Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fiat Empire, featuring Ron Paul.

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Please watch this video.

Ron Paul and other distinguished gentlemen speak the truth about our Money Men and their pet piggybank, the Federal Reserve.

Why abolish the Fed?

Think of it this way... no easy money = no random funding for bloated, wasteful and harmful "social" programs such as Child Support, VAWA, and other feminist pork.

Men and women would be forced to rely upon each other as partners again, and the "currency" of Men would appreciate rapidly, pun intended.

No fiat money, no indiscriminate spending, and no elitist agenda to turn the American people into cattle.





Hawaiian Libertarian said...

After regretting my vote for George Bush in 2004, I swore I'd never vote for a Republican in a National Election ever again...Libertarian all the way.

Than Ron Paul registered as a Republican.

GO RON PAUL indeed!

cybropraefectus said...

Man shall not create a new world as he seeks. For there cannot be a lasting world without His God. And I speak not of the false idols and gods that man creates in his human nature! There is only one Creator.

You who cast aside this knowledge and choose to set yourselves up by power and the gathering of the world's money to control the masses, you will find that all of your power and all of your volumes of gold and silver cannot hold back the heavens as they descend upon you in a just chastisement.

The world, the earth shall tremble, fear shall come upon mankind as he watches the approach of the destruction that he himself has chosen to set loose.