Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ty Andros: Thrill Ride!

Be sure to check out parts II and III of this very insightful series. A must read in these troubled times!

Also, before I embark on my hiatus...

Be sure to support Presidential Candidate Ron Paul!

With CFR stooges dropping out left and right, Paul is in striking distance. But in order to compete with the Media Clowns, he will need moolah in the bank and footsoldiers on the ground in order to spread the message of freedom and prosperity.


It's worth the fight, worth the expense, and worth the risk. Because frankly, this is our last chance to save this Republic.

And that's real.

Time for me to go out into the cold. But fear not, I will be back, blogging my little heart out in due season.

Trust NO ONE. Question EVERYTHING.

God bless.

Toku and family.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plato's Book V Comes to Fruition.

MRAs, Truthseekers, Feminists.

You need to visit this link, graciously provided by Don't Make Her

This is the proof to my assertion [a][b] that destroying the rights of Men to their children would eventually translate into the destruction of the rights of Mothers to their children.

Please watch and understand what the consequences of Platonic feminism hath wrought.

Know that this could happen to you, be you male or female. Government tyranny is no respecter of persons.

Toku out.

Announcement: A Brief Hiatus!


In these turbulent times, everyone has to prepare as best they can. Life is like a chess match, and sometimes one needs time to ponder that all important next move. In my case, I need to make some decisions and network with some folks that will hopefully help move me that much closer to achieving my personal and professional goals.

And so, I am going to take a long Hiatus beginning in February. The blog will also be taken private during that time.

Just a heads up!

If things go my way, then I should be able to resume blogging in March. I plan on hanging out on the usual MRA forums, or if you need to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at

End of Transmission.

Monday, January 28, 2008

This Week On Wall Street: Dollar Collapsing!

Dear Readers,

Please visit NOW.

Our financial crisis is just getting started, and you need the straight dope in order to make intellegent investment decisions.

So stop by, read up, and take action as needed.

Also, add Venezuela and allies to the list of countries considering a Dollar Dump!

From Yahoo Finance:

Chavez Urges Withdrawals From U.S. Banks
Sunday January 27, 1:08 am ET
By Ian James, Associated Press Writer

Chavez Urges Latin American Allies to Begin Withdrawing Billions of Dollars From US Banks

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged his Latin American allies on Saturday to begin withdrawing billions of dollars in international reserves from U.S. banks, warning of a looming U.S. economic crisis.

Chavez made the suggestion as he hosted a summit aimed at boosting Latin American integration and countering U.S. influence.

"We should start to bring our reserves here," Chavez said. "Why does that money have to be in the north? ... You can't put all your eggs in one basket."

To help pool resources within the region, Chavez and other leaders launched a new development bank at the summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Nations of Our America, or ALBA.

The left-leaning regional trade alliance supported by Chavez is intended to offer an alternative, socialist path to integration while snubbing U.S.-backed free-trade deals.

Chavez noted that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Colombia in recent days, saying "that has to do with this summit."

"The empire doesn't accept alternatives," Chavez told the gathering, attended by the presidents of Bolivia and Nicaragua, Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage, and other leaders...

Well, Mr. Chavez has a point there.

We all know what happened to Iraq when Saddam Hussein switched over from dollars to euros...

In any event,


Events are moving now, and I think that we will know for sure THIS YEAR if the Sun has truly set on the American financial empire.

It doesn't look good.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ron Paul is Right: The Self Made Jihad Problem Part III.

What's good!!

This is the latest in a series.

The purpose is to bring the point home that the West has aided and abetted Islamic Jihadists in order to achieve dubious foreign policy goals. In the rush to combat Islamo-fascism, we have seen an enormous increase in the size and power of our government, and the shrinking and diminishing of the constitutional rights and protections of our people here at home.

This is a trend that is quite worrisome, as some of our countrymen rush to sacrifice their freedom for a very false sense of security. And as they surrender the rights that their ancestors died for, most are completely ignorant of the fact that the same government that promises to protect them is promoting policies that only add to the instability and chaos, which of course, justifies the continued "War on Terror."


Let's move to the facts.

According to's The Islamists and the Globalists:

... In Afghanistan the CIA, prodded on by British Intelligence, began to fund the Islamic opponents of the pro-Soviet regime even prior to the Soviet invasion. President Carter's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinski advocated the subversion in order to provoke the Soviet invasion that occurred on December 24, 1979.(14)

General Zia and the Jamaat-e Islami in Pakistan were two crucial elements that made the mujahedin revolt in Afghanistan successful. Their takeover of Pakistan was a necessary part of the plan to pull the Soviets into the Afghan conflict. As related in Part One, an Afghan warlord affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood by the name of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar emerged as the primary recipient of American military aid, despite his well known anti-Western views and his radical view of Islam (II)...

The work continues:

... (The) explosion of violence throughout the Middle East in the late '70s and early '80s was referred to by Zbigniew Brzezinski as the "Arc of Crisis." It was not something that occurred by chance, but was in fact the result of the deliberate plan developed by the Globalist strategists such as Dr. Alexander King, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and British operative Dr. Bernard Lewis.

The Middle Eastern "Arc of Crisis" was not a spontaneous internal conflagration, it was something that came about as a result of Western policy in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. Without help from the West radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous (II)...

It's funny that I never hear about these events when I read Anti-Jihadist blogs or listen to Pro "War on Terror" candidates. More often than not, most Westerners aren't even interested in examining past events to find out how all of this came to pass. However, if we ignore the fact that our governments have and are advocating policies that lead to violence and political instability, then the War on Terror will indeed never end.

The Sovereign People will become the disenfranchised serfs; all in the name of "protecting" them from so-called terror.

Author Dan Ruuska, in his work America's Political Cancer and the Patriotic Cure writes:

... From 1979, and financed with taxpayer dollars for seventeen years, the Homeland Enemy (the author's term for our top government leadership) recruited, armed, and trained a militant Islamic jihad force into their proxy military weapon which they used against Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s and against Serbs in Yugoslavia in the 1990s (covertly they lured Russia into Afghanistan to create a "Vietnam quagmire" for Russia; covertly they initiated Federation-of-Yugoslavia conflict to privatize its natural resources and state assets into foreign corporate ownership).

They persuaded Saudi Arabia to match US funding. In the 1980s our 2001-2004 Vice President, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, and Deputy Secretary of State helped to develop and operate that jihad proxy weapon for Afghanistan: they ran the CIA operation that recruited Muslim fighters from throughout the world, armed them, and trained them how to carry out guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks. The CIA oversaw training of 100,000 Islamic fighters at camps in Pakistan, and trained their leaders at the CIA's Camp Perry in Virginia. Christian-Right groups had a biblical checklist by which they judged Senators and Congressmen. An item: "support for the Afghan 'freedom fighters.'"

The political pressure: support us, including training al-Qaeda with US tax dollars, or you don't deserve to be in Congress. Working together, America and Saudi Arabia altered the former moderate Islam of Afghanistan and Pakistan into a militant Islam: America printed textbooks filled with militant Islamic teachings and provided them to Afghan schoolchildren; Saudi Arabia opened and ran madrassas, militant-Islam religious schools. In this way America and Saudi Arabia conceived, gave birth to, and raised al-Qaeda and the Taliban. When the White House and Congress no longer needed Islamic jihad services, they abandoned their proxy weapon.

Recruited fighters returned home and spread throughout the Muslim world the military skills, and religious fervor, that America and Saudi Arabia taught them: guerrilla warfare and terrorism, wielded by militant Islam. The American/Saudi throw-away weapon stayed alive, tentacled worldwide and grew in size, became more sophisticated and lethal, and wanting justice for having been used as cannon fodder for Cold-War and free-market aims predictably redirected itself at its creators and their allies.

The painful truth, condensed into the space of a few paragraphs. Again, I wonder why most of our political class, with the exception of Representative Ron Paul, and the Anti-Jihad community as a whole, refuse to acknowledge and discuss these cold hard truths?

Moving on, we need to examine the Saudi Arabian connection to radical Islamic Jihad.

While it is common knowledge amongst the Anti Islamic block that Saudi Arabia is a primary funder and sponsor of radical Wahhabi Islam; what is less commonly known is that the West encouraged its development in order to counter Soviet Communist influence. Wahhabism is an Islamic movement that was made-to-order by Western Powers.

Robert Dreyfuss, writing for Mother Jones notes that:

... "During the summer of 1953 there happened to be an unusually large number of distinguished Muslim scholars in the United States," the document notes. But the participants didn't just "happen" to have crossed the Atlantic. The colloquium was organized by the U.S. government, which funded it, tapped participants it considered useful or promising, and bundled them off to New Jersey. Conference organizers had visited Cairo, Bahrain, Baghdad, Beirut, New Delhi, and other cities to scout for participants. Footing the bill—to the tune of $25,000, plus additional expenses for transporting attendees from the Middle East—was the International Information Administration (IIA), a branch of the State Department that had its roots in the U.S. intelligence community; supplementary funding was sought from U.S. airlines and from Aramco, the U.S. oil consortium in Saudi Arabia. Like many of the participants, Ramadan, a hard-edged ideologue and not a scholar, was visiting the conference as an all-expenses-paid guest.

A now-declassified IIA document labeled "Confidential—Security Information" sums up the purpose of the project: "On the surface, the conference looks like an exercise in pure learning. This in effect is the impression desired." The true goal, the memo notes, was to "bring together persons exerting great influence in formulating Muslim opinion in fields such as education, science, law and philosophy and inevitably, therefore, on politics…. Among the various results expected from the colloquium are the impetus and direction that may be given to the Renaissance movement within Islam itself." At the time, the United States was just beginning to feel its way around the Middle East, and American orientalists and academics were debating the extent to which political Islam might serve as a tool for American influence in the region...

The Author continues:

... For an organization established as a secret society, with a paramilitary arm that was responsible for assassinations and violence, to be characterized as a harbinger of a rebirth of Islam may seem odd. But such a view was entirely in character with U.S. policy at a time when virtually anyone who opposed communism was viewed as a potential ally. Whenever I interviewed CIA and State Department officials who served in the Middle East between World War II and the fall of the Soviet Union, they would repeat, almost like a catechism, that Islam was seen as a barrier both to Soviet expansion and to the spread of Marxist ideology among the masses. "We thought of Islam as a counterweight to communism," says Talcott Seelye, an American diplomat who, while serving in Jordan in the early 1950s, paid a visit to Said Ramadan. "We saw it as a moderate force, and a positive one." Indeed, adds Hermann Eilts, another veteran U.S. diplomat who was stationed in Saudi Arabia in the late '40s, American officials in Cairo had "regular meetings" with Ramadan's then-boss, Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan al-Banna, "and found him perfectly empathetic..."

The writer notes that:

... the United States had made perhaps its biggest mistake in the Middle East since World War II: It chose to make common cause with Saudi Arabia's reactionary monarchy. Starting in the 1950s, Washington encouraged the kingdom to create a network of right-wing Islamic states and Islamist organizations, thus helping to build the foundation on which Al Qaeda would ultimately rest. Ramadan's Islamic Center was a major beneficiary of the policy, reaping generous funding from the kingdom.

The center soon became a place for Islamists from across the entire Muslim world to meet and make plans; it also acted as a publishing house for Islamist literature. Its purpose was to promote the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology, according to Hani Ramadan, Said's son, who has assumed his father's mantle as director of the center. "The creation of the Islamic Center was supposed to realize my father's desire of creating a center from which he could spread the teachings of Hassan al-Banna," he says, "a place where students coming from various Arab countries could meet and be trained in the message of Islam..."

And finally:

As it turned out, the Islamic Center was only the beginning of Ramadan's ambitions. In 1962 he helped create a broader, more powerful organization that would become the central nervous system for far-right Wahhabi internationalism: the Muslim World League. "My father wasn't just one of the leaders of the founding group of the league," says Hani Ramadan. "He had the original idea for its creation."

With vast Saudi funding, the league sent out missionaries, printed propaganda, and doled out funds for the building of Wahhabi-oriented mosques and Islamic associations from North Africa through Central Asia, even outside the Islamic world. According to Gilles Kepel, a noted French scholar of Islam, it also served as a conduit for Saudi money to radical Islamists, from the ultraright Islamic Society in Pakistan to Afghan jihadists to the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

"The league identified worthy beneficiaries, invited them to Saudi Arabia, and gave them the recommendation (tazkiya) that would later provide them with largesse from a generous private donor, a member of the royal family, a prince, or an ordinary businessman," Kepel wrote in his book, Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam.

"The league was managed by members of the Saudi religious establishment...along with ulemas [Muslim clergy] from the Indian subcontinent connected to the Deoband Schools or to the party founded by Mawdudi." The Deobandi movement, a school of ultraorthodox Muslim fundamentalism founded in India, was instrumental in establishing the system of madrasas in Pakistan that trained the Taliban.

For those that seek further collaboration of the information presented above, please see this article hosted by The

The facts, and the suppression of them by those who stand to gain most from a neverending "War on Terror," speak for themselves.

Ron Paul is Right, and the proposed solutions to this farce, such as the elimination of constitutional rights and endless and expensive wars that drain our national blood and treasure, are DEAD WRONG.

It's about time we worried about our own freedoms, our own defense, and our own nation for a change. Our attempts to play God in the Middle East have resulted in massive amounts of unnecessary pain, suffering, and death.


Friday, January 25, 2008

The Black Family is DEAD.

Everybody has asked the question. . ."What shall we do with the Negro?" I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature's plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!

Frederick Douglass, "What the Black Man Wants"

This is perhaps the most disgusting and disheartening article I have yet seen since I became a Men's Rights Activist.

As a black man, the article presented below confirms a very ugly fact of life:


My people are lost. The wisdom of their ancestors falls upon deaf ears.

And government sponsored FEMINISM and Welfarism, not to mention corrupt leadership, IS MOSTLY TO BLAME.

And the virus is spreading, as the European family is also succumbing to the death spiral brought on by feminism's kissing cousin: Socialism.

The family unit is crumbling throughout the Western World. The fate of the Black Family in America should be understood as the future of the White Family, the Asian Family, and the Hispanic Family unless and until this culture of death is challenged and utterly eradicated.

My heart is heavy, very very heavy as I share this with you. Truth be told, I would like to shed tears for my people. Oh how far we have fallen!!!

And all the while, black folks continue to defend the status quo. Be sure to look at all 600+ comments to see what I mean.

From the Indianapolis Star:

Indiana Black Expo report

About 80% of black babies are born to unwed moms

Report: These children face life with greater disadvantages.

About eight in 10 black children in Indiana are born to unwed parents -- a start to life that sets them up for problems during adolescence and beyond, according to an Indiana Black Expo report.

Local radio show host and strategic researcher Amos Brown will detail the key findings of the report.

Indiana's black youths fare significantly worse than Hoosier youths in general across 18 indicators of well-being, such as graduation rates and poverty levels, and do worse than black youths in the U.S, according to the report being released Friday.
Tanasha Anders, acting president and chief executive of Indiana Black Expo, said the problem comes down to education -- making sure young people finish school and understand the consequences of having a baby.

"Everything else is a domino effect," she said.

The explosion of births to unwed parents is driving many of the state's social problems, such as increases in poverty and child abuse and the growing cost of public aid, said Bill Stanczykiewicz, president and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute. He added that the problem is not exclusive to any one race.

Indiana's out-of-wedlock birthrate is at an all-time high, with unwed mothers accounting for nearly 40 percent of all births, he said. Nationally, about 36 percent of all births are to unwed mothers.

Stanczykiewicz said the situation is among the toughest social issues to address.
"It is very difficult, even for well-meaning people, to get together and talk about how we talk to people about their sex lives and how to parent children," he said.
Another complicating factor is that a growing number of the single-parent births are to young adults, instead of teens, and that requires a new and different kind of message. But finding a way to address the situation is critical, he said.

Child Trends, a nonpartisan national children's research organization, reports children born to single mothers are more likely to:

• Live in poverty and experience social and emotional problems.
• Have low educational attainment, engage in sex at younger ages and have a premarital birth.
• Enter adulthood neither in school nor employed, or have lower occupational status and income, and more troubled marriages and divorces than those born to married parents.

The issues that spin out of struggling single-parent families show up throughout the new Black Expo report, including the teen birth rate of 81 per 1,000 for blacks. That is almost twice the state's overall teen birth rate of 43.5 per 1,000.

About 35 percent of black children live in families headed by married parents, compared with 69 percent of all Indiana children, according to the report.

Among other factors the report examines are median family income, homeownership, neglect cases, and graduation and unemployment rates.

To address the growing out-of-wedlock birthrates, the Black Expo report calls for increasing resources for sex education programs with proven track records and public education campaigns that promote healthy marriage...

Read the rest, and be sure to browse the comments.

There's really nothing else to say except I have never felt more disgusted, angry and mournful for my Black brothers and sisters than I feel at this moment. My people will die, and there's not much I can do to stop it.

I suppose that we, the New Men (of all races and stripes) of tomorrow who understand the danger must save ourselves and our future offspring, and leave the masses to drown in their ignorance. It is up to US, gentlemen. No one else is going to save us from our predicament but ourselves.

We have to live on, choose decent and proper mothers for our children, if you are so inclined, and educate them as to WHY they must never accept destructive ideologies such as Welfare-ism and Feminism.

Of course, the safest course for men to follow here in the Matriarchal West is to simply listen to what women have been screaming for decades; that they don't need us, or want our involvement in family matters. Respect women enough to comply with their request. No marriage, no sperm donations, and NO children until law and culture change for the better. Please do your future son or daughter a favor... don't bring them into a world that thinks that they are better off being a Bastard like I am.


I would also encourage you, White man, Asian man, Indian man, Muslim man, and Hispanic man, to learn from our mistakes. LOOK AT US AND SEE THE DOOM THAT WILL BEFALL YOU UNLESS YOU RESIST FEMINISM WITH ALL YOUR HEART, ALL YOUR MIND, AND ALL YOUR STRENGTH..

Toku out.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enter the Plunge Protection Team!


Today we witnessed the Markets, especially the Dow Jones, miraculously saved from the jaws of death.

According to Yahoo Finance:

Stocks Recover From Sharp Losses
Wednesday January 23, 5:25 pm ET
By Madlen Read, AP Business Writer

Wall Street Pulls Off Stunning Comeback From Yet Another Sharp Decline

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street pulled off a stunning comeback Wednesday, surging higher in late trading and wiping out what looked to be yet another massive decline. The Dow Jones industrials, down more than 323 points in earlier trading, ended the day with an advance of just under 300 points...

... analysts were mindful that in the past months, Wall Street has been known to soar one day and succumb the next, and that there are still many economic unknowns for the market to weather. And, given that stocks are so badly beaten down, bargain hunting played a part in Wednesday's turnaround.

According to preliminary calculations, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 298.98, or 2.50 percent, to 12,270.17, having fallen as much as 323.29 earlier.

Before Wednesday's session, the Dow had fallen nearly 10 percent since the start of the year, and it was down more than 15 percent since its record close of 14,164.53 on Oct. 9.

Wednesday's swing from negative to positive territory of 631.86 points is the largest point swing since July 24, 2002, according to Dow Jones Indexes. The largest intraday point swing, a metric that Dow started calculating in July 1995, was a 721-point swing on April 14, 2000.

Broader stock indicators also surged Wednesday. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 28.10, or 2.14 percent, to 1,338.60, while the Nasdaq composite index rose 24.14, or 1.05 percent, to 2,316.41.

Advancing issues were ahead of decliners by about 3 to 1 on the New York Stock Exchange, where volume came to a heavy 2.83 billion shares...

... Buying, like selling, can feed on itself and investors may go into the market to be sure they don't miss out on a rally. What needs to be seen is whether these gains will easily be knocked down again...

Alrighty then!

So what the hell happened?

Well, the recent interest rate cut (which is a promise to pump money and inflate the money supply) probably encouraged today's rally.

And it's true that bargain hunting was a big part of what happened today.

We also know that a lot of shares changed hands, and that, according to AP, buyers overwhelmed sellers today. So that indicates that people were falling over themselves to get a piece of the action.

So everything is ok right??

Your author smells a rat.

Because, nothing has changed. The Fed has only promised to inflate the money supply, and nothing more. We still have all of the very nasty economic trends that we had before. Millions are still going to be foreclosed on, consumers and businesses are starting to feel discomfort (as the real pain, in my opinion, has yet to begin), and the tug of war of inflation vs. deflation is far from over.

So why the massive rally?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that massive Plunge Protection Team intervention took place today, in addition to the bargain hunting and bullish optimism.

As the article said earlier... buying can lead to more buying, especially those who are desperate to cover their short positions.

It's my personal opinion that our Money Masters and, according to Jim Cramer in his book Real Money (p. 278-280), Big Wall Street firms just love to put the squeeze on rivals who are in deep, vulnerable short positions.

Speaking of Money Men, read this article to find out how they do business, and which famous Central Banker they had on the payroll at one point in time.

Taking a look at a chart of today's Dow Jones activity:


Note how the Market is flat and trending downward until about the One O'Clock hour, when it powers it way from negative to positive territory, to the tune of 631 points!

Now, take a look at this article by Mr. Rick Ackerman. He has a chart that you've GOTTA see!

In summary:

We know that government intervention [a][b] in various markets happens on a regular basis. And, while I'm not saying that none of today's stock market miracle wasn't genuine or organic, I AM saying that one has to be cautious at all times while playing in the Golden Nugget a.k.a. the U.S. Stock Market, because there are MANY vested interests who desire increased stock market growth no matter how much damage such interference will eventually do to the economy and the People at large.

We have a very long way to go before jumping into the Markets headlong.

One should ALWAYS be cold as ice and emotion free when evaluating stocks, bonds, gold and precious metals, or whatever one chooses to invest in. Superior companies and rock-solid metals are worth owning no matter what the Market decides to do, and the faithful investor will be rewarded at some point for holding them.

However, regardless of mysterious 600+ point gains, one should look at the underlying social, economic and political factors that can and will eventually destroy our inflated economy and our lavish standard of living, and position himself appropriately.

Don't Sleep!


Brought to you by Wu-Tang Financial.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Plight of Divorced Dads.

Much Respect to the National Post and author Barbara Kay for this story:

No other topics I write about so consistently provoke passionate personal response as those dealing with systemic discrimination against men. When, for example, I point out double standards for boys and girls in the health care system, or expose the use of bogus statistics around domestic violence, my inbox fills with male gratitude simply for acknowledging an obvious fact: Our culture is profoundly misandric.

Of the myriad forms of discrimination men cite, one looms over the rest: The egregious treatment meted out to fathers in the throes of contested child custody following the "no-fault" divorces most of them did not initiate or desire. My files bulge with stories of disenfranchised fathers ripped from their children's arms and lives. They have lost their homes, their careers, fortunes, friends and reputations, often on the basis of false allegations of abuse (for which their female accusers are virtually never punished). I wouldn't mention such anecdotal evidence, if the anguish in these testimonials didn't jibe with objective data confirming the shameful gender bias that dominates the family law system.

About half of all marriages end in divorce. Women are twice as likely to initiate a divorce as men, largely because they can be fairly sure they'll end up with control of the children. Where shared parenting is the default template, divorce rates plummet. Men are six times as likely as women to commit suicide within the first two years after a separation: That they kill themselves from despair rather than their ex-wives for revenge is, ironically, a tragically eloquent rebuttal to the feminist credo that men are inherently dangerous to women. Although 25% of women make more money than their spouses, 97% of support payers are men (even in cases of shared parenting). Mobility decisions favour women: The psychological comfort to a Vancouver mother of moving near her Toronto-based family will be privileged over the psychological devastation the virtual loss of his children causes the Vancouver-bound father...

Check out the rest please. It's a nice read in a world of propaganda and bullshit.

Message to the females on lurk mode:

I know I can be hard on women sometimes. But its only because I care about ya'll. Some of you chicks out there deserve a good, firm verbal slap on the ass, because you are acting bad AND YOU KNOW IT!

The dirty little secret of modern life is that women still want a man with some backbone, and I don't care how much you girls try to deny it, because the proof of this truth is out there if you know what your looking for [a][b][c].

So you know you love it when I get on your case ladies... I can assure you that I only do it for your own good, because for all the words I write about bad feminine behavior, there are millions of men out there who feel the same way.

Please take heed.

In any event, feminism is a movement that will end up in sorrow and pain for everyone, women included. So it really does make my heart glad to know that some of the ladies out there do get it, and are willing to defy the sisterhood in order to speak out on our behalf.

So, to the real women that support the cause of freedom and Men's rights, Togakure would like to salute you! I appreciate your efforts, and I for one am glad that not all women are against us.

And more than likely, Ms. Kay is probably catching hell from her feminasty sisters even as we speak so... show this lady some love!


** FLASH!! ** Massive Market Meltdown??


Hope everyone is enjoying themselves today.

While I hate to the harbringer of gloom and doom, I would like for you to watch this short clip...

... and prepare yourselves.

According to, the long awaited or cheerfully overlooked Stock Market Crash of '08 might be taking place a little sooner than I, (or most other people) had anticipated:

U.S. stock futures point to major decline on re-open

Markets in Europe end day in bear market territory
By Steve Goldstein & Sarah Turner, MarketWatch

Last update: 12:46 p.m. EST Jan. 21, 2008

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- If futures contracts traded on a day when U.S. stocks weren't even due to open are anything near accurate, then markets will be in for a major decline on Tuesday, with concerns about bond insurers and the health of financial institutions dragging markets lower.

March contracts on the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded 522 points lower to 11,584 as of 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

Futures contract don't move in complete lockstep to the underlying indexes, but by comparison, the Dow industrials fell 382 points on Sept. 20, 2001, just days after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, and by 387 points on Aug. 9, 2007, shortly after the recent credit crunch first emerged.

S&P 500 futures fell 60 points to 1,265.00 and Nasdaq 100 futures fell 76 points to 1,773.25.

Chart of ST:SXXP

U.S. markets were closed Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday. Trading won't resume until Tuesday.

The futures declines are on the back of big drops in European and Asian stock markets.

From developing markets like Shanghai -- down over 5% -- to established ones in Paris -- down nearly 7% -- financial institutions around the world sold off.
See Europe markets.

Karen Olney, a strategist at Merrill Lynch in London, said investors simply don't trust earnings forecasts any longer.

Monday's decline means that European stocks are trading at price-to-earnings levels about 27% below their long-run average, she said, having dropped to 11.4 times trailing earnings.

"That means the markets are pricing in 80% of the fall to recession-like earnings," she said, using 1990s as a comparison.

Stocks in Europe are trading over 20% below 2007 highs, which meets technical definitions of a move into a bear market.

Stay in cash, Morgan Stanley says

Strategists at Morgan Stanley told clients on Monday to stay in cash.

"Our themes continue to be: patience, earnings recession, U.S. recession spreading global, bear market regime, don't be lured into value stocks as most are likely to be value traps, much more monetary easing. We expect flat but volatile markets just as in the 1989-92 period -- a real whipsaw environment for the market," they said...

Doesn't sound good at all Ladies and Gents, although I think that our beloved Plunge Protection Team will intervene tomorrow just enough so it isn't a TOTAL wipeout.

But then again... the PPT can only do so much. Will they be able to save the Unsinkable Financial Markets?!?

According to writer Claud Maund, maybe not:

While the general public were having their vacuous minds stuffed with irrelevant trivia about the US primaries late last week, the gathering maelstrom in the stockmarkets was treated as a minor sideshow by the mainstream media. Like revellers at a giant outdoor fiesta or open air society wedding that is about to be trashed by a violent thunderstorm, they are going to find out just how fast things can change - and what really matters.

In The Tragedy of the US Stockmarket Part 1 posted on the 8th January we examined the overwhelming technical evidence pointing to an imminent breakdown by US stockmarkets. This breakdown occurred last week as the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) failed to successfully defend the critical support line at the lows of last August. The PPT are now in emergency session and panic has broken out behind the scenes in Washington, leading to the desperate measures announced by the administration on Friday. As this administration and the Federal Reserve no longer have a shred of credibility, the emergency measures just announced, which reek of desperation and panic, and any announced in the near future, are only likely to exacerbate the crisis...

Oh the drama!!

It should be noted that Big Ben Bernanke himself told the Markets that economic conditions were on the road to hell. THEY WERE WARNED AHEAD OF TIME, JUST LIKE THEY WERE WARNED IN THE 1920's.

Unfortunately, many investors who aren't in the know, or who don't have ears that can hear, didn't get the subtitle messages instructing smart money to get the HELL out of the markets before it was too late. In my case, I've been out of U.S. stocks since 2nd quarter 2007 because I knew that shit ain't all good.

Sadly, those who listened to the Permabulls are about to get their heads handed to them, if they haven't already been decapitated. I would strongly suggest that you TALK TO YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISER, AND CONSIDER OTHER OPTIONS BEFORE STOCKS GET SENT TO BEAR-HELL. Reality is about to catch up to the Unsinkable Stock Market.

Oh, and if I may be so bold, I would like to contradict the advice given by endangered investment house Morgan Stanley...


The greenback, Ladies and Gentlemen, isn't worth the paper its printed on, believe me. Those who keep their money in cash are going to be robbed BLIND by ever-increasing inflation.

Consider that the Philippines, of all places, is recommending its own PESO over the once Almighty U.S. Dollar:

Monday, January 21, 2008

By Random Jottings

OFWs told: Shun dollars for pesos

GUESS none of us ever thought that in our lifetime this sort of financial advice would be imparted by an authoritative voice to overseas Filipino workers. But here we go, folks!

In boldly predicting a bigger peso surge versus the dollar in the weeks ahead, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) is calling on OFWs to forget about the dollar and consider placing their hard earned savings in peso accounts.

“We now see the dollar at P37 to P38 by early summer. We are thus renewing our guidance for overseas Filipino workers and their families here to continue to shun the dollar and keep their savings in pesos,” said TUCP spokesperson Alex Agui­lar whose influential organization is basing its counsel on falling US interest rates that are bound to set off more capital flight out of the greenback.

Aguilar also urged regulators to find ways to compel local banks to reduce their “oppressive and burdensome” remittance charges, in order to help lessen the powerful peso’s jolt on migrant workers and their families—a call that has also been made by Senator Loren Legarda through a Senate resolution she tabled four months ago.

Stated Aguilar: “We are now convinced that, amid the lingering subprime mortgage crisis, credit crunch and housing slump that threaten to drag the broader US economy down, the Federal Reserve will have no choice but to bring its key rate down to as low as 2.50 percent...”

So fellas, add the Philippines to the list of countries that consider our dollar the next step up from trash!

While I'm on the subject of the U.S. currency, I wanted to share with you my gameplan for this year.

In 2008, your author is going to do three things.

Stack money, Lay Low, and Chill.

Stack Money

Dear readers, the fact of the matter is that we are beginning to see the beginning of the end of the U.S. Debt ridden financial empire. The good times of fast money and cheap credit are done.

Unfortunately, this means that everyone in our society, man, woman, corporation, and government, is going to have to adjust to the new reality. On the bright side, government will soon have a greatly reduced appetite for destroying the most productive members of its society, namely Men and families. There will come a time, and soon, when Welfare spending on pork feminist programs will come to a screeching halt. One of these days, Fedgov will no longer be able to afford immoral and unconstitutional programs such as Child Support. And, States will no longer receive Federal dollars to rape Men financially. We will be in high demand as husbands and fathers once more.

Happy day!

The process of adjustment has already begun. In my personal life, I know two women who ran into a bit of a financial jam. One lost her house last year, the other two years ago. The solution for both of them was to move in with family members and share the ever inflating cost of living.

I predict the revival of the American family, as financially strapped and desperate Americans turn to one another in order to survive the maelstrom that is descending upon us.

Just like Ancient Rome, I also predict that stable marriages and families will soon become a top priority of the State. As I've argued many times, the married family is the most efficient and best economic unit [a][b] ever devised , just as a commodity backed currency is the most stable and secure form of money ever created [c][d].The Laws of Economics have not been repealed. The Universal Law will not be ignored.

The divorce industry and fiat money have led to this present day situation, by destroying the values and the economic systems that gave this country prosperity in the first place.

Financial author Ty Andros breaks it down in his vastly informative article Thrill Ride.

He writes:

The developed G7 economies have CEASED growing in REAL terms and now only grow in nominal ones. Rather than create wealth on the factory floor, wealth is now manufactured with "PAPER" and asset backed economies. This is what is driving the demise of their financial systems and the constant erosion of their living standards. The policies of wealth creation are now a memory, as socialism [e][f], central control of economic policies and nationalization (through higher corporate taxes, employee mandates and smothering micromanagement via regulations of what few wealth creating activities that still exist within the G7) continue to grow.

They call them capitalist-free economies but it is actually central government socialism masquerading as such, socialism is a wolf with sheep's clothing. Spreading an ever shrinking economic pie further and further, socialism is the definition of "Misery spread widely". Due to the misnaming of this socialism as capitalism, the constituents of the G7 have misdirected their anger at capitalism rather then their public servants who have destroyed the system which created the wealth they have enjoyed for generations.

The original G7 and its "something for nothing" constituencies are the mob at work robbing the hardiest among them (wealth creating entrepreneurs and business) and feeding them to the weakest (desperate middle classes who don't understand what is transpiring and the victims of their political classes who lack knowledge of history and the financial/banking industries). These people consume, and they eat whether they produce or not. Their moral fibers are of made of balsa wood and are the living definition of consuming more than they produce. The policies of insolvency on a society-wide scale, individual, municipal, state and federal, are a black hole of capital sucking the life out of their economies and futures and directing it into capital destructive policies and sectors. Government is increasing in these economies where it destroys the most: central government planning, taxes, the factory floor and in finance and banking. They rely on anyone but themselves and increasingly hold their governments UNaccountable.

The G7 is consuming more than they produce and exporting approximately 2 Trillion dollars of wealth on an annual basis. They are in the fall of their empires.

The emerging world is now where wealth is created, fresh from the memories of long socialist winters and command economies. Austrian economics and capitalism are in the springtime of their ascendance. A huge fight is unfolding as former "emerging world" servants of the G7 ascend to become future masters of the world economies and wealth. They are destined to do so as they are the only place creating wealth. There is a broad social trend at work in the emerging world and it is: "I will work 60 hours a week for a better life for myself and my family". This is the absolute antithesis of the "something for nothing" personality. These people produce or they don't eat, so their moral fibers are of hardy timber and they illustrate the definition of producing more than they consume. These peoples' close knowledge of "government as savior" know that to be the fallacy it is. Government is receding in these economies where it counts the most: central government planning, taxes, the factory floor and in finance and banking. They rely on no one but themselves but increasingly hold their governments accountable. They are producing more than they consume and accumulating capital and savings at a 2 trillion dollar a year pace. (See the "wealth of the world is rotating" in the Tedbits archives at

There is a lot of wisdom here, most of which is lost to most of our people. But, they shall soon learn the folly of feminism, socialism, Platonism, and other such misguided philosophies, the hard way.

And all of this guides me in my investment decisions:

Precious metals over Cash and Bonds, Real goods instead of credit, little to no debt instead of maxed out credit cards and insanely high mortgage payments, and, most importantly, a feminism-free woman who understands what it means to be a wife versus the 94.999% of Western Women for whom the words thrift, loyalty and devotion have no meaning whatever. If you are going to be with somebody, at least make sure you are with someone you can depend on when times get rough!

Yes friend, getting married is a risky investment these days. And, while I personally believe that American women and men will need to make "nice-nice" and get along in order to make it during upcoming financial hard times, Unless and Until immoral and unconstitutional laws that discriminate against men and families change, we are better of Going Our Own Way.

Cause nobody likes a Captain Save a Hoe!

Besides, women are independent these days... I believe they are quite capable of taking care of themselves regardless of the circumstances.

Let me hit you with one more article before I close shop for today. I apologize for being so long-winded.

Mr. Gary Dorsch writes in Fed Plays Russian Roulette with US Dollar - Stoking the Fires of Stagflation:

... On his arrival in Riyadh on January 15th, President Bush urged Saudi king Abdullah to put more crude oil on the world market, warning that soaring prices could cause an economic slowdown in the United States, and weaken the housing market. “High energy prices can damage consuming economies. When consumers have less purchasing power, it could cause the economy to slow down. I hope OPEC nations put more supply on the market. It would be helpful,” he said.

Saudi Arabia is the only member of OPEC with spare capacity - roughly 2.8 million barrels per day. Saudi Oil chief Ali al-Naimi said on Jan 15th, that Riyadh is ready to boost oil output if the market needed more oil to tame high prices. "Nobody would look with pleasure on a recession in the United States. Concerns about US economic growth are valid. But the price of oil is more than just the US economy. Global economies are growing despite oil prices ranging between $90 and $100 a barrel,” Naimi said. For instance, China's oil imports rose 12% last year to a record 3.26 mil bpd.

But al-Naimi also blamed speculators in London and New York for inflating the price of crude oil by $20 to $30 per barrel. “Twenty to thirty dollars is the outside influence on the price of oil. If you look at who's in the market, you'll find a lot financial institutions are speculating, using the market as a hedge.” Still, Naimi wouldn't say if Riyadh would agree to boost oil output at OPEC's Feb 1 meeting.

King Abdullah must walk a along a tightrope, balancing his military patron's request for more oil, against Iran's opposition to further increases in output, which could hurt Tehran's oil revenue. On Dec 5th, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad scored a big victory, when he convinced king Abdullah to join the hawks of OPEC – Iran, Libya, and Venezuela, and hold the cartel's oil output steady at 27.25 million bpd. “Our position is that demand and supply are balanced and there is no need to increase oil to the market,” said Iranian Oil Minister Gholamhossein Nozari. Still, the key question is which way will Saudi oil policy lean at the upcoming Feb 1st meeting in Vienna, in favor of US Prez Bush or Iran's Ahmadinejad...

The author continues:

... Beijing warns US Treasury against further Fed rate cuts

Beijing also finds itself in a tough predicament, with $1.53 trillion of foreign exchange reserves over the past five years, mostly stockpiled in depreciating US dollars. However, Chinese leaders finally woke up to the folly of such a foolish investment policy. “The world's currency structure has changed,” declared Xu Jian, vice director of the People's Bank of China (PBoC) on Nov 7th.

“The US dollar is losing its status as the world reserve currency,” he warned. “We will favor stronger currencies over weaker ones, and will readjust accordingly,” added Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of China's National People's Congress. On Dec 27th, Hu Xiaolian, director of China's Foreign Exchange department, wrote, “If the US federal funds rate continues to fall, this will certainly have a harmful effect on the US dollar exchange rate and the international currency system,” he said...

Dorsch also notes that:

... Arab Oil kingdoms are Saviors of US$,

Japan is the largest holder of US Treasury debt, but has been a net seller of $46 billion, and South Korea has sold $19 billion over the past 12-months. To pick-up the slack, the Bush administration has relied heavily on the Arab Oil kingdoms, to recycle their bulging petro-dollar surpluses back into US Treasury debt. Since 9/11, America has assumed the financial costs of occupying Iraq, while the Arab oil kingdoms have experienced a staggering infusion of new wealth...

Read the rest of this story when you have time, as it is excellent.

The key point I would like for you to take away from this is that pressures, both internal and external, are driving the United States, the Western World, the Fiat monetary system, and indeed, all of our societies into dangerous, dark, and uncharted waters.

Anything can happen, and the Big Wipeout could come in the blink of an eye. Our economic ship is leaking from numerous holes, and there's no telling if S.S. US Economy is going to survive this voyage.

Therefore, I would humbly suggest that you check with your financial adviser if you haven't done so already, and make prudent preparations for your future. Also, if you are currently living the Men Going Their Own Way lifestyle, more power to you, for reasons I will explain later when I outline my Law Low and Chill sections of my 2008 gameplan.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ron Paul is Right: The Self Made Jihad Problem Part II.


Sorry I've kept you... but the Kidd has a lot of outside activities going on at present.

It's hard to be the King!

Let's get to work.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Today I will present more evidence to support Dr. Ron Paul's assertion that terrorism is the ultimate result of Western foreign policy gone horribly wrong.

And in my opinion, this understanding is crucial because the so-called War on Terror is being used to bludgeon the people into accepting massive violations of their God given Natural rights that they wouldn't even begin to tolerate otherwise.

What we are seeing here, in my opinion, is the classic ploy of Problem, Reaction, Solution:

(Government created or enhanced) Problem, Reaction (from the public demanding protection), and Solution (which normally increases the power of the State).

If you think about it, one can recognize the exact same pattern with respect to Domestic Violence and Divorce laws. Government sponsored feminist policies conjured up the alleged "epidemic" of violence against women and falsely accused Men and "the Patriarchy" as the root cause of the aforementioned problem.

The poor people, who displayed their usual mix of compassion and ignorance, went along as government officials and feminist groups demanded that government DO SOMETHING! After all, there is NO EXCUSE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and who the hell needs secure and stable marriages? Because marriage is slavery for women right?

Unfortunately, the People were quite unaware that the Platonic feminist philosophy that was spearheading these radical changes, along with the mystery men who supported them were anything but truthful, and a far cry from the advocates of equality [a][b] that they claimed to be.

And so, in response to less than popular demand, the powers that be proceeded to encourage the dissolution of marriages on a wide scale, legalized the murder of unborn children and eliminated the Rights of Men to be fathers and husbands, created unconstitutional and decidedly uncivil divorce tribunals, formulated revenue generating child support schemes, and other "solutions" that led the people to believe that government was really taking care of business.

And before you knew it, government had acquired all manner of power and authority over the family lives of the American People, even though such widespread abuse of power was NOT authorized under various constitutions both State and Federal.

Sadly, we are all aware of the negative consequences of America's War on Fathers.


Works every time!

What MRAs and Truthseekers should always keep in mind is that anytime there is injustice, or when the rights of the people are violated as they are today, government, or government sponsored groups, are usually behind it. And where there is injustice, the government can usually be found upholding it, as in the case of slavery in the American South. The Freedom movement spearheaded by Doctor Paul and the Men's Rights movement spearheaded by outstanding gentlemen from around the world are one in the same, and thus are natural allies.

Government Backed Jihadism.

According to the work The Globalists and the Islamists:

Over the past half-century religion has been in decline in the Western part of the world and in most of the East as well. Spirituality has been traded for materialism as living standards have increased, and popular culture has become almost completely secular as well.

Why has the situation been different within the Middle East? How come the Judeo-Christian ethic has eroded, but the Islamic ethic has experienced an apparent resurgence? This study will try to explain how this situation is not something that has occurred by chance and it will offer evidence that militant Islam has been a card played by the global elites of the dominant Anglo-American establishment to achieve the long-term goal of a world government (Goodgame, Part I)...

Long time readers of this blog know that organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the CFR are real groups of real people with very concrete goals and objectives. And global governance is very high on that agenda.

These people are playing for all the marbles. If they can influence media coverage and international politics, then why would it be out of their reach to influence radical Islamic Jihad as well? What better instrument of government backed terror is there than a group of third worlders who are ready to die for the sake of Allah? What greater obstacle to world government than a block of strong, wealthy, nationalist and modern middle east states who would potentially be opposed to a Supernational government?

The entire scheme makes total diabolical sense, and today I will begin to show evidence to prove beyond doubt that our government has aided and abetted people who have sworn to kill us.

Getting back to The Globalists and the Islamists:

...the British used Islam to legitimize their puppet rulers in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Palestine after taking over the Middle East in World War I. Because of this Islam was seen by much of the Arab populace as just another part of the corrupt colonial establishment. That is why the legitimate anti-colonial movements, such as those of Nasser, Mossadegh and Bhutto, were primarily secular in nature. When these nationalist movements began to succeed outside of the British sphere of influence the British turned to their Islamic allies to subvert these independent regimes. The Muslim Brotherhood stands out as the most important counter-revolutionary movement of this period in the Middle East, and one of the British-based Globalists' most important strategic assets today (I) ...

Recall that, in the first post in this series, the Late Benazir Bhutto herself spoke out against American meddling in Pakistani politics. Most everyone in the Middle East and the Muslim world is aware of the extent of our intervention in their societies. The only folks that are in the dark are We the People who continue to support these policies that ultimately provide aid and comfort to our enemies, and attack enlightened men such as Ron Paul who attempt to tell the whole story.

The work continues:

The Muslim Brotherhood emerged out of Egypt in 1928 to evolve into "the largest and most influential Sunni revivalist organization in the 20th century." It was founded by Hasan al-Banna, the first son of a respected sheik who was also an author and the leader of a local mosque. Hasan was born in 1906 and was brought up immersed in Islam under his father's tutelage. He memorized the Koran and at age twelve he founded an organization called the Society For Moral Behavior. Shortly after he created another group, the Society for Impeding the Forbidden. He was a devout Muslim dedicated to his faith and at age sixteen he enrolled in an Islamic school in Cairo to train to become a teacher. As a teenager Hasan al-Banna also became a member of a Sufi order, the Hasafiyya Brothers' order. He was active in the order, reading all of the Sufi literature he could get his hands on, and he organized a Sufi group, the Hasafiyya Society for Welfare. (1)

In Part One of this study we related several allegations that the Muslim Brotherhood was created, infiltrated, or at least promoted by British Intelligence and/or British Freemasonry. Dr. John Coleman alleges that it was created by "the great names of British Middle East intelligence...", Stephen Dorril writes that the Brotherhood was linked to British Intelligence through dame Freya Stark prior to World War II, and the Shah's regime in Iran considered it to be a tool of British Freemasonry (I)...


Once again, we have connections between One Worlders and the Freemasons. Is anyone not surprised that secret societies, such as the Masons, the Trilats, and Bilderburg, would be involved in the formation of a supposedly spontaneous and completely unpredictable wave of terror?

One of these days, we are going to learn that secret societies have no place in a free society, because knowledge is the right of all people.

But I digress.

While the history of British involvement in the Middle East is fascinating and very enlightening as to why Muslims deeply resent the West, let's move on and focus on the American connection.

(Dr. Henry Kissinger)

Goodgame writes:

... In 1974 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger submitted National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) entitled, "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." The conclusion:

"World population growth is widely recognized within the Government as a current danger of the highest magnitude calling for urgent measures.... There is a major risk of severe damage [from continued rapid population growth] to world economic, political, and ecological systems and, as these systems begin to fail, to our humanitarian values."

NSSM 200 was to have been made public in 1979, but it was successfully kept under wraps until 1989. During his career Kissinger made sure that population control remained a cornerstone of his foreign policy strategy, and after him his ideological partner Zbigniew Brzezinski pushed the same agenda in the Carter administration. Both are closely connected with the Rockefeller family, and both had studied under Harvard's William Yandell Elliott, the Oxford-trained British-allied professor.

The WorldWatch Institute was created in 1974, during the same time that NSSM 200 was being promoted in America's foreign policy establishment, with a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Since 1984 its annual "State of the World" publication is always highlighted by the media, and its hundreds of alarmist pseudo-scientific papers and reports have been used as ammunition in the leftist and elitist war against industrialization ever since.

As we related in Part One of this study, the first attack on the Third World came in the form of a premeditated massive rise in oil prices in connection with the Yom Kippur war of 1973. Economies cannot develop without an energy supply, and the quadrupling of energy prices was a major setback to nations like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico. Then when President Bhutto of Pakistan tried to work around the situation by developing nuclear energy Kissinger threatened him saying, "We will make an example of you!" (9) The Shah of Iran, even though his nation had an abundant supply of oil, also began a program to develop nuclear energy. Both leaders were quickly eliminated.

With the rise in energy prices the development of the Third World was checked, but the Arab Middle East became greatly enriched. This was when the Globalists turned to their allies, the Islamists, to remedy the situation. Islam would be used to attack industrialization and modernization using the lie that human progress was un-Islamic and a Western plot against the servants of Allah. The real plot was actually aimed at the brown-skinned masses of the Middle East who were briefly experiencing a positive change in their quality of life in terms of education, employment, shelter, sanitation and nutrition. However the religious and intellectual advocates of ignorance, filth and violence joined forces to throw the prosperous Middle East back into the dark ages (II) ...

There is so much damning material here, I could easily write several other posts concerning all of the major figures highlighted in this passage. In the interests of time, however, I would ask you to click on the links and read the information contained therein.

One thing is clear. At the highest levels of the American government, the attack dogs of Radical Islam were used to stifle progress in the Middle East, among other unsavory objectives. The Mighty Jihad Watch blog often questions why secular forces gain little support in the quest to defang the Jihadis, even though there are plenty of groups out there trying to do just that, such as certain segments within the United Nations. They also marvel at the seemingly irrational response to the terrorist threat that nations such as Britain and the U.S. have displayed thus far.

Why are these governments turning a blind eye to the Dhimmnification of the West?

The answer to this question should now be obvious. Eliminating the threat of radical Islam, and getting out of the way of the People so they can do their part to defend Western civilization and values, is simply not high on the "to-do list" of powerbrokers here in the West.

The benefits of a neverending "War on Terror" are simply too lucrative. Using Islamo-fascism to stunt the growth of would be competitors is too powerful a tool to give up. The opportunities to exploit the fears of the People in order to bolster State power are too compelling. And I'm sure that there is a dash of Political Correctness or even outright fear that prevents some from speaking out freely.

The fact of the matter is that radical Islam and Western governments have been strange bedfellows for a significant period of time as further evidence, which will be presented next time, will reveal.

By the way, those who want to read more about Trilateral Commission founder Zbigniew Brzezinski's thoughts on Islamic Jihad can go here. Interesting stuff.

Togakure out.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Mister Governor.

What's Good??

I know that some of you may be thinking, Why is this dude writing about everything but Men's Rights nowadays?

Well friend, I'm glad you asked that question!!

You see, the issue of Men's rights is bigger than just feminism, children, child support, or marriage striking.

Don't get me wrong though. All of those topics are important; its just that all of these problems are manifestations of a clear failure of our governments and our fellow citizens from knowing, understanding, and upholding the concepts of Natural law and Constitutional rights. And, while this state of affairs was helped along by feminist groups and others,
the fact remains that We the People have failed to stand up and actively fight for our rights.

No more of that. Ignorance and apathy ends NOW.

So, to answer the question, I haven't been writing much about these issues because I've been out on the streets trying to educate the people. Among other things, I have stood on the side of the road and waved signs for Ron Paul, visited my State Capitol building and handed out copies of the Masterful Taken Into Custody to my State Representative and to friends and neighbors, and, writing letters to my Governor and other elected officials.

Speaking of which, here is what I recently wrote to my State's Chief Executive:

Dear Governor,

I read your State of the State address with interest. While there are some policy moves you have made that I disagree with, on the main, I think you have done a great job for this State.

However, I was concerned about a portion of your speech that addressed increasing child support collections.

The child support system, as it exists in America today, is extremely flawed, and it, along with the rise of no fault divorce, has greatly contributed to our recent economic, spiritual, and societal woes. It is impossible to build a strong community without having a strong family and marriage culture. As a black man, I see the consequences of our loose marriage culture everyday. Be it young men selling drugs, or young black men gunning each other down on the streets, or legions of little black boys and girls going to sleep at night not knowning who or where their fathers are...

All of these outcomes are a direct result of state and federal programs and statutes that violate the Natural and Constitutional rights of men to be husbands and fathers without fear of overzealous government persecution, and it also violates the moral and Natural right of a child to know and have a loving relationship with his father.

For example, these links will take you to scholarly articles that explain how federal and state child support programs, policies, and laws, in addition to the concept of No Fault Divorce itself, violate Natural Rights given to man by God and secured by State and Federal (U.S. Constitution Amendments V, VII and XIV, (State X) Constitution Article 1 Sections 12, 21, 22, and 23) Constitutions.


The abuses of the rights of men that take place under the color of child support and divorce laws is so heinous, men throughout the country, and around the world, have done the only logical thing one can do when faced with emotional and financial ruin for simply saying "I Do" or having children...

... avoiding marriage and family life altogether. No rational man would enter into an agreement, without any form of legal protection, that could very well see him lose his children, his wealth, and his liberty.

Please see:,2933,94415,00.html

Sir, I don't have to tell you what it means for a society when its men vow to remain unmarried and childless. I would wager that if a survey of our prison inmates were conducted, the overwhelming majority of these men would be from broken, divorced, or single parent homes.

Unstable communities, egged on by shortsighted and unconstitutional government rules and regulations, will only do more harm than good in the long run.

Weak families and disgruntled men and children only lead to more crime, more violence, less academic achievement, less global competitiveness, lower tax revenue, depopulation, and a dramatically lower quality of life for everyone, as the following research proves.

In conclusion,

I believe that you are an intelligent, honorable, and visionary leader. And while it seems to be the right thing to "tighten" unconstitutional and immoral laws such as child support, the research and real life experience of millions proves that child support and other "family" laws that violate the Natural and constitutional order really ends up doing more harm than good, and costing taxpayers a lot more in direct and indirect costs than any temporary boost from “get tough” child support collections. As Confucius said, the Law is the lowest level of virtue.

If your new child support recommendations pass into law, then I would predict with conviction that our family structure in this Great State would weaken that much more.

Better solutions to the problem of struggling single parents and fatherless children are:

A) Bring back our classical American traditions of fault based divorce, and encourage childbirth to occur inside marriage.

B) Truly uphold the State and Federal Bill of Rights that protect parents, male and female, from the reach and power of abusive governments and judiciaries local, state, and federal;

C) Enact a presumption of shared custody in the event of divorce, guarantee, for both men and women alike, rock solid due process of law and equal protection under the law for both parents in all family related proceedings, civil or criminal as Constitutions State and Federal mandate, and uphold the presumption that both parents in any family related proceedings such as divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, or any other crime or tort, are innocent until proven guilty in a jury trial of their peers, as the jury system is the ultimate check on well meaning government overreach.

C) Replace our current corrupt and unconstitutional legal and family systems with a spirit of justice, truth, compassion, fairness, and accountability, while at all times respecting the rights of men and women to be protected from unilateral divorce proceedings, and the rights of children to grow up with both a mother and a father.

Only if and when these things are done will men and women alike be secure enough to express true and genuine love and commitment once again. Only by the careful and deliberate delivery of true justice will all parties (most of the time anyway) respect and honor the decisions that family and other courts hand down.

There will be a minimum of fighting, strife and violence because all can see that all of their rights and responsibilities have been carefully weighed in the judgment. No one will be able to accuse the other side of special favoritism, because the rights of parents will be secure at all steps of any legal proceedings, civil or criminal.

Our marriage culture will thrive, the number of single parents and fatherless children will rapidly decline, educational performance will improve, crime will decline, and the State as a whole will benefit from the blessings of committed Love, Liberty and Justice.

Unless and until is this done, expect the ideological divide to widen between men and women, and watch the relations between the sexes sour even more than they are today, and count on children to be hurt as they grow up in poverty, as I did.

Please consider this letter and the source materials herein when formulating your policies, and please take a hard look at the evidence before recommending more unlawful programs that contribute to our economic, cultural, and social malaise.

I would also recommend that you look at the Covenant Marriage bill that Senator (X) often introduces into the (Legislative Body) for consideration:

(Covenant Marriage Bill Text)

And please visit the informational site American Coalition for Fathers and Children:

Lastly, I thank you for all of your hard work.

Tax reform is a good first step, but in order for true peace and prosperity to reign supreme in our land, we need to reform our marriage and family culture for the better, because unjust laws lead to the creation of unjust citizens and unjust societies.

Thank you for reading.

(City and State)

Ladies and Gents,

The Men's Rights movement and the Freedom movement are one in the same.

When men get their rights restored, then freedom will be restored. If Freedom and Constitutional republicanism are restored, then men will get their rights back.

We need to look beyond feminism, and understand that it is a symptom of a much graver sickness, while at the same time, we need to actively challenge lies and half-truths concerning Men's issues wherever they be found, clearly, boldly, and unswervingly.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Again, Ron Paul is NOT a Racist.

David Duke, he ain't.

I had previously refuted allegations that Paul is a closet bigot who loves to write newsletters disparaging black folk such as myself.

Since then, PDF files of the letters have been made public, and the Paul campaign has had to defend itself from charges of racism right and left.

Paul states that he did not write the letters, and his political and ideological opponents (who else) claim that he is too bigoted to be a serious contender for the White House.

A member of the DailyPaul website has posted this gem which mounts a very convincing argument, step by step, that our Man is anything but racist. The DailyPauler has assembled a variety of evidence to support Paul's position that he is not a bigot, and the case is a strong one.

In my view, the only "crime" that RP committed was either a serious lapse of judgment in writing the letters (if he did so), or a blatant lack of oversight if he didn't. We will probably never know the fully story, but I can imagine that the truth of the affair is somewhere in the middle, where it is normally found.

So what about the content of the letters themselves?

Shocking, brutally opinionated, very factual at some points, extremely hurtful in other aspects, and sometimes breathtakingly ignorant. Definitely not politically correct overall, and very unlike the Paul that presents himself in debates, in his books, or in TV interviews. In any event, I've linked to them, so go and read them for yourself.

The newsletters are quite damning, but the evidence that supports Paul's claim that he does not support White Supremacy is also compelling. So I leave it to you to make up your own minds on this one.

I will say this though: I am a Paulite to the very end.

You see, in the Finance world, we have a concept known as Sunk Costs. What this means is that when a businessman needs to make a financial decision, he only considers the relevant facts when analyzing the situation.

For example, if I am faced with a Repair vs. Buy decision, and I know the following facts:

Repair Costs

Initial Investment: $5000
Labor: $1500
Parts: $2500

Buy Costs

Initial Investment: $5000

Then I would compare the relevant repair costs ($1500+$2500=4000) to the cost of buying ($5000.00) and decide to repair my widget instead of buying a new one. The sunk cost of $5000.00 has already been paid. That money is gone and is never coming back. Therefore, the $5000.00 initial investment on the repair side is irrelevant to my decision making.

It's the same situation with Paul. The evidence that he is a supposed Anti-Semite or homophobic is equally (or completely) weighed (outweighed) by his "official" words, deeds, and policy positions. And in my calculus (R = Racist, NR = Not Racist):

-100R + 100NR = 0

or, more realistically:

-100R + 1000NR = 900NR

Advantage: PAUL.

So what is relevant or not relevant in my mind?

A) I know that the vast majority of Presidential Candidates are members of the Anti American CFR group. Because of this fact, it is relevant that I vote for an independent candidate that does not belong to an organization that is diametrically opposed to my interests as an American and a Free man.

B) I know that none of the other candidates can match Paul's wisdom with respect to the economy, personal freedom, Natural rights, and other important issues. The loss of my freedom and the collapse of my nation's economy are very real and pressing concerns. Therefore, these issues are relevant.

C) I know that the media is controlled by the aforementioned CFR and other political organizations that seek to derail the Paul campaign by any means necessary. The changes he advocates would destroy the stranglehold said groups have on power, and would liberate ALL people.

Therefore, the emphasis on Paul's alleged misdeeds, while racist and sexist statements made by other candidates in recent times, and in times long past, are swept under the rug; leads me to be even more rational (like any good stock trader... cold as ice!) in my evaluation of current events. Therefore, discounting negative media coverage of Paul, by taking in the information presented with many grains of salt, is a relevant way to make this most important of decisions.

D) Paul's positions and voting record, especially with respect to the War on "Terror" and the War on Drugs, two government efforts that violate the rights of Americans in general, and black men in particular, lead me to the conclusion that, since actions speak louder than words, that Paul is sincere when he says that he is not racist. His actions, in comparison to the other candidates on issues such as the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, are relevant in my decision making process.

For these very important reasons, and the inability to prove definitively that he is a card carrying member of the KKK right now and today, my continued support of Paul becomes the only logical choice.

Like I said, he's no David Duke. Duke is unapologetically (racist/pro-white/supremacist/whatever you want to call him) upfront about his positions, as most racists/pro-(ethnic group X)/feminist activists generally are. If Paul were indeed a raving racist, there would be a hell of a lot more evidence than a few questionable newsletters!

Ron Paul is unique; and there is no one else like him.

No one.

His positions, his actions, and all of his verifiable writings, based on my understanding of history, finance, economics, and abuses suffered by Men at the hands of an arrogant Matriarchal government, tell me that Ron Paul really is the best man for the job.

And I also believe, based on my forecast of events to come, that in four years, the People will regret with all their hearts that they rejected this remarkable man, based on circumstantial evidence that is, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant.

And they will learn, the hard way, that everyone who claims to be a friend of your particular tribe, socio-economic class, religion, or Sex isn't always the grand savior they make them out to be.