Friday, May 11, 2007

What the F&^K???

I'm pissed off.

Today's post is gonna be my Fred-X impression.

Forgive me in advance.

Today, at my office, I spoke to some so-called ladies (more like gold digging nappy headed hoes) concerning my lovely young wife.

For those who don't know, she is a Japanese woman with style, grace, good breeding, and manners; unlike the fat walrus lookin', chicken eatin', chain-smokin', welfare-chick-got-three kids having bitches that lumber around with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

They want to know why they have never met her, and when can they sit down with her and tell her "how things are."

What they don't know is that these silly ass, hypocritical, so-called Christian cowokers of mine will sit down with my young wife over my dead body!

I thought that these older and wiser women would speak to me about love, about comittment, about sacrifice.

Try not to laugh ya'll.

They then proceeded to tell me about if "we are married for ten years, my wife can divorce me and get half of my social security, half of my salary, child support, etc etc etc."



Why would they go out of their way to fuck up my marriage, and turn my sweet traditional Japanese girl into an Americanized single mother welfare-child support-crack whore like them??

I realize that feminism is everywhere; that TV and the Media promotes all kind of Anti-Male, Anti-Marriage, Anti-family telecrap, that has utterly corrupted today's women like ever before...

I know that it's a classic crabs in a bucket situation; that misery loves company, that people try to bring you down to their own private hell...


But still it's so unreal how these women turned from "sweet old ladies" to vicious, money-grubbing whores in the blink of an eye.


In summary: even your female family members cannot be trusted to support you in this day and age.

As of today, Kumogakure and family have come to a decision.

I love the United States of America, and this is my home, but this is the last straw.

Fuck it.

I don't give a shit about these silly ass hoes. They deserve what they get.

I don't give a rat's ass about these Manginas who enable this situation to go on. Let them rot in the private Hell they richly deserve.

I do care about the people who actually give a damn about marriage and family, who care about children and what is best for them, who resist and dispise feminism as much as I do.

I thought I would stay in this country and be a good example of a happy married couple to other people, so that they might be inspired.

I thought I would stand my ground and fight for them, and to make my society a better place.

But now... after I have seen the true attitudes of 97.5685% of what American women actually feel about marriage (as I have heard these same attitudes from a number of my female friends and family; not to mention the Media and the Internet), about family, and about men, I no longer care.

We are moving to back to Japan as soon as we are able. I will continue to blog, and enlighten the worthy, but the average Joe on the street is on his own.

I don't give a fuck.

Too many people buy into and believe in this fucked up system of ours, "and will fight to protect it."

In summary:

1) Learn as much about feminism and cultural marxism as you can. Knowledge is power. Spread the word, and save the worthy.



Do not allow women, church, or government to pressure you into marriage. Women, church, and government DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.

In fact, they profit from your servitude.

3) If you do marry, make a plan to relocate to the non-feminized country of your choice. As I noted in my Tyranny of Tolerance series, men in the U.S. have no rights when it comes to marriage, divorce, or family. NONE.

Might as well take your skills, knowledge, and potential offspring to a country that shows respect for you.

That's what I intend to do.

Above all... DON'T FUCKING GET MARRIED, and for goodness sake, don't feed this matrix by making babies or donating sperm.

One more thing...

Nappy headed, gold digging hoes can kiss my draggedly black Arse!



Anonymous said...

I totally sympathize with your distaste for this culture.

But I wonder what actually could make women -- like the ones you cited -- actually be opposed to marriage. Women who marry are better off financially, especially if they take on the nurturer role and stay home. Women are enter marriage, only to divorce, also make out quite well. Even women who carry their own economic weight in a marriage make out well because of the union. Why should any woman advise another against marriage? It's the biggest gravy train for women that western culture has ever produced.

You know why this whole episode was so offensive to you? It is that these harpies are trying to subject you to the financial devastation that men endure in the aftermath of an American divorce, and they're asking for your assistance in facilitating their effort in the ideological poisoning of your wife. They're asking for you to help them convince your wife to divorce you.

You have every right to be angry. You have every right to be enraged. You have every right to file a fucking sexual harassment lawsuit against them.

Godspeed, my friend.

tba said...

Why would they go out of their way to fuck up my marriage, and turn my sweet traditional Japanese girl into an Americanized single mother welfare-child support-crack whore like them??

JEALOUSLY, plain and simple. they recognize how crappy their lives are and, in order to feel normal, they want to bring others down to their level. Rather than work to improve themselves they want everyone to feel as miserable as they do. Parasites they are, worse than leeches.

I realize that feminism is everywhere; that TV and the Media promotes all kind of Anti-Male, Anti-Marriage, Anti-family telecrap, that has utterly corrupted today's women like ever before...

I personally think women, by NATURE, are corrupt. THus, they have to be reigned in. Which is why patriarchy was so IMPORTANT. Without this system, women are like fat children locked in a candy store- they can't control themselves.

We are moving to back to Japan as soon as we are able. I will continue to blog, and enlighten the worthy, but the average Joe on the street is on his own.

GOOD!!!! GO!!!! Run as fast as possible. I for one wish that I were able to exit this country. My plan is to accumulate as much wealth as possible and then, in 10 years, let this country crumble.

There are soem good women out there capable of rising above their natures, but one must begin with the view of women in the negative.

My condolensces, Kumo for the way they spoke of your wife.

Gommorah is burning. Flee and never look back, lest become a pillar of salt. I hope that you find greener pastures after you leave.

Kumogakure said...

Thanks gents for your kind words.

I knew this was going to happen, and I had heard about how "Americanization" occurs...

but I was very shocked to see the transformation in women that I had previously worked with for over two years. It was like the masks came off and I got a glimpse of the hideous monsters that lay just underneath the surface.

It will be a while before we go back, two years at most. But, I can't see myself trying to raise children here that will have decency and common sense... and I am not looking forward to defending my House from "homewrecking" American predatory females who are writhing with jealousy because "one got away."

I have to tell you gents, I told them that their selfish behavior was the most "disgusting thing I had ever heard," and I meant it.

Anonymous said...

this is probably a dumb question because the answer is obvious BUT they were single and/or divorced right?

Kumogakure said...

Actually, and this is what really pissed me off, two of the offenders were married women who allegedly are churchgoing women!

I would have expected this kind of thing from the divorced chicks, but I guess I wasn't ready to hear all that from the married girls, whom I had previously respected as "moral" individuals.

Well, at this point, I am glad that I decided, long ago, to separate my House from the Outside world.

My fears have been confirmed.

tba said...

that they are married women and 'christian' is all the more distressing. However, it shouldn't be much of a surprise anymore that allegedly Christian women are behaving as the rest of the women in this country.
The church is run by women-both in attendance and influence (including women pastors). All of this flies in direct contraction of what Paul commands- that women should NOT be leadership positions in church, that they remain silent while in attendance. And because women are now running the church there is NO WAY IN HELL that you will ANY sermon in church about women's proper role in the home and how they must submit to their husbands.
Churhes are now catering to women, and as a result, the divorce rate among Christians is equal to, if not more than, the general population.
Maybe it is simply best that you keep your conversations with these women (and other females) strictly related to work. That they wish to corrupt your wife, it is only logical that they will want to take it out on you when they realize they are incapable by accusing you of harassment.

kumo, BE CAREFUL. Work has now become a WARZONE in today's society. Good luck in all things.

Hawaiian Libertarian said...

Wow Kumo! Those women have got some kind of gall to actually tell you that they want to "set your wife straight" by destroying your happy family?

What did you say to them?

I think I would almost be moved to physical violence should these vicious harpies tell me that's what they wanted to do to my family!!!

Calling these psychotic hags "nappy headed hoes" is an insult to nappy headed hoes everywhere!

As for moving to Japan - IIRC, they just recently passed the same kind of no-fault/the woman gets half a pension type laws and that the divorce rate has been exploding. I could be wrong, but Japan may not be as you remember it when you were last there....

All I'm saying is that moving to Japan to get away from the misandrist matriarchs may simply be a case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

tba said...

Calling these psychotic hags "nappy headed hoes" is an insult to nappy headed hoes everywhere!


As for moving to Japan - IIRC, they just recently passed the same kind of no-fault/the woman gets half a pension type laws and that the divorce rate has been exploding. I could be wrong, but Japan may not be as you remember it when you were last there....

All I'm saying is that moving to Japan to get away from the misandrist matriarchs may simply be a case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

good points. I also read about how japan passed a law where women can drop their babies off at a hospital as well. While this is certainly better than her getting an abortion, this kind of law absolves women of their actions and responsibilities. Yet if a man decides he doesn't want to be a father, he must pay child support for the rest of his life.

I also read that Mexico has just legalized abortions. the NAU is coming.

Is there no place where men can escape the matriarchy???

LtRand said...

The only real option here in America is to live in a state that does not recognize common law unions if you want to be with a girl.

Kumogakure said...


All around, I recognize that we are living in difficult times.

The situation with the Japan divorce thing is quite different than it is with the West... at least both parties have to give consent before the divorce takes place.

A woman could go no fault on the hubby, but the Japanese court system is fantastically expensive (due to a severe lack of lawyers) and deeply pro family (as of now, anyway).

While there is no place to run from feminism, I do believe that the West is especially prone to it due to religious and cultural reasons.

I think that Asia will hold out longer than the West, especially since many an Asian (Japanese and Korean) man is all the way aware of the spread of feminism here in the West.

Only time will tell.

I will definitely watch my arse at the J.O.B., and this incident shows me that there is absolutely NO reason to mix work and personal.

Not gonna happen!


I told them that their conversation was the most disgusting thing I have ever heard, and that their money grubbing was absolutely selfish.

of course, they wanted to back-track and cover their arses once they found out that I wasn't taking their insult lying down.

A lot of women are really crafty like that... starting up shit and then trying to come out smelling like a rose!


/100% agreed... the safest way is definitely NOT to marry, and not to have a long term live in relationship (due to palimony reasons) with em.

Sad but true.

There are good girls out there, but the majority of the sisterhood is making it really, really hard for them.

julie said...


I am also sad this has happened to you but glad in a sense that you now know what they do and only because you have smartened up from it and are untouched.

Today, I listened to a women who is planning to leave her husband although she wants first her youngest to know as much of 'father' as possible. But in their situation the male is not pulling his weight, she say. That is not unusual for Pacific Islanders because they are not ready for the no-fault divorce and do not realise the state will care for the family and the man will be left bankrupt for 19 years of the child's life (from 0). The men are playing a role that is outdated in the western world yet they know nothing of what is install. It becomes hard for me even to tell women to stay sometimes because of PC, but i am one of these women that believes family (being the blood) are the only ones that will stand with you till the end, through thick and thin. There doesn't seem to be many who are like that anymore.

It is the selfishness that is the disease IMO and the fact that the state suggests their way is as good as a real family. This is a lie and the worst thing to tell them. But if they fall for it then some group like mine has to be their family yet i will never care for them like a real family. And it affects both females and males. These feminists and their male counter parts do not only tell us that we should leave our men but they also tell us we should disown our blood being our children if it intefers with our well being. And that is a broad description. You tell them to go to hell because that is what I tell them. Most of these feminists telling us how bad men are and that all men are rapists, are MARRIED to lovely men. That's why they get and got to where they are.

Believe me they fear me. And now they fear you. But your good nature and your right doings in life will show them. They will be watching you and learning from you now. I just know it.

But for your wife. Be her best friend. Don't let these people come between you. Running is all good but you can't run forever.

Be the great man you are and nurture your family also.

Kumogakure said...



I was really pissed off the other day, but I have gotten that out of my system.

Although I still plan on returning to Japan at some point, no one will come between my young wife and I.

No one.

It is a great selfishness that motivates such behavior true, but eventually I plan to prove that the women are also being set up for their new lives as automatons for the state.

And yes, you are absolutely right when you say, that only your blood kin will go to bat for you when times get hard.

The going is rough, but it is what it is!!

Thanks for your support.

^ ^

Anonymous said...

Am only anonymous because I can't be bothered to try and create an account quickly just to post a comment.

IN general, I agree with what I have read on this blog. Oh man, do I agree. My wife is a Brit, and thankfully nothing like what the modern western women have become. Without ever having read such sites like or similar blogs, I developed a very strong antipathy toward the nastiness of Western women (in reality American women) and made up my mind NOT to marry one.

It wasn't my Jesuit all male high school that made me hostile to American women. It was the contrast I noted in the cameradie, teamwork, etc. at an all male school and the general discord in ANY social situation when American women were thrown into the mix (and especially so when mixed with American males who didn't attend said Jesuit all male school).

By contrast, I never noticed great social discord among foreign women when in the military. I saw a lot of "strong" women amongst Filipinas, Mexicanas, Thais, Chinese (many well educated) but I didn't see a bitterness, chip on the shoulder, desire to be "manly" or curse, swear, etc. I saw a feminine behavior, friendliness, and classiness largely absent.

I just came back from France and Belgium, and even my wife commented how their women were MUCH more feminine, thin, stylish, and pleasant than both American women and UK women. We both had a jaded eye on the ferry back into the UK as the UK natives could generally be easily discerned compared to the French coming over.

It goes without saying that you can often spot an American abroad in Europe too (loud, fat, badly dressed, like in sweat pants, everywhere).

Something happened to American and general western culture everywhere. It may well poison places like France, but if so, it is a MUCH smaller dose.

Somehow, hostile, fat, greedy, plotting American women seem to think that a man prefering a feminine, intelligent, conventional, thin, stylish, well spoken foreign woman is a loser.

My experience in the military and in professional circles is that many younger American men make a mistake marrying American women, get divorced, take their lumps, promise never to marry again. Then, older, wiser, travel abroad (sometimes in retirement, as most of my contemporaries who remained in the military retired around age 38, I'd be retiring from the military at age 37 if I remained in, as a civilian, I am retired now at 35). Abroad, they meet young, delightful women who are what women used to be all over the world largely, and suddenly fall in love.

If my wife weren't the person she is, I doubt I would have married AT ALL, at least in a western country. I planned to wait until I was the age I am at now (when younger I figured I would stay in the military until retirement, stay single until then, then travel somewhere warm to retire, and let nature take its course), THEN consider marriage.

The advantages to marrying pile up for a man as he gets older. A 40 year old (and far older, Anthony Quinn fathered children in his 80s) man has generally no trouble becoming a father. A 40 year old woman, and older, has serious problems on average. An older man tends to be more stable, wiser, LESS likely (not immune) from making decisions with his "little head", and financially secure. Women have their power through their attractiveness, fertility, sexuality, and male ardour for them , when they are young.

Young men are very hot toward attractive women, and make stupid decisions, and young women know it. Older men make stupid decisions too, but I believe, per capita, make fewer of them (lessened power of raging hormones and the benefit of experience).

As a result, a single, financially strong professional male in his thirties and early 40s (if healthy and in good trim generally) really is like a customer at an all you can eat buffet. The power and the choice are generally his.

My advice to young American men is to get a good education in a field that is in demand all over the world (medicine, engineering, etc.), then travel abroad a LOT in your youth. Use protection (minimize your chances of disease and unplanned pregnancy) for any dalliances, avoid serious entanglements with American women.

While travelling abroad, you'll make a lot more money, get concentrated experience (I found that one year of living on the road, doing engineering projects to be much like five years of normal experience due to the many hats you must wear, the independence you demonstrate, and the sheer variety of tasks you tend to handle). When you are ready to settle down, you will have more money, a lot of wanderlust out of your system, and broader experience of the world.

In general, you will be better able to make a decision of what you'd like to do with your life and marriage choices, and be better able to implement them from both a financial and tempermental standpoint.

If interested, I can be written at wirelessmurf at yahoo dot com.