Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life III


Previously, I wrote about the absolute strength of character and conviction needed to follow the MGTOW lifestyle.

In addition, I argued that for those men that choose to marry, despite all of the risks that marriage entails, they should seek a bride from a non-feminist culture outside of the West.

While there is always the possibility that this kind of marriage may end up in divorce, and that feminized foreign women are as bad as, or worse than, native born feminist women, the odds are generally much better, in terms of divorce avoidance, if a man chooses a foreign woman as his lifelong companion.

In the perfectly ideal situation, you and your beloved would live in the most family friendly environment possible, which would rule out many countries in the West such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Unfortunately, for many, this is not an option, so I will focus on the "living-in-the-West" experience.

Before I continue, I should note that MGTOW is a big tent, and home to many different personalities and ways of living. Some will never marry, while others will seek out wives, both foreign and domestic. Some will live as Ghosts, dwelling in the very shadow of death, while others, such as the Heroic Daddyblogger, will fight to bring our issues to the mainstream.

The common thread that unites us is the recognition that our culture is infected with the Pox of feminism. The putrid boils of misandry riddle the Body Politic. The mental illnesses of greed, selfishness, corruption, and fear permeate every pore of our social, political, and even religious life.

We who embrace MGTOW have decided to fight, to evade, to disregard. We have determined that we will not be driven into destructive situations and ways of living simply because of fear of blame, shame, or ridicule. We have made the decision not to follow the herd, and we will not go over the cliff with everyone else like deranged lemmings.

We are AWAKE.

So with that said, please remember that my way won't necessarily be the best way for you. Careful consideration, and strategic planning are a huge part of the MGTOW philosophy. However, please allow me to share my humble advice and experience, so that those who choose to seek a bride from distant shores can know what to expect, and the rewards that come with living wisely.

To this end, I would like to tell you a tale.

An Unexpected Meeting.

I was a student at one of the largest, and most famous, business schools in my state. For two years, I had been studying Japanese language and culture, in addition to my Economics and Finance course load. My Japanese teacher informed the class one day that Japanese students, who attended ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, were seeking English tutors to help improve their English skill.

(College is one of the best places to meet foreign women, as most Universities have large populations of intelligent, good looking, and (mostly) non-feminized young women that, in most cases, are very open to the idea of forming a relationship with an American man.

Oftentimes, these foreign students are actively looking for an English language tutor, as most of them, especially the Asian students, tend to be very shy and have difficulties in making friends and acquaintances in the American manner.

In Asia, and a lot of traditional countries, the best way to meet people are through third party introductions, and volunteering to tutor a student is a very effective way to break the ice.)

Many of my friends were a bit hesitant, but I thought that tutoring would be a good way to make friends that were also native speakers of Japanese.

After class, I left the room and proceeded to the ESL office. The man at the counter was quite helpful, and the sign up process was pretty painless. I simply gave my name, phone number, and preferred language, and walked away.

The next day, I received a phone call from a Japanese guy by the name of Tobishima.

(What?? A guy?

Surprising as it may seem, making friends with guys from the country/culture of your choice is the best way to find the quality girl of your choice.


Because if you have good relationships with the men that come from the country of interest, not only will they introduce you to their female friends, but they will also make sure that you don't end up with an "Americanized" girl, a vicious bad-girl that will make your life a living hell sooner or later. This is the kind of woman that is interested in an American man only for the green card, money, favors, and the like that she can squeeze out of him. Devious and cunning, this is the kind of girl that can ruin a man.

See, many men make the fatal mistake of marrying just any woman from another country, simply because they are foreign and "exotic".

The reality is that most Americans are completely clueless as to the real personality and intention of people from other places, because most foreigners are not as open and direct as Americans tend to be. And, unlike most American women, who in their arrogance and "Me Me Me" mentality, readily spill the beans and inform you how selfish and needy many of them really are, foreign women are much more circumspect and cunning, and that makes her even more dangerous.

Your "sweetheart" might be running game on you, talking all manner of sweet talk, and all the while, plotting to stab you in the back.

Believe me, I've seen it. A few friends of mine, who were completely unable to read the real intentions of the girls they were dating, ended up with their hearts, and their nutt-sacks, getting handed to them on a silver freaking platter.

However, your guy friends, if they like and respect you, will let you know what's REALLY going on. They won't let you get burned, and on top of that, depending on the culture, your buddies will go to bat for you and inform your squeeze that she needs to straighten up and fly right.

The key difference, in my opinion, between Americans and foreigners, especially from Asia, is that Asians have NO problems correcting someone when they are violating the rules. Male or female; the nail that sticks up, gets hammered the funk down!

Keep in mind that this works both ways: If you piss off and alienate the guys that hail from the country your future wife is from, and if they know her on a first name basis (which is often the case, as, more often than not, they probably introduced you to her in the first place), then they will make sure, by hook or by crook, that your relationship with her goes down in flames.

I've seen that happen quite a bit as well.)

Tobi and I quickly became good friends, going out to parties together, hanging out at the mall, studying together, drinking massive quantities of alcohol, and all manner of foolishness.

Thanks to him, I quickly became friends with most of the Japanese students that went to my school. I came know some of them quite well, sharing all manner of experiences. To this day, we still keep in contact, although less frequently. Some of them have become Salarymen, working insane hours, others got married and became parents, others are living that carefree bachelor life, doing outrageous things that are beyond the scope of this blog. But thanks to Tobi, I had made an impressive amount of contacts, and was well known amongst the Japanese student community. Later on, I found out that my reputation indeed proceeded me, to my benefit.

(If you decide, dear reader, to pursue a foreign wife, understand that you MUST learn about the language and customs of the target nation. For example, if you are looking for a Central American woman, then you will earn tons of Brownie Points if you learn some Spanish, and acquire some basic knowledge about the culture you are going to be dealing with.

This cultural training will come in handy when you negotiate for your bride's hand. Most women raised in non-feminist countries are very strict when it comes to protocol, and long, hard negotiations with her parents are pretty much guaranteed.

Another important consideration is that your woman will expect you to act a certain way, even if it is totally alien to your experience. Your relationship will go much smoother if you are aware of these cultural quirks ahead of time, and adjust accordingly.

Something else to consider:

Foreign men are, on the whole, less accepting of certain kinds of bad behavior, such as excessive weight, poor grooming and dress, bitchiness, poor housekeeping and cooking skills, and the like. Foreign men tend not to overly compromise on many of these key points, and NEITHER CAN YOU.

Please understand this point carefully. I am not recommending that you become an over the top male dominate chauvinist, a wife abuser, or anything as untasteful as that. But I am also not recommending that you bend over backwards to accommodate certain negative behaviors. Gorgeous foreign women, the kind that are feminine and wifely, aren't born that way, but they are shaped by various forces, including the expectations of the men in their lives. In other words, what you expect from her matters.

Foreign women from most traditional cultures expect their men to make their feelings, wishes and desires known, and can be quite disoriented when the Western man shows too much kindness, that self-sacrificing Chivalry that is the product of feminist brainwashing and an overwhelmingly powerful sense of "male guilt" [a][b].


Traditional cultures are traditional for a reason, and that is because in Patriarchal cultures, men have no qualms about laying down the law when it is appropriate, and do not hesitate to challenge ideas and actions that are ruinous to the relationship, or to the society itself.

It goes without saying that virtues such as kindness, love, respect, honor, and duty go hand in hand with the unpleasant duties of correcting people when they are clearly in the wrong. Balance is essential in all things, and many traditional women, from all countries, respect a man that is not afraid to speak his mind, and is not willing to compromise foolishly on certain basic tendencies.

While this mindset is quite foreign to many American men, this attitude is essential to the entire concept of Male Headship, something that is sorely lacking in our culture today. And, as I noted earlier, your foreign woman will, more often than not, test you to make sure that you are capable of being the responsible leader that she desires.

Remember, in most of the world, Men are looked to as Elders, Leaders, Warriors, and Sages. We as men must remember that the notion of a wife looking to her husband for certain manly qualities is NORMAL and NATURAL. It is we in the West who are living outside the bonds of the Universal Law.

Therefore, if your princess from distant lands cannot sense your manliness, then she will, knowingly or inadvertently, lose respect for you. And my readers know what happens to men when their women lose respect for them!)

So then, after a period of three years, I decided to go down to the ESL office and volunteer to be an English tutor, as most of my college buddies had moved back to their respective countries. Upon my arrival to the center, I walked into the middle of a meet and greet socializer, organized and promoted by the foreign students themselves, in the hopes of meeting a good tutor.

As I made my way through the throng of people, my eyes fell upon a young Maiden.

And she, unlike most of her sisters, returned my gaze with a quiet expression of confidence.

I didn't know it at the time, but my entire life was about to change forever.

Next time on Kumogakure School...

Courtship, Marriage, and the Immigration Process!

One Love.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and bursting with truths I recognise. This is one of those posts where the end comes on too quickly!

Rob Case

Kumogakure said...

Thanks friend. Nice blog you got there, btw.

Fear not... this is far from over! I hope that peoples everywhere can see how good life can be, when people make the right choices that is.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kumo-san,

So here's a question for you. What are the best countries to raise a family, in your opinion ? Or is it just any non-western country ?

I've read new stories unfortunately of the growing feminization of Japan and China, so do you still consider them good places to raise children ?


Kumogakure said...


I will research the question of where and throw that in there next time around.

Off hand, I am a little leery of China proper, as Chinese women have a very long tradition of subjugating their unfortunate husbands!

However in the process, I heard that at least the basics, such as housekeeping, cooking, taking care of children, and all that get done, and Mainland China proper, divorce is a lot less rampant than it is here. A lot of those stories are about women in the industrialized cities and especially Shanghai, a city known for their very independent women folk.

While one would think that Korea, home of some very beautiful women, would be safer, based on its staunchley confucian heritage, the fact is that Korea has a divorce rate slightly lower than our own.

I don't think that the divorce laws are so male ass-raping as ours are, but being a foreigner, it's hard to get custody of children. Usually, the Asian national ends up with the kids after a divorce, and that's just the way it is.

Taiwan is about in the same leaque as Hong Kong, with increasing rates of feminization. I will have to check out Taiwan for more specific info, but I do know that Hong Kong girls are very materialistic and make horrible wives.

But, as I say, I will check on that and get back to ya!

thanks for stopping through.