Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kumogakure School: A Day in the Life VI.

This is a continuation in a series, and the last installment can be found here.

Space Fans and Thrill Seekers,

Like any good accountant, Kumo is tying up loose ends in order to meet the end of the year deadline. Looking back, we here at Kumogakure School have covered a lot of ground.

We talked about the Platonic origins of feminism, discussed how the Supreme Court has terminated the rights of Men, looked at pressing economic issues facing the nation, took a brief look at the differences between civil rights and Natural rights [a][b], threw our insignificant support behind Representative Ron Paul for President, watched a lot of hott flicks [1][2] in our quest for Truth, explained why marriage is a HUGE no-no [3][4], looked at the CFR and other shadowy organizations that seek to dominate our lives and create a less perfect North American Union [5][6], and discovered Kumogakure's origins via the modern day Miracle of DNA testing.

We also demolished the myth of domestic violence into very small pieces, chronicled the link between feminism and the awful discipline of Eugenics, touched on why Jihadism is a threat of our own making [c][d][e][f], talked about polygamy and why it should be considered as a viable family organization model, discussed the fact that BOTH political parties, the Redumblicans and the Femocrats, SUCK, crusaded for the common sense regulation and legalization of that Magical Green Herb [g][h]... and a whole lot of other stuff.

In summary: It's been a busy 2007.

Now that we've reflected, let's get down to business!

I was dreaming.

About what, I can't be sure. However, it was a beautiful one... until I heard a voice saying:

「 起きて。。。起きて下さい!」

Coming out of my dreamworld, I recognized the voice of my young wife telling me to wake up:


And with that reminder, that it was time to wake up and prepare for the coming of another day, I jumped out of bed, pausing briefly to give thanks to God for life, health, and wealth. Stripping out of my sleeping kimono (着物), I stepped into the piping hot shower that my wife had already prepared before waking me up...


It's been said on this blog that it is better not to marry, and that advice still stands. State run marriage in this day and age is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO. No good can come from it, only heartache, suffering, and loss.

Loss of children, loss of property, loss of liberty, and in a few rare cases, loss of life as well.

Because the law is basically society's way of telling its citizenry how they should guide their conduct, it should be understood that society does not want successful marriages. If society wanted marriage to be strong and stable, our laws would reflect this desire.

This in itself isn't necessarily a bad or a negative situation.

(Kemetian Sage Ptah-Hotep)

As African sage Ptah-Hotep tells us in Maxim 9 of The Wisdom of Ptah-Hotep:

On the silence necessary to the fortunate and the happy fate of the childless:

If you plough your field and, thanks to God's intervention, your harvest (sons and daughters) is abundant, don't boast about it to your neighbors, for it is the quiet man who inspires respect. As for the man who stays self possessed despite great riches, in a court of law he will know how to win a case with the swiftness of a crocodile.

Don't blame or critize those who have no children, nor boast about your own offspring. There are many unhappy fathers and as many unhappy mothers; a woman without children is more serene. God grants spiritual growth to the solitary, wheras the head of a family clan prays anxiously to find a successor.

With this understanding, truly enlightened men heed the will of society and become Happy Bachelors, and remain content until the end of their days, or until marriage and family life comes back into season, whichever comes first.

The whole purpose of this Day in the Life series is to advise those men that still wish to marry in spite of the dangers how to minimize their risk. And the sad truth is that the most successful marriages in the West now-a-days are those involving a Western man and a foreign woman who is born and raised outside of cultures ravaged by the Feminist Supervirus.

In previous posts in the series we listed the best ways to meet and marry the foreign bride of your dreams. Today, I want to show you my everyday married life.


Because many men in the West have no idea what it's like to have an actual WIFE that does WIFELY stuff such as cooking and cleaning, doing the laundry, managing the household, shopping for groceries, taking care of business in the bedroom, making sure that both herself and her house are pleasing to her husband, who takes pride in being feminine, and a host of other things.

Many men today (if they foolishly marry a daughter of the West) will probably end up with a woman that is more manly than they are, who can't cook worth a damn, who has no interest in keeping in shape and may be on some form of mood altering drugs, that will become greatly disinterested in sex, who will have craptastic ideas about what being a good mother is all about...

You get the idea.

I know I have women readers, and if this description doesn't apply to you, please don't be offended. But the fact of the matter is that 85.9978% of Western women are simply inferior as wives compared to their foreign sisters. The non-feminist woman, who more than likely has been trained to be a wife from a very early age, wins the wife-and-mother game HANDS DOWN.

But again, it must be stressed that marriage to ANY woman is to be avoided while you live in the Matriarchal West. The legal penalties for failing at the marriage game are staggering [1][2].

Understand this, Dear Reader. The Law is the Law, and there will be no mercy if your bride (of any persuasion) decides to take your ass to divorce court.


You will be much better off if you marry overseas in a non matriarchal jurisdiction AND STAY THERE. For those that can do it, Expatriation wouldn't be such a bad move, seeing as how the United States and much of the Western world is staring Economic Armageddon dead in the face!

After getting out of the shower, I began my daily ritual of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, washing my hands and gargling in the Japanese manner, and combing out my natural Nubian locks to perfection.

Entering into the living room, I noticed that my wife had already turned the TV to CNBC, and breakfast was laying on the table. Joining her on the couch, we discussed the Stock Market, Forex, and the unfolding credit crisis that will surely lead to a credit implosion, destroying the wealth of millions of people.

As we talked, I was intrigued as always about how quickly she catches on to new topics that would confuse most people. Being a graduate of a prestigious Kyoto university with an extremely high grade point average helps a great deal, but more importantly, being raised in a culture that values education and learning helps her to absorb information that much quicker.

Yes, I though to myself, she will make an excellent teacher for our children...

The fact that my young wife is a very intelligent woman and a university graduate brings up an important point.

Her university, while providing her with an excellent education, also reinforced the idea that someday, she will become a wife and mother, and tailored her educational experience appropriately. She was trained to be able to hold a job in the real world (with further study, she could become a diplomat if she so chooses), or tutor her children at home if and when she left the work force to become a full time mother. This is a theme that can be found in most traditional, non-feminist cultures that I have encountered.

Whereas in our university system, Women's Studies and other Feminist brainwashing that takes place at our so called "Institutions of Higher Learning" do their best to DESTORY any thoughts that their female students might have about marriage and childbearing in favor of a careerism that eclipses any alternative goals that a woman may aspire to, such as the aforementioned marriage and childbearing.

Personally, I don't mind if a woman works herself to death, or ends up childless, or if she becomes a stay at home and has 15 kids. What people do with their private lives is their own business. However, women should keep in mind that they live in a (dwindling) marriage market in which they are the Price Takers, and not the Price Setters. Men ask women to marry them, and not the other way around. And since women, via feminism, have made marriage a legal nightmare for men to be involved in, their value as "marriage material" is eroding by the day, thanks to the deadweight loss that feminist legislation and jurisprudence has placed upon matrimony.

The end result of all this "liberation" is that both women and marriage have increasingly become less desired by men. Ironic ain't it?

So ladies, if you want to get married and beat out the competition, I would suggest that you elevate your mind and step your game up.

Because in distant lands, such as Japan, the culture, and the educational system from elementary through university, reinforces the skills that a woman needs to be a wife. As a result, men like me who are lucky enough to find women like these are the winners; whereas women who buy into the feminist party line square up to be the biggest losers.

Kind of like how those women on The Bachelor lost out, bigtime.

Don't sleep: More Kumo homelife goodness to come.


yy said...

nice one kumo.

gold's up again at 836$!

Kumogakure said...

Thanks man!

I see that... Gold and Oil are going to totally outperform in 08!!

Might want to look into purchasing an oil ETF fund....

yy said...

I think if your bank has to declare bankruptcy then you won't get your money for your ETF's as far as i know. but I could be wrong. I'm thinking about buying uranium mining stock as well as gold/silver mining stock. homestake mining stocks performed really good in the great depression. and I think uranium will be very important in the future. Only problem is I have almost no idea about mining stocks.