Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Catch the Goldbug, and Media Radar Strikes Again!

Gents and Ladies,

Two financial items I need for you to read today.

First up:;

Second: a very impressive report, entitled Gold is Money, that the author of the first article so helpfully linked to.

The fact of the matter is that the American economy is going to suffer from massive fits of deflation and inflation. There is simply no way to avoid the financial hurricane that is getting ready to engulf us, in my view.

When you read these, please remember:

A) Consult your financial adviser before you make any moves

B) Remember that the Stock Market IS NOT a reliable gauge of economic wellbeing at this point. Think of Stock Market investors as Crack Fiends that really need to get their fix of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts. Be IN the Stock Market, but be not OF the Stock Market.

While there are definitely worthwhile stocks to invest in (especially overseas), at this stage of the game, thanks to the falling dollar and falling interest rates, American securities are inferior compared to real assets and international investments.

Just keep this in mind when you hear the "good news" that the Dow Jones Index hit record highs.

C) Diversification is key. Some in cash, some in bonds, some in stocks, some in hard metals (Maybe a goodly share in hard metals).

Why diversify? Because I could always be wrong; doomsday may not be around the corner, and you need to keep your investment options open, keeping in mind that the FUNDAMENTALS of the American economic system are deteriorating, and are not improving.

Got it?


Switching subjects, we talked on this here blog about Domestic Violence, restraining orders, and how womenz of today are using them in order to gain leverage in their relationship and/or courthouse proceedings.

Well, it looks like even more restraining order goodness is seeing the light of day, thanks to the Swell Bunch at!

Check it:


Sword or Shield: Illinois Bar Journal Exposes Restraining Order Abuse
In the November 2007 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal, Scott A. Lerner, Esq., takes a critical look at the Illinois Domestic Violence Act (DVA) in his article "Sword or Shield: Combating Orders-of-Protection Abuse in Divorce" (

"There's no question that victims need protection from abusers," he writes. "But not all parties to divorce are above using OPs [orders-of-protection] not for their intended purpose but solely to gain advantage in a dissolution." And "the greatest potential for abuse of the system," in Lerner's opinion, "is in visitation."

As Lerner points out, "It is far easier to restrict visitation via an order of protection then by seeking the same relief under the IMDMA [the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act]. Under the IMDMA, 'A parent not granted custody of the child is entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds, after a hearing, that visitation would endanger seriously the child's physical, mental, moral or emotional health.'"

Under the DVA, however, "the trial court in an order of protection hearing has wide discretion to restrict visitation," as "the serious-endangerment standard does not apply to the restriction of visitation under an order of protection." Lerner's opines: "This is an invitation for parents to use the DVA to circumvent the IMDMA."

Yet another reason for such orders to either be reformed in order to include all forms of Constitutional protection before such orders are issued, or to scrap them all entirely!

In any event, FEMINISTS LIE, and there is plenty of evidence finally coming out to back up that statement.

Good job guys!


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