Monday, December 24, 2007

Are You Absolutely Sure...

... that you are a U.S. citizen??

It turns out that the answer is:

Most likely!

If you recall, Dear Reader, I had written previously concerning this very issue [1][2] , and after much study and deliberation, I have decided that, while there are a great many conspiracies afoot in the world today, we might be able to ignore some of the more popular "Patriot" theories such as our national enslavement to Great Britain, national bankruptcy, and America as Corporation instead of Sovereign nation.

Being a truthseeker, and always critical of what I read, I stumbled upon this interesting blog entitled The Dixieland Law Journal that goes all out to debunk some of the alternate legal theories that can be found out there on the Internet.

It's an interesting read to be sure.

While some of these legal conspiracies may be extremely far-fetched, I will say that behind any legend is a grain of truth. It's beyond dispute that our government has perpetrated massive amounts of fraud, abuse, and waste upon the people of the country, and because of this fact, We the People should always be skeptical of governmental authority, continuously measure all laws and regulations against the Constitutional benchmark, keep an open mind, look at all sides of any given issue, and do the research needed to prove or misprove any assertion made by damn near everybody.

So in any event...

Don't take my word for anything. Be sure to do the research for yourself.


Kumo 5000.

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