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Economic Joints.


I would like to present some interesting items for your consideration.

First up... Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr asks, What is a Dollar?

Click on the link and find out!

Alexander Hamilton Pictures, Images and Photos

My personal favorite passage from the good doctor's essay, in the words of Alexander Hamilton:

... [R]aising the denomination of the coin [is] a measure
which has been disapproved by the wisest men in the
nations in which it has been practiced, and condemned
by the rest of the world. To declare that a less weight of
gold or silver shall pass for the same sum, which before
represented a greater weight, or to ordain that the
same weight shall pass for a greater sum, are things
substantially of one nature. The consequence of either
of them is to degrade the money unit; obliging creditors
to receive less than their just dues, and depreciating
property of every kind.

* * * * *

The quantity of gold and silver in the national coins, corresponding with a given sum, cannot be made less than heretofore without disturbing the balance of intrinsic value, and making every acre of land, as well as every bushel of wheat, of less actual worth than in time past.

* * *

[A debasement would cause] a rise of prices proportioned to the diminution of the intrinsic value of the coins.

This might be looked for in every enlightened commercial country; but, perhaps, in none with greater certainty than in this; because in none are men less liable to be the dupes of sounds; in none has authority so little resource for substituting names for things.

A general revolution in prices * * * could not fail to distract the ideas of the community, and would be apt to breed discontents as well among those who live on the income of their money as among the poorer classes of the people, to whom the necessaries of life would *** become dearer...

Imagine that... a politician who understood the harm of currency debasement!

Unfortunately for us, we have Secretaries of the Treasury who are more than willing to debase our beloved Federal Reserve Notes with orgasmic abandon.

Now that's progress!!

Anyhoo... be sure to read up.

Next up: a utterly terrifying report from the good folks at entitled,

The End of the End of the Recession?

Seventy two punishing pages of why things ain't "All Good in tha Hood". Those who think that things are going to get better in a hurry... need to think again.

And... just in case these two pieces of Literature aren't enough for you, check out what's going on in Detroit:

Detroit is in danger of running out of cash if the city doesn’t take steps to eliminate a $20-million to $25-million budget shortfall before Oct. 1, Mayor Dave Bing told the Free Press on Thursday.

After spending most of his first two months in office poring over Detroit’s financial books and organizational structure, Bing said the city is so deeply in the red that the following measures must be taken to avoid bankruptcy:

• The consolidation and elimination of some city departments.

• A reduction in nonessential city services.

• Concessions by city employees, including job losses in some cases.

• The hiring of an outside emergency collection agency to help recoup some of the debt owed to the city.

“We’ve got a cash-flow problem in the second quarter,” Bing said, referring to the autumn period of the city’s budget cycle. He told Free Press editors and reporters in an exclusive interview: “The city could actually run out of cash if we do nothing, and I’m not going to sit back and do nothing.”

Bing said the city cannot afford to continue operating the way it has for generations, nor can it afford to keep all of its 13,000 employees...

Just like in the Golden State, Leftist Femi-Socialist ideology has been running wild in the Motor City (and the rest of America) for decades. And, just like Killer Kali:

More Cuts for California Budget

LOS ANGELES — With the help of a blue pencil — with which he made a slew of line-item vetoes — and a ballpoint pen, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed California’s budget into law Tuesday morning, ending the painful and protracted wrangling over how to close a roughly $24 billion two-year gap.

Legislators finalized the document last week after a series of overnight sessions, cutting billions from social service programs. But the State Assembly rejected two revenue-producing measures that left the state $656 million short and without the cash reserve needed to cushion California through rough fiscal waters. To make up the money, the governor made the line-item cuts, in which he took more from services like health insurance for poor children, AIDS programs and the state’s parks system.

For instance, the governor reduced the State Department of Aging’s financing by about $100,000, to $4,121,000. He cut the Department of Public Health’s money by about $7 million, to $47,354,000. He cut millions from domestic violence, AIDS and infant health programs...

Detroit, as well as the United States as a whole, is going to be forced to cut feminist pork projects. They don't WANNA cut the Femi-fat, but they simply won't have a choice.

The seemingly unending flow of fiat dollars might continue a while longer on the Federal level, but this source of income shall too be cut once America can no longer borrow obscene amounts of cheap money from foreign creditors.

The direct and indirect costs of the divorce, the child support, and the family destruction regimes, once ignored and swept under the rug, will become too expensive and too freakin' painful to ignore.

The reality is simple. There can be no wealth creation, or societal advancement without a stable family structure. The traditional family unit brings important economic benefits to the table such as the division of labor and specialization. A family unit also generates superior levels of human and other forms of capital.

Prosperity cannot be found in printing little green pieces of paper. Nor will any happiness or wealth be sustained in a nation where men and women are constantly at war with each other.

The sooner the country realizes this, the better. If resistant elements of the populace cling to their feminist wet dreams, then they will learn the folly of their ways the hard way, as they are reduced to destitution.

(C'mon... did you really think there would be enough social security funds left to take care of the vast hordes of single, cat-owning, Medusa looking, geriatric feminist revolutionaries? I wouldn't be sure sure if I were you!)

So much the better. May the bankrupting of Political Feminism be so utterly complete and thorough that its failure echos for all eternity.

So let it be.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Gyokko's Musings

Greetings team!

I know that I've been slow in posting lately. Please bear with us as we make power-moves towards a better tomorrow. Speaking of getting ready... Economic and social Winter is coming soon. Are you and your household prepared to ride out the storm?

Animal Farm.

Mr. James Quinn has written an outstanding piece entitled, "Animal Farm - 2009"

We are now going to examine some excerpts from the article. Be sure to read the entire essay, as it is well worth your time.

The author notes:

... Since the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States has gone from taking personal responsibility for our own lives to dependence on government to make all decisions in our lives. There are 306 million Americans and we have defaulted on our responsibility for governing this nation to 535 corrupt politicians, 10 “too big to fail” banks, a secretive Central Bank, 17,000 corporate lobbyists, and thousands of government bureaucrats. Essentially 306 million citizens are managed by a few thousand elitist rulers. George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm was inspired by the a scene he witnessed:

“I saw a little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge carthorse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat...”

Much of my free time these days is spent searching for the truth about humanity, and unlocking the physical, mental, and spiritual powers that have been given to Man by the Creator.

Using myself and my life as a guinea pig of sorts, I have come to the same conclusions as Mr. Orwell. If the average man on the street was aware of his full potential, and structured his life in such a way as to develop and strengthen his innate abilities, then very few intolerable situations would exist in our world.

For example, there are well known Universal Laws that, if adhered to, would provide more returns for less expenditure of time, energy, and resources. There are certain properties of the mind and spirit that can be consciously brought to bear in everyday life to achieve desired goals and to solve difficult problems. Most importantly, humanity has known, for quite some time, that he is in the Image of God and has the ability to create as God creates.

The scale and magnitude of the creation will certainly differ, but the creative process is the same for the Father as it is for the child.

(See Ma'at, The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt, page 186, as well as The Gospel of Jesus, page 260. for more information on the above statement.)

Let me end this point by saying that people have more power than they know. However, this power manifests only when one applies Sanmitsu (known in certain circles as the Triple Secret) for their own creative benefit, instead of meekly handing their power to others who DO NOT have their best interests at heart.

The Sanmitsu of thought, word, and deed is an important concept for men who are Going Their Own Way, and I will explain this principle in more detail in future writings.

Mr. Quinn continues:

... Federalist Papers 55 and 56 explicitly promised, without qualification, that there would be one Representative for every thirty-thousand inhabitants. The framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights intended that the total population of Congressional districts never exceed 50,000 to 60,000. Currently, the average population size of the districts is nearly 700,000 and, consequently, the principle of proportionally equitable representation has been abandoned. Our elected officials no longer represent the people. They represent the 17,000 corporate lobbyists who spend $3.3 billion per year to “persuade” them what is best for their special interests. This is why a Congressperson can receive 9 to 1 calls from their constituents against a $700 billion banker bailout bill and still vote for the bill. The ideals of our fledgling Republic have been corrupted by politicians who have sold their souls to corporate and banking interests.

The corruption became more insidious with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the institution of the Federal income tax in 1913. The levers of money printing and raising taxes gave the select few (Pigs) the wherewithal to control and manipulate the working class population. Debt and taxes are the friends of a corrupt politician. The Cabal of bankers who control the Federal Reserve has been printing money for 96 years to such an extent that the U.S. dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power versus gold. But, with Orwellian irony our government leaders proclaim a “strong dollar policy”. This is a lie. The only way out of the current colossal debt dilemma is by allowing our currency to depreciate even more so that the debt becomes less burdensome in dollar terms. The National Debt is now $11.6 trillion. The National Debt in 1913 was $2.9 billion. Therefore, the National Debt has gone up by 400,000% in 96 years. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND PERCENT! ...

As I've written previously, Fiat money is the true root of all evil. Political Feminism in particular has benefited tremendously from the unceasing flow of fiat dollars.

... The combination of a permanent political class with an undereducated, uninterested, gullible, naïve electorate has permitted the few to wield immense power over the majority. In Animal Farm, the working class is represented by Boxer the workhorse. He is a hard working non-thinking animal that repeats over and over that “Napoleon (Stalin) is always right”. He is representative of those who believe everything that Barack Obama says is gospel.

Ultimately, Boxer is sacrificed so that the Pigs can live more luxuriously. A highly educated involved electorate would be dangerous to those in power. An atrocious public education system is actually beneficial to the Pigs. There are 34 million Americans without a high school degree, constituting 15% of those over 18 years old. Another 112 million have graduated high school without progressing any further with their education. Many of these people are functionally illiterate, can’t add, can’t spell, don’t know when World War II happened, or who is the Vice President. Only 69% of entering 9th graders in the public school system graduate high school (for more on the secret history of our Public Education system, go here. It is an eye-opener - Gyokko)...

... The proliferation of drugs among the poor keeps them dazed and sedated. Various welfare programs and easy credit keep them from rioting as they can “purchase” luxury cars and electronic gadgets enjoyed by the upper classes. The bad debts are picked up by the taxpayers. As a further control, those in power have put 2.3 million people in prisons, most of whom are poor and 60% who are minorities...

The writer hits the nail on the head with the above list of the major symptoms of our larger sickness. I would also add feminism, a movement aided and abetted by hardcore Leftists and Communists [1][2][3], to the list.

Feminism is a movement based on deceit, and funded with massive quantities of Federal Reserve notes printed out of thin air. More importantly, political feminism has been a powerful tool in destroying families and sowing dissension between men and women. Instead of banding together to face down the common threat of political totalitarianism and economic ruin, men and women have decided to go their own separate ways, with many women choosing feminism (and tyranny) over freedom (and true equality).

Indeed, the Trojan Horse of feminism is more insidious than other forms of in-your-face political dictatorship. Similar to the process by which governments confiscate the wealth of its citizens via inflation, the damaging effects of political feminism are almost invisible. Most people involved in the Truth, Libertarian, Free Market, Sound Money, or traditional Religious movements barely give political feminism, its origins, or its consequences any serious thought.

Members of these movements will correctly identify every other element of the ongoing war on economic, political, social, or religious freedom except the most important detail of all: how a small group of radicals and government politicians have teamed up to regulate all aspects of your intimate relationships.

One cannot have economic freedom when a simple phone call or involuntary divorce filing can result in the confiscation of your home, freedom, and assets. It's kinda hard to have religious freedom when government Child Protective Service agents can swoop in and violate all manner of rights whenever they feel like it.

Social freedom is a non issue when you live in fear of false accusations of rape, domestic violence, dating violence, economic violence, or whatever the hell else the feminists have come up with as Public Policy for these United States. Same thing goes for political freedoms.

Consequently, we as freedom fighters cannot overlook political feminism and the poisonous and corrupting influence that it has on society and its institutions. There can be no proper healing until feminism is purged completely from law and custom, and a basic assumption that everyone has equal rights (as opposed to some being more equal than others) and equal responsibilities (as opposed to giving women a universal "Pussy Pass" to escape the consequences of her actions) assumes its proper place in government, commerce, and social intercourse.

We need this basic assumption of true Equality and Responsibility, as well as an intimate understanding of the Rule of Law and why it is so important to a free and prosperous society.

There will be no evolution of humanity, and no better tomorrow, unless and until this happens.

Getting back to Animal Farm 2009:

Abuse of Language

George Orwell’s most pointed criticism of political leaders was their misuse of language to further their wicked agendas. He exposes the outrageous abuse of words in 1984 and Animal Farm. The ruling elite manipulate the language as an instrument of control over the masses.

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.”

George Orwell

The intelligentsia understands that the masses can be manipulated with convincing talking points and misleading slogans. Politicians never tell their constituents they are doing some pork barrel spending. Every dollar of new spending is spun as “investment spending”. We have evidently made $11.6 trillion of “investments” in our National Debt.

Somehow we enacted “campaign finance reform” and still manage to spend $1.3 billion on political campaigns. Our beloved numbskull Vice President Joe Biden said last week, “We have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt”. President Bush said, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free market system”. President Obama insisted that the only way to save our country from catastrophe caused by excessive debt was to borrow $700 billion and spend it on infrastructure projects, of which only 3.5% was allocated to our crumbling infrastructure.

During the Vietnam War a U.S. Major declared, “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”

Since we here at Jeweled Tiger School have added feminism to our Most Wanted list, I need to point out that manipulation of language is a prime weapon of the Political Feminists.

Harvey Mansfield, in his masterwork, Manliness, writes:

What was womanly in the woman's movement? It was the manner of this accomplishment... The revolution was done by "raising consciousness," a new method of political promotion borrowed from business psychology. This (the feminists of the 1970's - Gyokko) generation of feminists did not go into the streets, as their sisters had in the campaign for women's suffrage.

They did not flaunt their virtue or appeal to the conscience of society. Working through language, they just asked some men and other women why is it natural to use "he" instead of "she" to refer, for example, a doctor. Isn't this bias in favor of the male sex? And the males nodded dumbly in agreement... This was enough; no heavy argumentation was required (Mansfield, p. 122-123).

And, as the Mighty Marc Rudov has pointed out countless times, Men, for a variety of reasons, are unable or unwilling to challenge women in verbal combat. This situation is nothing new... as writer E Belfort Bax observes, Men have been legally subjected by feminism for quite some time.

In summary, Mr. Quinn's article has given me a lot of food for thought, and there is much that can be said about our present political circumstances and political feminism feed off one another.

However, I think its time to move on and give you something to chew on before I wrap up this post.

Obamacare: WTF??

As the healthcare debate rages on, I wanted to share some interesting bits of information that probably won't show up in the mainstream media.

Check out this podcast by the Financial Sense crew on the subject, and take a look at this healthcare industry insider's blog that explains why this plan is a bad idea and should die a violent death.

Finally, check out how the femmes want to mandate national abortion coverage. Story here.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this topic, as these sources reflect my own thinking that socialized medicine is a bad idea, incredibly expense, and a massive invasion of my privacy and liberty.

There are things that can and should be done to fix our system... but this ain't the solution.

Astrology and the Financial Crisis.

Since I gather intelligence from a broad variety of sources, I stumbled onto this very interesting discussion between a business owner and her astrologer.

The main topic: Politics, economics, and the heavenly bodies.

I found the points made to be interesting, largely on target, and confirmation of my own thesis that our social institutions are going to undergo a thorough housecleaning within the next few years.

Political feminism, the Military-Industrial complex, the Financial Elite... all of the old line institutions and movements are about to have a very rude awakening, in my view.

My forecast is simple. There will be a time of tribulations. Those who come out on the other side will inherent the Earth and the wonders thereof. The future belongs to those who understand what rights and responsibilities are, to those who create in order to benefit all instead of enslaving their fellow man for fun and profit, and that entrepreneurship and innovation are going to drive the world's economies into an uncharted territory of productivity, effectiveness, and plenty... if we choose correctly.

I think we will choose correctly in the long run, as pain and misery focus the mind and force societies to seek out alternatives to failed ways of doing business.

In my perfect world, a combination of personal liberty, minimal taxes, technology, free markets, non feminist family values, and a sound monetary system would allow fewer people to work fewer hours. At the same time, these fewer people could easily support a greater number of people in their households.

More people would be unemployed... by choice.

Haven't you noticed that more than 26 million people are unemployed, and that jobs have basically stagnated for the last decade?

Hasn't anyone noticed that all of the fiat dollars and all of the artificial booms have produced ZERO net job growth over the decade? Why?

My guess is that too many people are competing for a limited number of jobs. Due to a variety of reasons, less people do more and better work than ever before.

If we focus on women for a second, we know that they entered the workforce in large numbers for mainly three reasons:

1) Feminism.

2) To support the household standard of living which was and has been eroded due to fiat money creation. Purchasing power of dollars has fallen, and in response, women went to work in order to help pay the bills.

3) Personal expression.

Let's focus on number two for a moment...

While I don't have any solid numbers on how many women entered into the workforce because of the decline of purchasing power, I'm sure the number is significant. If we lived in a society of leisure; a society in which dollars earned went up in value year over year, and savings rates were sufficient to encourage significant savings by households (instead of borrowing and spending), how many people would choose not to work and stay home?

If it were possible for one breadwinner to earn enough to take care of three other people (spouse and two kids, for example), would we have so many people hunting for jobs?

What would these people do with all of this spare time?

Would society be better off if more people were freed up to focus on community activities, child rearing, or other pursuits?

What if men decided to go their own way, and support themselves by creating and producing instead of living their lives as wage slaves? What if women were the ones stuck in 9 to 5 jobs, while their men were at home living it up?

Would governments act differently if they knew there were people who had nothing else to do but to monitor their every move? What if 25% of the American public became C-Span junkies??

These are interesting questions... and maybe I will flesh them out some other time.

But I will tell you this: we might find out the answers to these queries in the very near future.

Methinks that the Age of Leisure will arrive sooner than we might think. And technology, Entrepreneurship, and innovation will be the keys to the kingdom.

Until next time,


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gyo does the Wall Street Journal.


Please see the article written by Kay S Hymowitz and hosted by the Wall Street Journal entitled, Losing Confidence in Marriage.

I would urge you to read the entire article, as it brings up some interesting points. Be sure to read the comments as well... it looks like MRAs are everywhere!

At this time, however, I would like to draw your attention to the comment I posted in response to the main article and other people who commented on it:

A quick intro. I am a black man who is married with one child. I am also a Mens Rights Activist who has been speaking out about the bias against men in marriage, divorce, and the popular culture for 5 years now.

When the author states that marriage is missing from the black community (in other words, that black people are experiencing a divorce rate much higher than the general population), she is referring to articles like these:

The sad truth is that 70 to 80% of black children are born outside of marriage, and the prevailing attitude amongst my people these days is that "marriage is for white people." See below:

Now, with that being said...

@ all readers:

As previous commenters have pointed out, the problem is not just that attitudes are becoming more permissive, or that religious values are shifting, or that the economy sucks now that the Real Estate Bubble has burst. These things are indeed contributing to our marriage problems. HOWEVER...

The most important factor, that is hardly ever discussed, is that marriage breakdown is driven largely by our ever expanding body of "family" law and "family" institutions that do nothing but to make marriage a net loss proposition for men today.

Please see:

These sites will provide a wealth of information about the biggest driver of divorce, and the biggest reason why young people will do anything and everything except get married.

Since this is the WSJ, I don't need to point out that when governments pass laws and uphold precedents that negatively encumber or impact market participants, then you will have inefficiencies, unforeseen negative consequences, and the market actors will increasingly choose to stay on the sidelines until the market becomes more free, more fair, and less burdensome.

We all know this by default. If this is the case... why is it that otherwise intelligent people will forget this truth as soon as it is pointed out that governments are imposing unfair, discriminatory, and unreasonable burdens and regulations upon MEN, thus causing them to avoid marriage in the first place? To say nothing of the variety of moral hazards that cause married couples to blow up simply because they are encouraged, by a host of interested parties, to end their relationships in "family" courts and enrich "family" attorneys at the first signs of trouble or difficulty.

It makes no FINANCIAL (and legal) SENSE to marry today. Men are better off in every respect by steering clear of marriage in legal and social climates that do nothing to buttress marriage, and do everything in their power to rend couples asunder.

In summary,

All of the readers who are happily married are to be congratulated. I also enjoy being married, and we adore our beautiful son.

However, I cannot allow my personal happiness to cloud my vision. Black Americans, and others are suffering BECAUSE our social and legal framework does everything it possibly can to discourage healthy family networks. Those who are married are happy IN SPITE OF our present climate, not because of it. I challenge anyone to go through the "family" law, and observe the "family" courts in action. They do nothing to keep couples together and work through their difficulties... and spend much time relieving one involuntarily divorced party, usually the man, of this (his) economic and parental rights.

Men should go their own way, and keep fighting until our family policies are reformed to support and uphold genuine family relationships for all classes of our society.

Marriage: NOT FREE, NOT FAIR, and not worth it until laws, policies, and attitudes change.


Hyper Inflation Nation.

Ladies and gents,

Please see the Youtube video below:

This is a nice, compact documentary that makes the case for Hyperinflation.

The Great Inflation/Deflation debate rages in financial circles, and it appears, from my point of view, that these two forces are locked in an epic struggle for dominance.

The massive ongoing printing of money is, by definition, inflationary. On the other hand, the massive, ongoing destruction of credit, as well as the contraction of fractional reserve lending (by which the bulk of our debt based money comes into existence), is a powerful deflationary force.

Which will win the day?

I anticipate inflation, possibly hyperinflation, as being the eventual outcome of this desperate financial war that is being fought on all fronts.

I side with the inflationists because:

1) Governments will do anything to avoid facing the deflationary consequences of their reckless fiscal, monetary, and economic actions.

After all, deflation is the natural state of affairs.

2) The government, and the Banking Cartel via the Federal Reserve, have absolute control over the production and issuance of legal tender on an unprecedented scale. Gold is no longer a barrier to their inflationary ambitions.

3) The mainstream has been thoroughly miseducated as to how Finance and Economics really works. Consequently, intellectuals propose, and policy makers implement, laws and programs that utterly violate the laws of Finance and Economics.

Just like feminist public policy that is based on complete nonsense, our financial policy will lead to nothing but pain and ruin... for those who are not prepared.

On the bright side... our current regime of Political Feminist domination will be smashed.

On the downside, our entire social order might be smashed should hyperinflation take hold. The future, being what it is, is always uncertain.

In any event...

Kick back, keep an open mind, let this film give you some food for thought, and we'll meet in the middle.