Monday, August 11, 2008

World War III??


We all know that Georgian forces have attacked Russian peacekeepers, beginning on 8-8-08.

This is a serious situation that bears watching.

Mr. DKSanctuary has been kind enough to provide a link to the Europe blogspot. The information found there is absolutely chilling.

Give it a once over.

When you are done with that, watch this video featuring Alex Jones and the International Forecaster. I have listened to both of these men for quite a while, and they know their stuff.

Finally, Congressman Ron Paul expresses his fears that we are headed towards a new conflict in Iran.

Be informed. Be prepared. Be Wise. And be sure to examine all sides of any given issue. The truth is a commodity that is in short supply these days.

Feminism is the least of our problems now...

*** Update ***

MarketOracle.UK has posted an excellent article by Mr. F_William_Engdahl. Please take a few moments to read it, as it is very insightful.



yy said...

market manipulation is UNBELIEVABLE



OIL IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOW JONES UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOLLAR UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

while we are on the verge of a possible world war 3

of course we have also real estate crisis, banking crisis, real economy crisis(automakers and the like)



Togakure said...


Easy easy! Think of this as a gift from the trading gods... and load up on gold, silver and oil stocks while they are cheap!!

And dont forget your sellstops. I roll with a 15% sellstop policy myself...

Elusive Wapiti said...


Thanks for posting that article by Engdahl. It reminds me of an alternative explanation that I read for WWs I and II while doing some research for an international conflict research paper I: That Germany was being economically and militarily encircled and it felt threatened enough to start doing something about it.

It's not the usual narrative, which goes something like "Hitler was a bloodthirsty blah blah blah", but that explanation has more credibility with me than just saying that "Hitler was crazy, that's why he attacked".

Anyway, Russia's been squawking for years about feeling fenced in. Maybe they feel they can finally do something about it, esp since we're tied down trying to export democracy at the point of a gun to the ME.

Togakure said...


My thoughts exactly. The Russians are not going to sit idly by as American brings "Eurasia" into its Empire.

Nope, they will probably take this opportunity to send a message: Respect our space.

It's about time that America chills out with its interventions into other countries. If we need resources, we can buy them rather than starting proxy wars across the globe.

Rob Fedders said...

It's not just us that they are sending a message to. They are sending a message to other former Soviet Union countries.

With Georgia nearly being brought into NATO, Russia has just sent a very strong message throughout the region that allying themselves with us will NOT protect them... thus, other countries had better stay pretty close to Mother Russia.

Under NATO, if one of gets attacked, all of us gets attacked.

The West has just illustrated to these satellite countries of the FSU that we are simply not prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We are all talk and no action.

I agree, it is time to stop this intervention around the world. It is none of our business. Not to sound too callous, but it is none of our damn business what others do, nor what customs or governments are in place. If we don't like it, then we should just get down on knees and thank God we live here and not there.

I certainly don't want to see the NAU, BUT, between Canada and the USA, we are extremely secure here in North America so long as we leave everyone else alone.

Canada and the USA together make such an incredibly enormous land mass with a relatively low population density. Aside from Russia and Australia, few places are sitting on such a jewel. Canada and the USA have been eachother's largest trading partners for a long, long time now (without NAFTA or the NAU I might add). We have also shared the the longest undefended border for an awful long time now with very little problems (a little booze smuggling in the 20's & some Cuban cigar & pot smuggling today - whoopdie doo).

The problem is that we have made our resources so costly because we insist on selling them to the far larger population of the world.

Now, I am all for free markets, and I also invest heavily in the stock markets/multi-nationals.

However, as a Canadian, all of those trees that get cut down, the oil that gets extracted, the minerals that get mined etc. etc. also belong to ME! They do not just belong to corporations. They also belong to ME and everyone who is a citizen. So, when MY trees (or whatever other resource) get cut down so that a Multi-national can increase its profits on the Global Market, MY trees are being taken from me, and sold back to me at exhorbitantly high prices. My benefits virtually nil, yet, I am paying twice - first by losing my resource, and then by paying through the roof to get that resource back. (Some would call that blackmail).

A little bit of protectionism and isolationism might not be such a bad thing. If the 2nd and 4th largest countries in the world, with an extremely low population of under 350 Million cannot get by with what God allocated to us, then we are just cuckoo.

Stop selling our resources to the global markets. Screw em.

We are surrounded by one of the biggest moats in the world - they are called oceans.

After over a century of relatively decent co-operation in trade without the need for silly things like the NAU etc, the USA and Canada have achieved and maintained by far the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

Piss on the rest of them, then.

It's none of our business. Just like our customs, forms of goverment and so-on are nobody else's business. We would certainly not let anyone tell us to change them, would we?

Back to isolationism.

Perhaps we are just getting a little too greedy.

Also, our governments are mandated to operate in the best interests of the PEOPLE, not multi-nationals seeking profits.

Maybe some monopoly busting here at home would be more effective than starting wars over there.

We need to get back to more Mom & Pop business's and employment, which still is, and always was, the back-bone of the West.

yy said...

wow the eagle is too scared to do anything! the bear is back and kicking.

Haven't seen the US so quiet since decades(if ever). Not suprisingly Europe tries to stay out of this.

The question is - would it be any different if Georgia would have been in NATO? 1939 Great Britain and France did not honor their military alliance with Poland. Goes to show that these "alliances" are worth nothing.

ALso interesting that something similar happened 1938 when Germany annexed Sudetenland - a part of Czechoslovakia with mostly german speaking citizens. So give world war 3 a while to develop ;) peace is not established yet - the situation is still very dangerous.

it's gonna be interesting if Russia is gonna go for another ex-soviet state. How about NATO baltics? How about NATO Poland (which wants US missile system). How about Ukraine - which like Georgia also wants to join NATO. Gonna be very interesting. far from over.

Anonymous said...

When you say that "Feminism is the least of our problems now...", you mean that much turmoil lies ahead. I am prepared and willing to plunge into chaos if it is going to shake off feminism.
That's the reason why I think that feminism is still our biggest concern. One way or another, that beast will have to be taken into the grave.


yy said...

Then you have something to look forward to because plunge into chaos we will !

Toku: check out on the gold/silver lease rates(bottom left) almost -3%.......

Togakure said...


Excellent comments as usual.

Although, I would say that free trade isn't such a bad idea, so long as the government doesn't support Corporatism, or provides favored status for multinationals and other large, moneyed interests.

We need a Ron Paul style policy of non-intervention, where nations don't intervene in the affairs of others, militarily, or economically. Let the free markets, and free enterprise, decide who wins and who loses.

And yes, the U.S. isn't going to do much to help Georgia. They know that to do so could potentially spark WWIII!!

This is why we need to leave foreign nations alone. Now our credibility is being trashed every time the Russians or the Georgians open their mouth.



Time to load up on gold ladies and gents! Because the price of gold can only be suppressed for so long...

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my absence from the debate, I have been following this incident and; I am in the process of preparing my own blog concerning this and other attacks on freedom from those who desire the new world order under one gov.


Togakure said...


Not a problem.

The more voices we have, the more better. Just let me know what your address is, so I can put you on the blogroll.