Monday, December 3, 2007

Hot Flixx: The Truth and Lies of 9-11.

What does feminism, the Global Economy, war in the Middle East, the Stock Market, and 9-11 all have in common?

Dependency on a free flow of commodities and cash that MUST NOT be impeded under any circumstances; financed and supported, on our behalf, by criminal elements in our very own beloved U.S. Government.

Think I'm bananas?

Take a look for yourself.

Kumo out.


YY said...


check this out(maybe you already know the site?)

what'd you think about it?

Kumogakure said...

About the site:

While I've read and researched about the "UFO" conspiracy... I am less than convinced.

I could be wrong, but, I don't think that humanity is enslaved by some alien race. if you think about it, if one is programmed to rage against an imaginary enemy, instead of the real live, flesh and blood people and institutions that are ACTUALLY and VERIFIABLY causing pain, misery, and suffering, then there is no hope of making any real change.

While there is always two sides (the obvious and the occult) to every story...

One can't necessarily believe everything one reads online!

Trust NO ONE Mr. YY.


YY said...

"if you think about it, if one is programmed to rage against an imaginary enemy, instead of the real live, flesh and blood people and institutions that are ACTUALLY and VERIFIABLY causing pain, misery, and suffering, then there is no hope of making any real change."

That makes a lot of sense. It could be one of those infamous fake conspiracies put out by the illuminati themselves! I don't believe it 100% myself, but I believe it's the most likely considering the knowledge I have currently. The only thing I 100% believe on this planet is what you said....Trust No One!

On the other hand some support for my argument: People who believe in this alien conspiracy are not only after the invisible aliens they do rage against the system and flesh and blood "people" too...they criticize the fiat money and central banks too for example.

And I could turn what you said around: If planet earth was ruled by aliens then you said there would be no hope of making a real change, hence you believe that earth is ruled by humans. Because then you would have hope for the future, so you rather believe that aliens don't exist.

It could be that I am after something that doesn't exist and it could be that you're only after the bottom of the control pyramid with the things you can "touch" like feminism, government tyranny and money.

Personally, if up to the end of 2012 there are no aliens to take over the one world government, there is no real or fake alien invasion and no major cataclysms(with millions dead) then I'm gonna take the alien theory back into the drawer.

I have to admit though that the only reason I believe in that conspiracy that aliens rule planet earth and that we live in a multidimensional multiverse created by the devil is that I don't have any other options! The conventional conspiracy theory is fine and all and a couple of weeks ago I believed in it but it leaves a lot to be desired.

-it doesn't explain how human beings came into existence. creationism and the evolution theory are both the same bullshit. It cringes me that I believed in evolution up to recently.

-it doesn't explain how the universe came into existence. There was some little thingie that made boom and then there was the universe!!! lol?

-why would good old mayer amschel rothschild study ancient egypt occultism like the kaballah? The opinion of mainstream society is that esoteric stuff is something for losers and low lives(and the dumbed down shit like horoscopes certainly is). but rothschild doesn't seem like a loser to me so why would he study something if it wouldn't be important?

-why all the evilness of the illuminati? how can you explain that? they own half the world yet they wanna kill and enslave and torture us even more? that to me is proof enough that the universe wasn't created by god!!the real god would never create something like that!!

But the premium reason for me is probably evolution....if you don't believe that aliens created us and rule the world then how were we created?

Ouch, that was long.

Anyway keep the good work up, I hope for a response as I respect your work deeply.

Mr. YY

Kumogakure said...

"I hope for a response as I respect your work deeply."

Thanks sir!

Although I am just some young guy looking for answers, just like you.

I will have to ponder what you have written seriously, and get back with an intelligent answer!

Be easy.


tba said...

yy that alien stuff reminds me of Stargate. Maybe the whole movie and series was a message to us?

Count me as one of those that don't want to believe the alien story because if I can't see them how can I fight them? The alien conspracy is the ONLY ONE I dare not check into. I can't STAND being uncertain about the world and the david icke george bush et all are reptilians thing is bad enough for me. I don't need to juggle more CT's in my head to the ppoint where I question EVERYTHING, including up, down, left, right, mathematics, and if I even exist.

nascar man said...

So many things do not make sense unless you look at it from the perspective that this former LAPD guy explains it. Things make a lot of sense that way. I always heard that the CIA was the biggest supplier of drugs to the US but it did not make sense until I watched the video. Man this country has been sold out.

tba said...

there's a lot of blood on the hands of the CIA. They helped teh funding of feminists like Gloria Steinam and who knows what else. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't behind the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and all of the civil rights leaders during the 60's.

Kumogakure said...

No doubt.

And it makes PERFECT SENSE, from a Finance Man's standpoint, that the government would use the drug trade to fund our economy on the low low.

Because as it stands [see Financial Report of the United States], the United States is insolvent even as you read this.

WHERE are they getting money to fund all of this?

Foreigners buying our assets are one source... but are off balance sheet money laundered funds be another piece of the puzzle?

Something I'm looking into.

YY said...

kumo - I always thought you were some older married guy helping us young guys find our way. lol! how old are you? alllright take your time bro - btw I almost forgot something - the pyramids/stonehenge/etc how were they constructed by primitive civilizations? word on the street is they couldn't even build them today! another thing would be how came all these animals and crops into place that are so convenient to humans?maybe it is because someone genetically engineered them for us?conventional knowledge tells us they have been domesticated. well I wanna see someone take a wild boar out of the woods and make him lose his bodyhair and make him into a docile pig!!

tba - i don't watch stargate but yes according to these alien theorists they send us messages with movies. They also say that portals/worm holes really do exists. Hollywood has many - although distorted messages with movies - look at Matrix, They live, or the first episode of lone gunmen where the CIA wanna fly boeings into the WTC...aired BEFORE 911.

I don't think that you can fight the aliens - I certainly don't plan on fighting them if they shall exist then they have incredible technology. The only thing you can do is to develop your faith in a divine power to support and rescue you IMO. To me the theory of the site I posted makes a lot of sense - My spirit was created by god but I got captured by a dark power into an evil universe and now god is trying to rescue me+the other spirits.

Haha that's so true I really start question everything after all they say that our phyiscal universe is just a hologram. Sometimes I scared if the aliens are watching me. After all if they exist then they wouldn't like me researching them wouldnt they.....

Uncertainty success but we gotta deal with it. Personally I believe many things will be decided in the next months/couple of years. Talking about the economic collapse, RonPaul, NAU, the European Union wants to become one country in 2009 with the end of all sovereignty of germany france etc, World government, new secret technology like microwaves to control the angry masses,(and maybe aliens and cataclysms). We will soon have certainty - if we'll like it is another question.The most important thing in these times is to keep your head up and have a strong faith in yourself and the divine.

Kumogakure said...

"Personally I believe many things will be decided in the next months/couple of years. Talking about the economic collapse, RonPaul, NAU, the European Union wants to become one country in 2009 with the end of all sovereignty of germany france etc, World government, new secret technology like microwaves to control the angry masses,(and maybe aliens and cataclysms).

We will soon have certainty - if we'll like it is another question.The most important thing in these times is to keep your head up and have a strong faith in yourself and the divine."

Solid advice brother.

I am also of the opinion that shit is going to hit the fan one way or the other, and soon.

And you're absolutely right: We gotta keep our heads up!

To answer an earlier question: I'm 31, and I've lived a little bit, but I always realize that there is much to be learned from the Elders, especially some of the Senior MRAs.

But, I do what I can with my limited time, resources, and knowledge.

tba said...

YY, all I can say about the truthism site is WOW.

It is a very interesting site and it gets a person thinking- ESPECIALLY the photos (assuming they weren't doctored in any way). Considering how much secrets the government keeps from us, that there is an alien race I can grasp. In fact, George Bush and Tony Blair look as if they could be reptilian aliens. Fine.

But the site first tells us that the "elites" have ALL of the knowledge and we don't teh knowledge because we aren't supposed to know. Yet, the site makes NUMBEROUS claims aand expects us to take them as truth EVEN THOUGH he tells us the elites have all of teh knowledge and that his BIGGEST PROBLEM with the masses is that we accept truth soley based on authority.
Yet he expects US to believe his claims on AUTHORITY despite his not providing any documents (outside of photos)and the fact tahta he spends the WHOLE TIME insulting us for being too easily fooled.

So I came away wondering how does he know so much if the elites have a monopoly on the truth? And why should we believe him? because he's an authoritative figure on thi subject? yet he insults us for accepting information from the government, religion, and scientists solely on authority.

While I can't accept the idea of an alien race (especially considering the fact that I've heard some crazy stories from many of my friends who were raised in Haiti) a lot of his stuff I can't just accept without evidence- regardless of his INSULTS at people who dare question the validity of his claims.

For example he tates:

"The dinosaurs were created by the Reptilians thousands of years ago, before one of the Reptilians' latest re-starts of civilization. The dinosaurs were used in order to scare off other alien races from coming to Earth, and also to kick out the aliens that were already living on Earth. Once the dinosaurs had served their purpose and the Reptilians had Earth under control again, the dinosaurs were disposed of (i.e., made extinct)."



"The Earth is hollow, with an inner sun
and a more advanced civilization than ours.
In fact, all planets are hollow and have inner
suns. Some of the Inner Earth people are
aware of Earth's outer surface, and others
are not."

huh? did he meet these inner earth people?


"Even before the Reptilians came here, beings (such as aliens) had lived on Earth for millions of years. But, since the Reptilians first arrived on Earth about 500,000 years ago, they have re-started civilization time and time again--using dinosaurs, cataclysms, deluges, and other means of destruction in order to wipe the slate clean, time and time again."


Oh, and the guy claim that teh NAZI symbol is "PROOF" that the sun is REALLY a cube and not a sphere.

tba said...

YY, the truthism website was full of A LOT of assertions, claims, and INSULTS at those who are skeptical of the claims.

Maybe everything on the site is wholy true (which would suck) but there wasn't enough proof in order for cricis to make an informed decision and the guy shouldn't insult people for being skeptical.

the site was a VERY INTERESTING READ, however.

yy said...

tba - whatsup. I didn't take the insults personally. I don't think the insults are aimed at people like you and me because we ARE questioning authority(feminism,money system,911,..). And I don't think that he wants us to blindly believe what he said I think he wants us to question everything and decide for ourselves what is true with logic and intuition. But maybe I'm just projecting myself onto him. I think he is so angry and insulting because many people have ridiculed and insulted him because of his beliefs so he insults them back.

Ya I agree he doesN't present proof for his claims. I too am wondering how he got all this knowledge. My own explanations are: from mindcontrol victims, alien abductees, non-mainstream scientist, non-mainstream historians etc. And, I know it's crazy, but their theory is that the 12 universes are created by darkness and he captured and trapped some beings of the light. So basically the plan is now to rescue them and then destroy the universes(they would self-destroy anyway).So maybe he is an insider and got the informations from a rescuer.

Personally it's like I said before I believe it because I have no other options. Other theories don't explain LOGICALLY how humans were created/appeared or give me a logic explanation how the pyramids were built! The alien theory is really crazy but at least it's logical. If someone gives me another totally logical world view then I will seriously consider it. The only other explanations I know of is that we live in an advanced computer simulation...but that doesn't resonate with me.

What I would like you to do is not to believe what truthism writes but to question the traditional world view. I don't believe 100% that the earth is hollow as he claims but I certainly don't believe the authorities either. Are we talking about the same authorities who claimed that the earth was flat some centuries earlier? HOW COME THERE ARE A BILLION EXOTIC TRAVELS IN THE WORLD YET I CAN'T BOOK A FLIGHT TO THE NORTH POLE. IF THE EARTH IS SOLID THEN LET ME GET TO THE NORTH POLE. think about it - there are many adventurous people who do a lot of shit like climbing mountains everywhere in the world yet none of them wants to go to the geographic north pole? wouldn't that be something exciting and unique either. There are countless more motherfuckers climbing the fucking Mount Everfuck yet there are only a handful who ever been to the poles?

I view the website as just a summary with the most important things without much proof.

If you guys want proof I have some good stuff to recommend. I like the video Lloyd Pye - Hominoids about debunking the theory of evolution. The book "gods of eden by william bramley" . And all the stuff from jordan maxwell (he does neither claim nor proof most of the stuff on truthism but he too beliefs in alien existence. and he cites numerous sources for his claims. for some reason I like him much more than say David Icke or Michael Tsarion). Problem is that demonoid is down. The Jordan Maxwell videos are on googlevideo too I think. But you really gotta watch that Evolution video when demonoid is back.

tba said...

I understand why he would be angry but if he can pre-empt and answer EVERY POSSIBLE OBJECTION we may have then he should also understand that insults will not warm most people toward his position. As he stated, his ideas are directly opposite of what the masses experience daily so of course many will reject it out right and others will want proof.

I disagree with the idea that one can LOGICALLY come to the conclusion that a reptilian race is ruling the world and have been for millions of years. or that they created the dinosaurs and wiped them out to hide evidence, orthat the planets are hollow, thatthere is a SUN and an inner earth inside Earth, that our sun is a cube, that the nazi symbol proves this.

That there are aliens out there, and they may have built the pyramids sounds quite plausible when one thinks about. but not necessarily the other claims.

one thing that the truthist guy is ONE THOUSAND PERCENT correct on is our tendency to be selective skeptics as well as The Knowledge Gap between ourselves and those in power.

I'll check out those vids. I definitely want to check out the evidence that evolution never happened.

yy said...

The theory of evolution is not total bullshit, it's just that the theory that human beings advanced from apes to neanderthals to todays is bullshit. The theory of domestication of animals seems also to be bullshit. in both cases it's more like a rapid mutation instead of a very slow evolution. first there were apes. then for a long time NOTHING happened. then suddenly out of nowhere there were primates. then nothing happened. then suddenly there were neanderthals. then suddenly there were humans. according to theory of evolution there would have to be millions of links between neanderthals and humans, each with just a tiny little bit improvement.yet there are no links. it's just one giant sudden mutation. have fun checking the vid s out.

I probably phrased it wrong. What I meant is not that it's logical that the earth is hollow and that aliens created humans. What I meant is that it is NOT illogical. The theory of evolution is illogical when you take a closer look. to me it's also illogical that a normal earth citizen can't travel to the poles. to me it's also illogical that reptilians "evolutioned" from little small reptiles. that doesn't mean that i think it's logical that aliens created them, it's just not illogical. another little proof is - why are people always talking about what killed the dinosaurs? yet no one is talking about how they came into existence. do they want to steer us away from asking the REAL questions?

yy said...

typing error - i meant dinosaurs instead of reptilians. guess I can't get those reptilian motherfuckers out of my brain

Kumogakure said...

"Other theories don't explain LOGICALLY how humans were created/appeared or give me a logic explanation how the pyramids were built! The alien theory is really crazy but at least it's logical..."

Agreed with you there.

OK it's confession time... If you recall, I took a DNA test a while back to find my origins.

Well, it appears that I am of the E Halogroup, which is the Kemetian (Egyptian) subgroup.

So, until 1000 B.C., my father's people were Kemetians (Egyptians) before moving into Inner Africa.

So obviously, I've been doing a lot of studying of my NATIVE Kemetian religion, not to mention hitting up a lot of the scientific journals on Egypt, and reading the books of some of the great researchers such as Will Durant, Gerald Massey, and Breasted, and...

1) They confirm that we cannot build the Pyramids with our modern technology... the Japanese tried and failed miserably.

The Nubian (Ethiopian) and Kemetian civilization spans back thousands of years before the beginning of the Old Kingdom according to the calculations of calendar based on the star Sirius, the scribe Manetho, Gary Greenburg, Cheikh Diop, and others.

And what's more, there is very good reason to believe that the ancients were much more advanced than what is commonly though. The pyramids (throughout the world), the work of Maxwell and others tends to show this.

But most of all, in my opinion, the loss of the Library of Alexandria (where the Hebrews translated the Septuagint for the Greeks, and where the mysterious Therapuets created Christianity) was the most devastating.

Christians under the order of the local bishop burned this library to the ground, and with it, the wisdom of the ancient world. It's my opinion that if the library was allowed to stand, then the world would have been as advanced, or maybe more so, as we are today...


So, it would be a mistake, I think, to discount the achievements of our ancestors, as much of their work and their thought has been purged in order to fulfill religious and political agendas.

These are my private thoughts, and I hesitate, without rocksolid evidence and proofs, to declare from this blogspot that my thoughts are in fact, the truth.

And while I am familiar with, and respect the work of Maxwell, Tsarion, and Freeman of the Freeman Perspective, I'm not prepared to advocate, based on what I've seen, that the fate of humanity is being manipulated by non human like entities.

With that being said:

NOTHING surprises me anymore, and if there was a reasonable case to be made about Reptilians and the like... I wouldn't be too shocked at this point. I will check out some of the sources, as it sounds like an interesting field of study for my own knowledge.

I'm not rejecting the UFO premise entirely, but at the same time, I'm not going to place it at the heart of what's really going on with world events.

We as Men need to stay focused, and not veer to the far left, or move to the far right.

In the middle, balanced, and eyes forward is the best place for we as Truthseekers and Mens Rights Activists to be. And incidentally, if the Reptilian theory is correct, then by resisting the lies of feminism, the tyranny of our wayward government, and the denigration of men in our culture, then we will go a long way towards unseating all of our opponents, no matter who, or what they may be.


YY said...

sup Kumo

yeah it's a shame about the library of alexandria. I guess it wouldn't be planet earth if knowledge wasn't destroyed and suppressed at all costs. I'm not really sure what you think about the theory of aliens genetically engineered humans vs evolution/creationism or maybe even something totally different? That for me is the main argument why I tend to believe it.

Yes we men need to be focused and balanced on the middle way. But most MGTOW/MRA are perhaps going to not gonna believe what will happen. It gives me shivers when I think about what would be if I didn't know what I know. If last year there would have been an alien invasion/takeover I think my brain would just have stopped working. I coulnd't have comprehended that aliens really exist. So at least now I'm mentally prepared for everything.