Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex Slaves: One Man's Journey

In the film Sex Slaves, we follow the story of girls from the Eastern European countries of Ukraine and Moldavia who are sold into sexual slavery in Turkey, and one man's quest to save his wife, who has fallen into the hands of Turkish pimps.

The documentary is powerful, and harrowing. You can watch it here.

Some points of interest:

A) The Islamo-Turkish pimps, brothel-owners, and slavemasters weren't doing anything wrong according to "the religion of peace," as sex with slave infidels is quite permissible under the laws of Islam.

Unfortunately, the Islamic justification of sexual servitude is left out of the film entirely, doing its viewers a grave dis-service.

(In the spirit of fairness, I should point out that another great Middle Eastern religion, namely Judaism has no qualms about "White slavery" either.)

O where are the feminists when you need them??

Ah I get it. They are too busy condemning American men, you know, the men that DON'T enslave women, as Patriarchal Bastards that must be destroyed.

My Bad.

B) Women play significant roles in the sex trade. The film highlights three women who are key players, on both the buy and sell sides of the deal.

I guess the following saying...

Friendship among women is but a suspension of hostilities.

... is right on the money. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

Just as my Black African forebearers were sold into the ravenous and highly murderous Trans Atlantic slavetrade with the full knowledge, aid, and consent of fellow Africans, especially the Muslim variety [a][b], so are the women in the world being auctioned off like cattle, some of them at the hands of their fellow woman.

Even the so-called liberators of womankind, the feminists, follow the blind philosophy of a man who encourages his followers to keep "all women in common" and dispose of their children if they don't cut the Guardian mustard.

So much for the sisterhood!

And if women in distant lands, some by choice and a great many by force, end up living a life of indentured sex servitude based on social upheaval and grinding poverty, what will happen to the Mistress of the Universe, the American woman, when our splendid economy finally falls flat on it's face?

While the future is unknown, I feel comfortable in predicting that the haughty, selfish, and self-absorbed attitudes of many Western women would go out of style with the quickness.

Anyone call for some Humble Pie??

One wonders how long the sisterhood of women would hold together in the face of extreme hardship. Would they continue their demonization and debasement of men for their own comfort, or would they turn on each other in order to survive?

One hopes that men and women, at that moment, would kiss and make up and find a way to rebuild what has been lost, but only time will tell. Unless our societies change, and quickly, decision time is going to come and bite a lot of people in the ass.

C) The most important aspect of the film, at least for me, was the determination and perseverance of one man, who sought the return of his beloved wife, who was sold into slavery by a person the man considered a friend.

Gents, this documentary is an excellent example of how the vast majority of men would act to save someone they loved from a fate worse than death. Feminists and other nay-sayers that label us all "Rapists" and "Batters" need to really sit down, shut up, and watch how a real man takes care of business!


My momma told me a long time ago that 99.9% of the world's population doesn't give a funk about me, and that the only people who truly care are my family, and my loved ones. These are the people, my wife and others, who've got my back for serious.

Women should realize that Government doesn't care about you, Business only wants to exploit you in the quest to make a profit, most guys just wanna fuck you, and a lot of women only want to bring you down to their level of misery, like crabs in a bucket. Only your blood relatives, and 99% of the time, your lawfully wedded husband, who loved your ass enough to marry you in the first place, stand ready to spend their time, treasure, and blood on your behalf.

When the chips are down, only these people are willing to risk their necks to pull you out of the pit.

Take heed, cause Momma didn't raise no fools.

In summary, I would like to inform everyone reading this that the problem of slavery, both male and female, is real. It exists, as it has always existed, in localities around the globe.

Now we here in the West have a good thing going. Slavery and other forms of indentured servitude, save child support, are outlawed. And, while there were plenty of mistakes along the way, we have mostly eliminated inequality from our laws and customs.

However, the death cult of feminism arose, and proceeded to create a new class of people that it deemed acceptable to discriminate against: namely Men and boys.

Instead of promoting equal rights for all people, feminism, and the Leftist Elitists behind it, simply used the sheep's clothing of Liberalism and the rhetoric of Social Justice to cover up a ruthless, and unconstitutional power grab of our government, academia, and popular culture.

And, for the most part, feminists have used "women's issues" to drive an ever-deepening wedge between the sexes. And behold, most women see that it is good.

Those who believe that women "deserve" said special rights should pull their heads out of the sand and recognize that our way of life, being an artificial creation, is extremely fragile.

If the sexes cannot find a way to settle their differences in a fair and just manner, then the oppressed will rise up, AND SMASH THIS HOUSE OF CARDS TO THE GROUND. Someday, when women need men the most, they will find that their cries fall on deaf ears. And, as the film points out exceptionally well, women don't fare too well when men close their ears, eyes, and hearts to their former helpmeets.

But on the other hand, men that are attached to kind, sweet, and loving women, and who are respected and appreciated for who and what they are, will go out of their way to defend against all manner of evil, hardship, tyranny, and discord.

Trust that.


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