Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Drug War: An All American Failure.

Fellow Truthseekers,

When an open-minded individual frees himself from societal and government sponsored propaganda, and critically examines all of the major controversies in America today, one quickly discovers that his government is lying to him, wasting a crap-ton of money in the pursuit of Ass-Backwards policies, and declares good things to be evil, while religiously promoting evil as good.

Case in point: America's failed War on Drugs.

When you have a minute, please watch the following clips:

The Union: the business behind getting high

American Drug War

If you can find these movies (hint: Google is your friend), be sure to take some time and check 'em out.

Even if you don't use drugs per se, please understand that the War on Drugs is nothing more than another manifestation of the overall trend of government denying the Natural Rights of the People in order to carry out a tragically flawed public policy in their name.

The People have every right to choose for themselves what substances they will or will not ingest, so long as they do not violate the rights of others in the process.

Drugs, and especially Marijuana, should be legalized immediately. And by carrying on this War, the government, as usual, creates more problems than it solves. All of this chaos in their misguided attempts to "protect" the populace.

When the nation decides to decriminalize and regulate drugs, society as a whole will be a lot better off.

But don't take my word for it... watch these films and make up your own mind.

Sincerely yours,

Toke Dogg.


Anonymous said...

Hey Toga I know this is off topic but could you confirm what this man is talking bout.


Anonymous said...

The only reason there is a war on drugs is to make the price of drugs as high as possible in order to boost profits.

I've smoked grass when I was young: used to buy it cheap from a cop whose job was to stamp out drugs. They don't incinerate everything they seize...most of it finds itself on the market again once the police have put their hands on it.

Anonymous said...

War is the health of the state.

The War on Drugs just serves to make the state bigger even if there is no foreign war.

Togakure said...


From Wiki:

"Backwardation is a futures market term. It describes a situation where the amount of money required for future delivery of an item is lower than the amount required for immediate delivery of that item. For example, immediate delivery of gold may cost $1,000 an ounce, where as delivery two months only costs $900 an ounce, with that $900 to be paid at time of delivery. It is a peculiar situation, because no rational person would buy gold for $1,000 an ounce today, when they could enter into a contract to take delivery for $900 in two months time, except when they do not believe their counterparty will be able to deliver at the $900 forward price. Thus backwardation is a signal that the item in question is in short supply..."

I read that article as well, and it is a significant moment.

Basically, what this gentlemen is saying (and you might want to read some of his past articles, as they are good stuff worth reading) is that there isn't enough gold available to supply all existing futures market obligations, such as contracts on the Comex (Commodities Exchange).

From the article:

"Gold going to permanent backwardation means that gold is no longer for sale at any price, whether it is quoted in dollars, yens, euros, or Swiss francs. The situation is exactly the same as it has been for years: gold is not for sale at any price quoted in Zimbabwe currency, however high the quote is. To put it differently, all offers to sell gold are being withdrawn, whether it concerns newly mined gold, scrap gold, bullion gold or coined gold..."

So in other words, people are no longer willing to exchange their tangible, real, and valuable gold and silver for paper dollars.

So it will take a lot more paper to tempt holders of gold into selling their product for worthless paper dollars.

Individuals and institutions have made the decision not to supply futures markets that deal in paper their valuable gold at the incredibly lower spot price (the amount that the Comex says you would need to pay today to obtain an ounce of gold).

Also, the professor believes that this situation is a vote of no confidence in fiat money, and that the smart money is signaling that the precious metals may be on the road to re-monetization.

In any event, these holders will require much larger sums of paper money; what that proper amount is, I'm not sure. And all of this is a function of the Cartel suppressing the price of gold and silver below where it would be right now in a totally free marketplace.

Speaking of myself, I would sell my gold if the price per ounce moved to $5,000 per ounce or greater. If this is the price that will convince diehard goldbugs to sell, then you will see a massive amount of gold sellers, with the result that there would be a massive amount of metal for sale that overwhelms the amount of interested buyers. And of course, the spot price of gold would plunge in response.

Hopefully that made sense...

Anon and Sellshort:

100% agree. Another example of corrupt officials doing everything but looking out for the best interests of the people.

Rob Fedders said...

Yup, I agree.

We "decriminalized" marijuana here in Canada - as in, it is still illegal, but getting caught with anything less that a half ounce has been reduced to a fine similar to a speeding ticket - no criminality attached to it.

This was a good start, but, it is kind of stupid.

What they should do is allow for a person to grow up to 6 or so plants for their own personal supply. Most full time pot smokers consume around 1 ounce per month, so, 6 plants producing 3/4 of an ounce per plant on average, every 3 to 4 months, would totally remove the average full time pot smoker from the black market. You don't need massive lights and dangerous substandard electrician work to grow 6 plants, you only need that for 100 plants or more.

This is what was really stupid here. It is "decriminalized" to possess it, but, they increased penalties for people with over a half ounce.

So, the criminal element has actually been strengthened. The Hell's Angels has a stranglehold on the pot market (they moved in and took over after they dominated the cocaine market), and, in places like Vancouver, they even "openly" have commercial venues to purchase it (kinda like a speak easy) which the police turn a blind eye to. Who knows if there are bribes or payoffs and such.

Personally, I don't appreciate lowering myself to supporting such black market/mob activity. But, since they moved into the pot market, lots of "local dealers" find themselves talking to Bubba in the middle of the night, after a rude knock on the door, and finding out they now work for someone else.

Thus, it is safer to buy it from the speak easy style outlets, and just walk in, pay your money, and disappear 2 minutes later.

If the asshats in the ever-wise gov't would allow us to grow enough for personal supply... well... the mob aspect would disappear after everyone finished growing their first crop.

That would mean less police, less prisons, less crime, less violence, less murder, and a lot more people choosing to have a puff and relax, rather than get hooked on booze to "take the edge off." (Doctors used to prescribe marijuana as a medicine to deal with alcoholism).

Why, one might come to the conclusion that the government doesn't really want to reduce crime.

Togakure said...

"Why, one might come to the conclusion that the government doesn't really want to reduce crime."

Robb my friend, I think you are exactly right.

No crime, no need for politicians and bureaucrats...