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Save the Males: Military Wages War on Your Gender!

An interesting article from the Insightful Save the Males:

The US army is circumventing laws that shield women from combat dangers.

The reason isn't just a shortage of male recruits. It is part of a larger psychological strategy to render us dysfunctional and docile by undermining heterosexuality and the nuclear family by denying/erasing male-female differences.

We are victims of Orwellian social engineering so successful that we don't even realize it happened.

We are in the final stages of a conspiracy to hijack the human race. All of our institutions have been subverted by a satanic cult, originating in a heretical Jewish sect (Sabbateans),
spread by a vast occult network (Freemasons) and empowered by the central banking cartel, which seeks totalitarian power.

I also want to add that the ideal of women training and fighting with men in combat during times of war was proposed 2000 years ago by Plato, the "Divine Philosopher."

We know that Marx, founder of Communism, the grandfather of the feminist movement, was heavily learned in Platonic philosophy.

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(The Torture of Prometheus by Jean Louis Cesar)

Furthermore, we know that Marx and company were greatly influenced by the Greek god Prometheus, whose name means "Foresight."

According to Theologian Paulose Mar Paulose:

In his dissertation Marx provided the stimulus for the development of a materialistic-atheistic tradition by setting up the titanic figure of Prometheus as the archetype. When the twenty-three year old Marx called Prometheus "the most eminent saint and martyr in the philosophic calendar", he had in mind a philosophy with the basic creed: "In simple words I hate the pack of gods". According to Marx, Prometheus is opposed to "all divine and earthly Gods who do not acknowledge human self-consciousness as the highest divinity." Marx’s philosophic calendar therefore contains such a "saint and martyr" who hates the gods and extol human being’s self-consciousness as the highest divinity. The phrase "saint and martyr" should be understood as an interpretation of Prometheus’ answer to Hermes which Marx quotes:

Be sure of this, I would not change my state
Of evil fortune for your servitude.
Better to be the servant of this rock
Than to be faithful boy to Father Zeus.5

In preference to Hermes’ servitude as faithful boy to Father Zeus, Prometheus would rather be the "servant to this rock" to which he is bound by way of punishment. Prometheus profession is the service of human beings over against Hermes service of the gods. The latter enjoys an apparent freedom, whereas the former is subjected to eternal sufferings and bondage. But in these sufferings and bondage he is free, because it is his own conscious and deliberate choice. His martyrdom for the sake of human beings makes him the real saint. Prometheus thus becomes the representative of a view of human beings and the world that sets up their own self-consciousness as the ultimate reality and supreme good. Prometheus’ act is, according to Marx, the true task of philosophy. Just as Prometheus, having stolen fire from heaven, begins to build houses and to establish himself on earth, so philosophy, having embraced the whole world, should rebel against the world of phenomena.6

In addition, through Prometheus we can connect our mysterious Money Men to the nefarious activities of Marx and his spiritual harlots, the feminists.

Note this famous statue:

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Why, what's this? It's PROMETHEUS giving fire to mankind, right outside Rockefeller Plaza.


I think not.

Leftists, Communists, Feminists, Globalists... they're all in the know, and we ain't. Cause it's a small world after all, and these people have big plans for We the Masses.

Getting back to the piece:

They are "satanic" in the sense they have deliberately displaced God. They defy universal natural and moral laws and use the media and education (propaganda) to define their evil as good...


"Jessica Phoenix" is the pen name of an Iraq veteran who alerted me to this story. She writes:

"Although my fitness scores were outstanding for a 33 year old female, I was far below the male standards. Women aren't supposed to meet male standards.

I joined the Army out of financial desperation, not because I wanted to invade men's work places. I was told I would get placed in an office. I never saw an office.

It was bad enough that I had to invade Iraq for a year exactly the way the men did. But then I got put in the field artillery in Korea.

The sergeants there tried to punish me whenever I failed to keep up with the boys, but it was useless. I just ended up getting treated like a criminal every day. They thought they could punish the woman out of me. They thought they could turn me into a man with enough threats and punishment. It didn't work. I'm still a woman.

I could not cock the cannon weapon because the cock lever was too heavy. A man injured my arm practicing his combat moves on me. I got a neck injury because the gear was too heavy for my back.

And of course, they all wanted sex, but I'm not that kind of girl. I was offered a promotion for sex.

The artillery does a lot of heavy lifting. But I couldn't lift and load with them. I begged them to give me a job that did not involve heavy lifting, but they wanted me to stand there and look bad. So my job skills were going to waste. What were they paying me for? I couldn't help the boys with their work. I couldn't keep up with them during training. And I wouldn't have sex with them either. I just want to know why I was there to begin with.

Then after eight months of this torture they gave me an award for outstanding achievement and offered me $40,000 to re-enlist. I wouldn't re-enlist if they paid me a million dollars. [In fact, Jessica had to hire a lawyer just to get out of the army. ]I want to bring back the
Women's Corp (nurses, administration) separate from the men's army."

Jessica would have re-enlisted if the army recognized the differences between men and women. This may also apply to men who don't re-enlist...

Please take some time to read the article in full.

Ladies and Gents, we have another fine example of old skool Platonism in action.

And women support feminism because... why??


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