Monday, December 31, 2007

Random Thoughts.

Welcome back to Kumogakure School!

As of late, your blogger has been thinking and writing about issues of law, equity and justice. Specifically, I have been contrasting the actions of our government against the standard of Natural law, and unsurprisingly, our political class has been found wanting.

In the same vein, we noted that our financial wizards have led the country to the brink of economic ruin, thanks to their unrestrained fraud, and unquenchable greed.

In addition, long time readers know that our women folk have become increasingly crass, vulgar, and violent.

To say nothing of the phenomena of Men failing to do what comes naturally, in other words, LEAD with justice and wisdom, DEFEND the innocent, and PUNISH the guilty. It should be stressed that I am referring to the men in positions of power and authority, not the everyday man who suffers under the unjust laws that politicians and the like have created.

Words such as virtue, justice, order, and righteousness have become like yesterday's garbage; incomprehensible and unintelligible to vast numbers of humanity. Men and women alike have quite literally sold their souls in the quest for material things that will crumble and disintegrate, or for worthless paper money that has no intrinsic value. The rejection of timeless wisdom in favor of new school "experts" like Dr. Phil is but a symptom of a Merry-Go-Round broke down.

With that being said, I believe it is time for Kumogakure School to shift gears in the near future.

While I will continue to cover the progress of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul from time to time, and while I will blog about financial matters as events dictate, the bulk of my posting will focus on other issues.

Specifically, I will be writing about:

A) The tragic effects of feminism on the Black community,

B) The wisdom of the Ancients and how this can be applied to our present day situation,

C) The importance of Men and Male Headship,

D) The necessity of going with the flow.

I believe that next year will be a very turbulent one; so why put yourself in a position to be carried off in the floodwaters? Massive change is coming, and Men of Tomorrow such as ourselves need to be able to go Ghost at a moment's notice.

On the ideal of Male Headship:

I am a Classical Liberal in political philosophy, but not a strict one. While I believe that everyone, man, woman and child has Natural, Inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by Man nor government, I also believe that, in the Confucian sense, that Law is the lowest level of virtue.

It should be a basic understanding that all people are entitled to certain rights and liberties, and that all people have responsibilities that come with those rights. But this understanding is not the end all and be all of human civilization.

(Kemetian Goddess Ma'at.)

In recent times, I strive to understand the ethics of my ancient fathers, the most important of which is the Law of Ma'at.

As I learn more, I will comment upon it with more authority. All I can say at this point is that Ma'at represents Truth, Justice and Order on a cosmic scale. All beings, even kings and deities, must obey the law of Ma'at. The implications are obvious: those civilizations that do not live in accordance with the Universal Law are doomed to failure.

One of the conclusions one can draw from observing the workings of nature and man is that Male Headship is an essential component of a healthy and functional society. A culture, such as our modern day Matriarchal system founded on lies, untruths, and corruption is obviously suppressing the healthy expression of the Male lifegiving principle, an aspect of this life force known to the Greeks as Thumos.

Some might be wondering at this point, how can your Classical Liberalism co-exist with your beliefs on Male Headship? Don't the two philosophies contradict each other?

Not at all.

Firstly, in the ideal state, human beings, of legal age and of sound mind and body, with their equal right to enter into the marriage contract, have the right and the responsibility to negotiate and agree to the form of marital relationship that each party desires. And, in the interests of social stability, fairness and justice, once the parties have agreed to the terms of their arrangement (including their terms of separation if divorce should occur), then their contract becomes EQUALLY BINDING ON ALL PARTIES. Once the bargain has been agreed to, let it be done forever.

Secondly, it is my view that, more often than not, a woman will desire a man that is able to lead with Justice, Wisdom, and Compassion. In most cases, women want a man they can look up to, that has a backbone, and is Manly in thought and deed.

It is a mistake, however, to say that all men are or will be the more "dominant" party in the marriage, as there are some women out there who would prefer to either wear the pants in their relationship, or not marry at all. Manliness and femininity are not static, but exist on a sliding scale from Most to Least.

The fact of the matter is that men and women are quite different in their needs, wants and desires. To proclaim that all men and women should be absolutely equal in all aspects at all times is a foolish idea that doesn't measure up to the (scientifically verified) reality.

So then, instead of a cookie cutter model where social roles are rigidly defined, and marriage is a compulsory and arranged affair, the choice should be left to the individual if they are going to marry or not, and what kind of dynamics the relationship is going to have before the marriage takes place.

It should be noted that I am not opposed to "matchmaking" so long as all parties are free from coercion or force, nor am I opposed to people advocating that Male Headship is the preferred pattern, as history has proven overwhelmingly that "Man-as-Leader" role is far superior to any over variation. The institution of traditional polygamous and monogamous marriage as can be found in history itself is far superior to any other societal arrangement [a][b][c].

No Matriarchal power has successfully withstood the test of time, whereas the "Patriarchal" model has outlasted any other configuration. But again, the ultimate choice should belong to the parties involved, and the wise ruler protects the rights of individuals to make those choices. This policy prevents resentment on the part of those who wish to Go Thier Own Way.

However, if left alone, the vast majority of people make the most sensible choices. Feminists themselves recognize this when this statement was made:

"Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession... The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family- maker is a choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that." -- Vivian Gornick, feminist author, University of Illinois, The Daily Illini, April 25, 1981.

A "Free Market" approach to marriage is the best of all possible worlds. People would be able to choose and freely negotiate [1][2] the kind of relationship they desired, and at the same time, binding, enforceable marriage contracts would protect both parties in the event of marital difficulties.

Governments should not be issuing marriage licenses, nor should it do harm to the institution of marriage itself, and it most certainly should not be funding divorce in order to fatten public treasuries!

The only proper roles of government are to enforce marriage contracts negotiated in good faith, protect children and minors from predatory individuals and punish those found guilty of such behavior, investigate, try, and upon conviction in a fair trial with all the constitutional protections afforded to defendants, punish persons for crimes committed against household members, and uphold the rights of individuals to enter into the marriage contract of their choice, within the bounds of decency and common sense.

Above all, government must uphold the principles of Truth, Justice, and Order. Without these, society descends into chaos, and NO ONE is better off as a result.

I'll close here for now. But in the meantime, please check out the Excellent Marriage Bliss blog. The author has laid out many of these principles beautifully.

In future posts, I plan on speaking about these concepts in more detail. Using the ideals of Natural Rights and Equality under the law as our base, we can explore the higher realms of man, woman, marriage, and society, and how we can work towards the true harmony and peace that enlightened cultures of the ancient past enjoyed.

While I don't pretend to have all the answers, I believe that the time is long overdue for our culture to have this discussion, no matter how taboo it may be. We in our era have managed to achieve fleeting material and technological prowess. However, when it comes to human interaction, We've only taken baby steps. We have a great many spiritual crutches such as feminism, misandry, racism, misunderstandings about the nature of God and the Universe, and get-something-for-nothing-ism that still hold us back.

Much to learn, we still have.

Kumo out.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Publius," The Federalist LV.


The New Year will soon be upon us. And, as much as I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY new year, I'm afraid that 2008 begins as our nation is facing the fight of it's political and economic life.


Because of this state of current events, I wanted to take the time to share with you the words of James Madison. I find that his writing has special relevance for us today, and we need to heed his concerns:

The true question to be decided then is, whether the smallness of the number (of Congressmen), as a temporary regulation, be dangerous to the public liberty? Whether sixty-five members for a few years, and a hundred or two hundred for a few more, be a safe depositary for a limited and well-guarded power of legislating for the United States?

I must own that I could not give a negative answer to this question, without first obliterating every impression which I have received with regard to the present genius of the people of America, the spirit which actuates the State legislatures, and the principles which are incorporated with the political character of every class of citizens I am unable to conceive that the people of America, in their present temper, or under any circumstances which can speedily happen, will choose, and every second year repeat the choice of, sixty-five or a hundred men who would be disposed to form and pursue a scheme of tyranny or treachery.

Sadly, while Madison could not conceive of such treachery, Men in our modern Democracy (the Republic promised to us by the Constitution no longer being in existence) are living under a Matriarchal dictatorship, and continuously vote in the same sad-sacks that make it their business to condemn us as abusers and deadbeats.

Politicians have no interest in protecting our Constitutional rights, but seek to eliminate and erode what little liberties we have left.

It's no surprise that Congress has spectacular approval ratings; it does such a good job of making sure that all laws passed or proposed cut the Constitutional mustard!

Like this little beauty of a proposal here.

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, to THROW THESE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE!

Please DO NOT support your Congresspeople if they are not doing what they are supposed to do: Protect your God given constitutional rights.

Please DO NOT continue to blindly support the Female-crats or the Redumb-licans. Both of these parties are to blame for our present situation. DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE!

Please consider alternatives, such as the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, or check out this interesting website, Liberty

Getting back to Madison:

I am unable to conceive that the State legislatures, which must feel so many motives to watch, and which possess so many means of counteracting, the federal legislature, would fail either to detect or to defeat a conspiracy of the latter against the liberties of their common constituents. I am equally unable to conceive that there are at this time, or can be in any short time, in the United States, any sixty-five or a hundred men capable of recommending themselves to the choice of the people at large, who would either desire or dare, within the short space of two years, to betray the solemn trust committed to them.

All of this is beyond prophetic. Madison's worst fears have been realized.

As many of you are aware, 1913 was the beginning of an era that saw the rise of a massive centralized government hell-bent on manipulating the people at every turn. The unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act was passed in a deceitful manner, the Feds instituted it's prohibition of Marijuana by dishonest means (which was the opening shot of a Drug War that has further eroded the rights of all citizens), and probably most of all, the Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution was enacted, depriving the States of their ability to check the powers of Congress.

What this means is that States are now slaves to the Federal government both legislatively, and also judicially, since Federal judges are confirmed by the Senate, whose members were originally chosen by the States.

Therefore, their ability to challenge abusive federal laws and policies on behalf of the people and their own self interest is quite weak. Such limitations only serve to concentrate power in the hands of fewer and fewer men. Treasonous conspiracies, such as the forthcoming North American Union, are much easier to enact, since there are less opportunities for oversight and debate by the State Legislatures and the people they represent.

The vital oversight that Madison counts on as a bulwark against tyranny is no longer.

However, before we hold up the States as shining examples of truth and justice, we should note that just as States violated the Natural Rights of it's black citizens in times past, States also conspire to violate the Natural Rights of Men in our modern time.

Before moving forward, let's take a moment and review what Natural Rights are:

If, then, law be a natural principle—one necessarily resulting from the very nature of man, and capable of being destroyed or changed only by destroying or changing the nature of man—it necessarily follows that it must be of higher and more inflexible obligation than any other rule of conduct, which the arbitrary will of any man, or combination of men, may attempt to establish. Certainly no rule can be of such high, universal and inflexible obligation, as that, which, if observed, secures the rights, the safety and liberty of all.

Natural law, then, is the paramount law. And, being the paramount law, it is necessarily the only law: for, being applicable to every possible case that can arise touching the rights of men, any other principle or rule, that should arbitrarily be applied to those rights, would necessarily conflict with it. And, as a merely arbitrary, partial and temporary rule must, of necessity, be of less obligation than a natural, permanent, equal and universal one, the arbitrary one becomes, in reality? of no obligation at all, when the two come in collision. Consequently there is, and can be, correctly speaking, no law but natural law. There is no other principle or rule, applicable to the rights of men, that is obligatory in comparison with this, in any case whatever. And this natural law is no other than that rule of natural justice, which results either directly from men's natural rights, or from such acquisitions as they have a natural right to make, or from such contracts as they have a natural right to enter into... order that the contract of government may be valid and lawful, it must purport to authorize nothing inconsistent with natural justice, and men's natural rights. It cannot lawfully authorize government to destroy or take from men their natural rights: for natural rights are inalienable, and can no more be surrendered to government—which is but an association of individuals—than to a single individual. They are a necessary attribute of man's nature; and he can no more part with them—to government or anybody else—than with his nature itself.

But the contract of government may lawfully authorize the adoption of means—not inconsistent with natural justice—for the better protection of men's natural rights. And this is the legitimate and true object of government. And rules and statutes, not inconsistent with natural justice and men's natural rights, if enacted by such government, are binding, on the ground of contract, upon those who are parties to the contract, which creates the government, and authorizes it to pass rules and statutes to carry out its objects.*

Now then, having reviewed what Natural Rights are, let us now consider the Essential Baskerville's damning report entitled From Welfare State to Police State:

... In 1984, the Child Support Enforcement amendment to the Social Security Act required states to adopt advisory child-support guidelines. The legislation was promoted by OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) itself and by private collection companies—again, less to help children than to save the government money under the theory that the system would help to get single-mother families off welfare by making fathers pay more.

No statis-tical data were presented then (or have been since) to indicate that the legislation would have the desired effect (Seidenberg 1997, 107–8). Given that most lowincome, single-mother families did not and still do not have valid child-support
orders, that most unpaid child support is owing to unemployment, and that “most non-custodial parents of AFDC [Aid to Families with Dependent Children] children do not earn enough to pay as much child support as their children are already receiving in AFDC benefits,” higher support guidelines could not and cannot help these children (Garfinkel and McLanahan 1986, 24–25).

With no explanation or clear constitutional authority, guidelines and criminal enforcement machinery conceived and created to help the minority of children in poverty were then extended, under pressure from OCSE and other interests, to all child-support orders, even the majority not receiving welfare, by the Family Support Act of 1988. The law also made guidelines mandatory. By one estimate, the new guidelines more than doubled the size of awards (Comanor 2004, 5).

All this legal fanfare dramatically enlarged the program and continues to do so by bringing in millions of middle-class cases, most of which result from divorce, but for which the system was never designed. As a result, “the number of dollars passing
through the government collection system exploded
” (Comanor 2004, 8).

Nonwelfare cases now dwarf welfare cases. Welfare cases, consisting for the most part of unmarried parents, account for only 17 percent of all cases, and the proportion is shrinking.

The remaining 83 percent of nonwelfare cases consist largely of previously married fathers who are usually divorced involuntarily. Nonwelfare cases currently account for 92 percent of the monies collected (U.S. HHS 2003, figs. 1 and 2).

Despite this growth in collections—and contrary to what was promised when the program was created—the cost to taxpayers increased sharply. Promoted as a program that would reduce government spending, federal child-support enforcement has in fact incurred a continuously increasing deficit. “The overall financial impact of the child support program on taxpayers is negative,” the House Ways and Means Committee reports: federal taxpayers lost $2.7 billion in 2002 (U.S. House 2004, 8–69
and table 8-5).

This money does not vanish, of course. It provides a revenue stream for state governments that officials may spend however they wish (U.S. House 1998, 596).

Though ostensibly revenue neutral, federal subsidies have made child-support collections a source of general funds. “If the state needs more highway funding,” writes one commentator, “all they need to do is raise the state’s level of child support and they can spend their resulting welfare incentive increases on highway projects and remain in perfect compliance with the relevant programs funding requirements” (Tersak 2007). Moreover, federal taxpayers subsidize not only state government operations through child support, but also family dissolution because every fatherless child is an additional source of revenue for states.

In addition to stiff penalties and high interest assessed on alleged arrearages, states profit through federal payments based on the amount collected as well as through the receipt of 66 percent of operating costs and 90 percent of computer costs
(U.S. HHS 1997).

(When two states collaborate, both states qualify for the incentive payment as if each state had collected 100 percent of the money.) Federal outlays of $3.5 billion in 2002 allowed Ohio to collect $228 million and California to collect more than $640 million (U.S. House 2004, table 8-4). “There is a $200 million per year profit motive driving this system” in Michigan alone, attorney Michael Tindall points out.

“It dances at the string of federal money” (Green 2002). To qualify for these funds, states must channel all support payments—not only delinquent payments, but also current payments—through their criminal enforcement machinery. This arrangement makes them eager to bring in as many affluent payers as possible.

Unlike the welfare cases, in which it is almost impossible to collect from impecunious, young, inner-city fathers, the divorced fathers have deeper pockets and can generally be counted on to pay. Ironically, because low income payers do not provide significant amounts to help states qualify for federal funds, these cases are now neglected even though they are the ones for which the system was ostensibly designed, and enforcement measures concentrate instead on the middle class.

Middle Class = Middle Class Men = YOU.

Get it?

Those nutty State governments are at it again: Abusing the rights of men, in clear violation of both federal and state constitutions, in the pursuit of fun and profit. Never mind that these violations of the Supreme Law ruin lives.

Stay far, far away from State Marriage. When you get married, your rights go out the window. You cease being a person, and magically transform into a walking revenue stream for some worthless politician who probably has no idea WHAT the various State and Federal Constitutions have to say about anything!

Also, note that everything depends on Federal money.

But, you may wonder, where does the government get the money to spend on these unconstitutional programs? Isn't it true that tax money is used almost exclusively to finance our government's massive IOU's?

The answer to that question is simple: The Federal Reserve and it's unholy power to create money out of NOTHING [1][2].

When you get down to it, Funny Money is indeed the root of ALL evil, as the world is getting ready to find out when the American economy undergoes terrible contractions next year.

In conclusion, the question here is:

Has the faith that Madison had in the American people to take the steps necessary to monitor their Representatives, remove them at their displeasure, and secure their liberties turned out to be misplaced?

Was his hope in vain?

I say No. Because, as it's been said, Men neither live nor die in vain.

We the People were once blind, but now many of us are starting to see. It is my belief that there are still enough people out there who are not afraid to declare themselves as Free men, and who are willing to resist tyranny and FORCE governments, local, State, and Federal, back into the chains of the Constitution where it belongs.

In the grand scheme of government tyranny, feminism is but an ultimately irrelevant symptom of a larger sickness. As the noose tightens, even the weak handmaids grow fearful of their evil Money Masters.

No matter what happens, let it be said that there are still Sons of Liberty worthy of the name. We will do our best to educate, enlighten, and engage our would be betters on the political and ideological battlefields without apology.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ron Paul Racist? Part II.


I've been busy making comments on a blog entitled The Black Sentinel.

The subject: Is Ron Paul racist??

Please stop by if you have a chance and see my responses. If you do though, please make nice nice and respect Sentinel's point of view.

As for me, I despise racism, for a multitude of reasons. One my biggest peeves is that most people (of any race) who give in to tribal hatreds are usually ignorant about the historical circumstances surrounding any given controversial event.

However, the very ugly topic of racism is another subject for another time.

But before I go, I would like to share this piece regarding White Slavery.

It's a little known fact that Whites were indeed enslaved, and this just proves my point that those who advocate Supremacy in any form should be careful:

Flawed and hateful ideologies have this terrible habit of biting one right in the ass.

Feminists should take note, as hate movements have (usually terrible) consequences for those that advance them. There IS such a thing as Divine Justice.


Every human soul deserves Equal Rights and Equal Protection thereof; NOT special rights and unfair protections.

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas!!

Kumo out.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Are You Absolutely Sure...

... that you are a U.S. citizen??

It turns out that the answer is:

Most likely!

If you recall, Dear Reader, I had written previously concerning this very issue [1][2] , and after much study and deliberation, I have decided that, while there are a great many conspiracies afoot in the world today, we might be able to ignore some of the more popular "Patriot" theories such as our national enslavement to Great Britain, national bankruptcy, and America as Corporation instead of Sovereign nation.

Being a truthseeker, and always critical of what I read, I stumbled upon this interesting blog entitled The Dixieland Law Journal that goes all out to debunk some of the alternate legal theories that can be found out there on the Internet.

It's an interesting read to be sure.

While some of these legal conspiracies may be extremely far-fetched, I will say that behind any legend is a grain of truth. It's beyond dispute that our government has perpetrated massive amounts of fraud, abuse, and waste upon the people of the country, and because of this fact, We the People should always be skeptical of governmental authority, continuously measure all laws and regulations against the Constitutional benchmark, keep an open mind, look at all sides of any given issue, and do the research needed to prove or misprove any assertion made by damn near everybody.

So in any event...

Don't take my word for anything. Be sure to do the research for yourself.


Kumo 5000.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kumogakure School: A Day in the Life VI.

This is a continuation in a series, and the last installment can be found here.

Space Fans and Thrill Seekers,

Like any good accountant, Kumo is tying up loose ends in order to meet the end of the year deadline. Looking back, we here at Kumogakure School have covered a lot of ground.

We talked about the Platonic origins of feminism, discussed how the Supreme Court has terminated the rights of Men, looked at pressing economic issues facing the nation, took a brief look at the differences between civil rights and Natural rights [a][b], threw our insignificant support behind Representative Ron Paul for President, watched a lot of hott flicks [1][2] in our quest for Truth, explained why marriage is a HUGE no-no [3][4], looked at the CFR and other shadowy organizations that seek to dominate our lives and create a less perfect North American Union [5][6], and discovered Kumogakure's origins via the modern day Miracle of DNA testing.

We also demolished the myth of domestic violence into very small pieces, chronicled the link between feminism and the awful discipline of Eugenics, touched on why Jihadism is a threat of our own making [c][d][e][f], talked about polygamy and why it should be considered as a viable family organization model, discussed the fact that BOTH political parties, the Redumblicans and the Femocrats, SUCK, crusaded for the common sense regulation and legalization of that Magical Green Herb [g][h]... and a whole lot of other stuff.

In summary: It's been a busy 2007.

Now that we've reflected, let's get down to business!

I was dreaming.

About what, I can't be sure. However, it was a beautiful one... until I heard a voice saying:

「 起きて。。。起きて下さい!」

Coming out of my dreamworld, I recognized the voice of my young wife telling me to wake up:


And with that reminder, that it was time to wake up and prepare for the coming of another day, I jumped out of bed, pausing briefly to give thanks to God for life, health, and wealth. Stripping out of my sleeping kimono (着物), I stepped into the piping hot shower that my wife had already prepared before waking me up...


It's been said on this blog that it is better not to marry, and that advice still stands. State run marriage in this day and age is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO. No good can come from it, only heartache, suffering, and loss.

Loss of children, loss of property, loss of liberty, and in a few rare cases, loss of life as well.

Because the law is basically society's way of telling its citizenry how they should guide their conduct, it should be understood that society does not want successful marriages. If society wanted marriage to be strong and stable, our laws would reflect this desire.

This in itself isn't necessarily a bad or a negative situation.

(Kemetian Sage Ptah-Hotep)

As African sage Ptah-Hotep tells us in Maxim 9 of The Wisdom of Ptah-Hotep:

On the silence necessary to the fortunate and the happy fate of the childless:

If you plough your field and, thanks to God's intervention, your harvest (sons and daughters) is abundant, don't boast about it to your neighbors, for it is the quiet man who inspires respect. As for the man who stays self possessed despite great riches, in a court of law he will know how to win a case with the swiftness of a crocodile.

Don't blame or critize those who have no children, nor boast about your own offspring. There are many unhappy fathers and as many unhappy mothers; a woman without children is more serene. God grants spiritual growth to the solitary, wheras the head of a family clan prays anxiously to find a successor.

With this understanding, truly enlightened men heed the will of society and become Happy Bachelors, and remain content until the end of their days, or until marriage and family life comes back into season, whichever comes first.

The whole purpose of this Day in the Life series is to advise those men that still wish to marry in spite of the dangers how to minimize their risk. And the sad truth is that the most successful marriages in the West now-a-days are those involving a Western man and a foreign woman who is born and raised outside of cultures ravaged by the Feminist Supervirus.

In previous posts in the series we listed the best ways to meet and marry the foreign bride of your dreams. Today, I want to show you my everyday married life.


Because many men in the West have no idea what it's like to have an actual WIFE that does WIFELY stuff such as cooking and cleaning, doing the laundry, managing the household, shopping for groceries, taking care of business in the bedroom, making sure that both herself and her house are pleasing to her husband, who takes pride in being feminine, and a host of other things.

Many men today (if they foolishly marry a daughter of the West) will probably end up with a woman that is more manly than they are, who can't cook worth a damn, who has no interest in keeping in shape and may be on some form of mood altering drugs, that will become greatly disinterested in sex, who will have craptastic ideas about what being a good mother is all about...

You get the idea.

I know I have women readers, and if this description doesn't apply to you, please don't be offended. But the fact of the matter is that 85.9978% of Western women are simply inferior as wives compared to their foreign sisters. The non-feminist woman, who more than likely has been trained to be a wife from a very early age, wins the wife-and-mother game HANDS DOWN.

But again, it must be stressed that marriage to ANY woman is to be avoided while you live in the Matriarchal West. The legal penalties for failing at the marriage game are staggering [1][2].

Understand this, Dear Reader. The Law is the Law, and there will be no mercy if your bride (of any persuasion) decides to take your ass to divorce court.


You will be much better off if you marry overseas in a non matriarchal jurisdiction AND STAY THERE. For those that can do it, Expatriation wouldn't be such a bad move, seeing as how the United States and much of the Western world is staring Economic Armageddon dead in the face!

After getting out of the shower, I began my daily ritual of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, washing my hands and gargling in the Japanese manner, and combing out my natural Nubian locks to perfection.

Entering into the living room, I noticed that my wife had already turned the TV to CNBC, and breakfast was laying on the table. Joining her on the couch, we discussed the Stock Market, Forex, and the unfolding credit crisis that will surely lead to a credit implosion, destroying the wealth of millions of people.

As we talked, I was intrigued as always about how quickly she catches on to new topics that would confuse most people. Being a graduate of a prestigious Kyoto university with an extremely high grade point average helps a great deal, but more importantly, being raised in a culture that values education and learning helps her to absorb information that much quicker.

Yes, I though to myself, she will make an excellent teacher for our children...

The fact that my young wife is a very intelligent woman and a university graduate brings up an important point.

Her university, while providing her with an excellent education, also reinforced the idea that someday, she will become a wife and mother, and tailored her educational experience appropriately. She was trained to be able to hold a job in the real world (with further study, she could become a diplomat if she so chooses), or tutor her children at home if and when she left the work force to become a full time mother. This is a theme that can be found in most traditional, non-feminist cultures that I have encountered.

Whereas in our university system, Women's Studies and other Feminist brainwashing that takes place at our so called "Institutions of Higher Learning" do their best to DESTORY any thoughts that their female students might have about marriage and childbearing in favor of a careerism that eclipses any alternative goals that a woman may aspire to, such as the aforementioned marriage and childbearing.

Personally, I don't mind if a woman works herself to death, or ends up childless, or if she becomes a stay at home and has 15 kids. What people do with their private lives is their own business. However, women should keep in mind that they live in a (dwindling) marriage market in which they are the Price Takers, and not the Price Setters. Men ask women to marry them, and not the other way around. And since women, via feminism, have made marriage a legal nightmare for men to be involved in, their value as "marriage material" is eroding by the day, thanks to the deadweight loss that feminist legislation and jurisprudence has placed upon matrimony.

The end result of all this "liberation" is that both women and marriage have increasingly become less desired by men. Ironic ain't it?

So ladies, if you want to get married and beat out the competition, I would suggest that you elevate your mind and step your game up.

Because in distant lands, such as Japan, the culture, and the educational system from elementary through university, reinforces the skills that a woman needs to be a wife. As a result, men like me who are lucky enough to find women like these are the winners; whereas women who buy into the feminist party line square up to be the biggest losers.

Kind of like how those women on The Bachelor lost out, bigtime.

Don't sleep: More Kumo homelife goodness to come.

Jihad Against the US Dollar?

Maybe so.

Probably the most important American "ally" in the Middle East, and holder of a massive amount of U.S. Dollars, Saudi Arabia, has issued a Fatwa against the dollar.

This is INCREDIBLY BAD, both economically and politically.

According to Telegraph UK:

To all intents and purposes, the Wahabi religious establishment of Saudi Arabia has just issued a fatwa against the US dollar. This bears watching.

A message issued by 26 leading clerics warns that inflation has reached intolerable levels in the Gulf kingdom.

While it does not vilify the dollar explicitly, the apparent political aim is to undermine the country’s dollar peg.

“The rulers should seek to try to remedy this crisis in a way that would ease people’s suffering.”

“We direct this message to the rulers and officials: we remind you of Prophet Mohammad’s words that you are shepherds who are responsible for your flock,” it said.

The statement was posted across the Islamic world. The background to this has been a raging debate in Gulf religious and economic circles about the destructive effects of the sliding dollar.

Among the lead-authors is Sheikh Nasser al-Omar, known for his fatwa against US-led forces in Iraq.

He has long preached the collapse of American-led capitalism, and now sees a perfect moment to plunge the knife. We can guess that al-Qaeda Inc is thinking along the same lines...

Please read the rest of the article.

As Saudi Arabia holds many of our increasingly worthless dollars, any move on their part to break the dollar peg that forces the Saudi currency to move in tandem with the dollar could cause a massive run on our dollar.

Needless to say, that would be very BAD for us. And as time passes, and economic and political pressure builds against the U.S. Dollar, the ability of the Saudis to maintain the dollar peg will become more and more difficult. If they should let their currency float to market value against the dollar...

Possibly even more alarming, yet another financial sector is getting ready to implode, this time involving the bond markets.

Courtesy of Market Oracle:

The hidden bond insurers used by Wall Street firms are in the news, especially ACA Capital and MBIA. Implications are huge, with monumental ripple effects. Financial press reporting of the bond insurers is woefully inadequate. Moodys and Fitch are giving analysis review to nine ‘AAA' rated bond insurers to see if they have sufficient capital to conduct their insurance operations. The list includes ACA Capital, MBIA, Ambac Financial, and Financial Guaranty Insurance. ACA Capital has only $1.1 billion in cash for payout of bond failure claims, but has lost $1 billion in the most recent quarter. More losses are assured. This insurer is very important, since it is widely abused by Wall Street banks to hide cratered bond derivative losses...

... if ACA insures a bond, then Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch for instance can take the under-water bond off the balance sheet. They can do so under fast changing rules, since any potential loss is not perceived to affect the firms themselves. ACA is widely called the ‘garbage can' for Wall Street, where tremendous losses are concealed from stock investors, corporate bond investors, debt rating agencies, and bank regulators. But the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is changing against the firms, forcing firms to bring losing assets onto their balance sheets in droves. Several Wall Street firms own sizeable stakes in ACA, a ploy that enables them to hide gigantic losses in blatant collusion. Bear Stearns is the fifth largest US securities firm. They own a 39% stake in ACA Capital.

Once again, leveraged mortgage bonds and mortgage-based Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) bonds are the root cause of the problem. Losses are amplified with the CDO packages of credit derivatives. My expectation is that mortgage bond losses will be an order of magnitude larger in 2008 than 2007, as prime adjustable mortgages face their nightmare, next on the debacle docket. JPMorgan bank analyst Andy Wessel claims if ACA defaults, banks would be forced to bring their ACA-guaranteed CDO bonds onto their books. Wessel says, “ACA is a likely candidate to get thrown to the wolves first.”

If ACA loses ‘AAA' rating, then possibly $60 billion in CDO bonds will be forced onto bank balance sheets in the banking sector generally. For instance, an ACA default would force Merrill Lynch to declare a $3 billion writedown of its CDO bonds. Expect this type of story to continue endlessly. Yesterday Morgan Stanley announced an additional $5.7 billion in bond writedown losses, making their recent total a robust $9.4 billion. Expect that their ultimate total will be three to five times larger. Bear Stearns is engaged in a parade of announced losses, each touted as the climax. Their latest made Thursday was for another $.19 billion. In my book, the entire gaggle of corrupted Wall Street broker dealers is insolvent, defending against bankruptcy with accounting shenanigans, all with the USGovt and Dept Treasury blessing.

MBIA faces similar threats, as a bond insurer. They have faced a likely downgrade by Moodys for weeks, sure to put in grave doubt the status of $652 billion of structured finance bonds, as well as state and municipal bonds that they insure. The world's largest bond insurer, MBIA beat the market to the punch in surprising admission of having $8.1 billion in CDO bond exposure. They also opened the door to discussion of ‘CDO Squared' derivatives, which are leveraged instruments built recklessly atop other leveraged mortgage bonds securities. Expect the MBIA actual losses will ultimately be three to five times larger. MBIA, ACA Capital, and six other bond insurers sweat bullets over debt rating agency downgrades. A loss of their top rating would cast serious doubt on $2400 billion in asset backed debt securities collectively.

Given the size of their total insured bond portfolios, Bloomberg Data estimates the downgrades could result in $200 billion in bond losses and bank writedowns. The rating agencies consider the bond insurers as a group to be holding far too little capital for to justify ‘AAA' ratings as corporate entities. Remember, the entire US bank/bond risk management model is dissolving before your eyes...

Please read this article in full, as it is very important.

At the end of the day, we have external and internal financial pressures that are threatening to destroy the American economy. And I fear that, with the exception of Ron Paul, no other politician gets it. As Rome burns, our so called leaders will fiddle.

The end result, unless tough decisions and choices are made, and soon, is that countless people are going to find themselves living in an economic nightmare that they will be unable to wake up from. And more tragically, they will have no idea how financial Armageddon came to pass.

Please, Dear Readers, NOW IS THE TIME to educate yourselves, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Financial Report of the United States 2007.

Here it is boys!

Read it and weep will ya?

My thoughts later.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Inflation.

When Ron Paul speaks about the American government inflating the currency...

... he is right on the money, pun intended.

The expression I would use to describe what is happening today, "Debasement," has very old historical roots. English Monarchs, for example, were very skilled at the craft.

In the ancient world, gold and silver coinage was debased by increasing the percentage of non-precious metals, thereby conserving the gold and silver and boosting the production of additional coin.

In our modern world, the dollar is debased by increasing the volume of dollars by pressing a few buttons, thereby diluting the purchasing power of each dollar in circulation.

With this in mind, I would like to share with you this exceptional article entitled Inflation Index Manipulation : Theft by Statistics by Daniel R. Amerman. I believe this piece really helps to illustrate exactly WHY inflation is so very harmful to people like you and me.


If the United States government was an individual or corporation, and we looked at the obligations it has entered into for the decades ahead – it would be bankrupt. However, the federal government is not an individual or corporation, and has powers that make these bankruptcy analogies quite dangerous for investors who take them to heart. Thinking the United States may go bankrupt means focusing on a danger that isn’t real, while missing the dangers that are real – which are the methods the government can use to avoid bankruptcy, and the devastating impact of those methods upon retirees, salaried workers and many investment strategies.

The government’s effective immunity from bankruptcy can be found in two separate but related governmental powers: 1) the government controls the money supply, meaning it controls the degree of inflation (in broad terms); and 2) the government also controls the official inflation indexes. Many people are aware that there will likely be a major squeeze coming up that means future beneficiaries will receive much less than current beneficiaries in purchasing power terms. The contribution of this article is to flesh out how the specifics can work, and demonstrate how through steady and somewhat hidden pressure, the value of promises can be gradually stripped away even as a generation of retirees is impoverished. We will use a fairly simple example based on two widely known current inflation figures, to illustrate how through the manipulation of both inflation and inflation indexes, the government can simultaneously repay existing government obligations at 15 cents on the dollar, while repaying inflation-protected promises (in full) at a mere 27 cents on the dollar...

... When we look at what has happened to the prices for food, energy, housing prices and medical insurance over the last several years, there are many Americans who are having trouble believing the government story of an official 2%-3% per year. Therefore, for exploration and illustration purposes, we will use a nice, round 10% assumption as the true rate of inflation. John Williams of has made a case for this figure being the true rate of inflation, when inflation is calculated using the same methodologies that were used by the government in the 70s and 80s.

A belief that the government does or would systematically deceive its citizens to serve political interests is incidental to this article. It is up to the reader to decide whether we talking about what is happening now – or what could be happening in the future. The numbers work the same way whether the inflation and index-manipulation is openly admitted, fraudulently hidden, obfuscated behind layers of statistical complexity and technical jargon – or some combination thereof...

No....... our government would never lie to us!

Or would they?


"... A sovereign nation dealing with excessive promises denominated in it’s own currency does not face an impossible problem, and the solution is not even a mystery – “print the money” as needed, which slashes the value of the currency, and the magnitude of the problem is slashed along with it (along with the value of the life savings of the nation’s citizens, unfortunately, but such is the true nature of currency).

This government power to pay promises through inflation is illustrated in the “Ending Real Value of a Dollar” (column 3). As would be expected with a 10% rate of inflation, the value of a dollar plunges. It is only worth 75 cents after three years, 50 cents within 7 years, and is down to only 15 cents by the end of 20 years. This destruction of the value of the dollar is an entirely legal means of reneging on the government’s debts, and effectively allows it to walk away from ever paying for past deficit spending, both domestically and internationally. Those massive trade deficits which were covered by other nations buying US Treasury bonds will never likely be repaid, in other words..."

Now you know what this means: foreigners will be much less likely to invest in our dollar and our bonds if they suspect that America is inflating on purpose, causing our economic collapse.

Or, even worse, foreigners might wise up and BUY our assets at fire sale prices. They could easily become the masters of our nation, by hook or by crook. While our military might is unchallenged at present... we would still be vulnerable to (and in some cases, desperate for,) takeovers by foreign investors, sovereign wealth funds, and the like.

When Thomas Jefferson said:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..."

This is exactly what he meant.

Not only are people losing their homes in record numbers, the American people might end up selling themselves into indebted slavery due to our haphazard monetary policy.

Now then, getting back to the article, take a look at this:

How Many People Can You Fool & For How Long?

Can you really fool all the people with a combination of inflation and inflation index manipulation? Some might say “No way! People are way too smart for that, and the professors and media would quickly expose the fraud.” Interesting thing though… 40 years ago, one working adult earned enough to support a middle class household of five or six, including a stay-at-home spouse and three or four kids. Today, normal seems to be defined more like 2 working adults for every middle class household with 1-2 children. True, the houses are bigger, the color TVs are bigger, there are two cars, they are better cars, people eat out more and travel more, etc, etc. But, as we’ve gone from one worker to support 5-6 people, to one worker to support 1.5 to 2 people… did you ever wonder how accurate that indexing has been in practice?

It isn’t reported as such, but arguably the inflation index is one of the most important political statistics. It determines everything from the economic growth that is reported, to the benefits that are paid out, to budget deficits and surpluses, and whether taxes need to be raised. Indeed, the difference between prosperity and recession – as reported in the papers – can be no more than 2-3% in the inflation index, as economic growth is net of inflation indexes. Such complex calculations as well, not understood by either reporters or the public, performed in obscurity – but watched with keen attention by the political appointees, who know exactly what it will take to win the next election.

There is not even a need for a “conspiracy”, or a group of politicians meeting in secret and deciding to defraud the public. Human nature, time and overwhelming incentives are enough to gradually make real what we have illustrated in this article. Political appointees know how to reward those government employees who can find a way to rationalize dropping the rate of growth of the index by 0.2% here, and 0.02% there. If as an employee you want to get promoted – that is what you do. Which creates an environment of decades of incentives leading to decades of incremental changes, steadily moving the standard as the changes add up. Human nature being what it is, what do you think happens? Has already happened? Will happen when the political motivations reach all new levels?

Ladies and gentlemen, please read this article in full, as the effects of inflation and debasement of the money supply must be understood. As the author suggests, we will see more attempts to debase the currency, not less, as America's financial problems come to a head, something that I think will occur in the next three years, unless of course, Ron Paul is elected as President.

When you are done there, please take a look here for recommended reading that will hopefully enable you to understand the historical and political events that have lead to our present malaise, and can hopefully help you survive and thrive financially during these difficult times.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Magical Egypt.

Em Hotep (Peace be upon you)!

The recommended flix this weekend can be found here.

This particular film looks at ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) philosophy and its impact upon influential thinkers throughout history; some of whom belong to the sects of Freemasonry [1][2], Rosicrucianism, and other mystery schools that have survived the ages, and are very much with us today.

It should also be pointed out that Kemetian philosophy has had profound influence upon all of the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Long time readers of this blog know that there are secret societies and elite money men who work tirelessly to reform the world in their image.

Those of us who seek to oppose these groups need to understand that the battle isn't only political or economic... but we are also fighting a battle of the spirit. There are, at a minimum, two sides to every story: The overt and the covert.

Please don't forget this.

Consequently, we must seek to understand symbolism, as we can see in the clip below.

Once you understand the symbolism, and learn how to read the language, the quicker you will be able to recognize the calling cards of these groups that seek to do us harm.

One more thing.

I would like to lay a little groundwork for my next series of posts which will focus on feminism and the Black community, and how this hate movement has absolutely devastated the lives of my people, and condemned a great many to a hellish existence of delusion, bitterness, and ignorance.

You might recall that I took a DNA test in order to trace my ancient roots. I obtained my results, and I discovered that I belong to the E3a Halogroup, and my closest African relatives reside in the present day nations of Mozambique and Algeria.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(My family path)

This revelation has led me to some interesting insights:


Before the great Bantu migration, which took place around 1000 B.C., my FATHERS (because the most accurate tests of this nature trace the male chromosomes, which is passed, remarkedly unchanged, from Father to son), dwelt in the lands of Kemet and Nubia.


You will notice that the Halogroup E3b traces the movements of Kemetian people from Kemet to the land of Israel. So then, this must mean what some authors have suspected all along, that the Ancient Israelities were originally Kemetians, and by extension, Black African (See: Africans Who Wrote the Bible, African Origins of the Major Western Religions, Bible Myth: African Origins of the Jewish People, 101 Myths of the Bible, Moses and Akhenaten, Moses and Monotheism, [a],[b]).

Oops, did I spill the beans?

Guess so.

The Jews are my distant cousins, both through my maternal grandmother, and by impeachable paternal DNA evidence. There can be no doubt that, before they moved into Europe and the racially mixed Arab/Islamic kingdoms, they were black like me (or blacker, as I am considered "high yellow" in color). So I would advise my Black brothers and sisters to be nice to Jews, because they are our very very distant kin (as is all of Mankind, but you get the idea).

As an aside, I would like to say something else about my Kinfolk before we move forward.

It is my opinion that the Jews ARE NOT the evil masterminds behind schemes (both real and imagined) of world conquest [3][4][5] [6]. While some ethnic Jews were and are definitely involved in some of these subversive ideologies that readers of my blog are most familiar with, such as the feminist movement, the fact of the matter is that the average Jewish man or woman on the street is a pawn of larger forces, just like the rest of us.

And this is further proven when one considers that the esoteric blend of the ancient religions that became known as Christianity [7][8][9], with it's strong Platonic underpinnings, was (and still is) considered anathema [10][11] to traditional Jewish belief.

Indeed, there are plenty of documented historical occurrences of "hellenized" and traditional jews fighting each other to the death, and this tradition of intra-jewish warfare has continued through the centuries, as evidenced by the Zionist/Torah Jewish strife that cost millions of Jews their lives, and the political struggle between religionists and secularists that is taking place in Israel today.

So then, I reject the assertion that "jews" are the ultimate conspirators at work in the world today. Such a statement is both shortsighted and dangerous. Adherants to the Platonic philosophy of republicanism, who can be of any race, sex, or religion, are far more worthy of hatred and contempt. As a matter of fact, many people who subscribe to the notion that "all jews are evil" probably have no ideal that one of the most trusted advisers of Confederate States of America president Jefferson Davis was indeed a Jew.

But, I digress.

So what is the point of all this? you may wonder.

Besides defending the average Jew on the street, my point is this:

As we survey the massive damage that feminism has wrought upon the Black community, we need to look to our ancient past, the philosophies of Nubia and Kemet, for answers to solve our present day problems. As a child of Kemet, I plan on sharing what little I know in the hopes of finding solutions to our very real issues.

I am looking forward to explaining my thoughts in greater detail, and I hope you all will stick around and see what I come up with.

Kumo of Waset.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Week on Wall Street: Market Manipulation Accelerates!


Please see the Excellent site. On the right hand side, under the Best of the Web section, please click on the article entitled, Market Manipulation Accelerates.

After that, swing by and take a look.

And, while we're on the subject of manipulation... Please visit the Informational site and learn even more about how the powers that be are seeking to control the price of gold in order to prop up their failing fiat paper currencies.

Finally, listen to my main man Cramer explain how one goes about rigging the markets for fun and profit:

Ladies and Gents, the conclusion is obvious:

Just as modern day State marriage has been molded into a zero sum game that Men must avoid; the financial market fix seems to be On like Donkey Kong!

So please make sure that YOU are prepared for the worst, and be sure to hope for the best.

Kumo out.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Two of my favorite Financial guys, Paul and Cramer, join forces to battle that damn Federal Reserve [a][b]!

Check it out:

Now if you'll excuse me, me and my house are going to stand in the cold like idiots and spread the message of sound money, liberty, and NO MORE IRS!

Oh, by the way, see why the federal income tax is totally unconstitutional here.


On Federalist No. 46, and the New Boston Tea Party.

Ladies, Gentlemen, MRAs, Truthseekers, and yes, Feminist Lurkers:


On Sunday, December the Sixteenth, history will be re-enacted as ordinary Americans from all over the country pass judgment upon the Intolerable Acts [1][2] that government, State and Federal, has perpetrated upon the people.

Before going forward, a brief aside:

Some claim that Freemasons organized and carried out the original Boston Tea Party. This would make sense as many of the leading figures of the day were either Freemasons or associated with them [a]. Interestingly enough, the Insightful site Henry has several articles suggesting that Ron Paul himself might be "in the know."

Click here to see the evidence for yourself.

I personally don't believe that Mr. Paul is in league with occult powers due to the fact that his record is utterly consistent, and because actions speak much louder than questionable hand signals.

With that said, I feel that it is my duty to bring up anything of interest to my readership, and to remind everyone that we are NOT supposed to be supporting any one figure. We should be supporting the MESSAGE of freedom and liberty. Anyone who doesn't cut the Constitutional mustard is automatically suspect, and must be opposed, for reasons I make apparent in this post, and by extension, the totality of this blog.

But, I digress.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(A historical representation of England violating the American colonies: certainly an intolerable act!)

Among the abuses that government hath wrought, issues of particular interest to my readers include the fact that our government has stripped us of our Natural Right to be fathers to our children, and to be secure in our marriages and our homes [3][4].

Our Due Process and Equal Protection rights have been utterly trampled upon by feminist tyranny, a weak handmaid in the service to a much more ancient evil.

Judge Robert H. Dierker Jr., speaking about feminist jurisprudence, notes in his Impressive Tyranny of Tolerance:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Catherine Mackinnon)

"At its core, the femifascist agenda is based on hatred for men. Hatred is not too strong a word to apply to the most radical feminism. For example, Catherine Mackinnon [5][6], one of the foremost exponents of radical feminist legal doctrine, attacks the basic premise of the equal protection clause, comparing it to Nazi legal doctrine. She also believes that white men are the root of all evil and injustice in America, and that the law must strip power from them to compensate women for their past oppression (Dierker, Tyranny of Tolerance, p. 19)."

It should also be noted that feminism has been quite unkind to black men, and that a significant contributor to modern day feminist philosophy can be traced back directly to the Women's Ku Klux Klan [b][c].

What the good Judge speaks of, the utter contempt that the overwhelming bulk of feminist theory truly has for the classical liberalism that this country was founded upon, has already been discussed here previously [7][8].

The Supreme Court and the Congress of the United States have both declared that Men are natural born abusers [9][10], and have no family rights that are to be respected. And the cruel irony is that, not only are such allegations completely false, but these blanket assertions mortally weaken the rights of women to their own offspring.

However, for the time being, only women have rights to their children; whereas men are completely overruled except in the rarest of circumstances, presuming of course, that the mother of the child has unilaterally decided to allow it to be born.

Indeed, there are many more abuses that I could speak of, and most of the Constitutional violations that are the result of a government run amok are summarized very eloquently in the Masterwork Taken into Custody, by the Unflappable Baskerville.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(James Madison)

The purpose of today's post, however, is to introduce (or reacquaint) you to the words of the Founders that are extremely relevant to our current situation, and we shall look to what Madison has to say in The Federalist Papers No. 46.

As you will soon see, the worst fears concerning the abuse of federal power have been realized in our very day. I hope and pray that reading this will embolden you, Dear Reader, to DO YOUR DUTY and take action to seal away the savage beast of government back into its Constitutional abyss, where it belongs.

Madison writes:

The Influence of the State and Federal Governments Compared

From the New York Packet.

Tuesday, January 29, 1788.


To the People of the State of New York:

.. The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes...

... the ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone, and that it will not depend merely on the comparative ambition or address of the different governments, whether either, or which of them, will be able to enlarge its sphere of jurisdiction at the expense of the other. Truth, no less than decency, requires that the event in every case should be supposed to depend on the sentiments and sanction of their common constituents.

Madison and other Founders make it clear that government is our servant, not our master. All power belongs to the people. And furthermore, the only protection from government tyranny is the active participation of an informed and vigilant populace, namely you and me.

It's not up to the politicians in Washington to protect our rights. It is not the responsibility of the state governments to restrain themselves from doing things that the constitution DOES NOT GIVE them authority to do. It is up to us, period point blank, and We the People have failed to reign in these abuses, thanks to our ignorance, and our complacency, our greed and our apathy.

Madison continues:

... Many considerations, besides those suggested on a former occasion, seem to place it beyond doubt that the first and most natural attachment of the people will be to the governments of their respective States...

Is that so?

Then why does the Military Flag of the United States fly everywhere, and the various state flags fly in meek submission?

Why do people today look first to the Federal government to take care of everything, instead of looking to their states?

The reasons for this change of perspective are many, but the fact remains that many people (myself included) are grossly ignorant as to how our Republic is actually supposed to function.

The author goes on to say:

... It has been already proved that the members of the federal will be more dependent on the members of the State governments, than the latter will be on the former. It has appeared also, that the prepossessions of the people, on whom both will depend, will be more on the side of the State governments, than of the federal government. So far as the disposition of each towards the other may be influenced by these causes, the State governments must clearly have the advantage...

... Were it admitted, however, that the Federal government may feel an equal disposition with the State governments to extend its power beyond the due limits, the latter would still have the advantage in the means of defeating such encroachments.

If an act of a particular State, though unfriendly to the national government, be generally popular in that State and should not too grossly violate the oaths of the State officers, it is executed immediately and, of course, by means on the spot
and depending on the State alone. The opposition of the federal government, or the interposition of federal officers, would but inflame the zeal of all parties on the side of the State, and the evil could not be prevented or repaired, if at all, without the employment of means which must always be resorted to with reluctance and difficulty...

I ask you again, dear reader:

Does it seem that the States are sovereign in their respective powers, or do we suffer from an overbearing national government?

As an example of the federal/state collusion that should not be taking place in our Republic, consider the symbiotic relationship that state and federal child support agencies have with one another.

Is this a shining example of state governments protecting the natural rights of its male citizens?

Is this a sterling example of the federal government leaving the states to exercise power in its sphere of influence?

I think not, and these types of collusions, among others, greatly weaken the federalist structure, which was designed to prevent the federal or the state governments from violating the rights of the people.

Another brief aside:

I believe that there are times when the federal power should step in when a state is failing to live up to its legal and moral mandate (see Federalist No. 45, 27 and 54, Unconstitutionality of Slavery), which is the protection of the rights and liberties of ALL of its citizens and future citizens, regardless of race and/or sex.

For example, the overt wording of the Fourteenth Amendment, while very much flawed for reasons explored previously, [11][12] was to protect the rights of ex-slaves from immoral and illegal repression and violence by certain politicians in the former Confederate States.

Another well-known federal intervention into state affairs occured during the late fifties and early sixties with forced integration in several Southern states. As a black man, its ironic to me that slavery and issues of race may have led to the downfall of the states as robust, sovereign entities. However, it is my view that these turbulent interventions are exactly what our system of government is supposed to do: the unit of government that offends and oppresses the rights of the people is ultimately punished for its wrongdoing.

However, federal interventions into state affairs should be lawful, in good faith, reasonable, limited in time period, and ended as soon as humanly possible, once the violations of personal liberty are finally resolved.

In our day, it is becoming increasingly clear to all that the federal government is the unit behaving badly. And, at long last, both the people and the states seem to be ready to place Uncle Sam over their knee and give it the good spanking it so rightfully deserves!

But, I digress again. Forgive me.

Getting back to Madison, he argues:

... The only refuge left for those who prophesy the downfall of the State governments is the visionary supposition that the federal government may previously accumulate a military force for the projects of ambition.

The reasonings contained in these papers must have been employed to little purpose indeed, if it could be necessary now to disprove the reality of this danger.

That the people and the States should, for a sufficient period of time, elect an uninterupted succession of men ready to betray both; that the traitors should, throughout this period, uniformly and systematically pursue some fixed plan for the extension of the military establishment; that the governments and the people of the States should silently and patiently behold the gathering storm, and continue to supply the materials, until it should be prepared to burst on their own heads, must appear to every one more like the incoherent dreams of a delirious jealousy, or the misjudged exaggerations of a counterfeit zeal, than like the sober apprehensions of genuine patriotism...

These are probably the most important, and prophetic words for our times.

Are we Patriots when we marry and supply ammunition for wicked governments, federal and state, to destroy us?

If we were hellbent on opposing tyranny, would it not be better for men NOT to to marry and have children until these unjust laws are repealed? Should we not utterly reject feminist theology? Should we not warn and educate our fellow man to the best of our ability?

DO real Patriots go with the flow and accept the creation of Superstates such as the North American Union without a word of protest?

Or would it be better to scream, holler and shout until every American who loves his country is aware of the threat and ready to resist it?

Would true Patriots continue to vote for traitors and conspirators? Men who care nothing about our constitution, our natural rights as children of God, or the well being of our country? Who conspire to enslave us and bankrupt us?

Or... would they support a man who, for decades, has supported our constitution, our freedoms, and is NOT a member of this elite cabal that seeks to reduce us to sheep? Who is well respected by academics, politicians and pundits, finance professionals, and average joes like me?

Only you can answer that my friend.

If you should be interested in making a small step towards regaining what has been lost, please watch this video, and take action as appropriate. We the Ron Paul faithful would be ever so appreciative, and I believe that Madison and the other Fathers would be pleased as well:

At the end of the day, regardless of what anyone else does, there is only one thing left for me to say...


Kumo tha Buffalo Soldier.