Monday, September 15, 2008

Keep a close eye on...

They are posting up to the minute articles covering Lehman, Merril Lynch, and most importantly, the multi-TRILLION dollar derivatives market...

With some of the largest players in the U.S. Financial system either being bailed out, bought out, or filing for bankruptcy... all hell could break lose, Ladies and Gents.

In any event, don't sleep. The waters are getting more and more turbulent.


Anonymous said...

Scary how close you are in your predictions.

To consider the possibility on a purely intellctual point of view is relatively harmless: seeing it happen is something else altogether.

I'm starting to feel the heat.


Togakure said...


No need to worry friend. Our duty at this stage of the game is to be prepared, take precautions, and keep a mental attitude that is free of worry, and firmly focused on a glorious future.

As far as my predictions, I think its safe to say that the study of Economics and Finance (which is my burning passion and my life's quest) is the Art of Predicting the outcomes of certain causes.

For example, if a government prints a fiat currency, and undertakes certain actions to repeal the economic laws of nature, then its not that hard to figure out that the natural result of these actions include insolvency, bankruptcy, and economic chaos.

Cause and Effect govern the Universe. This is one of the things I talk about when I say the Universal Law.

Feminism too is a doomed movement for this exact reason. Justice will be served, in time.


Be strong my brother. We will live to see a better day!