Monday, December 17, 2007

Magical Egypt.

Em Hotep (Peace be upon you)!

The recommended flix this weekend can be found here.

This particular film looks at ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) philosophy and its impact upon influential thinkers throughout history; some of whom belong to the sects of Freemasonry [1][2], Rosicrucianism, and other mystery schools that have survived the ages, and are very much with us today.

It should also be pointed out that Kemetian philosophy has had profound influence upon all of the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Long time readers of this blog know that there are secret societies and elite money men who work tirelessly to reform the world in their image.

Those of us who seek to oppose these groups need to understand that the battle isn't only political or economic... but we are also fighting a battle of the spirit. There are, at a minimum, two sides to every story: The overt and the covert.

Please don't forget this.

Consequently, we must seek to understand symbolism, as we can see in the clip below.

Once you understand the symbolism, and learn how to read the language, the quicker you will be able to recognize the calling cards of these groups that seek to do us harm.

One more thing.

I would like to lay a little groundwork for my next series of posts which will focus on feminism and the Black community, and how this hate movement has absolutely devastated the lives of my people, and condemned a great many to a hellish existence of delusion, bitterness, and ignorance.

You might recall that I took a DNA test in order to trace my ancient roots. I obtained my results, and I discovered that I belong to the E3a Halogroup, and my closest African relatives reside in the present day nations of Mozambique and Algeria.

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(My family path)

This revelation has led me to some interesting insights:


Before the great Bantu migration, which took place around 1000 B.C., my FATHERS (because the most accurate tests of this nature trace the male chromosomes, which is passed, remarkedly unchanged, from Father to son), dwelt in the lands of Kemet and Nubia.


You will notice that the Halogroup E3b traces the movements of Kemetian people from Kemet to the land of Israel. So then, this must mean what some authors have suspected all along, that the Ancient Israelities were originally Kemetians, and by extension, Black African (See: Africans Who Wrote the Bible, African Origins of the Major Western Religions, Bible Myth: African Origins of the Jewish People, 101 Myths of the Bible, Moses and Akhenaten, Moses and Monotheism, [a],[b]).

Oops, did I spill the beans?

Guess so.

The Jews are my distant cousins, both through my maternal grandmother, and by impeachable paternal DNA evidence. There can be no doubt that, before they moved into Europe and the racially mixed Arab/Islamic kingdoms, they were black like me (or blacker, as I am considered "high yellow" in color). So I would advise my Black brothers and sisters to be nice to Jews, because they are our very very distant kin (as is all of Mankind, but you get the idea).

As an aside, I would like to say something else about my Kinfolk before we move forward.

It is my opinion that the Jews ARE NOT the evil masterminds behind schemes (both real and imagined) of world conquest [3][4][5] [6]. While some ethnic Jews were and are definitely involved in some of these subversive ideologies that readers of my blog are most familiar with, such as the feminist movement, the fact of the matter is that the average Jewish man or woman on the street is a pawn of larger forces, just like the rest of us.

And this is further proven when one considers that the esoteric blend of the ancient religions that became known as Christianity [7][8][9], with it's strong Platonic underpinnings, was (and still is) considered anathema [10][11] to traditional Jewish belief.

Indeed, there are plenty of documented historical occurrences of "hellenized" and traditional jews fighting each other to the death, and this tradition of intra-jewish warfare has continued through the centuries, as evidenced by the Zionist/Torah Jewish strife that cost millions of Jews their lives, and the political struggle between religionists and secularists that is taking place in Israel today.

So then, I reject the assertion that "jews" are the ultimate conspirators at work in the world today. Such a statement is both shortsighted and dangerous. Adherants to the Platonic philosophy of republicanism, who can be of any race, sex, or religion, are far more worthy of hatred and contempt. As a matter of fact, many people who subscribe to the notion that "all jews are evil" probably have no ideal that one of the most trusted advisers of Confederate States of America president Jefferson Davis was indeed a Jew.

But, I digress.

So what is the point of all this? you may wonder.

Besides defending the average Jew on the street, my point is this:

As we survey the massive damage that feminism has wrought upon the Black community, we need to look to our ancient past, the philosophies of Nubia and Kemet, for answers to solve our present day problems. As a child of Kemet, I plan on sharing what little I know in the hopes of finding solutions to our very real issues.

I am looking forward to explaining my thoughts in greater detail, and I hope you all will stick around and see what I come up with.

Kumo of Waset.

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