Thursday, June 14, 2007

My New Hedge Fund

Welcome back friends!

It's my pleasure to annouce that I have started my own Hedge Fund.

Please click here in order to see a short advertisement for my new enterprise.

I hope you enjoy it... please let me know if you are interested in investing!


Wu-Tang Financial.
New York, New York.


tba said...

damn you kumo. and here I thought u were serious. i remember that episode. Dave was the man, til he couldn't handle the pressure.

Ba1anced said...


I think Dave just wanted his freedom. He was smart to get out of "the matrix" when he could. I don't knock him for that.


In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages to owning hard commodities such as Gold, Silver, Platinum (?) bullion. I was cleaning a room in the house and came across a 1 troy ounce .999 Nevada silver bar. In my ignorance I was about to throw it out. Later this week I started listening to the Kiyosaki Rich Dad podcast and finally made the mental connection between rising gold costs, the dollar, Nixon and 1971, fiat currency and the often inverse relationship precious metals have with buying power. So why invest in gold mining stocks or etfs, which have a projected value when you can just own the real thing because if the system breaks down, we'll be bartering anyway...right. Better coins than a wheelbarrow of whatever!!! In the world of finance, I've seen 2 schools of thought so far. One is the Dave Ramsey, Eric Tyson school (debt elimination, 401k's, pensions, IRA's) the other branch is the Kiyosaki, Trump Branch (moving money, tax breaks,real estate, commodities, creating llc's).I'm a fairly young dude (25) and basically I'm looking for ways to wisely use my money as I get it. Just wanted your opinion.


Kumogakure said...


hahaha yeah. But when I DO start the Hedge Fund... its going to be ignorant!!


I'm leaning towards the Kiyosaki school of thought myself. His articles are some of the most realistic out there. He's been a voice in the wilderness forever, and most of the players aren't trying to hear what he has to say.

I would say that a balanced portfolio of assets, debt securities (i.e. bonds), and cash is the way to go.

Play the market, make your money in the short term, cash out, buy REAL stuff, like land, cars, gold, guns, and butter, reinvest the rest, make sure that you keep up with the conference calls and the news media, and be prepared TO GET THE HELL OUT WHEN THINGS GO SOUTH.

(I.E. the Jim "Mad-Money" Cramer method.

The smart short term investor is going to be ok. The major investment bankers and hedge funds are going to be ok.

It's the "buy and hold", mom and pop long term investor that is going to get wiped out.

Talk to your advisors (financial and legal) before you do any heavy investment in precious metals... there may be regulations attached with hoarding a pile of metals like that.

Just stay on top of the market, and you will be aiight.


Hawaiian Libertarian said...

Yous gotsta diversiy yo assets, nigga!

Simply classic. lmao

Kumogakure said...

Hahaha no doubt!

Cause Wu Tang financial aint nothin' to funk with!!