Monday, November 24, 2008

End the Fed!!!


Yesterday was End the Fed day!!

Although I wasn't able to make any of the protests, I was definitely with them in spirit.

Here's some video:

Some quick background on why the Fed Sucks:

And finally, options that We the People have when it comes time to enact radical monetary reform:

While this year's End the Fed rally was sparsely attended, I feel comfortable in saying that widespread protests against the banking elite will become more and more commonplace, just like in good 'ole bankrupt Iceland.

The failure of the Federal Reserve to manage the crisis that it unleashed upon the People to begin with, and the widespread realization by the public that it is the root cause of our current financial crisis, will guarantee that in the not-to-distant future, millions of Americans will gather and shout in one voice.... END THE FED!!!



Anonymous said...

Is there some kind of central clearing house for "End the Fed" groups? Ron Paul did not win, but his supporters must be numerous. There is also G. Edward Griffin's group, but I don't know if they're effective enough to warrant involvement. Their declared purpose is to sell Griffin's books, and get candidates into office. I'm not sure if they deserve support. Maybe they're an overgrown book fan club.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I should have checked the links, not the youtube. Apparently "End the Fed" is itself the central organization with local chapters.

Anonymous said...
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Elusive Wapiti said...

End the Fed. Well at least a small minority of people know what's going on.

Those at the top who benefit from the Fed's tinkering with the money, and fringe lunatics like you and I. Oh, and whomever else reads your blog, or Ron Paul, or Rothbard.

Togakure said...

A very small minority.

But... as the people are increasingly squeezed, they will come to know who their real enemies are.

And then the real fun begins.

End the Fed!!

Act Now! said...

Don't you know the USA is merely a pawn on the Vatican and cohorts' chessboard to ultimately rule the world?

Many powerful people including JFK died fighting the Fed.
Ending the Fed won't help.
But here's the most powerful PEOPLE POWER SOLUTION!
OUTLAWING MONEY will end this Fed evil once and for all!

Because money is a lethal weapon the evil elites design to eventually wipe out common people!

We the PEOPLE POWER can outlaw money anytime.

Let's decide on a date - 09.09.09 or earlier.
1. Walk into any store. Take only what's necessary.
2. Don't hoard. You can return tomorrow.
3. Tell people "The Fed and govt issue FREE money. Starting 09.09.09, everything's FREE."

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