Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Quick Shot.


Happy Father's day!

If you live with your children, give them a big ol hug. If you have been involuntarily exiled from them... hold your head up and stay strong!

A better day is coming.

Leftists are starting to get it.

As I survey the Net for Father's Day related articles, I found this interesting Huffington Post gem entitled,
Fathers Matter "Now" More Than Ever:

Fathers matter more than ever, and anyone who doubts their importance has inevitably endured life without one.

Even feminist Gloria Steinem said, "Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father."

The politically correct modern notion is that as long as a child is healthy and loved, it doesn't matter who they are raised and nurtured by. And of course if there is no father, any loving parent is integral for a child's well being.

But the male influence in a child's life is invaluable, irreplaceable and necessary for most of us. There, I said it...

And there it is, in a nutshell. Please note how even the words of arch feminists are beginning to be used to justify and defend fatherhood.

Just wait and see. This is the beginning of the Great American Fatherhood Bull Market.

Getting back to the article:

... This article in no way suggests that millions of single mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other female caregivers have done amazing jobs in raising beautiful, strong boys into men, and with little help. And most women who raise boys alone do so not by choice but because of economic disparity or because husbands, boy friends or mere "sperm donors" have walked out on them no support...

Now longtime readers know that the paragraph above is a DAMN lie... women file 70% of the divorces, initiate the majority of the breakups in cohabiting situations, and are choosing to remain single in increasing numbers [1][2][3]. On top of this, women are choosing to have children out of wedlock more than ever before. WOMEN HAVE ALL OF THE RIGHTS WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING AND RAISING CHILDREN, WHILE MEN ONLY HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AND DRACONIAN OBLIGATIONS. This is a fact of life in these United States, and is firmly rooted in precedent and public policy.

Now some will argue that women are forced to abandon their relationships due to violence or unavoidable necessity. And in some cases, that may be true.

However, I have two responses to this argument:

1) Genuine, life-threatening, injurious violence against women in relationships is rare... and the sum total of women walking out on their families is much greater than the number of incidents that would fall under the truly serious abuse category. More often than not, women leave their relationships as a personal lifestyle choice, not out of dire necessity. I would also offer my personal opinion that the dynamics of our Matriarchal regime create the conditions that lead to relationship conflict, dissatisfaction, dissolution, and violence.

2) Even if women are being forced to leave in droves due to situations beyond their control (which they are not), we as a society have no way of knowing for sure if basic, fundamental rights are being upheld in the process. We live in a regime of no-fault divorce, mandatory arrest policies, and free-for-all restraining order issuance. More often than not, evidence and facts are the first casualties of the No-Holds-Barred Political Feminist inspired War on Men and families. As a result, commentators on family breakdown issues have NO BASIS to make the claim that, at all times, woman=Good and Man=Bad.

There is no evidence, or moral authority to assign women the higher ethical ground when it comes to relationship issues of any kind. There is no possible way to know if each and every instance of women walking out on their relationships was truly justified. All we know is that women are usually the ones initiating the break ups, and we hear, from a multitude of sources, that women are choosing to do so because of "boredom," "lack of romance," or some other ridiculous reason.

Therefore, when the author of the Huffington Post piece states that "... most women who raise boys alone do so not by choice but because of economic disparity or because husbands, boy friends or mere "sperm donors" have walked out on them no support...", we know it is a boldfaced lie on its face.

Ditto when we read in the multitude of mainstream Father's Day articles that men are abandoning their families in droves, just for the hell of it. BOLD. FACED. LIE.

However, I would urge you to read the entire piece. The paragraph mentioned above notwithstanding, it frames the institution of Fatherhood in a positive light.

In fact, one could say that even the rank and file Leftists of the world are slowly starting to realize the error of their ways. I've had many discussions about Men's Rights Issues with folks who would be considered "socially liberal" who recongize the basic injustice of our "family" court regime. It's just that most of them read articles, such as this one, where the writer will talk out of both sides of her or his mouth, or crank out doublespeak of the highest order to suit their specific purposes. And, as you probably guessed, consuming too much of this material for any length of time scrambles the mind to the point where clear thinking is next to impossible.

Perhaps a MRA re-education camp is in order??

In any event,

Methinks that, going forward, we will have more and more supporters of Men's Rights who identify themselves with the Political Left. Who knows? Maybe challenging the Political Feminist status quo will become the new rallying cry for radicals throughout the world.

Men's Rights Activists of the World... Unite!!

The Trouble with Child Protection Services.

Please take a moment to view these videos as a reminder that, while the country is groaning and writhing over the epidemic of "Men abandoning their families," most individuals don't have a clue as to the real creator and sustainer of fatherless families...

Big Daddy Government.

Unless and until the mainstream understands the depth of the corruption that permeates the entire family law system, we will continue to have to endure the mountains of articles informing us that fatherlessness continues to increase year after year at alarming rates... because of those damn deadbeat dads of course.

Gyokko Out.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Gyokko.


Gyokko said...

My honor and my responsibility to post friend, as somebody needs to say it.

Anonymous said...

Your deeds talk much in your favor.

I am flabbergasted at what those videos display. I first thought it was a joke, then that I was dreaming.

This is devastating. There is no more freedom in your country. It goes ever deeper than that.
This is beyond anything imaginable. Very, very scary.

I feel for young people.


Gyokko said...

It's no joke friend... it's a secret war being waged against Americans..

And worst of all, like our secret federal reserve led financial war, the people have no idea that THEY are the enemy.

And, being completely blind and utterly clueless, they are being brought down by the wolves... one sheep at a time.