some Asian men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address...

While the article addresses the conditioning of white girls for sex service, I'm quite sure Western Women of all shades are being similarly targeted.

Be sure to read the rest of the piece.

Also, take a gander at the comments. Here are a few that really jumped out at me:

Why do White people not want admit it! A huge percentage of White girls are just out of control. Any stinking ghetto freak with a pocket full of drugs has attractive white girls buzzing around him—it is a fact. Older whites have buried their heads in the sand about how degenerate their daughters have become or they simply do not care.

Currently, an increasing number of white men who are nice, intelligent and have their lives together have figured that dysfunctional and promiscuous white girls are to be avoided and have turned to oriental girls with old fashioned values for healthy relationships. It is not just the old creepy Muslim men playing with the little white teens. The average young Muslim guy will have his fill of white girls and likely get one or two pregnant on the way. If Muslim men, owing to their religion, view the conservative chaste non-Muslim women in the Middle East and Pakistan as utter whores, how would they view the easy catches they find in the west, and they are the easiest.

The undeniable fact is that women are the backbone of civilization. That is why I believe America and Europe are sunk because the girls growing up today are simply not fit to do much beyond driving white people and the western civilization that they are entrusted to uphold to extinction.

Posted by: have_mercy at August 12, 2007 12:10 PM

Strong words.

As a Black man, and a child of Western Civilization, I can say with conviction that feminism is no respecter of race. After ravaging the black community, the engineered virus of feminism is now ravaging the White community in full force.

Our Jihad Watch poster also notes that:

The majority White women who a few generations ago used to favor the Albert Einstein, the intellectual man-of-letters type, or the hard working stand-up guy, ala the Michael Landon type in the Little House on the Prairie, now favor the 50-Cent type with entirely predictable consequences.

Islam and the Jihad can not be repulsed in the West because western peoples are simply not fit to live and continuo the legacy of their forbearers. With extremely rare exceptions, most of the Westerns that are worthy of respect and admiration have lived years longer than what is remaining for them to live, i.e. middle aged or older. The quality of western people growing up today, especially girls, does vote most unfavorably for the survivor of the west.

The majority of Western Women have made their choice to follow all the “-isms” and to support them most eagerly with their vote, their money and their time. Many of them take one of two tracks, the unwed teen mother and future baby machine bearing the seed of thugs and misfits or the “Sex in the City” career woman types that play the field until prompted by their biological clock to settle down and have one kid before that relationship ends in divorce or not, the result is the same, selfish amoral offspring that will see the West ruined. This is the source of disagreement between me and most with Jihad Watchers who cast most of the blame on Muslims instead of looking inward. Islam and the Jihad would not have been as much of a threat if Western Societies were not collapsing socially, morally, intellectually, religiously, politically and demographically.

Posted by: have_mercy at August 12, 2007 1:19 PM

The brutally honest truth.

As a matter of fact, Have_Mercy of Jihad Watch sums up my entire attitude towards the "Jihadi problem."

Islamic terrorists seek to dominate us because we have allowed it. In addition, factions here in the West seek to export the same destructive feminist virus into their home regions, giving these scum the pretext to launch jihad against us.

To say nothing of the various instances of our very own government arming and training Islamic warriors in order to acheive dubious foreign policy goals [a][b][c][d].

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world just don't get it. For example, here is a comment worthy of a closet member of NOW:

... Morality is not the same as freedom. One person's morality is not necessarily shared by another.

Our freedom is guaranteed by law and our morality is not dictated by law.

If I behave in a way that you (I'm speaking in generalities) feel is immoral, should my freedom be removed or limited? No, my freedom is mine to do with as I choose, within the law.

It has been proven, again and again, that sexy clothing, a nice figure or a certain demeanor do not provoke or cause rape. Men rape because they get off on it and because they think they can get away with it (the same is true for female sexual deviants).
Just because Muslim men (in these cases) are taking their time and "seducing" young girls doesn't mean these minors have not been coerced into something that is illegal and demeaning to them. I don't care what style of clothing these girls wear: it is irrelevant.

If you had a bunch of dirty old white men doing this it would be wrong, even if said men were well-dressed and good-looking like these Muslims supposedly are.

Your argument, and havemercy's, is not far from the one that suggests that if only white girls were more chaste like Muslim girls they wouldn't be such easy targets. If only white girls kept their legs together like Muslim girls... If only they went to church more... If only they wore hijabs, then Muslim men wouldn't be driven wild by their sexy hair...

In other words, they brought it on themselves.

In other words, you can't blame the cat for eating the uncovered meat.

I believe that our freedom rests on our defense of our rights and freedoms, as enshrined in our democracies, and not on our virtue.

And thank God for that because, if you look back in history, you'll find the same rampant lack of virtue, and we still managed to build these excellent countries of ours.

Posted by: Josephine at August 12, 2007 7:41 PM


What fools these feminists be! She cannot see the forest for the trees.

In any event, take a look at the article. I think many of the comments will be of interest to MRAs everywhere.

The war against tyrants, both internal and external, cannot be won if one's own house is not in order.

Unless there is a revival of Manliness and Responsibility, Morality and Self-Discipline, our current system will not long survive.

Sun Tzu tells us:

We can form a single united body, while the
enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will
be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole,
which means that we shall be many to the enemy's few.

The Muslims know that we are divided and weakening by the day. And, so long as feminism thrives, and meaningful bonds between the sexes (and the races) in the West decline, we have no hope of victory.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1 [1/3]

What can I say... Only in Japan could you find a show as wierd as this one.

But... It's a must watch!

If you are into Anime... you won't be disappointed.

If you are into abusing mind altering substances... you won't be disappointed.

If you are at rock bottom, and you ain't shot shit else to do... you won't be disappointed!

Laugh a little.


Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life Part I.

Welcome back to Kumogakure School.

Now that I've finished writing about the destruction of the Rights of Men at the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States, and about the 2000+ year old origins of feminism and communism, I desire to take some time and focus on the heart.

MGTOW is not some dimestore philosophy that someone concocted and posted online.

MGTOW is a way of life, and a lifechanging one at that, for those who have the courage to follow it.

I believe it is now appropriate for me to share with all of you what MGTOW has done for me, why I know that it is true, natural and harmonious with the Universal Law, and why Men in our present age should adopt it until the Rights of Men are once again acknowledged, respected, and encoded with the force of law and custom.

When Men begin living correctly, and begin applying the ideals of MGTOW in their own lives, Heaven grants them rewards beyond their wildest dreams.


Because, as Sun Tzu writes:

1. Sun Tzu said: The good fighters of old first put
themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then
waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.

2. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our
own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
is provided by the enemy himself

Removing yourself from the place of physical or spiritual danger is paramount. If someone invited you to a gunfight, and you only had a knife, would you show up?

Of course not. So it is with MGTOW.

By simply avoiding marriage, cohabitation, or unnecessary entanglements with women, the wise man sidesteps the power and tyranny of the Matriarchal state. The prudent man lives well, lives free, and waits until the time when a very large stake can be driven through the black heart of the feminist establishment.

As The Art of War tells us:

If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him.
If he is in superior strength, evade him

... If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to
irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant...

And so shall we do. Feminists, and other followers of doomed elitest movements, will remove themselves from existence, as their entire way of life violates the Universal Law.

The meek will truly inherit the earth, in time. So in the meantime, it is correct and prudent for men to adopt, and truly live, the MGTOW lifestyle.

Now, some of us will seek to marry.

For the record, I believe personally that marriage, monogamous or polygamous, is the best way of organizing a society.

On top of this, I think that it is better, speaking only for myself, to be married than to be single.

As an example, abstinence from sexual activity is the only sure way to be 100% safe from sexually transmitted disease. Although the man achieves an avoidance rate of 100%, complete avoidance of women can be harmful to some, for men differ in personality and temperament. Some men excel at celibacy, while others struggle mightily.

However, if a man has intercourse with a woman with the proper protection, he can greatly reduce the chance of infection, and at the same time, experience the pleasures of sexual union.

So then, while it is better in this day and age, thanks to feminism, to remain single and unattached, it is also possible, and in some cases, necessary, for a man to marry. The key is to take steps to mitigate the risks of entering into Holy Wedlock.

How can this be done?

Simple. We take Sun Tzu's advice and evade the feminized Western Woman entirely. Women who are infected with the feminist virus should be content to live out their days in solitude, since after all, a woman needs a man like "a fish needs a bicycle."

The man that has chosen to go his own way should respect the wishes of these women, and give them all the space they need. It would be rude, after all, to intrude upon the lives of such persons.

Let them go thier own way, as wasting precious energy upon them is pointless.

Since the vast majority of Western Women, who are infected with feminism, should be eliminated from consideration as possible wives and mothers, the enlightened man should seek greener pastures, as I have done.

Here are some links to get you started:

Russian Women
Russian Women for Western Men
Russian women speak
Outcast Superstar's Bachelor links page
Single Abroad
Japan Today Friends

In addition, a great way to meet single, foreign, and non feminist-infected women is to go to the nearest major University with a large foreign student population and volunteer to tutor English to them; or seek out foreign students to aid you with your own foreign language studies, if you are a foreign language learner. For example, I met my young wife (more about her later) while we were both attending University. I was originally her English tutor.

Trust me on this, your local College is the best kept secret in the quest to wine, dine, and marry the foreign woman of your dreams.

Why foreign women?

The answer is that, while there are always risks associated with marriage (especially if you are unfortunate enough to be living in the Matriarchy), a good friend of mine has proven, numerically, that marriage to an American (or Western) woman is a much greater risk than marriage to a woman from a culture outside of the West. Unfortunately, the original post that he refers to is lost, but most of it is still relevant to our discussion.

As my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote:

... This is an update on a previous post of mine:

On that thread I made the following findings:

Married men, based on the assumptions made in my previous analysis, had a present value of wages at $686.074.54, not including cost of living, rent, car payments, etc.

Divorced men, based on the assumptions made in my previous analysis, had a present value of wages at $599,863.89.

These numbers resulted in a net loss of $86,210.65.

Then I says to myself, "Self? What would the portfolio risk of married vs divorced men be?"

So, I did some more number crunching.

Lets pretend that the $686,075 and the $599,864 numbers are possible investment outcomes.

And lets assume that the probabilities of marriage (.68) vs divorce (.32) are the probabilities of the investment choice outcome.

(For more detail on how I got .68 vs .32, please see:...(link)

And the numbers!

Expected return:

.68*686075= 466,531
.32*599864= 191,956

466,531+191,956= E(r) 658,487.

.68(686,075-658,487^2) + .32(599,864-658,487^2)

Variance= 517,546,466 + 1,099,729,961 = 1,617,276,427.

Standard Dev = Square root of 1,617,276,427.

Standard Dev = $40,215.00

In dollars, the risk is $40,215.00.

As a percentage,

40215/(686075+599864) = 3% Standard Deviation.

Now then! Lets compare this to the risk of an American Man marrying a foreign woman.

Please note the following info... :

"According to data supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau, there were
2,395,000 marriages in the U.S. in the 12 months ending June, 1997 (and
1,154,000 divorces in the same period). The 4,000 to 6,000 marriages
involving international services represent, then, a tiny portion (.021
percent) of the women who marry U.S. men.

It is interesting to note that, based largely on data provided by the
agencies themselves (along with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas
report cited above), marriages arranged through these services would
appear to have a much lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole,
fully 80 percent of these marriages having lasted over the years for
which reports are available."

If this is the case, then our divorce probability with respect to a foreign woman is:

100 marriages less 80 successful marriages = 20 divorces.

Lets assume also that in these 20 divorces, women will initiate them at the same rate as American women. (Please see my initial post for more info on American women initiating divorces.)

.2 * .75 = .15 probability of divorce initiated by foreign wives.

So lets run the numbers for Foreign bride marriages!

Expected return:

.85*686075= 583164
.15*599864= 89980

583164 + 89980= E(r) 673144.

.85(686,075-673144^2) + .15(599,864-673144^2)

Variance= 142,129,146 + 805,493,760 = 947,622,906.

Standard Dev = Square root of 947,622,906.

Standard Dev = $30783.00

In dollars, the risk is $30783.00.

As a percentage,

30783/(686075+599864) = 2.39% Standard Deviation.

So! As you can see, 3% - 2.39% = .61%

There is .61% more risk involved in marrying American women.

In light of these numbers, prudent financial managers would reject the American women portfolio, and choose the Foreign women portfolio.

And of course, those who don't marry at all have 0% Standard Deviation, or, No Risk. So the most prudent financial manager would choose not to marry at all, based on the current conditions.

Based on the data, we can see how foreign women are clearly superior to the vast majority of Western Women in terms of divorce risk avoidance.

But far more importantly, as I will explain next time, life with a non-feminized wife is a thousand times sweeter than many American men could dare to dream.

Kumo out.

BIG Shoutout to...

Hawaiian Libertarian, who designed the Shin or "Heart" character located on the top of the page.

Good looking out!!


Kiyosaki: Booms Were Made to Go Bust!

While the Dow continues its recent slide, I think that this article by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki is more than timely:

During the height of the real estate bubble, I wrote a column saying that the crash was coming and suggested selling any piece of real estate that was overpriced, questionable, or non-performing. As expected, I received angry replies.

Today, I'm predicting the next crash, what I believe will cause it, and why it'll be a severe blow to the global economy. The signs are already here.

Busts Beat Booms

First of all, it's no big deal to predict booms and busts. All markets boom and bust. It's just easier to predict a bust because the signs are so obvious -- like excess euphoria, easy access to money, huge profits, and scores of happy amateurs entering the market.

Booms are harder to predict. They start silently, like oak acorns buried in the ground -- you don't notice them until they're towering trees. For example, few people recognized Microsoft or Google for the giants they were until after they'd become major players and the big profits had been made.

Paradoxically, that means busts are better because we can see them coming. This gives us time to prepare, and makes it easier to capitalize on them.

The Year the Dollar Died

The coming bust started in 1971. That was the year Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard, thus converting the U.S. dollar from money to currency -- that is, from an asset to a liability, and an instrument of debt. That was the year the dollar died.

After Nixon was forced out of office, the U.S. economy went into a slump under presidents Ford and Carter. We had high inflation and low growth, otherwise known as "stagflation," before Ronald Reagan and his dedication to supply-side economics -- Reganonomics -- came along.

Reagan cut taxes and started borrowing money, increasing the national debt. As a nation and as a people, we began borrowing and spending to spur the economy. And the economy boomed until 2000...

Read the rest of the article.

Something else that I think needs to be considered:

Chinese inflation at 10-year high of 5.6%

By Sean O'Grady
Published: 14 August 2007

China's inflation rate accelerated to its fastest pace in a decade last month, with prices rising by 5.6 per cent on their level a year ago.

Almost all of the dramatic increase can be accounted for by a sharp spike in the price of food, which has a much higher profile in China than it does in richer western economies. The Chinese are paying 15.4 per cent more for their food, on average, than they were 12 months ago. Prices of pork and other meat surged 45.2 per cent and that of eggs 30.6 per cent. By contrast, prices of clothing and other non-food goods rose just 0.9 percent in July from a year ago.

The Chinese government's chief economist, Yao Jingyuan, said inflation might continue to rise over the next two months due to food-price hikes and he predicted the inflation rate would fall in the final quarter of the year...

... For Beijing the numbers are worrying because China's booming and unbalanced economy may be moving out of its control. China's national income grew by an annualised 11.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2007, and three increases in interest rates in the past six months have failed appreciably to cool output or China's rampant (until very recently) stock markets. Chinese leaders are trying urgently to curb the sharp rise in food prices, which hit the country's industrial and rural poor especially hard (though some farmers are enjoying the higher prices for their produce). Most economists expect Chinese interest rates to rise over the medium term, with the yuan modestly appreciating (and thus easing trade tensions with the US) and inflation moderating...

The world economy revolves around China exporting a multitude of goods at very low prices. More importantly, the United States depends on Chinese financing in order to pay for its ever-increasing expenditures. Rapidly increasing inflation in China could aggravate a very volatile global economic situation in unexpected ways, most likely by making Chinese goods more expensive to produce and export, which could play havoc with corporate profits, as many firms source or manufacture goods in the Communist nation.

Those who invest heavily overseas (like I do), should keep a close eye on China. If there is major economic chaos there, then we in the United States will certainly feel it here.

No matter how you slice it, the Dark Side has fallen. I believe that we are headed for a recession at some point in the next few years; a mild slowdown if we are lucky, or a massive meltdown in the worst-worst case scenario.

It's all about dem Benjamins baby!

Kumogakure, P.F.P.

(Personal Financial Pimpster)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Zeitgeist, the Movie.


Gotta heavy duty movie for you. Zeitgeist.

As usual, take this one with a grain of salt. However, valuable information can be gained, and it's well worth your time.

Truth is the weapon of the Information Age. Make sure you stock up!


Save the Males: Military Wages War on Your Gender!

An interesting article from the Insightful Save the Males:

The US army is circumventing laws that shield women from combat dangers.

The reason isn't just a shortage of male recruits. It is part of a larger psychological strategy to render us dysfunctional and docile by undermining heterosexuality and the nuclear family by denying/erasing male-female differences.

We are victims of Orwellian social engineering so successful that we don't even realize it happened.

We are in the final stages of a conspiracy to hijack the human race. All of our institutions have been subverted by a satanic cult, originating in a heretical Jewish sect (Sabbateans),
spread by a vast occult network (Freemasons) and empowered by the central banking cartel, which seeks totalitarian power.

I also want to add that the ideal of women training and fighting with men in combat during times of war was proposed 2000 years ago by Plato, the "Divine Philosopher."

We know that Marx, founder of Communism, the grandfather of the feminist movement, was heavily learned in Platonic philosophy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(The Torture of Prometheus by Jean Louis Cesar)

Furthermore, we know that Marx and company were greatly influenced by the Greek god Prometheus, whose name means "Foresight."

According to Theologian Paulose Mar Paulose:

In his dissertation Marx provided the stimulus for the development of a materialistic-atheistic tradition by setting up the titanic figure of Prometheus as the archetype. When the twenty-three year old Marx called Prometheus "the most eminent saint and martyr in the philosophic calendar", he had in mind a philosophy with the basic creed: "In simple words I hate the pack of gods". According to Marx, Prometheus is opposed to "all divine and earthly Gods who do not acknowledge human self-consciousness as the highest divinity." Marx’s philosophic calendar therefore contains such a "saint and martyr" who hates the gods and extol human being’s self-consciousness as the highest divinity. The phrase "saint and martyr" should be understood as an interpretation of Prometheus’ answer to Hermes which Marx quotes:

Be sure of this, I would not change my state
Of evil fortune for your servitude.
Better to be the servant of this rock
Than to be faithful boy to Father Zeus.5

In preference to Hermes’ servitude as faithful boy to Father Zeus, Prometheus would rather be the "servant to this rock" to which he is bound by way of punishment. Prometheus profession is the service of human beings over against Hermes service of the gods. The latter enjoys an apparent freedom, whereas the former is subjected to eternal sufferings and bondage. But in these sufferings and bondage he is free, because it is his own conscious and deliberate choice. His martyrdom for the sake of human beings makes him the real saint. Prometheus thus becomes the representative of a view of human beings and the world that sets up their own self-consciousness as the ultimate reality and supreme good. Prometheus’ act is, according to Marx, the true task of philosophy. Just as Prometheus, having stolen fire from heaven, begins to build houses and to establish himself on earth, so philosophy, having embraced the whole world, should rebel against the world of phenomena.6

In addition, through Prometheus we can connect our mysterious Money Men to the nefarious activities of Marx and his spiritual harlots, the feminists.

Note this famous statue:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Why, what's this? It's PROMETHEUS giving fire to mankind, right outside Rockefeller Plaza.


I think not.

Leftists, Communists, Feminists, Globalists... they're all in the know, and we ain't. Cause it's a small world after all, and these people have big plans for We the Masses.

Getting back to the piece:

They are "satanic" in the sense they have deliberately displaced God. They defy universal natural and moral laws and use the media and education (propaganda) to define their evil as good...


"Jessica Phoenix" is the pen name of an Iraq veteran who alerted me to this story. She writes:

"Although my fitness scores were outstanding for a 33 year old female, I was far below the male standards. Women aren't supposed to meet male standards.

I joined the Army out of financial desperation, not because I wanted to invade men's work places. I was told I would get placed in an office. I never saw an office.

It was bad enough that I had to invade Iraq for a year exactly the way the men did. But then I got put in the field artillery in Korea.

The sergeants there tried to punish me whenever I failed to keep up with the boys, but it was useless. I just ended up getting treated like a criminal every day. They thought they could punish the woman out of me. They thought they could turn me into a man with enough threats and punishment. It didn't work. I'm still a woman.

I could not cock the cannon weapon because the cock lever was too heavy. A man injured my arm practicing his combat moves on me. I got a neck injury because the gear was too heavy for my back.

And of course, they all wanted sex, but I'm not that kind of girl. I was offered a promotion for sex.

The artillery does a lot of heavy lifting. But I couldn't lift and load with them. I begged them to give me a job that did not involve heavy lifting, but they wanted me to stand there and look bad. So my job skills were going to waste. What were they paying me for? I couldn't help the boys with their work. I couldn't keep up with them during training. And I wouldn't have sex with them either. I just want to know why I was there to begin with.

Then after eight months of this torture they gave me an award for outstanding achievement and offered me $40,000 to re-enlist. I wouldn't re-enlist if they paid me a million dollars. [In fact, Jessica had to hire a lawyer just to get out of the army. ]I want to bring back the
Women's Corp (nurses, administration) separate from the men's army."

Jessica would have re-enlisted if the army recognized the differences between men and women. This may also apply to men who don't re-enlist...

Please take some time to read the article in full.

Ladies and Gents, we have another fine example of old skool Platonism in action.

And women support feminism because... why??


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let it go.

Good morning, and peace unto you.

As we read in Tsunetomo Yamamoto's classic work the Hagakure:

It is said that what is called "the spirit of an age'... to which one cannot return.

That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world's coming to an end. In the same way, a single year does not have just spring or summer. A single day, too, is the same.

For this reason, although one would like to change today's world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation. This is the mistake of people who are attached to past generations. They have no understanding of this point.

On the other hand, people who only know the disposition of the present day and dislike the ways of the past are too lax.

Men are living on the cusp of radical change. On one hand, material wealth has never been more plentiful. The arts and the sciences are highly developed. Ours is a time of relative peace and security; violence and warfare are far from the daily lives of the majority of the American people.

However, as Dickens says, it is also "the worst of times."

For all practical purposes, men have been barred from marriage and family life, on pain of financial, emotional, and literal enslavement.

While women are surging ahead professionally and academically, men are increasingly dropping out of a game that is increasingly stacked against them.

And while the mainstream media and popular culture celebrate women and belittle men, the Gents are responding by turning their backs on feminized brainwashing machine most call Post Modern American culture.

So what is going on here?

Men, having been subjected to Leftist pressure for close to 40 years, seem to be growing tired of having feminist doctrine shoved down their throats, and are unconsciously resisting the feminist machine the best way they know how. But at the same time, many are still clinging to ideas that are holdovers of the time when men were generally respected and appreciated. Too many are still believers in the Church of Chivalry and Self Sacrifice, no matter how great the injustices they suffer.

Not all are asleep. Many have organized in order to combat the slow erosion of the rights of Men and families, and are actively challenging the feminist orthodoxy.

However, movements such as ours will take time in order to bring our ideas to fruition. Indeed, our movement will result in changes to the social order that are difficult to foresee.

We must remember, dear readers, that the Golden Age of America, the 1950's and 60s, with the big house with the white picket fence, and the stay at home wife and mother and the industrial hardworking father, has passed us by. Those days are done.

No matter what happens, we can never go home again. Feminism has changed the landscape of America irrevocably, and, if we look to history, fatally. No Matriarchy has survived and thrived, and America will be no exception. Indeed, feminism is a symptom of a larger disease, the disfiguring Pox of a much larger malaise.

So then, knowing what we know now, what do we do about it?


As the old children's rhyme goes:

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe

Catch a tiger by the toe

If he hollers

let him go

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe

It's time to let go gentlemen.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, things are the way they are. Change will come, but it will come slowly. And once change comes, the outcome may have unexpected consequences, both positive and negative.

We should work for change, as our efforts are a part of the playing out of the Universal Scheme. Our efforts are not for naught, as TEN THOUSAND RIVERS FLOW INTO THE SEA.

But at the same time, we as Men have to be smart. We have to remain healthy and whole in order to spread our message of liberation to the masses. We can't help anyone else if we, as Men's Rights Activists, get caught up in the Fematrix.

It's been said that:

The Way of the Samurai is found in death. When it comes to either/or, there is only the quick choice of death. It is not particularly difficult. Be determined and advance. To say that dying without reaching one's aim is to die a dog's death is the frivolous way of sophisticates.

But I am here to tell you something different. As Men (and women) who know what we know, it is our DUTY and OBLIGATION to live to teach others. We survive and thrive by OUTLASTING and ENDURING the danger until it has passed.


And so, we have to let go of our desires and expectations. We have to let go of the desire to "turn back the clock." We have to let go of unrealistic expectations, traditions, and cultural patterns that prevent us from working our will in the here and now.

So how do we do this?


A good example of an enlightened man living the MGTOW philosophy is none other than our good friend Outcast Superstar, blogger and now administrator of the Happy Bachelors site.

I would like to share with you a portion of his farewell blog post. I think this is the attitude that we as Men need to adapt in order to survive and thrive in these twisted times:

Even at the young age of 18 I got the message it wasn’t about how you acted or looked, it was about the size of your wallet unless you were an exciting bad boy or a thug... All though I wasn’t able to put all the pieces together for another five years, I realized there is something fishy about the girls I went to school with ...

... One thing which was starting to become painfully clear is that Girls just don’t appreciate sweet caring nice guys who would have loved them to death like a young puppy dog would for its master if they would have showed it some warm loving affection

I went through a similar phase, when I was still searching for answers. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole actually was.

Please believe that there are many Men out there that are searching for answers, just like Outcast and I did. And as they Seek, they shall find.

Now speaking about the various Men's Rights sites and blogs he visited in his search for truth, the author notes that:

Cool Tools 4 men
had a big impact on me because I had a life changing event one day while reading through its forum. On August 17, 2006 I found an article called “Confession of a Feminazi” No one piece has ever made a big impact on me like this one did. Never has a piece turned my stomach inside out and sent shivers down my spine where my body was shaking all over like this one piece did. It hit me very hard because it was that day when I came to the reality that it doesn’t matter if I’m an honorable family man who has done nothing wrong. It just takes one false abuse claim and I would be fucked for life. It was this day where I vowed I would NEVER get married under any circumstances (at least in the Westernized countries).

Another amazing thing happened as well; once the truth set it, the truth set me free. Once I decided I was going to be a dedicated life long bachelor, I no longer ached for a relationship and could care less whether Women liked me or not because the void was no longer there and I was no longer in pain. I realized from this day on I will get to be in control of my life and not be a life long wage slave for an ungrateful Bitch. It was up to me to redefine what success is and not American Women.

And Outcast Superstar was enlightened!

Read the rest of his writings here. It is a must read!

Gents, this is the attitude that we must take. We have to realize that we give away our personal power to people and institutions that are more than happy to use it against us. We have allowed people, who mean us harm, to manipulate our God given emotional and spiritual needs for their own selfish purposes, and we can't allow this to continue anymore.

Once you take back your personal power, and heal thyself with the medicine of truth and clear vision, the hurt goes away. The only thing left is the purity of steadfast resolve, and a spirit that is immovable, no matter how things change, and at the same time, totally in sync with the flow of reality.

And so in closing, I would like to leave you with this passage from the Hagakure:

In the Kamigata area they have a sort of tiered lunch box they use for a single day when flower viewing. Upon returning, they throw them away, trampling them underfoot. As might be expected, this is one of my recollections of the capital [Kyoto]. The end is important in all things.

Substitute feminism for the lunch box, and crush it underfoot.

Then you are well on your way.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Tomorrow Comes Today, part II.

From the AP:

Asian Stocks Plummet on Credit Fears
Friday August 10, 6:44 am ET

By Carl Freire, Associated Press Writer

Asian Stocks Plummet on Credit Fears; Bank of Japan Injects $8.4 Billion Into Money Markets

TOKYO (AP) -- Asian stocks plunged Friday as fallout spread from global market turmoil set off by concerns about credit weakness in the U.S. The Bank of Japan joined its U.S. and European counterparts in pouring cash into money markets to calm growing jitters.
The Nikkei 225 index dropped 406.51 points, or 2.37 percent, to close at 16,764.09 points on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The broader Topix index of all shares on the exchange's first section sank 49.88 points, or 2.96 percent, to 1,633.93 points.

The Korea Composite Stock Price Index fell 80.19 points, or 4.2 percent, to 1,828.49, with issues falling across the board, especially financial stocks. The Kospi fell as much as 5 percent in intraday trade.

Asian markets across the region followed the general slump...

Please read the rest of the article.

As I said in my first post, disaster can strike in the blink on an eye.

People are starting to panic. Central banks AROUND THE WORLD are injecting more fiat money into the system to avoid a paralyzing crash.

While most people think that the Subprime loan crisis will filter down into the general economy at large, I take a different view.

I say it is the weakness of the American people and economy that is now filtering into the financial markets. Readers of my blog know what weaknesses I am talking about.

So far, it looks like the world is willing to prop up our system, built on the backs of the poor and unfortunate, the greedy and the naive. But even their patience won't last forever. And just maybe, they will come calling for what we owe them.

A multi trillion dollar bill would really break our bank!

Keep your eyes open, and you had better call your broker.


Women earn more, and why this is a good thing.

Welcome back!

According to the Outstanding gentlemen at

"The New York Times reports that in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York City, the gender wage gap among people in their 20's favors women.

For women in Dallas it is as extreme as 120%!

'Young women in New York and several of the nation’s other largest cities who work full time have forged ahead of men in wages, according to an analysis of recent census data.

The shift has occurred in New York since 2000 and even earlier in Los Angeles, Dallas and a few other cities.'"

Be sure to read the article in full.

My take:

It's no secret that, in a Matriarchy, women will be favored over men in many aspects of life, and work is no exception.

Although big name politicians such as Sillary Clintion and the Aging feminasties at NOW decry the "wage gap", it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no such thing [a]. On top of this, we now have, courtesy of the New York Times, proof that women are being paid MORE than men, equality be damned.


Now that we know what we know, what do we do about it?

For one thing, we take the advice of the Immortal Mark Rudov and STOP TREATING THESE WOMEN WITH KID GLOVES.

Stop it, stop it, stop it, STOP IT!

The reality is that women are independent human beings who are responsible and accountable for their own decisions. They make their own choices, and therefore they bear the full responsibility for those choices.

You, as a man, have NO obligation to women beyond basic, common sense courtesy that is bestowed upon human beings worthy of such courtesy.

No paying for dates, no spending all your hard earned money on her, no "saving" her from the consequences of her own choices, good or bad.

Today's woman is deceived, so let her be deceived. Live your life to the fullest, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Once the truth of this is internalized, you will find freedom such as you have never known before.

It is not a man's burden to:

1) Protect or serve women

2) Work harder than women to maintain house, home, country or corporation. Woman has proved capable and willing to shoulder the burdens that men used to bear alone, so let her do her job.

3) Sacrifice himself, his legitimate needs and desires, for the sake of women. Men and women are human beings, created by God (Blessed be He) with equal worth. His needs, wants and desires are just as legitimate as any woman's, so long as they do not violate the Universal Law.

At this stage in history, women have decided to ignore their innate biological and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. They have chosen the way that is hard and arduous.

Therefore gentlemen, let them carry on with their work.

Focus on yourself, your needs, your hopes, your dreams, your loved ones, and your family, if that is your Karma. If a woman wants to form a family with you, let her choose freely, and let her be worthy of YOUR standards.

In essence, Women are able to stand on their own two feet, and they no longer need saving. The age of Chivalry is dead and buried, and may he eternally rest in peace!