Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Flixx: Fiat Empire.


Instead of listening to me go on and on this week, I'll simply share this film with you instead.

Check it out, and realize that our economic system is completely arse backwards. As the Mighty Mish notes: Deflation is the natural order of things... not massive bubbles and violent inflationary cycles created by Central Banking Cartels.

Your daily cost of living should be falling, not rising.

Your money should become more valuable over time, not less. And you should be earning a fair amount of interest, instead of the pittance banks are paying out today.

Your working hours should be gradually declining over time, instead of either increasing exponentially or being suddenly cut short by sudden downturns in the economy that lead to you being issued a pinkslip.

FIAT EMPIRE - Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitu - Watch more amazing videos here

By all means... be sure to set aside a few hours, grab your family members, and be prepared to experience a rude awakening.

You are a serf.

You are a loyal citizen of the Fiat Empire.

Gyokko out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Quick Shot.


Happy Father's day!

If you live with your children, give them a big ol hug. If you have been involuntarily exiled from them... hold your head up and stay strong!

A better day is coming.

Leftists are starting to get it.

As I survey the Net for Father's Day related articles, I found this interesting Huffington Post gem entitled,
Fathers Matter "Now" More Than Ever:

Fathers matter more than ever, and anyone who doubts their importance has inevitably endured life without one.

Even feminist Gloria Steinem said, "Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father."

The politically correct modern notion is that as long as a child is healthy and loved, it doesn't matter who they are raised and nurtured by. And of course if there is no father, any loving parent is integral for a child's well being.

But the male influence in a child's life is invaluable, irreplaceable and necessary for most of us. There, I said it...

And there it is, in a nutshell. Please note how even the words of arch feminists are beginning to be used to justify and defend fatherhood.

Just wait and see. This is the beginning of the Great American Fatherhood Bull Market.

Getting back to the article:

... This article in no way suggests that millions of single mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other female caregivers have done amazing jobs in raising beautiful, strong boys into men, and with little help. And most women who raise boys alone do so not by choice but because of economic disparity or because husbands, boy friends or mere "sperm donors" have walked out on them no support...

Now longtime readers know that the paragraph above is a DAMN lie... women file 70% of the divorces, initiate the majority of the breakups in cohabiting situations, and are choosing to remain single in increasing numbers [1][2][3]. On top of this, women are choosing to have children out of wedlock more than ever before. WOMEN HAVE ALL OF THE RIGHTS WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING AND RAISING CHILDREN, WHILE MEN ONLY HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AND DRACONIAN OBLIGATIONS. This is a fact of life in these United States, and is firmly rooted in precedent and public policy.

Now some will argue that women are forced to abandon their relationships due to violence or unavoidable necessity. And in some cases, that may be true.

However, I have two responses to this argument:

1) Genuine, life-threatening, injurious violence against women in relationships is rare... and the sum total of women walking out on their families is much greater than the number of incidents that would fall under the truly serious abuse category. More often than not, women leave their relationships as a personal lifestyle choice, not out of dire necessity. I would also offer my personal opinion that the dynamics of our Matriarchal regime create the conditions that lead to relationship conflict, dissatisfaction, dissolution, and violence.

2) Even if women are being forced to leave in droves due to situations beyond their control (which they are not), we as a society have no way of knowing for sure if basic, fundamental rights are being upheld in the process. We live in a regime of no-fault divorce, mandatory arrest policies, and free-for-all restraining order issuance. More often than not, evidence and facts are the first casualties of the No-Holds-Barred Political Feminist inspired War on Men and families. As a result, commentators on family breakdown issues have NO BASIS to make the claim that, at all times, woman=Good and Man=Bad.

There is no evidence, or moral authority to assign women the higher ethical ground when it comes to relationship issues of any kind. There is no possible way to know if each and every instance of women walking out on their relationships was truly justified. All we know is that women are usually the ones initiating the break ups, and we hear, from a multitude of sources, that women are choosing to do so because of "boredom," "lack of romance," or some other ridiculous reason.

Therefore, when the author of the Huffington Post piece states that "... most women who raise boys alone do so not by choice but because of economic disparity or because husbands, boy friends or mere "sperm donors" have walked out on them no support...", we know it is a boldfaced lie on its face.

Ditto when we read in the multitude of mainstream Father's Day articles that men are abandoning their families in droves, just for the hell of it. BOLD. FACED. LIE.

However, I would urge you to read the entire piece. The paragraph mentioned above notwithstanding, it frames the institution of Fatherhood in a positive light.

In fact, one could say that even the rank and file Leftists of the world are slowly starting to realize the error of their ways. I've had many discussions about Men's Rights Issues with folks who would be considered "socially liberal" who recongize the basic injustice of our "family" court regime. It's just that most of them read articles, such as this one, where the writer will talk out of both sides of her or his mouth, or crank out doublespeak of the highest order to suit their specific purposes. And, as you probably guessed, consuming too much of this material for any length of time scrambles the mind to the point where clear thinking is next to impossible.

Perhaps a MRA re-education camp is in order??

In any event,

Methinks that, going forward, we will have more and more supporters of Men's Rights who identify themselves with the Political Left. Who knows? Maybe challenging the Political Feminist status quo will become the new rallying cry for radicals throughout the world.

Men's Rights Activists of the World... Unite!!

The Trouble with Child Protection Services.

Please take a moment to view these videos as a reminder that, while the country is groaning and writhing over the epidemic of "Men abandoning their families," most individuals don't have a clue as to the real creator and sustainer of fatherless families...

Big Daddy Government.

Unless and until the mainstream understands the depth of the corruption that permeates the entire family law system, we will continue to have to endure the mountains of articles informing us that fatherlessness continues to increase year after year at alarming rates... because of those damn deadbeat dads of course.

Gyokko Out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President.


The following the text of a letter I recently sent to President Obama.


Gyokko writes a letter.

Dear Mr. President,

The AP recently ran a story about Fatherhood and your thoughts on the subject:


As a 32 year old black man (and a father of a very handsome five month old son), I can definitely understand your feelings, as I too grew up without my father. I can related to the black hole (spiritually, financially, etc) of emptiness that fatherlessness can create.

I too have searched for answers to this problem, which has reached epidemic proportions in the black community. The outcome of my research, however, has led me to believe that government, via programs such as Welfare (that only pays benefits if fathers are out of the picture), and more importantly, the vast infrastructure of laws and policies on the books, contribute more to family destruction and the discouragement of marriage that anything else.

Please visit the following sites for more information:





Mr. President... it is my conclusion, based on a mountain of evidence, that government is the main source of our current epidemic of fatherlessness. It sounds counter-intuitive I know... but that is the reality.

As President of the United States, and a servant of the People, you have the ability to raise awareness and lobby for true equality, and for meaningful change on this issue. We should work to create a framework of laws and customs that buttresses and supports the family, instead of undermining it at every turn. This also means that groups such as feminists and others have to understand that men AND women have equal rights, complementary roles, and equal RESPONSIBILITIES. To simply say that the problem is "irresponsible men" is an intellectually dishonest oversimplification of the real issues at hand.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that men are still involved in family matters IN SPITE of official public policy, not because of it. Indeed, official policy has led to a very active movement to discourage men from even marrying in the first place.

In any event, I know you are a very busy man, and that there are certain political realities that might prevent you from making the radical changes that need to be made in order to save fathers and families. However, it is your duty to examine all of the facts and to champion reforms that promote the general welfare of the nation.

In the case of Ancient Egypt (the land where you saw your image in stone), the King had a duty to uphold Ma'at... which means to uphold justice, right and order, and to destroy Isfet (evil, disorder and chaos) wherever it may be found. Our public policy generates much more chaos and disorder than it prevents, and this must change.


I recognize that what I am sharing with you is 360 degrees from the common wisdom. But as a finance professional, I can tell you that the truth of things is found not with the masses, but in the margins. What I am asking you to do is to examine the above information and bring it into the mainstream.

Since you and I are basically on the same page when it comes to the outcomes of fatherlessness, I urge you to have your aides look at the linked websites, gather more information, and do whatever you can do to encourage and strengthen (in a positive and correct way, not in the current punitive and incorrect way of doing business, i.e. involuntary divorce, impoverishment and imprisonment) marriage, fatherhood and families.


America can never regain its previous position as the most powerful, prosperous, and influential nation on the face of the earth.

From one father to another, please look at the information presented, and do whatever it is that you can do to turn this situation around.



Saturday, June 13, 2009

If I ruled the World...


Wherever you are in the world, I hope today finds you in good spirits.

Speaking of going global, some of you might have noticed that I have added a Clustermap to the blogspot. And I have to tell ya, its pretty cool (and humbling) to know that I have valued readers in several continents tuning in to my delusional writings and paranoid ravings on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the content that Jeweled Tiger School has to offer. And of course, if you like what you read, tell a friend about it. The Mo' readers, the Mo' better.

Desperation in California.

The pressure continues to mount on the largest State in the Union. Indeed, State government is on the verge of a total shutdown. Mish the Enthusiastic lays out the details blow by blow here.

I know I've mentioned this subject before, but I believe the goings-on in Cali are of monumental importance to MRAs, Libertarians, and Truthseekers everywhere.

Notice how Leftist government programs are on the chopping block. Leftist legislators, as usual, refuse to accept the reality of the present situation. Leftist unions of all kinds are engaged in a desperate battle to carry on with business as usual.

(For the record, I have no beef with workers exercising their right to form collective bargaining organizations. The struggle between labor and management is eternal, and there should be no special favoritism for or against labor or the owners of capital. Let the two sides battle it out, and let the chips fall where they may. The Laws of Economics will inevitably punish factions that are economically inefficient or excessively greedy in the long run.)

But it is becoming increasingly obvious that the bulk of government programs serve no purpose other than to make life more costly, inefficient, and difficult. Programs such as these will go the way of the Dodo bird. Programs of all kinds that have a negative return on investment, including feminist pet projects, are all going DOWN.

(Unlike most Libertarians, I accept the fact that there are some essential government services, and that when governments stick to these core functions, they do them quite well. But that is another topic for another time.)

What should be instructive to MRAs everywhere is how politicians are increasingly being forced to choose between supporting Leftist/feminist pork, or making sure that their entities remain financially and politically viable.

Political feminism, which is based on blatant lies and incredibly flawed logic, has had a good run. So long as cheap and easy fiat dollars flowed into feminist and "social services" coffers, everything was just peachy.

So long as society, and the families that hold it together, managed to limp along and pretend that, yes, one-sided, unilateral divorce, the politically motivated plundering of men, and the massive expansion of government into everyone's personal and family lives was a desirable and noble set of objectives, no one really paid much attention to the silent rotting of the nation's marriage and family support structure. Social Dividends were recklessly blown on cheap booze, flat screen TVs, and 40" rims for luxury SUVs.

Nothing to fear... someone else will pay for it.

Nothing to see here folks, that bastard of a man deserved the ass-raping he received in the 'family' courts of injustice. Besides, he looks like an abuser anyway.

Hit the road Jack... You aren't needed in this family unit anymore. The role Yo' sorry male ass used to play has been outsourced to Welfare and Child Protective services.

Yes... we could squander obscene amounts of money and manpower to enforce the Political Feminist regime. But in California, in many States across the Union, and in many Western Countries deep in the quagmire of the new unfolding Great Depression, Political Feminist sacred cows that provide ultra-negative returns on investment are on their way out.

Believe it!

You can almost feel the conflict that many aiders and abettors of these failed and bankrupt government programs are wrestling with.

Whatever shall they do??? It is mysterious indeed how Habitforce brings about long overdue and greatly needed changes.

This just in... the BRICS want their money back!

Check out this eye opening piece posted at Global Research entitled, De-Dollarization:Dismantling America's Financial Military Empire:

... The city of Yakaterinburg, Russia’s largest east of the Urals, may become known not only as the death place of the tsars but of American hegemony too – and not only where US U-2 pilot Gary Powers was shot down in 1960, but where the US-centered international financial order was brought to ground.

Challenging America will be the prime focus of extended meetings in Yekaterinburg, Russia (formerly Sverdlovsk) today and tomorrow (June 15-16) for Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and other top officials of the six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The alliance is comprised of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrghyzstan and Uzbekistan, with observer status for Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia. It will be joined on Tuesday by Brazil for trade discussions among the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

The attendees have assured American diplomats that dismantling the US financial and military empire is not their aim. They simply want to discuss mutual aid – but in a way that has no role for the United States, NATO or the US dollar as a vehicle for trade. US diplomats may well ask what this really means, if not a move to make US hegemony obsolete...

... In addition to avoiding financing the US buyout of their own industry and the US military encirclement of the globe, China, Russia and other countries no doubt would like to get the same kind of free ride that America has been getting. As matters stand, they see the United States as a lawless nation, financially as well as militarily. How else to characterize a nation that holds out a set of laws for others – on war, debt repayment and treatment of prisoners – but ignores them itself? The United States is now the world’s largest debtor yet has avoided the pain of “structural adjustments” imposed on other debtor economies. US interest-rate and tax reductions in the face of exploding trade and budget deficits are seen as the height of hypocrisy in view of the austerity programs that Washington forces on other countries via the IMF and other Washington vehicles...

... the nations meeting at Yekaterinburg are taking steps to avoid being the unwilling recipients of yet more dollars. Seeing that US global hegemony cannot continue without spending power that they themselves supply, governments are attempting to hasten what Chalmers Johnson has called “the sorrows of empire” in his book by that name – the bankruptcy of the US financial-military world order. If China, Russia and their non-aligned allies have their way, the United States will no longer live off the savings of others (in the form of its own recycled dollars) nor have the money for unlimited military expenditures and adventures.

US officials wanted to attend the Yekaterinburg meeting as observers. They were told No. It is a word that Americans will hear much more in the future...

Be sure to read the entire piece, as this is a vitally important story.

The issues that California is facing are going to be the same issues faced by Fedgov once our foreign creditors oh-so-politely refuse to lend us ever increasing amounts of money via purchasing U.S. T-Bills and Notes.

This won't happen overnight or tomorrow, or the next day. It will be a slow, gradual process of strangulation.

While the lifestyle of many Americans is going to take a major hit, there are a few good things that our forced declaration of insolvency (either by default or by massive money printing) will bring about.

For one thing, our insane quest for global empire will come to an end, and Americans will demand that their political and business leaders focus their efforts and energies into rebuilding America. The much neglected homeland will benefit greatly as a result.

Government, not surprisingly, will be forced to downsize and stick to the core functions that it is actually good at, such as police and fire services. Programs will be cut, workers will be let go, and it will be quickly discovered that giving power and responsibility back to the People will be the cheapest and most effective solution to the multitude of problems that the nation will face. I guess you could say that government powers will be reverse-outsourced back to the People.

Speaking of which, the masses, once their belief that government-can-do-it-all is completely annihilated, will re-discover their personal power and act on it to create a better world out of pure necessity and capitalistic self interest. Community and society will once again have meaning, urgency, and vitality. The great healing process will finally begin.

I am also bullish on American manufacturing and the American employment market, as our vastly depreciated dollar will, if political conditions permit, a great wave of Reverse-Outsourcing as global companies seek to build their goods cheaply in America for local consumption and overseas markets. American factories are going to make a massive comeback in the decades to come.

And finally, the American man is going to benefit tremendously, as Political Feminism crumbles under widespread and sudden abandonment of its ideals and objectives on a local and global scale. The Femmes will still be preaching their rabid stupidity, but no one will take them seriously.

I wonder if the term "Old Maid" will experience a revival in popularity??

I previously wrote a post explaining why the soon to be global economic powers, including Russia and China, have little love for U.N./American fiat financed global feminism.

When the tectonic plates finally shift in the global financial and political landscape, Feminist blowhards will find that their support is as fundamentally unstable as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the middle of a category 200 Typhoon. Feminist pet projects WILL be sacrificed, and the country will be forced to move in more family friendly direction, if they ever hope to see true social and economic recovery.

Methinks that Political Feminism's 40 year run is coming to a close. Only time will tell if my assertion is the correct one.

In the meantime, let's kick back and enjoy the show. Especially since, with the Bond Markets [1][2] becoming increasingly unstable, the real fireworks might unfold over the weeks and months to come.

If I ruled the World...

Okay, Okay.

Let's be real for a minute.

I know I talk alot about feminism, government sponsored failure, bond market collapses, and fat arsed womenfolk who could stand to lose a few pounds.

A lot.


Gloom and doom... Doom and gloom.

And I know some of you might be thinking... "Sakes alive! Gyo is one gloomy Gus!"

"Since you're such a smart boy... what exactly would you do to fix things?"

"Can't you bring anything positive to the table??"

Hmm... Good Question. Let's speculate for a minute.

If I were calling the shots, what would I do to turn things around?

Well, before I wax poetical, let me say that I am becoming more and more optimistic about America's future as time goes on.

Contradictory, I know.

In the short term, and in the intermediate long term, we have a lot of problems that we have to deal with. It can't be helped, and the pain cannot be avoided.

Financial commentator James Quinn writes in his must-read article, The Great Awakening: Boomers, Your Crisis Has Arrived:

As a student of history I’m drawn to the concept of cycles. It is comforting to think that history has recurring patterns and a natural rhythm. Trying to figure out why the major events in history occurred is complex, challenging and fascinating. When I read an updated 1997 article by Doug Casey in December on John Mauldin’s site called Foundations of Crisis, I was blown away. Mr. Casey had read the book The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe and made some forecasts of what would happen in the next few years. They were eerily accurate, including an airliner being purposefully crashed into a government building to trigger a crisis. After reading this article I’ve been trying to wrap my arms around the implications of their theory and the possible consequences for the United States. I know that an individual can learn from the past. I’ve always thought that poet George Santayana’s quote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", is profound and worth studying.

The crucial issue is whether societies as a whole are capable of learning from the past or are they condemned to the inevitable cycle of history. Can an individual change the course of history? Was World War II inevitable, even if Adolph Hitler had been killed during World War I? Is there anything that can be done to avert the cyclical crisis that seems to arrive on a consistent basis throughout history? Is our destiny already preordained? Mr. Strauss and Mr. Howe wrote the following words in 1997:

Based on historical patterns, America will hit a once-in-a-century national crisis within the decade...'like winter,' the crisis or 'fourth turning' cannot be averted. It will last 20 years or so and bring hardship and upheavals similar to previous fourth turnings, such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II. The fourth turning is a perilous time because the result could be a new 'golden age' for America or the beginning of the end. It all will begin with a 'sudden spark' that catalyzes a crisis mood around the year 2005.

Mr. Quinn's article is required reading... so be sure to check out the entire piece.

In any event, we have a convergence of storms on the horizon... political, financial, social, natural resource related, water and other essential commodity related... the list goes on and on.

We know these storms are coming. There is plenty of time to prepare, to make plans, to alert others and batten down the hatches. We have to recognize the dangers and take the appropriate precautions. I live by the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

But once you have gotten ready to ride out the storm as best you can, there is simply no need to wallow in negativity or to become depressed about things outside of your control. Indeed, the person who has a backup plan is the one who sleeps the best at night.

Your friend Gyokko smiles quite a bit these days. There is a bounty of opportunity even in the worst of times. And I for one count my blessings, as many other people in the world have much bigger problems than I do.

And, for Men Going Their Own Way, life couldn't be happier. Having successfully avoided the Political Feminist deathtrap called Marriage, and having devoted his time and resources to pursuing his own dreams and to build his spiritual and material wealth, he is truly flexible and free to sidestep the multitude of hazards that befall the less enlightened.

Indeed, such a man has the power to reach and teach his brothers. He has the moral authority to help brothers who have fallen victim to the Divorce and Child Support regime, or have suffered job losses and the like. And best of all, he is free to create blogs, produce Youtube videos, or upload podcasts to combat the feminist onslaught in relative privacy and comfort.

Applied knowledge is truly power, and those who utilize their information and skills in the correct way can create their own reality by the power of focused intention alone. I know this is so because I have literally built my own world by doing that which is right, and shunning that which is wrong. The Enemy has no power over me because I am the one who is in control of my own thoughts, words, and deeds.

The day when one recognizes this fact and takes full and conscious control of their own heart and mind is the day when one becomes truly free from the delusions of the Big Wide World.

Feminists cannot assault me, because I know their ways, their thoughts, and their methods. Fiat central bankers hold no sway over me because I refuse to put myself in their power by excessive borrowing, spending, and hoarding of Federal Reserve Notes. Criminals do not trouble me because I hold no criminal thoughts, I don't live in violent neighborhoods, and I have a wide assortment of tools to protect against potential encounters with them.

But anyway Dear Readers... I digress.

So... getting back on topic: What would I do to fix our most pressing problems?

1) Make the Rule of Law Absolute.

Instead of trying to fix everything in my society, including the things about which I know nothing about, I would rather create a constitution, a body of laws that are in complete harmony with the true and correct Universal Laws and are strictly interpreted and enforced.

We know what the Universal Laws are... these are the principles that have been proven, by thousands of years of human experience, testing, and observation to be true. Many cultures and thinkers have spent countless hours examining, refining, and writing about them, and the effects they have across many diverse and seemingly unrelated disciplines.

The Universal Laws are truisms that, based on long centuries of experience, observation, and experimentation, are proven beyond doubt and human prejudice to be true and correct. Obeying such laws equals success, and breaking such laws uniformly leads to failure.

I would create a body of basic, fundamental laws that would regulate the conduct of all Men without prejudice or unnecessary encumbrances. In addition, my laws would be accessible and easy to understand. None of this thousands of pages of laws business in my Kingdom!

Everyone would know what the fundamental laws are, and would know that these are fixed rules not subject to change based on a whim. The inflexibility and universality of a legal code is what the Rule of Law is all about. It is when a nation is governed by the law, and not by men and their likes and dislikes. The Law is the Law.

2) Insure that the laws are applied to every individual without differentiation or discrimination.

As Bastiat tells us in The Law, favoritism of any sort is the basis of political instability and chaos. Equal rights for all, special rights for none.

3) By upholding the Rule of Law and insuring that they will be applied without bias, I have built the foundation for a society where people will be free to utilize their own unique talents as they see fit, so long as they do not violate the rights of others. The empowered populace would naturally gravitate to the fields where they can maximize their contribution with a minimal amount of personal effort. Technology, productivity, and best practices would rule the day.

But... just in case my people were slow to find their niches, I would hire consultants such as Mr. Richard Koch to provide seminars and training so they could find the occupations and activities where 20% of their energy would yield 80% in terms of positive and beneficial outcomes.

4) I would encourage, by means of moral persuasion, not by force, the populace to become independent producers and entrepreneurs. While not everyone has the desire to do such things, it wouldn't hurt to teach the public how to become self sufficient in economic matters, thereby dramatically elevating the country's standard of living and competitiveness in world markets. To aid me in this effort, I would hire instructors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Tim Ferris to spread the economic gospel to my fellow citizens.

It goes without saying that in my country, Equality of Opportunity is in, and Equality of Outcomes is definitely out. All of my subjects would have an equal right to pursue whatever path they desire, so long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others.

However, trying to insure Equality of Outcomes is a massive waste of time, energy, and resources. Human beings have to accept the consequences of their actions, be it negative or positive. If a man does the right things in the right way, then he is entitled to the fruits of his success. But if a man does the wrong thing the wrong way, then he alone is responsible for his failure.

Oh and by the way... no Most Favored Corporation/Industry policies or Bailouts would be allowed in my Kingdom. All have the opportunity to succeed, as well as the opportunity to fail.

5) Once my fellow citizens have created a peaceable, just, and wealthy society, then it is time to elevate the spiritual and moral level of the people.

My country would be a free marketplace of religious ideals, where differing groups competed in an almost Anything Goes free-for-all to save souls and gain converts. Those who promote violence or commit illegal acts in the process of battling for religious supremacy would be dealt with very harshly. The people would be free to believe whatever they want, so long as they do not violate the rights of others in the process.

And, as the imaginary Royal Prince of Zamunda, I would use my moral authority to promote an environment conducive to ever higher levels of spiritual awareness. To borrow from the Ancients for a moment, I would speak Ma'at, live Ma'at, and do Ma'at at all times... well maybe most of the time.

Anyhoo, I would make damn sure that my laws supported positive spiritual growth, instead of creating perverse incentives and moral hazards to encourage evil, excessive greed, obscene amounts of leverage, and the all consuming abomination of Church's Chicken!

After all, the Law is the lowest level of virtue.

Beyond these basic things... I would leave people alone to do what they do. I would protect the innocent, and reward what is right, while I would be equally focused on punishing the guilty, and completely eliminating what is wrong, ineffective, or harmful to society. I certainly would NOT set up a legal/social framework that rewards incompetence and drives out good and productive things as our present system does today.

So ends my thoughts on if I ruled the world.


No matter what evils a minority of men may do to one another, I can't shake my feeling of optimism and hope that I hold for humanity at large.

Looking back to history, I know that Germany has experienced hyperinflation and two World Wars. And yet, there she is, a modern and prosperous nation. I know that Britain underwent the devastating loss of Empire, raw materials, and markets, and yet she still maintains a high standard of living. I know that other nations have experienced the worst... wars, famine, disease, inhuman cruelty... but the worst passes eventually, and people somehow find a way to keep on moving and better themselves and their societies; even though the healing process might take a very long period of time to manifest itself.

Even in my own country, I know that my ancestors were impoverished and illiterate slaves and field hands. My ancestors were beaten, sold, and confined to a second class existence for centuries.

And yet, many people, of many racial, religious, and political persuasions, interacted and produced the society in which I live today; a society that has millions of people just like me, a free black man using the internet to record his thoughts on a blog that will be read by individuals throughout the world. the way the world has changed for the better is nothing short of a miracle, in my view.

At the same time, I definitely recognize that life isn't fair all of the time, and that injustice still exists in our day and age.

Men are being discriminated against and are being torn limb from limb by the "family" court system. Big Banks are being bailed out, while the little people work two jobs just to pay the mortgage and buy a loaf of bread. Wars rage around the globe, and shadows of global pandemic loom large.

But in spite of it all, I have faith that truth wins over lies, and that Men always seek to correct that which is wrong... even if the wheels of Justice and Karma are much slower than many would desire.

Happily, there are many avenues an enlightened man can take to evade the grasp of the Enemy, even during the worst of times. And for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, those rare men who are going their own way, we can make some pretty good lemonade from the lemons that life tries to hand us. All in all, I think the day is coming soon when I can stop blogging about the evils of feminism, and write posts full time about how awesome your life will be if you decide to take control and go your own way.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Recommend Reading.

Ladies and Gents...

We live in interesting times. And since desperate times require uncommon wisdom and unorthodox understanding to navigate safety to better days, I would highly recommend that you run (not, walk, RUN!) and pick up The Creature from Jekyll Island by Mr. G. Edward Griffin.

If you want to truly understand what is happening with our economy and our nation, this book is a must-must read. In combination with previously recommended volumes [1][2], this massive 500+ page tome will seriously open your eyes to reality.

Don't sleep on this one... go pick it up NOW.

For real.

One quick shot before I go...

The Passionate Mish writes about how the Secretary of the United States Treasury was thoroughly mocked while visiting the Middle Kingdom.

Knowing Asia as well as I do, I regard this as a slap in the face to the credibility of the U.S. of A.

If we were the America of old, a mighty Empire that commanded respect, admiration, and fear, no self respecting Asian would dare express any emotion as blatantly disrespectful as laughing out loud in public while one of our most important officials was within earshot.

How times have changed.

We as Americans have lost massive amounts of Face in recent years. While we fun loving Westerners have forgotten our traditions of Face and Honor, best believe such concepts are alive and well in the East.

While I might be over-reacting a bit here, it disturbs me that America is literally the laughing stock of Asia, and quite possibly the world at large. An evil omen to be sure... and no good will come of our loss of Face in the world.

I can't blame the Chinese for their outburst however... we have brought this shameful situation upon ourselves. Our wholehearted support of idiotic Political Feminist dogma doesn't help our standing any in the worldwide community of Men.

Enough of my ranting... go out and purchase The Creature today.

You CAN handle the truth.

Gyokko out.