Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Plight of Divorced Dads.

Much Respect to the National Post and author Barbara Kay for this story:

No other topics I write about so consistently provoke passionate personal response as those dealing with systemic discrimination against men. When, for example, I point out double standards for boys and girls in the health care system, or expose the use of bogus statistics around domestic violence, my inbox fills with male gratitude simply for acknowledging an obvious fact: Our culture is profoundly misandric.

Of the myriad forms of discrimination men cite, one looms over the rest: The egregious treatment meted out to fathers in the throes of contested child custody following the "no-fault" divorces most of them did not initiate or desire. My files bulge with stories of disenfranchised fathers ripped from their children's arms and lives. They have lost their homes, their careers, fortunes, friends and reputations, often on the basis of false allegations of abuse (for which their female accusers are virtually never punished). I wouldn't mention such anecdotal evidence, if the anguish in these testimonials didn't jibe with objective data confirming the shameful gender bias that dominates the family law system.

About half of all marriages end in divorce. Women are twice as likely to initiate a divorce as men, largely because they can be fairly sure they'll end up with control of the children. Where shared parenting is the default template, divorce rates plummet. Men are six times as likely as women to commit suicide within the first two years after a separation: That they kill themselves from despair rather than their ex-wives for revenge is, ironically, a tragically eloquent rebuttal to the feminist credo that men are inherently dangerous to women. Although 25% of women make more money than their spouses, 97% of support payers are men (even in cases of shared parenting). Mobility decisions favour women: The psychological comfort to a Vancouver mother of moving near her Toronto-based family will be privileged over the psychological devastation the virtual loss of his children causes the Vancouver-bound father...

Check out the rest please. It's a nice read in a world of propaganda and bullshit.

Message to the females on lurk mode:

I know I can be hard on women sometimes. But its only because I care about ya'll. Some of you chicks out there deserve a good, firm verbal slap on the ass, because you are acting bad AND YOU KNOW IT!

The dirty little secret of modern life is that women still want a man with some backbone, and I don't care how much you girls try to deny it, because the proof of this truth is out there if you know what your looking for [a][b][c].

So you know you love it when I get on your case ladies... I can assure you that I only do it for your own good, because for all the words I write about bad feminine behavior, there are millions of men out there who feel the same way.

Please take heed.

In any event, feminism is a movement that will end up in sorrow and pain for everyone, women included. So it really does make my heart glad to know that some of the ladies out there do get it, and are willing to defy the sisterhood in order to speak out on our behalf.

So, to the real women that support the cause of freedom and Men's rights, Togakure would like to salute you! I appreciate your efforts, and I for one am glad that not all women are against us.

And more than likely, Ms. Kay is probably catching hell from her feminasty sisters even as we speak so... show this lady some love!




Fidelbogen said...

Cool slogan ya got, up there in the title bloc section. If I had to summarize my own philosophy, that'd just about clinch it!

Togakure said...

Thanks sir!

Although the words aren't mine. They were uttered by one of the Grandmasters of my Martial Arts school a long time ago.

Very good advice, and has served our school well for hundreds of years.