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The Lost Art of Discipline, Part I.


Well friends, another roller-coaster of a week has come and gone. Hopefully everything is going right in your world. If it's not, keep your heads up, and keep going your own way. You know what they say... Tough People last, tough times don't.

Please note that today's topic, why a man should not fail to keep his woman in check, is a controversial one that doesn't get mentioned much in polite company. Indeed, some will find this deeply offensive, because, as we all know, there is NO excuse for Domestic Violence (except, of course, when women beat, batter, and abuse with impunity).

Understand that Assault and Battery against peaceable and innocent persons is illegal, immoral, and reprehensible.

However, I believe that there is a distinct difference between these criminal offenses and justified discipline which is an essential component of any successful long term association. I am of the opinion that in past eras, there was an unspoken understanding between criminal assault and battery, and discipline that was employed to keep rude, uncouth, and potentally destructive behaviors in check.

More on this later.

Financial and Economic tidbits of note.

I wanted to share some items of interest with you.

Some of you who move in financial circles might be caught up in the Inflation vs. Deflation argument. Some commentators are calling a Hyperinflationary endgame, whist others are looking for a Deflationary Death Spiral.

While I am a hardcore Inflationista and Goldbug, (largely because my own personal analysis is indicating that Inflation and gold will be the victors in our economic melt-down) I will be the first to say that Deflation, defined as a strong currency in limited supply (or the reduction of the aggregate quantity of money and credit), is actually better for everyday individuals versus the inflationary regime we have lived under since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Some may think this is a strange position to take, as many financial professionals, economists, and politicians absolutely abhor Deflation, and will do anything to combat it.

For more insight as to why gentle and controlled Deflation is a good thing, please listen to this outstanding lecture from entitled, Deflation and Liberty.

Many would point out that, under a Deflationary regime, such as Japan, economic growth stagnates, unemployment is widespread, and life is miserable all the way around. However, I would disagree with this notion. There are other barriers to economic growth in Deflationary regimes that include fiscal (tax) policies, monetary policies, and other forms of government intervention in the marketplace. Indeed, until recently, Japan was humming along just fine, Deflation and all.

I would like to see controlled deflation, which would be the result of a gradual return to the gold standard, the repeal of individual income taxes for all Americans, a low, flat tax rate on businesses, elimination of wasteful government spending, and the gradual phase out of entitlement programs.

In addition, the gradual withdraw of our Imperial forces from around the world, the re-opening of military bases on American soil, and reduced spending on defense would also remove the need for an Inflationary print-fest.

And most important of all, interest rates must be set by the marketplace, not a cabal of Federal Reserve bankers.

When interest rates are at a natural level, it makes more sense to save money instead of borrowing it from a bank. And coupled with a Deflationary regime in which gently falling prices (a result of greater efficiency, productivity, and technology) are the norm, the People become self-sufficient, and the self-financing of capital projects (instead of borrowing money from a bank) becomes possible again. The power, scope, and authority of government is reduced dramatically, and the people become much wealthier and independent over time.

It would become possible, with today's efficiency, productivity, and technology, for a single breadwinner to provide for his or her family. And it would be feasible for that single earner to work less instead of working themselves to death in the quest to earn increasingly worthless wages. Money, Finance, and Banking would become less important in such a system.

Imagine what it would be like for you to work only 32 hours a week, earn a decent wage, and throw the unspent amount (which could be a decent sum, since the basics like food, fuel, clothing and shelter would be inexpensive and would remain stable over time) in the bank to earn a decent amount of interest, which could be anywhere from four to seven percent, if we use history as our guide (Strategic Factors in Nineteenth Century American Economic History, p. 167-168). You could potentially work less, owe less, save more, and support wives and kids without too much of a struggle.

This system I am proposing would by no means be perfect. Poor people would still be around, and there would still be gaps between the rich, the middle class, and everyone else. However, the great masses of people, under the Deflationary regime I described above, would be wealthier, more independent, and more able to check the power of the government and the bankers, who would still plot and scheme to bring the people back under their inflationary regime of enslavement.

So in summary, Inflation and Deflation are at once widely misunderstood, and vastly important. Like our modern day feminist regime, the Inflationary order has hopelessly enslaved the minds of the Sheeple, to the point where many would vigorously fight to defend it.

The people could truly have wealth, happiness, and power beyond their wildest dreams... the moment they STOP giving their personal power away to people and belief systems dedicated to holding them back.

Forgive me Dear Reader, I tend to digress.

Now without further ado...

Equality is the foundation.

As I have said previously, I am not a Conservative.

Although there are many conservatives out there that are staunch allies against feminism, and many bravely crusade for traditional family values, I do not buy into the philosophy itself for a host of reasons.

For one, what is conservatism conserving? For the last forty plus years, this nation has been firmly under the thumb of feminists and feminism.

Social and economic policy has been in lockstep with Marxist, Communist, and Platonic ideals for decades.

The allegedly "Conservative" Redumblicans have aided and abetted the feminist, socialist, and globalist agenda without regret. The vast majority of the GOP has turned a blind eye to the interests of Men, and the sooner we realize this, the better.

So again, what is it that the conservative ideology is conserving? Feminism? Socialism? Misandry on a wide scale?

Nay, it's better to be a Liberal, a Classical Liberal that is. Only a Classical Liberal can stand up and fight for our interests, because modern day conservatism and liberalism have abandoned our interests completely. The only solution at this point is to insist on the equal and unalienable rights of all individuals, and in this manner, secure the Rights and Responsibilities of men going forward.

Another issue with conservatism I have is this... it tends to degenerate into a spirit of self-hating Misandric chivalry [a][b]. It becomes a warped honor system that tends to elevate women, indiscriminately, upon that old time magical pedestal, the wicked woman's traditional seat of power from whence she hurls her thunderbolts of injustice and cruelty upon her unwitting male subjects.

Don't misunderstand me. I believe firmly that all people, regardless of sex or race, are born with Natural Rights that must be respected. This idea of equal rights, versus special rights, or that equality is more important than equity, is the foundation of my philosophical beliefs.

If Jim Crow were around today, I would oppose it. If women were chattel property without suffrage or rights, I would support their campaign for liberty.

At the same time, I do not believe that I am of a lower status because of my sex, heterosexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or my political ideology. I refuse to debase myself, or to allow my person and honor to be slandered by anyone, especially by groups that seek to profit at my expense, such as the feminists. I do not buy into any notion of "male guilt" because women were supposedly treated worse than men at some point in history, even though life sucked for the majority of humanity for a very long period of time. I will not bow down to any man or woman, nor will I worship at the Pedestal of Sacred Womanhood in a misguided belief that women are the champions of virtue, or the "fairer sex."

In two words: Fuck That.

I treat individuals with the same kindness and respect that they show me, and I live and let live so long as people respect me and mine. I am not going to bow down and give somebody a pass to walk all over me just because it is politically correct to do so.

Don't Start no Shit, Won't Be No Shit.

Virtue is greater than law.

Now that we have established equality under the law and the Natural Rights and Responsibilities of all persons as our base, we can now move to the next level.

According to the Ethical Reason-A Confucian Perspective website:

... It is not through the creation of thousands of laws that will produce and mold ethical citizens, it is through teaching virtues that citizens will become ethical citizens. How many times do we see on the news situations where people literally get away with murder because of a “loop-hole” in the law? Confucius argues that there is an innate sense of right and wrong within all of us. We need to cultivate this inner sense through virtuous teachings. All decisions should be made based on these innate virtues.

To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage, ” says Confucius. That which is lawful, may not be right. To determine rightness, we need to look at our core values rather than written law...

So what is Virtue?

Etymology: Middle English vertu, virtu, from Anglo-French, from Latin virtut-, virtus strength, manliness, virtue, from vir man — more at virile

Date: 13th century

1 a: conformity to a standard of right : morality
b: a particular moral excellence

2plural : an order of angels — see celestial hierarchy

3: a beneficial quality or power of a thing

4: manly strength or courage : valor

5: a commendable quality or trait : merit

6: a capacity to act : potency

7: chastity especially in a woman

Our present day Matriarchal society is in terminal decline, because the virtue of the nation is in terminal decline; laws and constitutions notwithstanding. The people and the institutions that they are in charge of are hopelessly corrupt.

The current situation will degrade itself until wars, revolution, riots, enslavement, and political upheaval become the order of the day, unless we reverse our present course of action.


Because this nation's politicians, businessmen, theologians, and citizens at large have abandoned the Universal Law.

Legislated and adjudicated it right out of existence.

Hoping against hope, and fighting against reality, society is warped and distorted as various interests compete, like jackals, for their turn at the carcass of what was once the Republic.

Certain ideas, such as savings, thrift, self-reliance, justice, order, and especially discipline have gone out the window. Preaching, teaching, and advocating for these forgotten ideals are the new Deadly Sins in our modern day Empire.

The greatest error in our society today is the emphasis on rights, and the neglect of responsibilities. While it is true that all people have Natural Rights, it is just as true that all people have basic responsibilities to themselves and others.

Freedom and liberty is not a massive free for all orgy where people do whatever they want, whenever they want, fail to take possible negative outcomes into account, and then expect to get "bailed out" when things go wrong.

So sorry, but God did not create the Universe to work in this manner. Everywhere around us, there are a host of laws that govern creation. These Laws are not subject to debate, they are cannot be repealed, and they can only be ignored at one's own risk.

The Creator will not be mocked.

It is universally understood that the successful business, society, or family unit is the one that follows the Universal Laws as closely as possible. The unsuccessful business, society, and family unit chooses to ignore and break the Universal Laws at every opportunity.

As we have seen with the American Constitution, written laws are not enough to have a real impact on the day to day workings of society.

We have an obscene number of laws on the books, and I'm quite sure that the average American breaks quite a few of them everyday without even realizing it.

So what keeps American society from completely imploding, even during the worst disasters, riots, and financial turmoil?

A natural affinity for the Universal Laws that guide creation and human behavior; although this affinity is feeble and rapidly being extinguished.

In essence, virtue is more powerful than the law.

It should be understood that while I have written much about the Natural Law, and how the Natural Rights of men are being ignored, please don't think that Natural Law is the only solution to this issue.

The law is only a baseline foundation of how human beings should guide their conduct. True civilization is based on the level of virtue, or unwritten laws of behavior, that its citizens possess, and how zealous they are in its application to their everyday lives.

The Lost Art of Discipline.

For this series of posts, I want to focus on the concept of discipline. Specifically, I will examine why it is vitally important for those men who find themselves the dominant partner in their marriage to provide the discipline that their familial unit needs in order to win the game of life.

What is discipline?

According to Merriam-Webster:


Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin disciplina teaching, learning, from discipulus pupil

Date: 13th century

1: punishment

2 obsolete : instruction

3: a field of study

4: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character

5 a: control gained by enforcing obedience or order

b: orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior

c: self-control

6: a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity

Before we continue, let me explain why I am narrowing my focus.

Firstly, there is a sliding scale of masculine and feminine energies, and each of these energies brings with it dominant and submissive tendencies.

Not every man is going to be 100% masculine and dominant, nor is every woman going to be 100% feminine and submissive. These qualities will be present in various degrees, according to the unique makeup of every human being. However, someone is going to be in charge, and setting the course for their business, their family, or their nation. And more often than not, this person will be a man.

Since this distribution of manliness and femininity is a proven fact that has been verified by science, theology, and everyday observation, we must acknowledge the right and the responsibility of each man to associate himself with his female compliment.

In the free marketplace of love, as I like to call it, Men and women will find the mate (or mates) that suit them the best. We will also find that the majority of relationships will be heterosexual in nature, monogamous, and male dominated.

Indeed, most women want a man who is slightly, moderately, or completely (again, accounting for individual taste) stronger, more forceful, or more "manly" than she is. If this quality of manliness is not present to the degree that she is best suited, then the union is doomed to fail, or can only be maintained with great difficulty.

More on this later.

Now if a woman happens to be the more dominant partner in her marriage, so be it. There is nothing wrong with a "manly" woman, and in the free marketplace of love, she will find a man who is "feminine" enough for her taste. She is free to seek such a man, and the feminine man is free to enter into the relationship. They both have the Natural Right to make such a choice. However, in the broad scheme of things, this form of relationship is in the minority, and I leave the analysis of such pairings to others.

Since the vast storehouse of human history holds the irrefutable proof of the general nature of relationships, we will, at this time, narrow our focus to the general pattern of the male dominated marital relationship.

Why focus on married versus unmarried relationships? you wonder.

An excellent question, and one which we will consider in Part II of this series.


For many decades, individuals have lobbied for their rights and their freedoms. And in most cases, such freedom was richly deserved, and a long time in coming.

However, I fear that in the struggle for liberty and equality, society as a whole has lost focus on the other necessary ingredient that comes with liberty:


One cannot abuse freedoms for selfish and unlawful purposes without severe consequences; and our 40 plus years of crusading for rights without limits is starting to bear bitter fruit.

If we as a society are to survive and thrive, we must change our thinking. We must understand that freedom comes with responsibility, and that choices have consequences, both positive and negative. Freedom to choose requires that those who choose wrongly accept the consequences of their actions.

We must also understand that liberty and equality is the foundation of a great civilization, and not the end all and be all of human endeavor. It IS possible to create a society that protects basic freedoms and enforces basic responsibilities, and then proceeds to build upon that foundation in order to uplift the citizenry to fully develop their talents and contribute their best efforts to society.

Ancient Egypt was one of these societies. Women had many legal rights, and at the same time, deeply traditional family and marriage customs were maintained. In addition, manliness was not only accepted but encouraged. Male Headship as an institution thrived during Ancient Kemetian civilization.

There is NO NEED to throw the baby out with the bathwater. All it takes is a wise and enlightened citizenry and government that understands that one can have their cake, and eat it too. We CAN walk the middle road; the only thing that it requires is wise Men to show us the way.

Getting bogged down in unlimited rights and minimum responsibility will lead to societal collapse. The great nations were the ones that managed to build a solid foundation, and elevated and expanded their search for greater knowledge and understanding.

And discipline, of self and others in one's care, is a vital, yet under-appreciated ingredient in the success or failure of nations.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Good post. It's not unlike a sermon -- it would be even more effective if delivered with audio, so we could hear stress and emphasis.

It's a bit long to read all at once, but my favorite part was the Confucian reference.

Confucius said:
"Do not do unto others what you would not like to have done to you."

In modern terms, "Don't start none, won't be none."

Also, I like the Confucian rule better than "do unto others as you want to have done to you" because others might not share the same tastes and needs.

yy said...

KILL THE FED. but oh is killing itself anyway. balance sheet is worthless and exploding. evil is flushinb back on itself.

Togakure said...


Without a doubt!! End the Fed!


The posts do tend to be lengthy, cause I write them once a week now.

It would probably be better if folks read what they can, and then come back to it when they are ready for more.

Speaking of audio... as we speak I am working on creating a series of Youtube videos. I have all the equipment I need, so hopefully the debut will be ready to go in two weeks.


tba said...

"Certain ideas, such as savings, thrift, self-reliance, justice, order, and especially discipline have gone out the window. Preaching, teaching, and advocating for these forgotten ideals are the new Deadly Sins in our modern day Empire.

The greatest error in our society today is the emphasis on rights, and the neglect of responsibilities. While it is true that all people have Natural Rights, it is just as true that all people have basic responsibilities to themselves and others.

Freedom and liberty is not a massive free for all orgy where people do whatever they want, whenever they want, fail to take possible negative outcomes into account, and then expect to get "bailed out" when things go wrong."

I am FINALLY getting around to reading this series and you began with a BANG.