Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The FED must die!!

Greetings Gents!

Here's some more tidbits for your reading/viewing pleasure.

First up...

Ron Paul explains why we should bring transparency to the FED system (click here).

At one hour, it's chock full of damning information about the damnable Federal Reserve!

Always a hoot.

Second up...

James Quinn writes why the FED must die:

... The facts prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Federal Reserve has failed in every one of its mandates. Inflation has destroyed the value of the dollar. Interest rates and employment have been violently erratic. The Fed has been manipulated by politicians, showing a complete lack of independence. Only two of the fourteen Chairmen have been truly independent and competent – Paul Volcker & William McChesney Martin. The incompetence and arrogance of the other Chairmen have brought the country to its knees. The final chapter is about to be written...

Don't miss the Dynamic Duo of Ron Paul and James Quinn doing their thing.

And who knows... I might be inspired to put my government finance officer hat on and write up a post about the unceasing flow of federal fiat funds into programs such as VAWA, Child Support, and other cash cows that benefit from your misery.

I might just do such a thing indeed...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Plato Revisited, and Other Topics.

What's going on fam?

Sorry I kept you... a lot has been going on lately.

But never fear... your man Gyo has been keeping a close eye on current events, feminism, and economic matters.

We all know that feminists are acting bad, people are protesting at town halls across the country, and the economy is allegedly moving towards "recovery."

So what's my take on all this?

Nothing has fundamentally changed. Political Feminism is knocking on death's door, the people are beginning to realize that their government is out of control, and the economy is still as weak as ever.

Because the fundamental trends haven't changed very much, I haven't felt the need to post every week to basically say the same things I've been saying for the last few months. What is going on all around us is part of a long term trend that will take years to play itself out.

The vital lessons that need to be learned haven't been absorbed yet by the population at large.

Peoples haven't awakened to the fact that Child Support is immoral. Folks still don't recognize that endowing women with special rights, and robbing men and children of their natural rights is fundamentally wrong. The masses still don't understand what their money is, and where it comes from.

And finally, humanity still looks to other people for answers, solutions, and salvation instead of looking to the place where true responsibility and power lies... their own hearts and minds.

But it's ok ya'll. The waves of truth and understanding are crashing against the walls of ignorance. The battering ram of knowledge will soon breach the gates of deception. People are starting to get it. The pendulum is beginning to swing in our favor.

As I walk down the streets of my city, my eyes are open. I see the changes in the womenfolk. Slowly and gradually, women are beginning to reclaim and express their femininity. As I watch man and woman interact with each other, I see how the interplay is becoming more natural and relaxed. Men and women have already begun to renegotiate the social contract that feminism had previously cast asunder.

Now don't misunderstand... the law is light years behind the emerging trends. It's still a dangerous time, and women still have plenty of tools to make a Man's life miserable. Marriage and other forms of co-habitation can still be lethal depending upon the laws in your area. Men should still go their own way until law and custom is changed to protect, uphold, and celebrate their Natural Rights.

All I'm saying is that I am seeing signs of evolution. The present Political Feminist regime is unnatural and unsustainable. It takes a huge amount of material and psychic resources to maintain it. Political feminism is based on lies and deception, and as such, it cannot stand.

Indeed, it's remarkable how resilient love and marriage has been in the face of the Political Feminist onslaught. If humans were the compliant and logical beings that socialists, feminists, and Platonists presuppose, then no one would dare mate, marry, and have children under our current feminist public policy. And yet, people still unconsciously buck the feminist system.

Hope brothers... we must have hope. There is no need to be frustrated by feminism, angry at feminism, or depressed over feminism. It's a waste of time to obsess about feminism, or spend all of your time fighting feminism.

We can and will accomplish our goals of social change, in a calm and relaxed manner. Just by putting the truth out there, MRAs have already altered the flow of events.

By speaking out, writing about, and protesting feminism, we have assured its destruction. By refusing to accept the Political Feminist status quo, we have set events into motion that will burst into the mainstream at some unknown point in the future. As I said before, political feminism is a harsh and unnatural system that requires its victims to buy into the ideology in order for it to be successful. If one domino falls, all the other pillars of political feminist hegemony fall along with it.

But in any event, I wanted to share some items that you might find interesting...

Plato Revisited.

A while back, I wrote a series of posts about Plato as source of socialist, communist, and feminist ideology [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].

Interestingly, the Mises institute has recently posted an MP3 entitled, It All Started With Plato.

Please take a moment to listen to the podcast, as well as to review my previous posts. I think you will find the material both interesting and relevant to our current situation. More importantly, if we know that our enemies are using Platonic philosophy as the basis for their plans, then we can study the playbook for ourselves and counter their efforts.

What Economic Growth?

What if I told you a secret?

What if I told you that, for the last 50 years, the American people have believed in a massive lie that affected all parts of their lives?

Would you believe me?

What is it now Gyokko, you sigh, tired of my insane ramblings about Platonism, Feminism, and the Global Elite.

Well I'm glad you asked friend...

Here's the secret. The American economy hasn't had any real, debt free growth for the last half century!!

Shocking, I know. Maybe you need some proof...

Please listen to Mr. Andy Sutton explain why American economic growth is a sham. Also, please read this article for detailed commentary and charts.

Check them out, as the sources speak for themselves.

And people support debt based economics because...............

The Breakdown

With the realization that our economy is based on a fairy tale of "growth and prosperity", and that a significant minority of mankind's best and brightest worship at the fount of Platonic knowledge, and also understanding that the implications of these facts are far from pleasant, I have to take a moment and ask a few questions...

Isn't it time that people wake up and stop living in a dreamworld?

Wouldn't it be nice if people would stop drinking the damn Kool-Aid?

Wouldn't be great if people took off the blinders and questioned all of the facts they received from their government sponsored education [a][b] ?

Dear readers,

The time has come for all of us to use 100% of our mental and spiritual faculties. We can no longer outsource our thinking, understanding, belief systems, and social structures to unknown and uncaring people and groups who do not have our best interests at heart.

The truth is out there. There are clearly identified processes that people and societies can use to achieve maximum health, wealth, and happiness with a minimum of time, energy, and resources. And there are people in the world that use these principles and techniques in their personal lives, with outstanding results.

We must understand and accept the fact that massive portions of society are built upon a comedy of errors. In some ways we have improved upon the wisdom of our ancestors, but in many ways, we are woefully ignorant.

What to do? We need to use our noodles and start rejecting ideologies, philosophies, and systems that lead to undesirable and negative outcomes. We also need to embrace systems that lead to desirable and positive outcomes.

For example...

By all measures, feminism has been a massive failure. We must therefore eliminate political feminism in all of its forms.

Applied Platonism, in most cases, has been a resounding failure. We must therefore eradicate all manifestations of platonic philosophy that don't measure up.

Debt Based, Fiat Monetary systems, which have always collapsed upon themselves whenever they have been implemented, must be scrapped. While we're at it, we might as well get rid of flawed economic philosophies, such as the fabian socialist Keynesian school.

We need to begin cutting the fat ASAP. We cannot wait any longer.

Happily, while change is always slow in coming, it is my belief that people are finally beginning to identify the key players responsible for our social and economic malaise.

Assumptions that generations have lived and died under are finally beginning to be questioned.

This is a positive sign, and I keep my eyes open for developments as they occur.

My hope is that one day, we will decide as a society to keep the things that work and are beneficial, and eliminate that which is negative, costly, and harmful.

In the meantime, we who KNOW have a duty and responsibility to cut the fat. And as we do so, and positive events occur in our lives, others will be inspired to do the same.

Till next time,