Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Announcement: A Brief Hiatus!


In these turbulent times, everyone has to prepare as best they can. Life is like a chess match, and sometimes one needs time to ponder that all important next move. In my case, I need to make some decisions and network with some folks that will hopefully help move me that much closer to achieving my personal and professional goals.

And so, I am going to take a long Hiatus beginning in February. The blog will also be taken private during that time.

Just a heads up!

If things go my way, then I should be able to resume blogging in March. I plan on hanging out on the usual MRA forums, or if you need to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at Kumogakure@hushmail.com.

End of Transmission.


yy said...

ahhh too bad where can I leave comments then on the upcomming rate cuts etc etc etc? it's probably going to be a very interesting february! take care man see ya soon in march!

tba said...

Dang man. Thisis my favorite blog too bercause of the many topics discused on this blog.

Don't be too long bro.

yy said...

0.5% cut. good luck creating the echo bubble of the echo bubble but the gold cartel is gonna have A LOT of work to do...gold's already climbing towards 940...ouch!

Togakure said...

How about those rate cuts eh??

Thanks friends for stopping by this humble blog. I will be back soon, because I also can't wait to see how things are going to unfold!

I be back.