Monday, July 16, 2007

Go Ron Paul!!

Ladies and Gents,

We have our candidate!!

According to Married, one of the guys at the Excellent Don't Marry board, Ron Paul... the ONLY member of congress who has consistently opposed VAWA:

His position on abortion is to leave it up to the states. Even though I support abortion, I agree with this because that's what the Constitution says, that issues like this should be left up to the states. Unlike most politicians and women, who think the constitution should mean whatever they want it to mean, Ron Paul actually thinks that the constitution should mean exactly what the constitution says.

Thank God (Blessed be He) for that!

Anti VAWA? No Federal level support for abortion? Anti North American Union?

Kumo absolutely, positively supports Ron Paul for President.

Think of the Supreme Court nominees this man would appoint!

His campaign website is here:

Now here's the deal...

1) In order for Mr. Paul to get anywhere, he needs to win the Primaries. So, if possible, register to vote as a Republican and VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

2) Also, be sure to make donations, as often as you can, as much as you can. In politics, No Fundage, No love.

3) MRAs everywhere should spread the word, to as many people, on or offline, as possible. And I'm talking to the Heavyweights especially; the Mark Rudovs, the David Ushers, the Stephen Baskervilles. This IS a candidate we can get behind. If all of the various MRA groups throw their resources and support behind Mr. Paul, we stand a good chance of defeating the feminists at their own game. GET THE WORD OUT!

MRAs and Truthseekers should do whatever they can to get this man elected. The Fempire wasn't built in a day, but putting one of our people in the White House will go a long way towards defeating our Leftist opponents.

Get in the game!



Additional content is coming soon. Unfortunately, Kumo is quite busy in Real Life now-a-days; but I will be back to posting frequently as soon as possible. My apologies


tba said...

damn it, I forgot about that. I dont' feel like registering as an Elephant Party member but I must for the primaries.

This is put up or shut up time for mras and freedom lovers everywhere?

Question? Is it possible for non-U.S. citizens to donate to Ron Paul? If yes, how?

I'm asking for those mras not from teh U.S. who may want to donate.

Kumogakure said...


I think it is crunchtime. In my humble opinion, we have been given a golden opportunity here... a dream candidate that not only supports our positions and that is (as far as I can tell) free from Feminist/Elitest influence, but is also somewhat popular with Non MRAs at large.

I'm sure Itrand will back me up here, but there are certain junctures in American history, when all seems lost, that someone steps up to give the country the tough medicine it needs in order to get back on its feet again.

Now might be the time.

When I went to the donate spot, I think it said something about federal law and have to be a US citizen or something like that.

Possibly one way to get around that would be to have the foreign person give you cash some kind of way, and then have the US Citizen donate it, but I don't know how legal that would be, and I don't wanna see any MRAs get locked up on Fed time!

But yeah bro, seriously, I think this is our last best chance.

One can only hope...

LtRand said...

Ron Paul is much bigger than MSM is claiming he is.

Yes, even if you're from outside the US you can contribute to him. I'm not sure if you can directly donate monies, you might want to contact them via phone to find out, but you can buy campaign swag, whose proceeds go to his election funds. Personally, I'm gonna buy a bunch of the RP copper and silver coins.

LtRand said...

It is absolutely crunch time. We need to get the whole movement behind this guys and really twist the nipples of the feminist bloggers in our solidarity.

LtRand said...

Sorry for the spamming of comments, but a random thought:

I've been thinking that we need a banner for people to put on their blogs that reads: "Registered Republican: Voting Ron Paul" so that people are more clear with the overall support he has, and so that those blogs that are on "our side" who don't have it can be targetted for pressure.

tba said...

It's not because ron paul is pro-mra that I support him but because of his whole political PHILOSOPHY. His integrated, CONSISTENT, and CONSTITUTIONAL philosophy of small government..

Even if ron paul know nothing bout the mras or how men are treated in this society, his whole philosophy would go long way for the mrm.

as a contrast, bush, for the 2000 run, was AGAINST nation-building yet what is he doing right now? Right, nation building. And he wants to fight the war on terror to protect this country YET he doesn't close the borders. This is because he doesn't have a consistent philosophy except that which seems to be the philosophy of politicians these days- say ANYTHING to get elected and then increase government power.

Even if he knows nothing about mras his pro Constitution philosophy necessarily is good for mras (and freedom lovers) everywhere.

But we shouldn't expect Ron Paul to be able to solve everything if elected, or that he won't compromise on some issues. To expect otherwise to set ourselves up for disappointment. Even the FOUNDING FATHERS weren't perfect in their administration.

The power is NOT in Ron Paul's hands to change the status quo but IN OURS. It is OUR job NOT Ron Paul's.

To me, Ron Paul is a measuring stick on how much we REALLY want change in washington. We always are hearing about polls where people don't trust politicians yet they KEEP ELECTING the same people. (How long can Ted Kennedy be senator?)

I see ron paul as a metaphorical prophet sent from the 'gods' to WAKE PEOPLE UP and warning of the coming disasters if his warnings aren't heeded. And it is our job to listen and take action.

If we as a nation don't elect ron paul then we should stop complaining about a need for change in congress and the white house and politics in general.

tba said...

It's like the warhawks who complain that those who are against the war are "unpatriotic" and "don't support the troops" yet when u press them on why THEY don't join the army and fight in iraq, themselves they have no answer. That's because tehy want policies WITHOUT putting in work.

If WE want change we've got to be able to put our money where our's mouths are.

Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. I intend to take that first step and RE-register to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and when I can, donaate to his campaign.

LtRand said...

Very true TBA, however, without a president like him, we won't be able to do what we need to do in order to fix our country.

Most of my research has been on the effects of inflation. To be blunt, in order to MATCH the buying power our grandparents had, we'd need to make 80,000-150,000. Only people in that income bracket and living in a non-costal region. Prices from 1970 on goods have risen by a magnatude of 10 while wages have only risen by a magnatude of 4. It gets worse the further back you go, and can all be attributed to loose credit over time nessesitating the strong reliance we now have on it.

tba said...

I agree 'rand. THat's why electing him is the first step. After that, we as a people have to allow ourselves to NOT be so dependent on the government.

Maybe its because I don't have that much faith in the American public but, even WITH the election of Ron Paul I don't see him being able to implement all of the plans that he would like- NOT because he doesn't want to or isn't committed to them but because America (and the propoganda machine) won't let him- I'm afraid.

If he is able to get rid of the Federal Reserve, the 16th amendment and the IRS his presidency would be ABSOLTELY successful, even if all he does is sleep all day for the rest of his presidency.

But the4se changes may be too soon and too drastic for people to handle. And of course, they don't necesarily know why the Federal Reserve is bad (especially after watching Larry Kudlow and CNBC, thinking it is necessary for the stability of the economy).

"All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arise, not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation."
--President John Adams

And forget the hot button issues which may hinder his presidential run: abortion, race, sex, gay marriage, etc that he is likely to offend a large proportion of the public.

I'm trying to be cautious because I don't want to set myself (or others) for disappointment.

But I can't wait to read Kumo's posts on why believes that there is reason to be optimistic. Looking at history and how rare freedom is- I REALLY need a reason to have faith in the public because as it stands right now I don't.

LtRand said...


Actually, it's pretty simple. He may be polling low, but Carter was at 1% before the primaries that put him in office, so it's not like it's never been done before.

Secondly, the MSM is trying hard to downplay straw polls, and for a good reason. Opinion polls so strong favor for the top candidates, but it is not a reflection of who will show up in primary elections. Remember, only 7.2% of the population votes in presidential primaries. RP's supporters are more active than those of the other candidates, so while his overall base isn't big, he could have enough to blow past the active primary voters of the other candidates.

Kumogakure said...

"Most of my research has been on the effects of inflation."


You are right on the money!

I'm all about RP for monetary reasons as well as political.

Our currency is seriously about to go down the tubes, possibly for all time.

It seems, based on my study of American history, when we are about to really bite the bullet for our foolish economic policies, someone steps forward to make crucial change, usually by reforming (for good or for ill) the monetary system.

The situation at hand reminds me of the MTV slogan they had a few elections back... vote or die!

If RP doesn't make the cut... I suggest seriously making plans.

It will be an almost prophetic sign that American is doomed.