Friday, April 13, 2007

The Surveillance Society

Here's an interesting report for you privacy buffs.

In these days and times, it is your obligation to protect your identity as best you can. The time is coming where the people, or should I say Sheeple, will lay down and accept total totalitarian control via 1984.

Spychips anyone?

The Shit is real. Corporate interests and government officals want to tag you and yours like animals.

MRAs and Truthseekers CANNOT allow that to happen. We already know what the government does to innocent fathers and children. Do we REALLY want to give them nearly omni-potent power?

I don't think so.

It is up to us to spread the word, to lobby our political leaders, and to take the necessary countermeasures to safeguard our liberty and our privacy.

To that end, I give you The Surveillance Society.

Give it a good reading, and then take the appropriate countermeasures.



other said...

Wonderful blog you have here Kumogakure!

Just wondered if you have seen this story about the warmongering NWO banker and the Arab feminist?

Most peculiar.

Kumogakure said...


Make yourself at home boss!

Ahh yes, the World Monetary Fund...

Another instrument of Global domination.

But, methinks that the Arab madam wasn't so much of a feminist while she was providing "sex service!"

A scandal worthy of the French.

Thanks for the heads up!

julie said...

The spychip is already in circulation. Some parents have opted to chip ther children so that they can be traced easily if they are kidnapped or lost and so forth.

These people create the chaos so that they fulfill their agendas. IMO

Kumogakure said...

Greetings Julie!

Welcome to my Spot.

/100% Agreed.

In my city, the number of murders, rapes, and assaults is at an all time high (I know this because I am a government official).

However, the people are screaming for the political leaders to, "fix" things, instead of looking at the aggregate view of the situation.

Just begging for the Police State... I hope that for all our sakes, they don't get what they wish for!

the black avenger said...

I wonder, is gun ownership regulated where you live Kumo? That would be a good reason why the murder rate is going up.

I think we are but a generation away from being just like london where there are cameras on the sidewalks and people behind the scenes watching everybody and there is someone saying "pickup that trash off the floor you are littering". I read that in london, the average person is photographed by surveillance cameras over 300 times per day. AND THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. The school system, plus the attitude of "I can't say anything cause I don't wanna lose my job" mentality has made the industrialized nations such great docile "slaves" that even Simon Legree would be envious.

Kumogakure said...

"I wonder, is gun ownership regulated where you live Kumo? That would be a good reason why the murder rate is going up."

Actually, the gun laws around my way are pretty liberal. I can buy a gun quite easily, and concealed or open carry is all the way legal here.

I think personally that if we were disarmed, the situation would be worse than what it already is.

Speaking of cameras... we already have them here in our streets, complete with audio and the ability to do facial recognition.

Let's just say that all the crime has moved to non-monitored areas, and hats and dark sunglasses are making a big comeback!