Sunday, March 30, 2008

URGENT! See Your Financial Adviser NOW.


Please check out Mr. Doug Noland's Credit Bubble Bulletin for this week.

And please note this section:

March 27 – Financial Times (Song Jung-a, Andrew Wood, and Michael MacKenzie): “The world’s fifth-largest pension fund said yesterday it would no longer buy US Treasuries because yields were too low, signalling what could be a big shift by financial institutions away from US government debt into higher yielding assets. South Korea’s National Pension Service, which has $220bn in assets, said it wanted to broaden its range of foreign investment. ‘It is difficult to buy more US Treasuries because the portion of our Treasury investment is already too big and Treasury yields have fallen a lot,’ said Kwag Dae-hwan, head of global investments at the NPS.”

This is really really bad.

I've written previously that if foreigners begin to turn away from U.S. Government Debt, we are screwed on so many levels.

This is a worrisome trend worth watching. If foreigners begin to choose other assets over U.S. Debt, we are in a lot of freaking trouble!

Now I am seriously worried.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Geert Wilders: Fitna the movie.

Here it is gang... the movie that has elevated Terrorist threat levels across the globe!

Take a good look.

The clash of cultures between the West and Islam seems to dominate all aspects of life these days, and I know that the Islamic Question is a difficult one to resolve.

In my case, I'm familiar with the religion, and I have a Koran on my bookshelf which I read from time to time. I know several Muslims, from American Black men who have converted, to Arab Muslims from Iran and Saudi Arabia. They are likable guys that I have had the pleasure of hanging out with from time to time. And mostly, religion isn't a factor in our relations. They have their faith, and I have mine.

There are some aspects of the religion that I agree with, and several elements that flow directly from Kemetian (Egyptian) religion, the spiritual science of my fathers. Therefore, I can relate to Islamic philosophy in certain areas.

I also hold the position, shared by the great American Statesman Dr. Ron Paul, that the Islamic Jihad we are facing is a consequence of our disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East, and that Western governments, especially the United States and the United Kingdom, FUNDED AND TRAINED ISLAMIC MILITANTS, AND SUPPRESSED NATIONALIST AND SECULAR MUSLIM GOVERNMENTS. And in spite of the perceived threat of the Islamification of the Western world, Western governments still do everything in their power, directly or indirectly, in full knowledge or in ignorance, to advance the goal of Radical Islamists, which is the cultural domination of Western society.

Now with that said, I reject the religion and the political ideology of Islam. I have no desire to become Muslim, and I believe that the religion itself is inferior when contrasted with Christianity, Buddhism, Kemetic philosophy, and others. Converting to Islam is, in my view, a huge spiritual step backwards.

In addition, I am well aware of the Islamic African slavetrade. Strike One.

I know all about how Muslims have desecrated the holy sites of religions the world over. Strike Two.

I also understand that Jihadists wish to mentally and spiritually enslave the entire world, and murder anyone who doesn't want to roll with the Islamic program. Strike Three.

Look, I'm a Black man, and an American. I don't presume to tell Europeans how they should run their affairs. I will say this though. Men like Mr. Wilders who, at great personal risk, wish to speak out about the dangers of Islamic fanaticism, have my full support. Did not the phrase, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” originate in Europe?

To those Europeans who wish to preserve the positive and worthwhile aspects of your traditional heritage and culture, I support you. Social change should come by the consent of all the people in the indigenous culture, and not by the means of government sponsored lies, suppression, and propaganda, nor by the pressure and scheming of outside groups who have little to no understanding of what the native culture is all about.

I am an American. My roots go back to the furthest reaches of time and space. I worship and serve the God of my Kemetic ancestors, with a healthy appreciation of Japanese spiritual practices.

And nothing and no one is going to change that. I will not become a Dhimmi, nor will I back down in the face of any political ideology that runs contrary to my beliefs, Islamic, Socialist, or otherwise. I am prepared to fight anyone, even my Muslim associates, if they should try to impose their ideals on me. Anyone, or any group of individuals who tries to do so is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

So my advice, to Europeans, to Americans, and to peoples across the globe, is to look to the best of OWN cultural traditions, take pride in them, and "Man-up" so that you will be able to fight for them when the time comes.

There is nothing wrong with absorbing the best traditions and aspects of other cultures into your own. But to abandon your traditions entirely is foolish. Take it from me, a black man who, up until last year, had NO IDEA about his true ethnic and cultural origins. Those who discard their cultural heritage out of a perverse sense of guilt or shame, or who are intimidated into giving up their legacy by terror and force, are those who choose to commit cultural suicide.

Toku of Waset.

Future Shock, Part I

What's good people??

Today's post is the beginning of one man's analysis on the future of Men, Marriage, and Platonic/Socialist/Marxist Feminism.

To make a long story short, I expect aggregate demand for Men and Manliness to go up, Marriage to make a roaring comeback, and the death of the Political Feminist machine that literally has had much of the Western World by the balls, for a very long time.

To kick things off, I would like to share some snippets of an excellent article entitled Gold: The Nationalization of Wall Street.

The author, Mr. John Ing, tells us what needs to happen before America and other overextended Western economies can begin to grow and prosper once more:

Needed is the recapitalization and restructuring of Wall Street, which is bloated from a decade of financial innovation. Needed is the repricing of risk. Needed is a new way for the rating agencies to rate risk, in that they cannot be principals but truly arms-length advisors. Needed is a restoration of faith in the U.S. dollar, which requires a fundamental change of policy in the current and next U.S. administrations. Needed is a boost in the U.S. savings rate, which now sits at zero. Needed is a reduction in the twin U.S. deficits. Needed is more candour from officials and policymakers. Needed is a deleveraging process.

Needed is for the Fed to allow the investment banks to take their losses, support those in need of liquidity, but not assume those losses...

...Needed is a change in the accounting rules to reflect mark-to-market losses and the impact on the investment banks' capital. Needed is a reversal of the accounting rules that allowed the banks to leverage up and instead put an emphasis on capital building rather than leverage. Needed are the changes in the impact of securitization that converted illiquid debt into new instruments. Needed is a change in accounting rules for off-balance sheet vehicles.

The United States must also address its continuing problem of too much consumption and its reliance on debt. America's credit woes come at a time when the rest of world is no longer willing to finance its current account deficits. After a quarter century of wealth creation, Americans have no choice but to work harder, tighten their belts, retire later and save more...

... And Finally, Needed Is a Role For Gold...

Mr Ing, in a few short paragraphs, sums up to a T what needs to happen before investors and citizens of Western nations can regain confidence and start out on the long path to a vibrant economy and healthy society.

These are the things that need to happen before I and billions of souls around the world can bet serious skin on American equities, bonds, and currency. Unless and until these things occur, my motto shall be:

In God we Trust. All others pay in GOLD.

You and I both know that, for a host of reasons, these common sense measures will not be taken. The economy will either fall into a Deflationary quagmire, or an Inflationary Depression.

Choose your poison.

But it should be understood, Dear Reader, that all of our economic woes are the direct results of our experiments with Socialist economic and social policies. Like I've said before, what happens on Wall Street is nothing more than a reflection of what's happening in the real world.

Our crisis is the fruition of years of ignorance, greed, selfishness, insecurity, vanity, and corruption. And I'm just as guilty as anyone else, I might add.

No one living in Western society can escape from the intoxicating influence of plentiful fiat money and credit, and a "something for nothing" mentality.

And this (mainly government backed) culture of injustice and deceit has corrupted damn near everyone; from the average Joe on the street all the way to the Supreme Court and the White House. John and Jane Q Public have been bamboozled, brainwashed, and duped in some cases; and others, sheeple have put their heads on the chopping block with full knowledge of the destructive consequences of their choices.

What the Hell?? Die now, Pay Later! they cry. Give us BREAD and GAMES!

Think about it. How can the world's largest economy continue to dominate the world when its bedrooms have been turned into battlefields?

In any event, this is an extremely important point. And we should also take a moment to understand what the Financial Services business is all about.

Like government, the Finance industry does NOT create value. Finance is a support function. Finance is a scorekeeper. Finance is like the grease of industry, as it aids in the reallocation of savings from those who have them to those who do not.

Think about it.

When a company is interested in increasing door to door sales, does it turn to the Finance guy and say, "Get out there and Sell, Sell, Sell!"

Of course not.

Finance is a support position. It plays a valuable role in any economy by extending credit, researching promising companies, evaluating which investment projects are the most rewarding and sound, among other functions. But finance (like government) cannot create wealth, savings, or capital. It can only redistribute it.

Get it?

This is important to understand because what is going on in our troubled markets is a symptom of a larger sickness.

And that symptom is Platonic Socialism, its sister ideologies, and above all, men who seek power. Which is a bummer for America, because we just happen to be a Socialist paradise, whose elite class seeks only Mo' riches and Mo' domination.

Don't believe me?

Take a look at the major planks of the Communist Manifesto. Any of these sound familiar?

Abolition of the family! Even the most radical get riled up about this shameful intention of the communists.

What is the present family based on? On capitalism, the acquisition of private property. It exists in all of its meaning only for the bourgeoisie, but it finds its complement in the enforced lack of families of the proletarians and public prostitution.

The family of the (41) bourgeois naturally falls by the way-side with this, its complement, and both will vanish when capitalism vanishes...

The document continues:

The following measures could fairly universally be applied for the most-developed countries:

1. Expropriation of land and application of income derived from land for State expenditures.

2. Heavy, progressive taxation.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4. Confiscation of the property of emigrants and rebels.

5. Centralization of lending in the hands of the State through a national bank with State capital and exclusive monopoly.

6. Centralization of all means of (49) transport in the hands of the State.

7. Proliferation of nationalized manufacturing, instruments of production, land clearing and improvement of all land holdings according to a common plan.

8. Equal mandatory employment for all, construction of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

9. The consolidation of agriculture and industry, evolution towards gradual elimination of the distinction between city and rurality.

|482| 10. Public and publicly funded education of all children. Abolition of children's factory labour in its present form. Unification of education with material production etc. (51)

Now in all fairness, the Platonists and the Marxists, and yes, even some of the Feminists, have made statements and proposed policies that are reasonable and proper.

There are some truths that are Universal and can be readily distinguished by both Marxists and Libertarians alike. However, the fact remains that much of Socialism, Marxism, and Feminism was and is an utter failure. Those nations, civilizations, and individuals who follow the tenants of Leftism are doomed, as they are totally disconnected from Universal and Economic law.

And, as we survey the planks of the Communist Party, we have no choice but to conclude that America today IS a Socialist nation. A moderate one, to be sure, but still Socialist.

And, our Socialist Federal Reserve is attempting to stave off economic collapse by absorbing billions in bad loans and securities, at the same time our GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) are taking on billions in troubled mortgages.

And, just in case you were wondering why this is such a bad thing, Mr. Ing tells us that:

With the shadow of the thirties looming, the Fed's orchestration of events since August, from the decision to give Wall Street access to the discount window, to the acceptance of Wall Street's inventory as collateral, to the cronyism of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) to the $30 billion backstop of unwanted securities to the Bear Stearns' rescue, to the relaxation of rules governing quasi-government bodies such as money losing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, all points to a role beyond that of a lender of last resort. In absorbing the liabilities of Wall Street, the Fed is simply piling on debt on more debt. No nation, even the United States, can borrow forever without facing up to economic consequences. And no one is too big to fail.

Just Who Will Bail Out The Fed?

The U.S. dollar is among the sickest currencies in the world, giving up 50 per cent of its value since 2002 because the United States is deep in the financial hole. The gap between spending and revenue grows ever wider. Today, foreigners are not so eager to help. The problem is that America is a debtor country and dependent on foreigners to finance its chronic deficits requiring an inflow of $800 billion from foreign investors each year to finance the country's deficits. Not surprisingly, America's creditors are losing confidence in the country's solvency. Americans spend too much and save too little. America's trade deficit is at seven per cent of GDP and the budgetary deficit - excluding supplement spending for the war - is estimated at $400 billion. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so far at $600 billion and Congress is to approve another $275 billion. The CBO estimates the war might eventually cost between $1 trillion and $2 trillion by 2017. Meantime, consumer spending accounts for more than 70 per cent of the U.S. economy, but household debt is now at 140 per cent of consumers' after-tax income. Debt on debt is not good.

(Edward House and President Woodrow Wilson)

No, it is not. But, this is a consequence of Socialist economic and social policy, which began in earnest in the United States with the rise of Woodrow Wilson and his good chum Colonel Edward M. House, who, incidentally, founded the Council on Foreign Relations.

Let's just say, Dear Reader, that I'm not surprised.

And, unless we get our collective asses in gear, our future, according to Bill Bonner and friends at The Daily Reckoning, looks pretty bleak.

They write:

America has become a huge empire. All empires are extraordinary things…fragile and doomed to failure. When the Soviet Union threw in the towel, America was left without any major competition. Since empires cannot last, and since she had no competitors worthy of the name, the Empire of Debt had to find a way to destroy herself.

In that sense, it was no accident that the financial industry invented subprime debt…and then put it in its own coffers. Nor was it any accident that households spent more than they could afford. Nor that Congress went on the biggest spending spree in history. Nor that George W. Bush took the nation into an unbelievably pointless and expensive war, effectively squandering not only the nation's credit…but also its military advantage.

Meanwhile, Americans' eagerness to spend money they didn't have on things they didn't need caused a huge boom in places they'd never been. Asians built factories, roads and entire cities with money gotten from selling gadgets to Americans. Arabs built ski-slopes in the desert…and constructed towns on manmade islands. And even their former enemies - the Russians - created one of the world's largest piles of U.S. dollar reserves, and saw their own wages rise 6 times in the last eight years. These foreign competitors have been adding to their skills, their savings, and their capital bases - just while the United States has been running its own down.

This drama is far from over. We are only at the beginning of it. The next scenes should be even more interesting. The dollar will lose its status as the world's reserve currency (possibly with episodes of hyper-inflation)…China and Russia will greatly increase military spending (with some dangerous moments, as the US still tries to throw its weight around)…U.S. stocks will work their way down to real values - with P/Es below 10…and the average American household will find itself no better off, financially, than the average family in, say, Latvia or Malaysia. Then, Asian manufacturers will outsource production to an area where wages are low and productivity is high - Arkansas, maybe.


Next time!

Future Shock, Part II!

After that,

The writings of Bax!


Friday, March 28, 2008

God, Guns, Gold and Rock and Roll!!

Find out WHY the Second Amendment guarantees the right of INDIVIDUAL American citizens to own firearms, here.

After that, please be sure to read about the most important Supreme Court case in recent memory here.

Don't sleep. If the World's Worst Court decides to strip the people of their Natural Right to bear arms, then all of our other freedoms will be lost in short order.

God is spiritual freedom.

Gold is economic freedom.

Guns are political freedom.

Two out of three necessities of Liberty have already been undermined. If we lose the third rail, get ready for Tyranny on a whole other level.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Greetings Tokumaniacs!!

There's a lot of chaos going on these days.

Visit and find out about how the major Wall Street firms are cutting thousands of jobs.

Reflect on the reasons why Gold took one hell of a beating at

And finally, see this insightful piece about Bear Sterns, the Fed, and why JP Morgan might find itself on the auction block really soon!


Make no mistake though. Financial oblivion is still a major possibility, because, despite all the Fed actions and such, none of the fundamentals have changed. The economy sucks, jobs are being lost left and right, governments and businesses are seeing decreased revenues, and people are finally realizing that saving and investing their pennies isn't such a bad deal after all.

Not to mention that the Fed, the Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie and Freddie), and the Government itself are rapidly taking on unsustainable amounts of debt in the doomed effort to save our corrupt economic order.

When push comes to shove, the Feds will do what central governments do best: Print the Money.

Which means, physical Gold and Silver are going to be where its at. When the house of cards comes tumbling down, nothing else will be able to touch Gold in terms of monetary value.


Don't sleep ladies and gents: the fiscal problems this country faces are far from over. Check with your certified adviser, and make sure you get your financial house in order!

And, be sure to check back, as I begin my commentary of the writings of Bax. His work is fascinating, and I want to make sure I break it down properly.



Monday, March 17, 2008

The Court Shot Heard Around the World!

Breaking news, courtesy of the Good Guys at Don't Get Married and Anti-Misandry:

The Court Shot Heard Around the MRA World

(Courts Takes Steps to Shuts Down Men’s Rights in Canada)
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Legislating form the bench has in a landmark case just shut down the BC Fathers Forum. Pierrette Bouchard, Isabel Boily, Marie-Claude Proulx, Her Majesty The Queen In The Right of Canada, and The Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Canada moved against Ken Wiebe and his supporters in the movement, which includes almost every serious MRA in the country of Canada. Following on the heels of attempts to shut down a conservative forum Free Dominion, which has now moved out of the country, and even a long established and respected newsmagazine MacLean’s, the PC forces backed by the courts have ruled from the legislating bench and made anti-feminism and other non-PC speech illegal.

Below are the positions in the decision, and commentary from Pitbull:


The lawyers or counsels representing the government and pro-feminist forces were D. A. Gooderham, S. Gaudet & R. J. Danay.


At least some of the items on the website can fairly be described as stridently anti-feminist. The plaintiff testified that he is not opposed to feminism as such, but is critical of what he calls the “more extreme” feminist view. However, not all of the material on the website makes that distinction. One article refers to “feminist myths and tricks.” A portion of that article refers to men who express agreement with feminists and says, “You’re far from the first man to sell out their own.”

Here they fail to mention the fact that this is part of a discussion forum, which is open to many views from many sides, yet only the extreme views are brought forth. Since it is now officially on the record that members of these Human Rights Commission (Richard Bruce Warman) have sign on to such sites and acted as supporters and threaded extreme and hateful speech themselves (as defined in this new expanding PC code) we could have the commission both inflaming passions and then using the same passion as a reason to shut down the forum down. If pro-feminist forces can record threads that violate their own made code then they can shut down any forum they want by signing on recording their code violation and then bring the courts and commission down on any political opponents of their agenda by referencing their own threads as proof...

Please visit Anti-Misandry to read the rest of the commentary regarding this outrageous, if not totally unexpected, decision. The forces of Tyranny are moving.

My thoughts:

A: The Men's Rights Movement has made the Big Time, in more ways than one.

It would seem that the government of Canada (and by extension, governments throughout the Western world) are at least marginally aware of our existence.

This will bring exposure and free publicity to the movement if governments decide to place us on "hate watch" lists and the like. Although the publicity will be of the negative variety, it should come as no surprise to seasoned MRAs.

We're used to being demonized, misrepresented, and portrayed as hate mongers and extremists. Nothing to see here folks!

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! We can use any elevated government campaigns to attract those who are interested in finding out the truth for themselves, thereby gaining new recruits. We can convert would be opponents into allies by doing what we've always done: countering hyperemotional and blatantly false feminist propaganda with truth, facts, figures, and research.

The Truth is on our side gentlemen, and no weapon formed against us will prosper.

The totalitarian repression of speech goes hand in hand with an oppressive socialist/communist/facist economic and political regime. And looking at modern history, such regimes don't last very long. Those in government and industry who attempt to violate the Natural Rights of its people automatically sow the seeds of its own demise. Governments can do their worst in the attempt to stifle political dissent, but they ultimately fail. By their obviously unfair and criminal actions, rogue governments de-legitimize themselves, and are replaced ultimately with those that respect and uphold the Natural Rights and Liberties that are inherent in all people.

One would hope that Canada and other nations would stop, open up a history book, read it, and learn something, but... I won't hold my breath.

B: The Men's Rights Movement is an extension of the greater freedom movement. It's time has come, and cannot be silenced.

Even if the Matriarchal governments of the world decided to shut down every existing MRA site within their jurisdictions, the ideals of the Men's Rights Movement would simply go underground.

(Niccolo Machiavelli)

As the great political scientist Machiavelli tells us:

Whoever becomes the master of a city accustomed to freedom, and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed himself; because, when there is a rebellion, such a city justifies itself by calling on the name of liberty and its ancient institutions, never forgotten despite the passage of time and the benefits received from the new ruler (Machiavelli, The Prince, p. 18).

The author also writes: republics there is more life, more hatred, a greater desire for revenge, the memory of their ancient liberty does not and cannot let them rest (p 19)....

We as Men know what are ancient rights were, and how they were illegally taken away.

We are fully aware of our Natural Rights as Men and children of God.

We know that we are the Sovereign Masters of our government, and that the State is nothing more than an Agent working on our behalf.

We are AWAKE.

And there is nothing, or no-one, not even Hitlary Rodham herself, that can end this movement. Feminists and Bureaucrats, take note.

The message will spread, regardless.

The Immortal Angry Harry has given us a very workable plan of action in the event that MRA sites are shut down en mass:

You will simply make matters far worse for you and your feminist cronies should you try to interfere with men's websites.

Indeed, if angryharry was ever taken down for being too outspoken or aggressive, or something like that, then I would most definitely manage to summon the effort required to attempt to make matters much, much worse for feminists and for those heinous politicians who would undoubtedly be behind such a thing.

Indeed, there are all types of mischief that I would probably get up to...

... There are many men's activists - increasing in number all the time - who are extremely motivated to destroy the hateful ideology of feminism. Indeed, some of them are still full of anger over personal events that happened to them well over a decade ago!

Yes. It's true!

In fact, there are now loads of committed men's activists from all over the world who have been around for absolutely ages!

They work without reward or pay. Their status and their career prospects do not go up. In fact, they probably go down.

But they are still here!

And they are very clearly not going to go away!

Indeed, the internet is now uniting them, and creating more of them.

And in whatever area their activism is suppressed, they will simply pop up elsewhere.

And wherever they go, their activities will continue to be most detrimental to feminists.

And in the end, they will win.

And they will win because feminism is a thoroughly hateful ideology that is causing tremendous harm to western society, and because more and more people are finally beginning to wake up to this fact.

Truer words have never been spoken.

And for the readers of Men's Rights related content, I would advise you to freely copy the writings of your favorite sites and blogs, archive them, and present them to as many people as possible. In this way, the Men's Rights message isn't confined to a few obscure websites; but it goes viral, and out of the reach of Matriarchal feminist censors.


Let me say something else.

The fact of the matter is, Dear Feminist, is that the only way you can shut ME up is to come and get me. And if you lock me up for speaking the truth, so be it. I will do nothing but CONTINUE to spread the word in prison. If you murder me for speaking the truth, then you will create a martyr.

(Some of my ancestors)


It's really as simple as that. There is nothing you can do to stop the Men's Rights Movement. No one is scared of you. Resistance is futile.

C: Feminists and their sympathizers who seek to stifle dissent and activism shouldn't get too cocky.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, feminism is an ideology based on lies, falsehood and deception, and is doomed to failure. Feminism is a morally bankrupt idea that rests upon a foundation of sand. It cannot and will not survive the unrelenting criticism of billions of souls around the world.

Secondly, Socialist/Marxist feminism, as well as Fascism and its related philosophies are widely despised, even by those in politics and government.

Your author is a public servant. And I also know MANY in the legal profession, the business community, academia, and law enforcement who also hate feminism and the totalitarian philosophy that gives it life. Many educated and influential persons agree with the general outline of abuses chronicled in such books as Taken into Custody. And happily, Taken into Custody and similar works are enlightening people everywhere.

Many are aware of the truth about wedge issues such as Domestic Violence and the Divorce Industry.

I can assure you, Dear Reader, that many in prominent positions of influence KNOW the truth about feminism; it's just a question of how far are they willing to go in order to buck the system. People can only see so much injustice before they break their silence and SPEAK OUT like I have.

As a matter of fact, I know that LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) and Investigative Agents who would monitor sites such as mine suffer the most from unfair divorce laws, child support judgments, and domestic violence accusations. These men grimly go about doing their jobs, suffering in silence.

They strive to uphold justice, law and order everyday, and yet that very same legal system tramples upon their rights as Men everyday. Many have minimal contact with their children, and yet have to pay massive amounts of money to ex-wives, who then proceed to make their lives a living hell. And, being an LEO, there isn't much they can do to change the system, lest they find themselves demoted, transferred, or blacklisted from any possible promotions or coveted assignments.

Oh yes, many of them are angry. When do these honest and conflicted LEOs reach their Breaking Point?

There are many good, patriotic, and loyal government employees
who take their duty to serve and protect the public very seriously. And, once they are enlightened to the fact that it is government rules and policies themselves that are contributing to the massive amounts of crime and disorder that they see everyday, when they understand that it is injustice and lies that drives people like me to spend their precious time blogging about issues like these, and when they realize that the government itself is violating the Law of the Land (i.e. the Constitution) that these men have sworn to uphold, these foot soldiers for the Matriarchy become our greatest allies, friends, and protectors.

Feminists and powermongers, take note. You can only push people around so far.

The truth is on our side. And, once the People learn the facts, they quickly join our team. And as Machiavelli said, a free people NEVER forget their ancient liberties, no matter how corrupted by fiat money, government handouts, and decayed morals.

So in closing...



Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Truth.

The video speaks for itself.

Ron Paul was our last chance.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Price is Right!!

A Sad Sad commentary on the state of the Black Family.

Ah well, Fuck it.

At least tha clip has the Price is Right theme... so that makes everything A.O.K!!

So remember... the avoidance of a lifetime of crippling payments can be yours... IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!

As an added bonus...


Bob "Big Pimpin'" Barker vs. "Slick Willie" Clinton!

Who's tha Biggest Playa? You make the call!

As for me, I GOTTA roll with Big Bob. You ain't never heard of Barker's Beauties??

Toku "Pretty Boy" Gakure.

Goldseek Radio: The Return of the American Family.

Check it out.

In the first hour of the show, the host compares our present day situation to the classic Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath.

For those who haven't read it, take a moment to do so. Get a good look at the future that awaits John and Jane Public.

As I've written in recent days, Political Feminism is doomed. The average woman is going to learn, in a hurry, that marriage is NOT slavery, and that they have a lot of work to do in order to get back into the good graces of the very men they rejected, denigrated, and alienated.

Until Domestic Violence, No Fault divorce, VAWA, and a host of other man unfriendly laws and statues are reformed or repealed, I suspect that women as a whole are going to find out, the really really hard way, what it means to be strong and independent.

I pray they are up to the challenge. There will be no reconciliation until our rights , and our sacred honor, are respected once more.

In any event, have a listen. It's good for ya!


Fear and Loathing on Wall Street!

Today we have witnessed a watershed event...

A major Wall Street House has all but declared insolvency. While such an event was no surprise to Finance guys, who warned that this day would come, I was surprised to learn that the victim was Bear Sterns.

From the AP:

Bear Stearns Bailed Out by Fed, JPMorgan
Friday March 14, 3:44 pm ET

By Stephen Bernard and Joe Bel Bruno, AP Business Writers
Teetering Bear Stearns Gets Bailout From Federal Reserve, JPMorgan Chase

NEW YORK (AP) -- Bear Stearns Cos., one of the most venerable names on Wall Street, turned to a rival bank and the federal government for a last-minute bailout Friday to prevent it from collapsing.

The Federal Reserve responded swiftly to pleas from Bear Stearns that its coffers had "significantly deteriorated" within a 24-hour period as rumors about the bank's situation fueled the Wall Street version of a run on the bank. Central bankers tapped a rarely used Depression-era provision to provide loans, and said they were ready to provide extra resources to combat an erosion of confidence in America's biggest financial institutions.

Nearly half the value of Bear Stearns, or about $5.7 billion, was wiped out in a matter of minutes as investors felt the bailout signaled that the credit crisis has reached a more serious stage, and now threatens to undermine the broader financial system -- and the U.S. economy...

I thought that if any Investment House would go under, it would JP Morgan itself, as they have trillions of dollars worth of derivatives outstanding. And what's worse, many Wall Street and other firms have been dabbling in what Deepcaster calls Dark Liquidity pools that are not open to any meaningful public examination.

Disaster could strike these firms in the blink of an eye, and we wouldn't know it until all Hell breaks lose on CNBC. Needless to say, a paralyzing Market Crash could be the ugly result. Credit is contracting rapidly, and all manner of banks and hedge funds have been feeling the squeeze!

Something else that needs to be pointed out: The Federal Reserve is OWNED by JP Morgan and other elite institutions. Therefore, read this as a case of the Federal Reserve acting on the orders of its Money Masters. Understand that the Fed stands ready, not to protect you, your purchasing power, or your standard of living, but to bail out its owners, the major Banks and Wall Street firms.

Who are, by the way, literally hanging on by a thread.

Today's debacle tells us all we need to know about what the Fed will do from here on out. As a Gold investor, I was concerned that the current Gold rally could end if the Fed decided to either hold or increase interest rates.

However, Dear Reader, the future is clear.

The Fed will continue to pump billions into the economy, and in a ironic twist of Divine Justice, it will have to accept as collateral the hazardous loans that it helped to create, thus putting the Privately Owned institution directly on the hot seat.

The slashing of interest rates will assure that Gold, Crude Oil, and Commodities will continue their upward trend. Indeed, we are now living in the era of One Thousand dollar gold.

Ever increasing commodity inflation, especially in the case of Oil, will strain the consumer, causing our Recession to deepen. Businesses will see their profits fall, which could lead to more job losses. Home foreclosures will continue unabated. The Dollar will continue to sink to new lows.

Everything in our socialistic managed economy depends on artificially manipulated interest rates. And so long as the Fed is powerless to increase interest rates, expect the devaluation of the currency, and the impoverishment of the Average Joe and Jane to continue without mercy.

The Money Masters have really gotten themselves into a jam this time... and unfortunately for them (and many innocent and naive sheeple), they are going down HARD. God's justice is sure, thorough, and terrible.

Dare I say it... this is the beginning of the end of the New World Order (not to mention their weak political feminist handmaidens). It will soon be every useless politician for themselves!

Very soon, the entire world will know that RON PAUL WAS RIGHT.


Don't get caught swimming naked, as Warren Buffet would say.

Talk to your financial adviser, get your portfolio right, STOP buying useless crap, SAVE your money, and BUY assets with real value that are going to APPRECIATE during this downturn.

(Also, for those who want the real reasons as to why Bear Sterns collapsed, be sure to check out Mish of Mish's Global Economic Trends as he lays it down and gives you the Straight Dope.)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alan Stang: Playboy and Women!

An interesting article, sent to me by one of my excellent College Buds.

Thanks for the heads up!

Despite being written from a Victorian perspective, it manages to hit many major points of interest, including the connection between feminist icon Margaret Sanger [a] and the Nazi Eugenicist movement, the Gospel of Marxist Feminism according to Simone de Beauvoir, the formerly low illegitimacy rates in the Black family (before the institution was totally annihilated), and much more.

By the way, I am opposed to the bulk of Victorian values for two very important reasons.

Firstly, I do not believe that a healthy expression of sex and eroticism is incompatible with solid family values. As I have written previously, many cultures, with a much longer track record than ours, have managed to strike a balance between sex and sensibility. So to say that our present familial breakdown is mainly a function of pictures of nude women being available for widespread consumption is a massive oversimplification of our present situation. The enjoyment of the naked female body and strong moral and family values are NOT mutually exclusive in my view.

Secondly, the whole "Woman on a Pedestal" attitude that Victorianism represents created the atmosphere for Old Skool feminists to openly discriminate against men both in law and in practice. In addition, the Mangina tendencies that Victorianism introduced proved to the the perfect Trojan Horse for the ideology known as Cultural Marxism to take hold.

(Earnest Belfort Bax)

But more on this when we cover the works of English Socialist E. Belfort Bax. I hope to prove, in future posts, that the only way for Men to reclaim our ancient Rights is to take the whole ugly Victorian-Chivalry-Woman-First ethic behind the proverbial barn and put it out of its misery.

Without further ado, here is the excerpt of Playboy and Women:


by Alan Stang
March 7, 2008

In earlier sections of this extended treatise, we saw that so-called “women’s liberation” – like Organized Sodomy – is a weapon the conspiracy for world government devised to destroy the foundation of our civilization so that our country could easily be submerged and dissolved in the totalitarian socialist system it seeks. In this session, let’s see where “liberation” has taken women. We saw that the Communists were among the earliest advocates of modern “women’s liberation.”

An important element in “women’s liberation” is the so-called “Playboy philosophy” devised by magazine publisher Hugh Hefner in his degenerate Playboy magazine. What? Isn’t Hefner’s pseudo “philosophy” the opposite of “women’s liberation? Well, what is the “Playboy philosophy?”

Before Playboy, parents warned daughters about all the things a couple of millennia of experience prove man does not want. They told her that the natural man does not want flowers. He does not want dinner. He doesn’t want to waste time with sweet talk. He wants to walk into a bar, get drunk with a compliant woman in a spirit of perfect equality and then jump into bed. He doesn’t even want to waste time with foreplay. If there is a pregnancy, it’s her problem. In short, he wants to sweep into the dustbin of history all those “prudish, Victorian” obstacles.

To prevent that deletion, it was necessary to domesticate the male. He was required to call for a young lady at home – actually get out of his car and knock on the door – where Dad could eyeball him while cleaning his shotgun. Racking a twelve-gauge shotgun, even empty, makes such an authoritative, spiritually satisfying sound.

At dinner, as an expression of respect, he was required to stand up when the lady departed the table for the ladies’ room and again when she returned. And the lady was required to wear an antiquated garment called a dress, a garment with no legs you can see in “Gone With the Wind.” There were separate entrances to cocktail lounges oddly called “Ladies Entrance.”

I realize this next item will be challenged by people who are not as well-versed in history as they should be, but the fact is that ladies back then did not routinely display their belly buttons in public. For his part, the male did not show the different hemispheres in his behind unless he was a plumber, working beneath a sink. And the male alone wore judicious tattoos, usually memorializing his military unit. The dad with the shotgun required that the man bring the lady home at a specified time.

Because of these millennia-tested protections, unauthorized pregnancy was relatively rare. For just one example, we are talking about a time when there was such a lawgiver in most “Negro” homes, with the happy result that the rate of illegitimacy there was lower than it is in white families today. In the relatively unlikely event of such a pregnancy despite these precautions, the intransigent, deflowering male was encouraged to marry in a “shotgun wedding,” most of which, surprisingly, survived. These were just a few aspects of the then cultural matrix...

Be sure to read the rest, and check out his insightful column on Communism and Women, a topic that we have explored thoroughly on this blog, here.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

03-09-2008: This Week on Wall Street.

Greetings gang!

In this difficult economic times, Toku is here sharing information that you might find interesting.

First off, read about the economic endgame at the Insightful Economicrot blog.

Next, check in with Doug Noland's latest Credit Bubble Bulletin. A must read!

After that, get deep with Deepcaster's Increasing Systemic Risk. And while you're at it, search for his previous articles, as they are all worth reading.

And finally, go to Constitution Mining's webpage, enter some data, and download their book The Value of Honest Money.

When you're done with all that, you'll have all the education you need for the week.

Remember: If you are Trading or Investing, Superior Knowledge and Thorough Analysis is the key to success.

A whole lotta people are going to get taken to the cleaners. It will truly be a living hell for many. Don't be one of them!


Toku out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Japanese Dating Strike Rages On...


Before we get to today's post, please watch this video for some quick background.

Now that you’ve been acquanted with the Japanese expression Mendoukusai (面倒臭い), let’s move to our featured news item, courtesy of Mainichi Daily News:

More Japanese cutting out the middleman with dating sims and sex toys

Shukan Asahi (3/7)

"Sex is just way too much trouble," a 35-year-old man tells Shukan Asahi (3/7), confessing that ever since he used a masturbation aid at age 19 he's never wanted to be with a woman again. "As long as I have a sex toy available, I don't need women. I can't come when I have sex, and you've got to put a lot of emotion into dealing with women. Self-pleasure is a hell of lot less demanding than trying to please somebody else."

Young Japanese are becoming mixed up about sex. Just a few years ago, people worried that the young were developing a practical enjoyment of sex at too early an age, now they're getting steamed up because growing numbers of youths are showing little or no interest in the subject…

Allow me to interject here.

It’s not that your typical red blooded Japanese male has no interest in sex… it’s that they have no interest in increasingly Westernized, Feminized, overbearing and hypercritical Japanese women.

Japan has no tradition of Chivalry or Victorianism that drives them to bend over backwards like slaves in order to beg favors from obnoxious and childlike women who expect life to be just like a Friends episode (Westerners would have a hard time imagining how fantastically popular Friends is throughout Asia). And so, in the face of a growing woman-first onslaught, the typical Japanese guy on the street has chosen to Go His Own Way.

Check out these stories when you have a minute:

Getting back to the article:

"…There has been a definite increase in the number of men showing signs of vaginal ejaculation dysfunction disorder, which includes such afflictions as premature and delayed ejaculation. There are physical reasons believed to be behind this, including prejudice against women, past trauma and overuse of masturbatory aids so that a vagina is unable to provide sufficient stimulation," Dr. Tsuneo Akaeda, head of the Akaeda Clinic in Tokyo's Roppongi entertainment district, tells Shukan Asahi.

"Some of the masturbation aids coming out nowadays are absolutely incredible. Guys become used to using these and there is no doubt that many men are unable to obtain the necessary satisfaction from a female vagina that they need to ejaculate…"

Prejudice against women eh???

It’s sad to see a Japanese man, like Doctor Akaeda, turn into a feminist apologist. He should know better. While hardcore misogyny might be a factor in a very small number of cases, the reality is that many Japanese girls today (by Japanese standards, not ours) are truly メンドークセー, or, a royal Pain in the Ass.

As noted previously [a][b], feminism and Japanese culture are utterly alien to one another.

Unfortunately for my other mother country, the impressionable young women are attempting to fuse corrupt Western-Feminist values with traditional Japanese-isms, creating a weird situation where an undeclared Gender War has broken out between the sexes. Stories like these will continue until one side or the other can declare total victory. And right, wrong, or indifferent, Japanese men are quite stubborn. They would rather walk off the field than attempt to play a game that is rigged against them.

The story continues:

“…At least the do-it-yourself handymen, so to speak, are showing some interest in the pleasures of the flesh. Figures from the Japanese Association for Sex Education, which has been surveying students at schools and universities nationwide on an annual basis since 1974, show that there has been a dramatic decrease among young Japanese people's interest in sex since 1999…”

Japan is what I call 恥ずかしい文化 (Hazukashii Bunka). In other words, shyness rules. Japanese men are very self-conscious when it comes to matters of respect, face, and honor. Many young Japanese men have figured out that their women have lost their damn minds, thanks to the influence of foreign ideas such as feminism, and there’s no way in Hell that they are going to tolerate bad behavior or psychic torture from the opposite sex. Dating has become totally annoying for many.

American men might have a hard time understanding what the problem is, since the average Japanese woman is still head and shoulders above 89.397% of their American sisters. The Japanese woman still mostly understands what the words Pride, Honor, Self-Respect, Charm, Grace, and Loyalty mean… its just that Japanese (and most Asian men, from my experience) have very high standards, handed down over thousands of years of history, as to how a woman should behave.

And in our modern era, it would seem that Asian women are failing miserably. Such is the consequence of the wholesale adoption of Western-Feminist culture in the quest to grow and expand their economies.

In addition, (ever increasing) headlines like these...

The Nakamura-Takeuchi split: she gets the kid, alimony and a new career, he gets hosed.

It's been one of the nastiest mutual consent divorces in Japanese entertainment history, but kabuki star Shido Nakamura and Yuko Takeuchi have finally untied the knot, with the actress emerging as the complete victor, according to Shukan Shincho (3/13)...

... are giving Japanese guys all the incentive they need to NOT GET MARRIED!

To sum it all up, for a variety of reasons, women all over the world are acting extremely stupid, and Men are sitting idly by and allowing it to happen.

And, as we will see in my next post, the feministic mindset has been crushing the life out of men for a very, very long time.

So be smart, and stay out of entangling alliances with the womenfolk, unless you are prepared to catch a Tigress by the toe. And with the current climate of anti-man laws, attitudes, and customs, living, working, and dating them has become more hazardous than ever. Don't bite off more than you can chew!

Toku out.

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised...

Ladies and Gents:

After a hard fought, roller-coaster campaign, it looks like the good Doctor has decided to kick back for a minute. No doubt he is preparing for his triumphant return to the House of Representatives; with a boatload of clout and a MUTHAFUCKIN army of Revolutionaries ready to support him.

My advice to the Crooked Politicians in Congress would be to Get. With. The. Program.

And, as this Great Man says, those who love freedom have acheived much, and awakened many.

Indeed, with an upcoming media company, a new political manifesto, enthusiastic candidates running for political office [a][b], and the power of the Internet, manned by Ron Paul footsoldiers across the country, the seeds have been planted. Resistance is futile. Those who seek to enslave us are worried, and for good reason.

The Revolution will not be televised... but our pending economic collapse will most certainly be. And, when the People demand answers, and howl for blood, I and others like me will more than willing to explain, in painstaking detail, how we ended up in Economic Hell.

We the Ron Paul faithful will be standing tall in the middle of the chaos and proclaim with all our strength that...

Ron Paul was Right!!

If you take nothing else away from this post, understand that the fight for freedom has just begun!

Toku out.


To the crooked and criminal elements in positions of power and authority that would seek to illegally overthrow our Constitution, and reduce the People to a state of servitude, I would like to send you a message.





Believe it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Guess who's back...

... with the Sword of Truth, the only Power in the Universe that can destroy lies and cut tha bullshit.

Let's go!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recommended Reading, Part II.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While I'm away, I wanted to leave you with a few resources so that you can make moves during very uncertain times.

First up, please try to find Credit Bubble Bulletin, which is published by Doug Noland. You can usually find this column on the excellent site.

It's an excellent wrap-up of the week's events in the financial markets.

Other sites of interest include:

Financial Sense


Market Oracle

Seeking Alpha

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Nouriel Roubini's Global EconoMonitor

Stick with these, and you'll be alright. The Oldstream media is controlled by the very powers that have brought us to the brink of financial ruin. If you listen to them, you will either be ill-informed, or left behind.

Not a good move.

Now is the time for you to make moves for you and your family. Look AHEAD. Six months to a year. What do you think is going to happen based on the evidence? What does common sense tell you? What does history tell you?

Make your strategy, and EXECUTE.

Speaking of family...

Watch for the traditional family to make a roaring comeback. As an example, I personally know of many young, unmarried women who are moving back home due to increasingly difficult circumstances. And their parents are pushing these daughters to get out as soon as they can! And, it looks like the only way many of these poor souls are going to be able to do that is if they have some help.

Maybe these parents should start practicing the phrase, I have a daughter that needs a good, dependable husband!

Just wait and see.

People are beginning to look inward, and are looking to God for stability instead of their 401K plan. And they are also looking to one another, family and friends, for support.

Feminists, once upon a time, said that women need men like fish need bicycles. They are going to be proven very, very wrong. The unbreakable Law of the Universe is this:

Men and women need each other.

This is the inescapable truth, and no amount of Fiat currency liquidity bubbles can repeal this fundamental Economic and Universal Law.

Those who arrogantly thought that they could remake the wheel are going to be completely humbled as time goes on. You can bet on it.

And, unfortunately for feminists, and a great many innocent women, too many men are awake to the dire consequences of marriage and family. They know that State Run marriage = financial and spiritual suicide.

They also know that the divorce and the child support regimes are government sponsored acts of domestic terrorism, and have no desire to put themselves in harms way. A rational decision based on the circumstances, and one that has a long history behind it. The quickest way to destroy marriage, the greatest of wealth generating institutions, is to let government get its hands on it. No man should enter into State Run marriage.

Think of this as the Marital Sub-Prime crisis. And it will only end once the Natural Rights of Men are restored, in full.

Well, now that we've stated the obvious, let's move to the good news.

Firstly, one should not fear economic instability. As a matter of fact, the professional investor welcomes times such as these, because the Hedge Funds and the Investment Houses who are getting ready to lose their shirts are simply being punished for their bad Karma.

Believe you me when I say that there is money to be made, and that there will be Once -in-a-Lifetime opportunities once the shit hits the fan!

As a humble example, allow me to share my personal portfolio with you. Please understand that I am NOT recommending any investment products. You should do your own research, and talk to your investment adviser before making any moves, because the possibility of losing money is real.


Taking a look, please note that gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) has gained significantly. Commodities (DJP) are also on fire, in addition to crude oil (OIL). Also, my U.S. Dollar Short ETF (UDN) is performing modestly. The other item, a Dow Jones Real Estate Short ETF (SRS), hasn't had spectacular returns... yet. As the commercial real estate crisis escalates, I expect this fund to pick up the pace!

Ain't life grand??

So, after talking to your financial adviser and doing your homework, you should be assembling your dream portfolio that enables you to gain if and when the dollar, U.S. Treasuries, and the broad stock markets lose.

Owning physical gold and silver is also a good idea.

The goal is for you to be in the position to be able to buy assets, stocks, businesses, or whatever it is you want to purchase, when a boatload of assets enter into the fire-sale of a lifetime!!


When times get hard, the ugly truth about how our governing elites do business comes to light. Unsurprisingly, enlightened men such as Dr. Ron Paul gain a wide audience. The long forgotten ideals of Liberty and Peace become much more popular. The masses are enlightened, although there's no telling how long it will be before John and Jane Doe "get it."

The truth hurts, and a great many people will be forced to re-examine every aspect of their public and private lives. In addition, the political, social, and economic institutions of the country will be heavily scrutinized. This can only be a good thing for us as Men, as flawed and evil ideologies such as Socialism and Feminism will be publicly committed to the scrap heap of failed and dangerous ideas.

The institutions which made us strong and provided for our material, spiritual, and social well being will come back into vogue. Manliness, Spirituality, Wisdom and Justice, among other virtues, will witness a revival. We may experience a "Dark Age" before we see this ideals come into fruition, however the Universal Truth of things will not be denied forever. We will learn, eventually.

How long it will be before all of this takes place is unknown. But, it is my opinion that troubled times come for one purpose: to force us as a people to turn away from ignorance and evil, and to make us conform to the Universal Law. There is also an aspect of punishment of "sin", but punishment comes with teaching hard lessons, and cannot be avoided.

In the end, we as a people will wake up, and this is a good thing.

Thirdly, our economy is adjusting in order to make America competitive again, in the very long term. As time passes, and the United States falls from the world's dominant economic power to a more modest player on the global stage, industry and native capital formation will return to the United States. The country that succeeds us as the dominant economic power will see its wages rise, and will undergo the natural cycle that all empires are subject to:

Birth, Growth, Maturity, and Death.

While the new power(s) experiences all of these changes, America will be forced to re-examine its institutions in the quest to remain competitive and viable.

Unnecessary laws and regulations will be discarded, mindsets and ideologies that handicap us will be eliminated, and the country overall will be strengthened. Think of reversed outsourcing, where foreign nations will build facilities here in order to take advantage of our skilled, yet low cost workforce. The new American worker will take his or her wages and save them. A stable monetary policy, born out of the economic collapse of the country, will enable and encourage people to save. Business types will borrow those savings at stable interest rates (thanks to a currency that is tied to hard assets such as gold, silver, agricultural commodities and oil) and start new companies.

Over time, the American economy will grow, the people will become more and more prosperous, and life will become good again, so long as inferior ideologies such as Communism, Socialism, Feminism, and Corporatism are avoided.

So, as you can probably see, I am a long term optimist. And maybe that's because of my hard knock life growing up in "tha 'Hood". As the rapper Jay-Z says in one of his songs, "the weak don't live. You gotta bounce back homie, the streets don't give."

Life is like that. Everyday is a hustle. Tough people last, but tough times don't.

So, in the long long run, everything will be ok. Hope springs eternal and all that Jazz. Just be smart and don't fall for the pitfalls that others get caught up in.

Only the strong and the wise will survive!

As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave.


Thanks for reading this, and I hope it tides you over until I make my GrandMaster Flash comeback.

Toku out.