Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Writing on the Wall.

Ladies and gents,

Thanks for your patience as I work on my next series of posts.

Slightly off topic for a second, I should note that the family and I have just returned from Toronto, Canada.

Gyokko the Kidd works damn hard, so I decided to visit our northern neighbor for some much needed R&R. And let me tell you... I came away very impressed. We had an awesome time, outstanding micro brewed beer, and the locals were excellent hosts besides. I haven't experienced such a level of Metropolis sized politeness since I left Japan.

And of course, your humble author dropped in on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and visited some of the major players on Bay Street.

(What can I say? I'm a total Finance junkie. So sue me!!!)

Another amusing observation: Women literally mobbed my eight month old son wherever we went. From 5 years old to 50, ladies of all extractions fawned over him like groupies on an aging rock star.

Yep Yep... a chip off the old block! He is definitely going to be a heartbreaker... and fully informed about the dangers of marriage and family life if political feminism is still an issue when he comes of age. And if the femmes are still squawking their useless and irrelevant crappola... then I pity the feminist who tries to break my boy's spirit. He shall be well schooled to underhanded feminist tactics.

Poor dears.

But enough about me and my international adventures. I wanted to share these jewels with you while I continue my research.

First up, Mr. Howard Katz explains why there is No Retirement:

... The first thing to learn about retirement is that it is a fairly new idea in the scheme of things. Prior to 1785-86, there was no retirement. Everybody worked until they died (unless they were rich, in which case they did not work at all).

Retirement was invented in 1785-86 by Noah Webster, who is best known for being the author of the first American dictionary. Webster, then a young man, took a trip through the 13 newly independent states in 1785-86. He talked to state legislators and other influential people, and he convinced them to legalize interest. (This was only done in the northern states; the South waited until after the Civil War.) The following year the British philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, wrote a paper entitled, “In Defense of Usury [Interest],” and interest was legalized in Britain shortly thereafter.

Once receiving interest was legal, people began to save. A normal rate of interest from 1788 until 1933 was 5%. As people saved, they would put their money in the savings bank or purchase a corporate bond. Here is how it worked. Suppose a man whose average salary was 30 oz. of gold per year saved an average of 6 oz. each year. His first year’s savings receives interest for 49 years (age 16 to 65). His last year’s savings receives interest for 1 year. His average year’s savings receives interest for 25 years. This means that the money he saves multiplies by 3.4 times due to the working of compound interest. If you can save 6 oz. of gold each year, then over a 49 year working lifetime, he has saved 294 oz. of gold. Since compounding at 5% per year multiplies this by 3.4, he now as a total capital of 999 oz. of gold. At 5% interest, he would receive earnings of 50 oz. of gold per year, 1.7 times his annual salary. With this incentive, Americans (and British) began to save. They would quit work at age 65 and live off the interest on their accumulated savings. This had never before happened in world history...

Notice that individuals at this time did not have to speculate in the financial markets, or pay expensive brokers, commissions, and money managers. Also note that, along with the compounding of interest that occurred year after year, the value of the (gold or silver) money saved gradually increased over time due to advances in technology and productivity.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is wealth creation and capital formation.

When I and others harp about why inflation is harmful to your financial health (unless you are a savvy businessman or an investment banker who knows how to profit in an inflationary environment), this is what I am talking about. The ignorance of the people, and the cunning of the financial overlords who are supposed to be guiding the average investor to "retirement" and "financial freedom" leads to debt slavery, a greatly reduced quality of life, and eventual death without having anything to show for their years and years of hard work.


Once a honored institution that served to advance the greater society and its members, it has now been altered, by legal sleight of hand, into a virtual deathtrap. Once an institution that contributed greatly to wealth, happiness, and virtue, it has been perverted into a sacrament that leads to ruination and despair.

All due, once again, to the ignorance of the people, and the treachery of those who claim to be our authority figures.

My ultimate point being: Feminism is a symptom of a larger malaise. Recognize, Accept, and Adjust as needed. No one is going to do it for you, and Going Your Own Way is critical to your survival and happiness.

Be sure to read the entire piece, as it is extremely important that you understand the implications and adjust your gameplan accordingly.

Next up:

Please watch this video featuring Mr. Jim Rickards.

This is a sobering clip. Mr. Rickards makes the point that many "hard money" financial types such as Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Ron Paul, and others have made a million times over.

Mainly: The U.S. dollar will be devalued on purpose. And as the dollar goes, so does the wealth and the prosperity of the people. All in the effort to default on Trillions worth of debt. The Gold price will "necessarily" be manipulated by the Fed and others to hide this all important fact from the People.

Again, gentlemen, it's time to Go Your Own Way. No matter what the subject, your sex life, your marriage, your money or your health, someone else wants to impose an agenda upon you that is NOT in your best interests, or in the best interests of the general society.

These people see you as a snail, and they have gallons of SALT that they want to sell you.

It's time to declare your independence gentlemen. And don't forget, in your haste to liberate yourself, that you have a responsibility to unplug other willing souls from the Fematrix.

In solidarity,


Monday, September 14, 2009

Things to think about.


Sorry I've kept you. I have been busy pouring through various VAWA related publications in preparation for my next series of posts.

As I read the various documents, I'm amazed how much fiat fundage flows to feminist pork projects...

So bear with me so I can make sense of all this before I start talking about the virtues of feminist finance.

In the meantime, I would like to leave you with some interesting links:

1) C-Span coverage of the 09-12-09 Taxpayers March on Washington (courtesy of Infowars.com).

Please take a few moments and check it out.

Needless to say, I'm glad that so many attended this protest, and that it was carried on all of the major media outlets. Unless Americans want to doom themselves to eternal serfdom, we need to let it be known that ONLY limited, Constitutional government that protects life, liberty, and property is acceptable.

We have created government to be an impartial referee that upholds the natural rights and responsibilities of ALL the People. We DO NOT need government to be an all powerful ruler that micromanages all aspects of people's lives.

It feels good to know that Americans have finally caught the protest bug, because, as many first time protests have probably discovered, the spoken and written Word has tremendous power.

Remember Team:

No realization of a given goal can come into fruition without the use of Sanmitsu:

Thoughts, Words, and Deeds working together in harmony.

Complaining about the state of affairs solves nothing by itself. Only thinking deeply about a problem accomplishes nothing. Mindless action is a waste of time.

When you do all of the above however...

In any event, methinks that the Washington protest will be the first of many. And I predict that the protests will only be more strident and high profile until the government is forced to straighten up and fly right.

See this passage from Machiavelli's The Prince that explains why Americans will NEVER completely forsake their traditions of liberty. After all, all POWER is in the hands of the People.

2) Please watch this fascinating series of videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He makes a very strong argument that beliefs held by the mind control one's multi-dimensional reality. His observation is supported by thousands of years of religious and spiritual teachings about the nature of Mind, Body and Soul, as well as the personal testimony of legions of people throughout the ages.

Dr Lipton's work supports my own thesis that one must be very, very careful about what you consider as truth, and what belief system colors your view of the world.

Unfortunately, many people do not consciously and rationally choose their beliefs based on research, reflection, contemplation, and real life experience. Instead, they believe whatever their "Higher Authorities" have implanted in their minds, and then proceed to build castles of stone upon intellectual foundations of sand.

My personal truthseeking quest began about three years ago... and I am still searching. I am constantly questioning facts, figures, and belief systems to find out what the truth actually is. More often than not, I have found that there are usually multiple points of view regarding any general subject, and that perception and desire play a large role in shaping a religious system, a scientific study, or a school of economics.

However, there are a few key Universal Laws that apply at all times and under all circumstances, and the application of these principles allows one to achieve a desired state of being.

Now a key point here is... what is the desired state of being? What is the goal?

And most importantly... Is this desired outcome something you have chosen, or are you bringing about the goals and objectives of somebody else? Are these outcomes in your best interest? Are you in control of the process, or is someone else pulling your strings??

In short, my friends, I am asking that you take a hard look at your basic assumptions about life. Are they yours? Or are they the ideals and dreams of someone else? Do your beliefs help you accomplish the things you want to do in life, or are they harmful to yourself and others? Do your beliefs harmonize with the Universal Laws that govern all levels of existence?

Or to restate the question: Are you a feminist? Why are you a feminist? Who told you to be a feminist? Do the desired goals and outcomes of feminism help yourself and others or are they harmful? Do feminist goals and objectives lead to greater happiness, productivity, wealth, and spiritual growth in the real world, or do they impede these things?

Review, Examine, and Guard your thoughts carefully my Dear Readers. There are a lot more psychic vampires in the world than you might think...

3) Ron Paul's latest book, End the Fed.

This book, along with the Creature from Jekyll Island, explains in bloodcurdling detail the fraud that is the Federal Reserve, as well as why it should be abolished completely.

Short, crisp, and powerful, End the Fed is a must, must read.

Alright team, it's time for me to get back to my Laboratory.

See you next crime...