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Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life V.

The Bullet Train gave a low pitched whine as it pulled out of Kyoto station. Inside the sleek and space ship-like interior, my new bride and I reclined comfortably in plush seats. Businessmen typed away on their laptops; while travelling schoolgirls in their infamous sailor suits chatted about the latest musical sensation.

The Japan Railroad ticketman entered our car with a bow and a smile. With his crisp uniform and perfectly shined shoes, he was a picture of efficiency and professionalism. With great dignity, he asked us for our train tickets, and we gladly offered them for his examination. The ticketman symbolized the spirit of the Japanese working man, clean, polite, and sincere in his efforts.

"No surly, underpaid employees around here," I thought to myself. Just another reason why I love the Japanese nation and its people so much.

I was then struck with sadness when I realized how far America has fallen. Such a high level of honor, pride, courtesy and politeness could never exist in our Matriarchal regime.

In the Western experience, we treat our dogs and cats far, far better than we treat one another. Unfortunately, Civility was one of the first casualties of the feminist onslaught...

Welcome back to Kumogakure School!

Sorry I kept you.

We left off last time with the importance of thorough fact finding and negotiation when considering the foreign lady of your choice.

Today, we are going to assume that you have met, courted, and married her.

Now then, my good man, you have a decision to make.

Should you:

A) Bring your wife to the United States and live happily ever after


B) Emigrate to a country outside of the West and set up shop in a stronghold of non-Matriarchal laws, policies, and attitudes towards men.

Needless to say, there is much debate amongst MRAs on this issue.

I tend to agree with those who advocate moving outside of the Fematrix. It is quite simply the surest way to ensure that your lovely foreign bride does not become infected with the feminist Pox.

It's no secret that American culture is, quite frankly, corrosive to traditional cultures and family units around the world [1][2][3]. Nations across the globe, from China to the Middle East, are strengthening their cultural defenses in order to KEEP FEMINISM OUT.

If these diverse nations agree that American culture is toxic to family values, then it goes without saying that bringing your foreign wife to live in the West increases your risk of a very unhappy ending. While marriages to foreign women are more stable than their All-American counterparts, it would be better, if you have the temperament and the language skills, to live with your bride overseas.

Because, if you fail, and your foreign wife takes to to divorce court, you can forget about your constitutional concepts of Equal Protection and Due Process.


Because your divorce will be tried under the legal concepts of Equity and Admiralty Law, not the Common Law where the bulk of constitutional theories apply.

What this means for you is that the Judge has all power to decide what the law is, in accordance to Public Policy. Whatever outcome he believes is fair is the outcome that he will order. She wins, and you lose, big time. How badly you end up will depend on factors outside of your control, such as the quality of your legal representation for example.

And since feminism and "equal rights" for women is the preeminent form of Public Policy in our time, understand that her rights come first, yours come last. Many MRAs often decry this discriminatory approach to "justice," and demand equal rights, not SPECIAL rights, for all people in all aspects of life.

However, what we have to understand is that "special rights" are the specialty of Equity law. That is why it is Equity, not equality law. Huge difference.

The fact is that the lion's share of judges are not going to rule against the established Public Policy, unless extraordinary circumstances force him to do otherwise. We do not live in a Republic where your rights would be upheld, even if it was the unpopular thing to do. We live in a Democracy, which is subject to mob rule.

In summary, divorce is an ugly business, and the law that governs it is designed for your financial and spiritual ruination, because you are a man.

Therefore, it is better for you to move to a more favorable legal climate that respects Men, marriage, and family.

Since not everyone is willing or able to relocate, I will discuss how one should go about bringing your new wife back to the United States.

Before I do so, I would like to spend some time on the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005.

IMBRA is held up by MRAs (for good reason) as a glaring example of feminist jurisprudence, intimidation, and undermining of the American Bill of Rights, and I wholly agree this this view.

According the Bill of Rights:

Amendment I: Freedom of speech, religion, press, petition and assembly.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.2

Amendment IX: Existence of other rights for the people.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

so then, let's compare these clauses with the text of the actual IMBRA bill.

Remember, this is what YOUR government thinks about you:

The author of the study commissioned for the 25 1999 INS report noted further that American men who use the services of an international marriage broker tend to seek relationships with women whom they feel they can control. The dangers posed to foreign women who meet their American husbands through international marriage brokers are underscored by the growing number of cases across the United States of foreign women who have been abused or killed by those men.

HR 3657 IH

1 (1) IN GENERAL.--Each international marriage
2 broker shall collect the background information list-
3 ed in paragraph (2) from each United States client
4 or other person to whom the personal contact infor-
5 mation of a foreign national client or any other indi-
6 vidual would be provided. The background informa-
7 tion must be in writing and signed (which may be
8 in electronic form, such as an electronic signature)
9 by the United States client
or other person to whom
10 the personal contact information of a foreign na-
11 tional client or any other individual would be pro-
12 vided.

14 ground information required to be collected with re-
15 spect to a United States client or other person under
16 paragraph (1) includes information about each of
17 the following:

18 (A) Any court order restricting the client's
19 or person's physical or other contact with, be-
20 havior towards, or communication with another
21 person, including any temporary or permanent
22 civil restraining order or protection order.
23 (B) Any arrest
or conviction of the client
24 or person for homicide, murder, manslaughter,
25 assault, battery, domestic violence, rape, sexual

HR 3657 IH

1 assault, abusive sexual contact, sexual exploi-
2 tation, incest, child abuse or neglect, torture,
3 trafficking, peonage, holding hostage, involun-
4 tary servitude, slave trade, kidnapping, abduc-
5 tion, unlawful criminal restraint, false imprison-
6 ment, stalking, or any similar activity in viola-
7 tion of Federal, State, or local criminal law.
8 (C) Any arrest or conviction of the client
9 or person for solely, principally, or incidentally
10 engaging in prostitution; or for any direct or in-
11 direct attempts to procure prostitutes or per-
12 sons for the purpose of prostitution; or any re-
13 ceiving, in whole or in part, of the proceeds of
14 prostitution.

15 (D) Any arrest or conviction of the client
16 or person for offenses related to controlled sub-
17 stances or alcohol.

18 (E) Marital history of the client or person,
19 including if the client or individual is currently
20 married, if the client or person has previously
21 been married and how many times, how pre-
22 vious marriages of the client or person were ter-
23 minated and the date of termination, and if the
24 client or person has previously sponsored an

HR 3657 IH

1 alien to whom the client or person was engaged
2 or married...

Gentlemen, as you can see, this law places an undue burden on American men.

We are automatically assumed to be criminals. Where in the Bill of Rights does it say that we are free to assemble peaceably, only if we disclose all of our personal information to a third party, on pain of legal sanction?

Where does the Federal government have the right to violate my privacy by forcing me to disclose my personal information when I have committed no wrong, or done no violence?

The government should not be involved in such matters. Citizens in a free Republic have the inherent right to contact, meet, and marry anyone who is of legal age and sound mind to enter into matrimony, and makes such a decision freely and without any form of duress or intimidation.

Are we free Citizens, or aren't we?

Based on recent revelations, it is my opinion that, we are quite possibly not free citizens protected by the Constitution of the United States, which promises us a Republican form of government where each Citizen is sovereign in his person, and that we are in fact, living in a Democracy subject to the Tyranny of Congress and Feminist mob rule.

But, I digress. The death of the Constitution is another topic for another time.

IMBRA is an unacceptable and an unjust law, in principle and in fact. Women (and especially their families) from foreign lands that comtemplate an international marriage make double damn sure that they don't marry a monster, not to mention the fact that my own government would go so far as to personally insult my honor as a man.

More importantly, this Act is yet another example of a Congress that is legislating clearly unconsitutional law due to pressure from feminist interest groups, based on erronious information concerning men and domestic violence. We should remember that we were thrown out of the family unit for exactly these same reasons.

In any event, for those who seek more information concerning IMBRA, the Excellent Online Dating Rights webpage has a wealth of articles and information concerning this damnable piece of feminist legislation that brands ALL men as potential and future rapists, batterers, and overall scoundrels.


The good news is that IMBRA, as of the time of this writing, is basically useless. While it is true that the law makes it more difficult to meet foreign women initially, most men are honorable, and are able to clear such background checks quite easily.

And, while meeting foreign women over the Internet is a smart move for some, online services that are covered by IMBRA aren't the only, nor the best way to secure a wife that dreams are made of.

For example, social networking sites, such as Myspace or Facebook, operate worldwide. If you can read and write the target language, meeting women over these sites is very easy to do, and all of this communication is done outside of the purview of IMBRA.

Another way for men that are seeking beautiful foreign women is to head on down to your local University or other similar institutions and meet women there. As I said previously, this approach kills a whole lotta birds with one stone:

1) You and she are able to spend good quality time together and are able to discuss all aspects of your future relationship, which is key for your long term happiness

2) You meet a large pool of wifely women, all without submitting one iota of information to any outside party. And since both you and your spouse have to submit to a criminal background check when you apply for your Visa, laws like IMBRA are simply redundant anyway. By meeting your potential spouse here in the U.S, all private and confidential information is shared only with your bride-to-be, as it should be, and not to an outside party. It goes without saying that an honorable man should should disclose, in full, any criminal matter that might materially affect the marriage, as The Truth tends to come to light on its own accord.

3) You can decide, if everything works out, whether to marry her in the United States and then apply for Temporary Permanent Residency, during which time she will most likely be allowed to remain in the country until your petition is ruled upon by Immigration, or you can travel to her home country to be married, and apply for her K-3 Spouse Visa after the marriage.

While rules and policies change often, these two options are the best ways, in my view, to insure that your application is processed smoothly. Of course, it's always best to consult a top notch immigration attorney before you make any specific moves.

In my case, I married my wife in Kyoto, Japan, and applied for her K-3 visa after I returned to the United States. And while I do give "the government" a good tongue lashing on this blogspot, and while there are certain criminal elements within our State and Federal governments that should be arrested and tried for TREASON, I am happy to say that my experience with Immigration and Customs Enforcement was a pleasant one.

With $2000.00 and an excellent immigration attorney, I had no problems and no delays. I did have to wait for approximately twelve months for her Visa to be processed, but ICE did what it was supposed to do, and approved our application without incident.

So let me say it again: While there are a few bad apples that need to be removed without prejudice; there are many good and honorable people who work in all levels of government.

Lastly, if you plan on visiting or living in a foreign country for a long period of time, you can search for your bride-to-be there. This approach is probably the most difficult, as it requires you to know the target language and culture, and you should also have a network of people on the ground in your adopted nation to help you in your search.

And I am sure there are other ways to get around IMBRA that I am not personally aware of. As biased and unconstitutional as IMBRA is, the fact remains that it has holes big enough to drive a 18 wheeler through. So don't worry... be happy!

IMBRA is nothing but a feminist feel-good measure. The government can only require a Internet dating site to furnish information to women seeking to meet American men, but it cannot prevent American men from meeting and marrying foreign women. An outright ban on international marriage would only create a public relations nightmare for a Matriarchal system that is secretly engaged in undermining our inalienable rights day after day.

(Not civil rights, inalienable rights. Because civil rights are given by the government, and can be taken away by government. Get it?)

Such publicity would never do.

Nor can it prevent Western Men from leaving their Matriarchal homelands in search of greener pastures, as multitudes of men from Australia and New Zealand have done. Again, such forcible policies on love and marriage never work, as Greek and Roman history has shown us.

I believe the shortage of men 'Down Under' is called a Man Drought, and laws like VAWA and IMBRA will only serve to encourage more men to:

A) Avoid marriage with feminist women

B) Seek ways around the laws in order to find quality women worth marrying

C) Educate their brothers about the feminist abuses of power, thus disconnecting more men from the Fematrix

D) Encourage men to strike out on their own, and go to countries that respect and honor the inalienable Rights of Men to meet, marry, and live with the woman (or women) of their choosing.

IMBRA is a sign of desperation, not progress. Laws like these will only serve to make Western Women even more single, alienated, and miserable than ever before.

Believe it.

As our train whizzed by ancient temples and snow covered mountains with bullet like speed, sad thoughts about the death of American culture quickly left me. As my wife and I began to discuss the immigration process, and, as I helped her fill out the many and byzantine like legal forms, I began to devise our application strategy, so that I could bring her home without any of the legal and bureacratic nightmares I had heard so much about.

Fortunately, a good friend of the family is a prominant immigration attorney...

Kumo out.

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