Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alex Jones: Endgame.

Dear Readers,

Got the next hott film for ya: Alex Jones's Endgame.

An excellent, and bloodcurdling video that does a commendable job of putting all the pieces together.

What's interesting to me is that at frame 1:29:58, Jones mentions PLATO as the origin of a sick, perverted ideology that has stalked the world ever since.

From feminism to the New World Order, all roads lead back to Plato. And, since we know that he is the source, one of the best ways to know our enemy is to study his works.

Feel free to take a moment to read my writings on the Greek Philosopher here.

From the feminist movement, to the "family" courts [1][2], to the halls of the United Nations, the Endgame remains the same... Old Skool Global Domination.

Trust that.



machiavelli said...

To prevent an official appointment being given to a base and wicked fellow (The lesser of two evils crowd AKA the RINOs), either an exceedingly base and wicked man (Hillary) should be put forward as a candidate, making voters ashamed to give office to either candidate, or an exceedingly noble and good man (Ron Paul) making voters ashamed not to give office.

Kumogakure said...


I am a big admirer of your works sir. Discourses and The Prince both sit on my bookcase, and are often read and studied.

I have mixed feelings. While I feel optimistic that this time, our people will not be ignorant to elect the wicked man and return to their revolutionary roots, I also fear that the ignorance of many is simply too powerful.

Either way, change will be done. We will find ourselves in a bounty of freedom, or in the depths of slavery.

Either way, We the People get the prison... er government we deserve.

Make yourself at home sir.