Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recommended Reading.


I am currently reading the very eye opening book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.

This is a work that MUST be on any serious MRA and Truthseeker's library, right alongside Ron Paul's Pillars of Prosperity, A Foreign Policy of Freedom, and The Case for Gold, Eustace Mullins's Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Harvey Mansfield's masterwork Manliness, Judge Robert E Dierker Jr's Tyranny of Tolerance, Dr. Louann Brizendine's The Female Brain, and Baskerville's damning expose of the feminist courts of injustice, Taken Into Custody.

When you are done with True Story, seemingly unconnected and spontaneous events begin to make a lot more sense!

You'll find out:

Why the media does everything it can to mislead the public

Why our foreign (and domestic) policy functions the way it does

Why our traditions of liberty, independence, and accountability are being run right the fuck over

And a whole lot more. The book names names, and exposes our Money Men friends for the cheating, lying, psychotic traitors they really are.

At long last, the world's most elite group of powerbrokers are exposed for all to see, in a book that is cheap, accessible, and best of all, supremely mindblowing.

Educate thyself!

Toku 5000.


yy said...

just found an interesting youtube clip. imagine you switch on the tv and hear a discussion about the bilderberger. at least as unbelievable as the conspiracy itself!lol!

tba said...


that was an interesting video. The fact that they were talking so openly says one of two things about Dutch society:

1) they have a freer media than we Americans do, or

2)They are SO MUCH MORE sheeple that we are that an open conversation about the Bildebergs and their plan to reduce the world population by 3 billion will have ZERO effect on the Dutch.

Then again, it could be both- that the Dutch have a freer media BECAUSE they are super sheeple. Interesting video nonetheless. Would love the see CNN or FOX News talking about the Bilderbergs like the ancors were in the vid.

yy said...

Yeah right. But I don't think in the USA it would be much different...only a small minority would really care, the vast majority would rather be in their hypnotic trance. Talking about Queen Beatrix though I never understood WHY there is such a thing as royalty (with (symbolic) political power, financing by taxpayers). Last time I checked they teached me in school that we are living in a democratic europe, not aristocratic. And I'm thinking foremost about the english people but the same probably goes to all the others...sweden spain monaco netherlands and what not...the people are actually PROUD of their royalty. They are singing "god save the queen". what a disgrace. but it reveals the truth about humanity and their love *SARCASM* for freedom and truth. they worship the same people who oppressed/killed their ancestors! different faces but essentially the same people!

the same thing in every country with catholics...they actually highly respect the pope and see him as a holy figure. The same romans who killed/tortured/ and at the very least forced them to convert to a jealous hateful lieing sadistic bastard aka yahweh aka YHWH. and now people worship the same people who tortured their ancestors!

btw check this out, it's apparently a deletec scene from zeitgeist. don't know if that is true but it's a good clip.