Monday, April 30, 2007

Good news... from the United Nations??

Unbelievable as it may be...

The United Nations has actually stood up for the rights of men!

As most MRAs know, the UN is an organization founded by Communists and their sympathizers.

And through UN initiatives such as CEDAW, this corrupt body has been working against the interests of men (not to mention American gun owners) for many a year.

While any good news is appreciated, MRAs must not allow this tiny concession to lull us into a false sense of security.

Thanks to Glenn Sacks and Men's News Daily for getting the word out.

I’m surprised and pleased to see the United Nations actually call attention to the terrible problem of false accusations in custody and the ponderous, anemic way family courts adjudicate such disputes. In this case a father was accused by his estranged wife of abusing his children, and police investigated for nearly two years before deciding not to prosecute. The father was still denied access to his children and the higher courts forbade his appeal.

Human rights lawyer Tony Ellis took this accused father’s case to the UN’s Human Rights Committee, and won. Ellis is a hero, and we need more attorneys like him. See the full story below:

Father denied justice by NZ courts, says UN
April 19, 2007

The United Nations has slammed the New Zealand legal system for denying justice to a man accused of abusing his children.

The Government now has three months to explain itself to the international body and offer a solution to the man.

Human rights lawyer Tony Ellis took the man’s case to the UN’s Human Rights Committee saying his client’s right to a fair trial had been ignored by the Family and then the Appeal Courts.

The man, who cannot be named due to the ongoing custody dispute, was accused in 2001 by his estranged wife of abusing his two daughters and then, later, abusing his son.

Police investigated for nearly two years, but decided not to prosecute.

The father was denied access to his daughters and the Court of Appeal refused leave to appeal the decision.

The man is still fighting for access to see his son in the Family Court.

The committee found the lengthy proceedings violated the father’s rights to a quick and fair trial in respect of his daughters and son...

Be sure to read the entire piece.



Anonymous said...

"As most MRAs know, the UN is an organization founded by Communists and their sympathizers."

Do you really take yourself seriously?

Check real histories and scholars, not rightwing radio hosts for your lessons on the UN.


Kumogakure said...


Please post your sources please.


Anonymous said...

Gosh just about every history of the UN. It was formed with ample participation from the US and was an extention of the vision that began with the League of Nations, which was created by free market liberals with the support (early on) of republican elements in the US government, See Taft.

Yes the UN included the views of communists; they were part of the world and the UN is an international organization. The idea though that the communists dominated, or do diminate, the UN is so at variance with the record of the UN's functioning, or non-functioning, that the requirement for real sources yours, not mine.

Conspiracy theories can be fun, when we are children.

Kumogakure said...


While I don't mind having critics add their two cents, I do mind when they come calling emptyhanded.

This is the iron law of my blog...

If you come to my house making a claim that contradicts mine, you will post a link, or cite some evidence.

Shaming games can be fun, when we are children.

Feel free to come back when you have something of substance.


Anonymous said...

Alas your "iron rule" does not seem to apply to you, only others. It is easy to link to something, but that does not make it any better than spouting it yourself unless the source is reliable and accurate. Your source states

"The Communists saw the UN as a Trojan horse for Communist dominated, one world government. Left-wing ideology requires world conquest, by any means necessary, in order to achieve it’s utopian goal. They support a UN as a means to this satanic end."

Well the satanic part certainly lends a legitimacy to an argument, but well put that aside. This "author" appears to conclude that the US was the victim of some contrived conspiracy that forced the UN on the USA as a weapon of communist ideology. In fact the balance of power in the security council allowed the UN to remain paralyzed through major conflicts, and in its most significant early action, the Korean War, the US had its way, though few showed up to help. All your article does is show that some people had ties and/or sypathies to either "communists" or the Soviets that went as a delegation to the UN's first conference, but ignores that planning for such an organization began in 1941 formally; not to mention the planning that had taken place for the League of Nations which the UN is but a slightly altered shodow of.

Check the actual history of th diplomacy before the convenient date chosen by your source.

The Soviet Union and the United Nations
Richard N. Gardner
Law and Contemporary Problems, Vol. 29, No. 4, The Soviet Impact on International Law (Autumn, 1964), pp. 845-857

Stop using conspiracy theories to frighten people into supporting you, that does deserve shame.

Kumogakure said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting a source.

Good job!!

Now I will do my part and look into your information, and get back to ya.

For the record...

Yes there IS a leftist, utopian, one world movement out there. Plato was certainly all about that, and all the papers I have been reading that have been written by some very intelligent, and verbose people also reflect this same point.

You haven't read "The Project" link I have under my Jihadism category, you haven't read the history of the European Union that I linked a while back, nor have you commented on the formation of the North American Union, which is going on whilst we speak, and yet the media has said NOTHING about it.

Believe me old buddy, people don't do things by accident.

When it comes to politics and business, there is a short, intermediate, and a LONG term plan.


You are kidding yourself bro if you think that History is a series of blunders, and that at no time do people come together to form a plan.

Thanks again for the links.