Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Recommend Reading.

Ladies and Gents...

We live in interesting times. And since desperate times require uncommon wisdom and unorthodox understanding to navigate safety to better days, I would highly recommend that you run (not, walk, RUN!) and pick up The Creature from Jekyll Island by Mr. G. Edward Griffin.

If you want to truly understand what is happening with our economy and our nation, this book is a must-must read. In combination with previously recommended volumes [1][2], this massive 500+ page tome will seriously open your eyes to reality.

Don't sleep on this one... go pick it up NOW.

For real.

One quick shot before I go...

The Passionate Mish writes about how the Secretary of the United States Treasury was thoroughly mocked while visiting the Middle Kingdom.

Knowing Asia as well as I do, I regard this as a slap in the face to the credibility of the U.S. of A.

If we were the America of old, a mighty Empire that commanded respect, admiration, and fear, no self respecting Asian would dare express any emotion as blatantly disrespectful as laughing out loud in public while one of our most important officials was within earshot.

How times have changed.

We as Americans have lost massive amounts of Face in recent years. While we fun loving Westerners have forgotten our traditions of Face and Honor, best believe such concepts are alive and well in the East.

While I might be over-reacting a bit here, it disturbs me that America is literally the laughing stock of Asia, and quite possibly the world at large. An evil omen to be sure... and no good will come of our loss of Face in the world.

I can't blame the Chinese for their outburst however... we have brought this shameful situation upon ourselves. Our wholehearted support of idiotic Political Feminist dogma doesn't help our standing any in the worldwide community of Men.

Enough of my ranting... go out and purchase The Creature today.

You CAN handle the truth.

Gyokko out.

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