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Kumogakure School... A Day in the Life IV

IT was November, and a chill had come with the setting of the sun. We walked into the local pub, which looked remarkably like those I had frequented when I vacationed in Cambridge, England many years ago.

We were quickly shown to a table, somewhat close to the fireplace. The pub's interior created a very cozy atmosphere. Couples and families were drinking and laughing loudly, the gents dressed in coats and sweaters, the women wearing those interesting multicolored scarves that fall to the knees.

All in all, it was a scene of great merriment, however I found myself tuning it all out to focus on the young lady sitting across from me. Her shiny black hair was neatly trimmed, in the carefully organized randomness that is the epitome of Japanese fashion. Classical Kyoto features and white skin further highlighted this living embodiment of contrasts. A tasteful tan trench coat covered a most interesting colored sweater, which shimmered in the darkness like a white pearl. The light seemed to seek her out, seemed to favor and hug her frame very tightly.

None of this was any surprise to me.

Anyone who has spent time among Japanese women quickly learns that they have the uncanny ability to put together the most devastating of outfits that entrance the eye, and sooth the soul.

After ordering beer and appetizers, we began to talk about a variety of subjects...

Welcome back to Kumogakure school! In this installment of A Day in the Life, we will cover some important points that men must consider when choosing the foreign bride of thier dreams.

One of the most important, but yet very much overlooked, things that you must do is to thoroughly NEGOTIATE all aspects of your married life with your potential wife. This is something that, unfortunately, our culture does not emphasize. We are brainwashed to make the most important decision in life on a whim.


I don't know much, but I know I love you,
And that may be all I need to know.

I don't know much, but I know I love you,
And that may be all there is to know.

What madness is this??

In the vast majority of the world, such reasoning would be condemned as foolishness. So then, how on Earth is it possible, in this the most educated and information rich society, to love someone, and to MARRY them, and know nothing about them?

It's this kind of "I don't care" attitude that gets guys into trouble. In case anyone has any doubt about the consequences of making the wrong decision, they should stop here and read what Marc Rudov has to say about the costs of failure here.

Marriage, to any woman, American or foreign, is a decision that you cannot afford to screw up.

Ironically, those strange and twisted BDSM players have a better approach to relationships than those of us in the "Vanilla" world.

Why do I say that?

Simple. In BDSM, before any kinky stuff takes place, the parties enter into thorough negotiations [3] that exhaustively cover every aspect of the relationship from start to finish. Done correctly, BDSM style negotiations leave nothing to chance, and all parties have agreed to the terms and the nature of their relationship, in advance.

If any party does not agree to a key provision, then at that point, the potential partners go their separate ways. This is crucial.

Understand gentlemen, that women have the verbal advantage, and they do not hesitate to negotiate the most favorable terms they can get from any prospective partner. It is inherent for most women to attempt to portray themselves in the best possible light, no matter how much dirt she may have done in the past. To complicate matters further, women have a very bad habit of shutting down a man's sincere inquiries by means of Shaming Language.

What I mean by this is that a man's legitimate needs, wants, and desires, if they conflict with what a woman wants, are automatically labeled as sexist, controlling, insecure, so forth and so on. For men who have been raised to never question what a woman wants, such language is all that is needed to silence all dissent. Unfortunately, this lack of dialogue usually leads to some very unpleasant surprises for the man once he says "I Do".

Negotiation is crucial, but having the willpower to walk away from the negotiation table is even more important. Foreign men from non feminist cultures have a basic set of rules, expectations, and behaviors that their potential wives MUST exhibit, and so must you. If, during the process of negotiations, your sweetie does not, or cannot meet the basic requirements that are the most important to you, then you have to be prepared to let her go her own way.

Is this hard? Yes.

Will you be rejected frequently? Yes.

Will you find that woman who is willing to agree to your reasonable, common sense terms and conditions? Yes, but it will take time and effort to find her. Your ancestors believed strongly [1][2][3] in finding a "proper match," and so must you, if you wish to survive this modern death trap that is commonly referred to as marriage.

I understand that this approach is radically different from what our culture tells us to do, but I can assure you that the rewards of careful discussion and negotiation are far greater than you can possibly imagine.

I also realize that to implement this style is difficult, however as they say:

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

... Our food arrived promptly. Fish and Chips for me, Salad and some of my Fish and Chips for her. The fish was flavorful, and the batter crisp and buttery. The house Porter brew was excellent; dark, rich, with a hint of chocolate.

She inquired about my studies, my future plans and goals, and my interests. I inquired about her life in Japan, her University studies, and her family background...

When courting your beloved, it is also paramount that you find out about her family. The best indicator of whether or not your relationship will succeed or fail depends upon:

A) The marital status of her parents

B) Whether or not her parents gave her the proper training and discipline needed to be a good wife.

It is common knowledge that if a woman comes from a single parent or divorced household, then she herself is more likely to divorce you.

According to Divorcemag:

Percentage of women whose parents were divorced who get divorced within 10 years as of 1995: 43%

Percentage of women whose parents stayed together who get divorced within 10 years as of 1995: 29%

As we read in the study : Family Matters: Family Structure and Child Outcomes:

Children whose parents divorced between the ages of 7 and 22 were more likely to report emotional problems compared to children whose parents stayed together.

And according to Divorce Reform:

"Children who grow up in single-parent homes are less likely to marry, more likely to divorce, and more likely to have children outside of wedlock."

Daniel T. Lichter et al., "Race and the Retreat from Marriage: A Shortage of Marriageable Men?" American Sociological Review 57 (December 1992): 781-799. Cited on page27 of The Abolition of Marriage, by Maggie Gallagher.

In surveys conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, researchers found that white female children of divorce were 60 percent more likely to undergo divorce or separation in adulthood than a similar population from intact families. The divorce/separation rate for white male children of divorce was 35 percent higher than for white male children from intact families.

Brian Willats, Breaking Up is Easy To Do, available from Michigan Family Forum. citing N.D. Glenn and K.B. Kramer, "The marriages and divorces of the children of divorce," Journal of Marriage and the Family, 49, pp. 811-825. Cited in Judith Wallerstein, Ph.D., "The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children: A Review," Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, May 1991, p. 357.

If your bride to be is from a single parent or a divorced family, then she is definitely NOT marriage material. While this may sound cold and callous, the fact of the matter is that the price of failure in our day and age is simply too high, for you and for your children. Dating such women is fine, but marrying such a woman could be fatal.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your unborn children not to place yourself at risk for the sake of political correctness, feminist brainwashing, or uncontrolled lust. Your duty, my good man, is to LIVE.

In addition to family structure, you need to find out whether or not her parents provided her with the basic training that a woman needs to be a wife.

For example, one of my good Korean friends has a Korean girlfriend from Hell. She doesn't cook, she doesn't clean, she gives him orders, she ignores him, she disrespects him... in other words, she is the kind of woman who displays all the red flags that smart men ignore like the plague.

It goes without saying that we all know what happens to the married man when his wife doesn't respect him.

So what happened? This is a Korean girl, born and raised. She comes from a two parent family.

Isn't Korea a traditional Confucian male dominated wasteland?? Why then is this girl just as bad as 85% of the American girls out here?

This is a classic example of parents (especially fathers, who traditionally have had the disciplinarian role) not doing what they are supposed to do:

Teach their daughters how to respect themselves and to form healthy relationships with men, and instruct them on essential matters such as how to run a household, and respect their future husband. Indeed, a great many fathers (influenced by feminist idealism no doubt) spoil their daughters to the point where they learn that they will NEVER be held accountable for thier actions, and that they have free rein to do whatever they please, no matter who gets hurt.

In comparison, my wife's family, especially her mother, strictly instructed her on how to run a household, and how to treat a man. She cooks, cleans, makes food from scratch, organizes, manages household finances, beautifies... all thanks to her parents, who, from an early age, instructed her how to be a good wife. And these qualities are what you need to be looking for when you enter into negotiations with your future spouse. To use old fashioned language, your foreign wife must be of good family, good breeding, AND of good manners.

... After dinner ended, we pushed our plates away and began to make small talk about nothing of all. As I looked at this woman, I was secretly warmed in my heart. A man such as myself is difficult, and I am well aware of this. I had come to expect the worst from women, but this girl was like a cool, refreshing draught of mountain spring water on a hot summer's day.

I realized then that this was the woman I had been searching for.

We left the warm pub and stepped into the darkness. The lights danced in the windows, bidding us a good night, and good morrow.

Hot links.

Greetings Space Fans!

Got two must sees for that azz today:

First up, you gotta stop by the Immortal Mark Rudov's page and read his latest joint.

The author, in a brevity of finely crafted verbage, explains WHY NO MAN SHOULD MARRY IN THE WEST TODAY.

Check it out.

The other link is, Symbols in the Land of the Blind. I found this one while crusing Henry Makow's Outstanding Save the Males website.

MRAs and Truthers MUST understand Symbolism. The signs are all around us, if only you have eyes that can see. Many of our mysterious Money Men, the architects of much of our suffering, are proud, boastful people that love to feel superior to We the "profane." They tell us these things every day, and in every way. It's just that most of the secret knowledge is... secret.

In my personal research, I have found that knowing this hidden language can open up a whole new world of philosophical, political, and religious knowledge, although there are a lot of twists and turns that can easily fool the unwary. When one is pursuing the nature of things, he has to be very careful about keeping to the Middle Path. Not veering off too far to the Right, but also not swinging too far from the Left. Common sense, honest examination of all the revelations, and the ability to be able to modify or eliminate deeply held convictions (i.e. falsehoods) is essential for those that seek the real answers to our very apparent problems.

But, I digress.

When you are done with Land of the Blind, you might wanna look into purchasing a reference such as A Dictionary of Symbols.

Only through knowledge of symbolism can one even hope to separate the truth from falsehood; and know friend from foe. And once you come to know the magic and symbolism as easily as you know your ABCs, then you begin to think like one of THEM. And that's how you gain the upper hand in all aspects of your life. If you can think like your opponent, then you can always be as many steps as needed in front of him (or her).

That, ladies and gents, is how we WIN.

But, I am digressing, again.

And so what if I am?? Am I not entitled to digress more than once every now and again?!?


Good. I'm glad you agree.

But anyway, enjoy your learning.

And, in the words of the Immortal Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other."


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The Ron Paul Library.

Dear readers,

Presenting the Ron Paul Library!

Stop by and read up.

Ron Paul really is, in my humble opinion, the last hope for this country. If he doesn't win, expect Tyranny to become the highest law in the land.

No question.



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Infowars: Economic Chaos in the Making.

Dear Readers,

Please check out this special series of articles, hosted by the Fiery Alex Jones at his site

I fear that economic instability of the first order is just around the corner, and you and I need to prepare for the worst, while always hoping for the best.

I plan on doing some analysis of the situation, and posting my thoughts on this here blog.

In the meantime, stay informed, stay in touch with your financial professional, and DIVERSIFY your assets. A little gold or silver in your holdings never hurts.

, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Kumo out.



Check this article from Market Oracle:

... Saudi Arabia Just Says "No" To the Fed's Rate Cut

Saudi Arabia's currency, the riyal, has been pegged to the dollar since 1986. In other words, the two should trade in tandem based on a fixed exchange rate (3.75 riyals for every dollar).

And as I explained a moment ago, interest rates affect currencies. Thus, when a currency is pegged to another, the two countries involved need to follow parallel interest rate policies.

That's why yesterday's news — that Saudia Arabia decided not to cut its interest rates — was a shock. Apparently, the Saudis are worried that enacting rate cuts would just bring more inflation into their economy.

Now, many market watchers are worried that the country is considering breaking the dollar currency peg altogether. What would that mean? It means that …

#1. The Saudis could start selling their massive stash of dollar reserves.

If they were to abandon the dollar peg, the Saudis would no longer need so many greenbacks. They would have every incentive to reduce their dollar holdings to avoid losses. And they would have every reason to trade those dollars for other currencies such as euros and pounds...

And, dear readers, the dollar is the Achilles heel of the U.S. economy, which is already bankrupt as I type this.

Please see more of my writings on the subject here.


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The Australian: On Fertility. (18 and Over Only)

(Please be advised, there is nudity and graphic depictions of sex in this post.)

Good Morning!

Kumo is studying like mad now-a-days, learning about the intricacies of Foreign Exchange trading. As a result, my posts will be a little slow in coming.

Please forgive me in advance.

I'd like to share this excellent article entitled Sex Revolution Robbed Us of Fertility.

Sex revolution robbed us of fertility

Angela Shanahan | September 15, 2007

OVER 13 years as a columnist for The Australian and other publications I have received many letters.

But I have never received one like this.

It was written in response to a column I wrote a few weeks ago on sexual imagery in advertising.

But coincidentally it arrived just after the Pope's remarks this month about the seemingly obvious link between selfishness and our inability to produce children.

The thirty something writer cut through the demographic babble about the fertility crisis and heartbreakingly encapsulated something that is staring us in the face.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Pope Benedict XVI)

Despite the media's discomfort, the fertility crisis in the West is a moral problem and, of course, only moral leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI have the guts and authority to enunciate it.

The truth about declining fertility is not all that complicated. It is the inevitable result of a so-called sexual revolution that broke the nexus between sex and having children, and has skewed our relationships, particularly marriage, forever.

The author is right on the money.

What she doesn't say, however, is that the sexual revolution was devised, BY MEN [1][2], and advocated, BY FEMINIST WOMEN, for the specific purpose of destroying Western civilization. It should be noted that this is all part of a masterplan that is over two thousand years old.

And they've done a masterful job, as this article by the Excellent Howard Center demonstrates.

I should also point out that the idea that we as a society have to embrace total sexual licentiousness on the one hand, or a completely closed, sexless, and frigid society on the other is a totally false one.

There is ample room for a traditional, family first culture that still has a healthy appreciation of sex.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In Japan, for example, we have a long tradition of sex and sensibility. As we can see in their pillowbook, the Shijuhatte, the very fertile ancient Japanese had no qualms with erotic expression.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Moving to India, we can see that the art of love is very well developed, and the Indian nation managed to build strong family networks that have served them well for thousands of years.

Erotic masterworks of Indian origin include the Kamasutra and the Ananga Ranga.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Chinese too, with their strong tradition of family and morality, have a long history, and familiarity of things sexual, as their ancient system, the Tao seems to suggest.

It is becoming increasingly clear that we as a people need to come to terms with our sexual expression, and seek out a healthy, and manageable balance. As the Greeks would say, "Nothing in Excess: Moderation in all things."

The Australian continues:

What the media coyly refer to as private morality -- also known as sexual morality -- is having all too public social consequences.

On average, women in Europe will now only bear 1.5 children each, and in some places it is down to 1.2. The enlightened West can't produce enough children to fuel its economy or maintain its culture.

The enlightened West isn't the only society that is suffering from terminal illness. The once fertile island nation of Japan is dying, just as we are.

The Chinese too are beginning to manifest the same symptoms.

The Indian nation, with the passage of the notorious 498a law, among other Leftist feminist measures, is starting to feel the pain. Their suffering is but a foreshadow of what is to come, unless they act decisively.

The common theme is that the governing elite of these nations has decided, in varying degrees, to accept the poisonous philosophies of Marxism and Feminism.

The way of feminism is the way of death.

Getting back to the piece:

In western Europe nothing will change this short of some great and terrible upheaval, such as another war. No amount of economic fiddling with family tax rates, no amount of child care or incentives for women to work, not even the threat of cultural extinction as a result of mass migration from Africa and the Middle East, will change it.

In fact, despite its tragic cultural effects, mass migration is probably the only thing that will demographically save Europe, as it has saved the US: the only country in the developed world that fully reproduces itself, courtesy of its Latino population.

Shanahan continues:

The Mexican American birthrate of about 3.3 is higher than the birthrate in Mexico, despite Mexican Americans being a poor group in every way.

The reason for the higher birthrate among Mexican illegals is fairly simple... can anyone say Anchor babies?

Moving on:

This proves something that sociologists know but don't say: cultural factors are much more important for fertility than economics.

And in sociologist-speak, culture is code for things such as religion and our sexual mores, including our marriage patterns, or what the aridly secular West will timidly go as far as calling our values.

So what are these values that are a prerequisite for stable societies that can at least reproduce themselves? The most important factor in fertility is marriage. Late marriage and failure to marry is the biggest single factor affecting fertility in the West.


Where people don't marry and marriage as an institution is devalued, with serial relationships replacing marriage (not to mention weird permutations such as gay marriage), societies suffer declining fertility.

Even if women want children, because women's fertility is finite as my correspondent points out, the emotional stress of serial non-marriage plays havoc with the possibility of partnering for life.

It is a terrible catch22. But as my correspondent also rightly bemoans, so far almost all the discussion about fertility and marriage has been about women, as if their desires and motivations were the only factor.

A lot of truth here. However, our author is a little misguided. It is not a catch 22.

Women are human beings with equal worth before The Holy One. Women have the ability and the capacity to make their own decisions. Ultimately, blame must be assigned to women themselves, as they are legally and morally responsible for their own choices.

However, I do recognize that very powerful outside forces have acted upon them. In essence, all of us, men and women alike, have been deceived.

So then, I assign blame, in order of most to least responsible:

1) Powerful men, and subservient feminist women who lobbied and brainwashed the gullible masses

2) Leaders in business, religion, and government. These are the people we trusted to look out for us, and to act in our best interests. However, our religious leaders, our politicians, our arbiters of law, and our corporate leaders have betrayed all of us out of cowardice, fear, and greed.

3) Women themselves, because, as stated earlier, they are the ultimate keepers of sexual and marital life. It is illegal and immoral to force a woman to mate or marry against her will, and rightfully so. Hence, she is responsible for making the decisions that not only affect her, but affect all of society. So then, if we are having issues with a decline in marriage and childbirth due to rampant divorce (which is initiated by women in the majority of cases), abortion (again, women have sole jurisdiction in this area), and promiscuity, then women must be prepared to accept their liability in this matter. A woman always has the right to say NO, after all.

4) Men, because many of us remain ignorant of what is really going on, and because many of us aided, and continue to aid, abetted and continue to abet, feminism and all of the cultural degradation that comes with it. We excuse feminine bad behavior, and we allow women to use and abuse us. And worst of all, we refuse to acknowledge our own worth as makers and keepers of the most artificial of enterprises, civilization.

Lets keep it moving:

However, studies done in the late 1990s in Scandinavia, where almost 60per cent of births are ex-nuptial, discovered a much stronger connection between the attitude of the man in a cohabiting relationship, as to whether a formal marriage eventuated, than the attitude of the woman.

Cohabiting men were found to be far more hesitant than women to formalise the relationship. Furthermore, this pattern holds true even in relationships that have already produced children.

Among the childless, men seem to fear that marriage will push them into more of a provider role. They harbour strong doubts about the ultimate value of a relationship -- whether it will be lifelong -- and are less likely than women to yield to normative pressure from parents. What exactly was the word the Pope used: selfish?

This is much more a picture of reluctant youthful grooms being dragged to the altar than of reluctant New Age feminist brides not wanting to be tied down with an uneven share of the household chores and child care, which is what feminist academics claim is the motivator for the new non-marriage relationship.

In fact, it emphasises how little our sexual expectations have changed -- because women still want stability, marriage and children -- but, at the same time, how badly the new sexual norms are treating women.

Who now quotes with approval the original shallow feminist rhetoric, when women thought that armed with the pill they would hold all the cards, that they would not be tied down and would be free to act just like men? The experiences of women such as the one who sent me that letter belie all that propaganda.

Instead, many women are fooled into a series of unfulfilling relationships, becoming empty vessels for sex. Says my correspondent of these relationships: "I thought I was offering myself for marriage." Instead, having given away their most precious asset, their fertility, many women have played right into the hands of men...

So close, and yet so far...

I utterly reject the claim that men are being selfish, and that women are being victimzed. As with a lot of things in life, it's not that simple.

Yes, there are men that have no intentions of getting married. But what our author doesn't understand is that there is tremendous pressure, from the highest levels of religious, political, and commerical organizations to make marriage a figurative, and sometimes a literal deathtrap from a man. A man with any intelligence who is living in the Western world realizes that there is nothing to be gained from marrying the thoroughly brainwashed Western woman, except divorce, heartache, loss of children, property, and reputation, and so forth.

Marriage is a proposition for suckers, and men are getting wise to that game.

The Marriage Strike is on, and for damn good reasons that our author has failed to address.

But she is right about one thing.

Male fertility and drive are the initiators of all life, on a philosophical and a mundane level. Man's sex drive is a constant and insistent force, whereas woman's sex drive is both weaker and more variable [aa][bb]. Anyone who is familiar with gay people, for example, knows that in the main, two men together results in a boosting of sexual energy and libido, while lesbians do not display the same kind of behavior.

The ancients knew this well, and they believed that children were of the father, and that the mother was the sacred earth that nourished the man's lifegiving seed. Even our modern day search for the origins of mankind, identity and genealogy is traced most easily, and accurately, through the father.

So then, I argue that as soon as the irrational restrictions that have been imposed upon men have been repealed, and that the male Thumos, is acknowledged and respected once more, then women will have their families and their children, children will have their fathers and their mothers, society will have its workers and citizens, and the world will be a better place.

But until these wrongs have been righted, expect the decline of the West, and the global economic and cultural concept that it has championed for decades. If we don't seriously analyze the issues and make rapid, positive, and much needed change, then the Sun will set on Western idealism, for all time.

Kumo out.

(This post has been mailed to The Australian.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RADAR ALERT: Do You Know Where Your Taxpayer Dollars Are?

MRAs, check it out:

You may already know about the outlandish (and unsupported) claims made against men and fathers in House Resolution 590 (HRES-590). RADAR has critiqued these extensively at But a little-noticed aspect of HRES-590 is one of its final "Whereas" clauses:

"Whereas there is a need to increase funding for programs carried out under the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 (VAWA 2005) ..." (p.4)

The stated purpose of HRES 590 is to promote even more funding for VAWA programs, such as services that include emergency shelter, counseling, and legal services for victims. In the 2005 reauthorization of VAWA, Congress added a requirement that the General Accounting Office (GAO) investigate and report on just what services are being provided to which people under the act. This is important because nearly half of VAWA funds go to such programs ($507 million in fiscal year 2007 alone)

Two months ago, the GAO released a report to Congress entitled "Services Provided to Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking." ( The findings in the report are damning. Programs that receive VAWA funds ("grant recipients") have not been providing reliable or consistent data about the people they serve. They have been accepting the VAWA money, but are not being held accountable for how they spend it. Per the report,

"... as a result of discussions with grant recipients, we could not be assured that any survey data we obtained would be consistent and reliable enough for analysis of the specific information required, i.e. the number, age, and gender of victims receiving each available service." (p.3)...

... We are asking you to call or fax Congressman Buck McKeon (R), ranking member of the Education and Labor Committee, and urge him to "Say NO to HRES 590!"

Phone: (202) 225-1956
Fax: (202) 226-0683

Be sure to call our beloved Old Men from Washington, and let them know how much their efforts are NOT appreciated.

This bill is yet another fine example of our government throwing not-so-good inflationary fiat dollars after bad, and inflaming the fire that they seek to put out.

My tax dollars at work.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Mankind is ONE.

Leviticus 17:11:

For the life of a creature is in the blood...

The Truthseeking that I have doing has lead me to examine my own origins. How can I rage against feminism and such if I am ignorant about myself?

And so, I have taken the next logical step: tracing my ancestors via my DNA. The site that does the testing can be located here, for those who are interested.

Also, be sure to check out the Atlas of the Human Journey, a online map that shows how, when, and where human beings migrated out of Africa to settle the world.

And finally, when you get a minute, check out the movie Journey of Man.

We live in twisted times, and thorough, complete, and honest knowledge of self is a must. If you don't know your own history, then bad guys and gals are going to provide you with one, free of charge.

Know what I'm saying?

As we move forward in time, my conviction that humanity is one is being proven with impeachable evidence. Men of all races and stripes are of equal worth, and by extension, men and women are also of equal worth.

It's not about who is superior or inferior; its about people getting in where they fit in, and playing their position to make this world a better place, and living according to the Universal Laws that God the Creator has set into motion.

And not everyone has to be the same either. The peoples of the world have their unique cultures, beliefs, languages, and so on. The key point is that all people, with the advent of this new information, will hopefully find it easier to relate to each other, as everyone ultimately comes from the same place.

It is my hope that evil and divisive movements, such as feminism, elitism, racism, socialism, and such are swept away by the diamond thunderbolt of truth. The sooner we can be rid of all of this unnecessary foolishness, and let people live according to their natures, mindful of the appropriate balance of Rights and Responsibilities, the sooner I can retire, put my feet up, and read poetry by the fire.

Know Thyself.

Kumo tha Dude.

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Hot Flicks... The Pharmacratic Inquisition

Check it out here.

Very informative, with lots of goodness on Astrotheology and other esoteric knowledge.

Why do you need to know this? you might be asking.

Simple. In order to understand the forces behind mind control programs such as feminism, one must first understand the secret doctrines that our elites have known and propagated for untold centuries.

Watch it critically, and happy trails to you!

Kumo out.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Responding to USA Today.

Good day.

It seems that the Marriage Strike is making the cover of our beloved USA Today:

Almost three-quarters of men and almost two-thirds of women in their 20s in 2006 said they had never been married, according to Census data released today that shows a sharp increase in never-married twentysomethings in just six years.

Among men ages 20-29, 73% said they had never been married in 2006, compared with 64% in 2000. For women, 62.2% had never married in 2006, compared with 53.4% six years earlier.

The data also show the percentage of those marrying in their 20s continues to decline. A USA TODAY analysis of the new Census figures shows that just 23.5% of men and 31.5% of women ages 20-29 were married in 2006. (The analysis excludes those who are married but separated.) Both the number and percentage of those in their 20s fell from 2000, when 31.5% of men and 39.5% of women were married.

"These clearly are quite dramatic changes by demographic standards," says demographer Peter Morrison of the non-profit RAND Corp., which studies public policy issues. "The amount of change in six years is quite substantial. It's impressive in terms of the degree to which the institution of marriage is evolving. There clearly is a process of social evolution occurring here, and one can speculate about where it will end."

Social regression he means.

In every respect, marriage is more desirable and more beneficial for men, women, and children. It's also a crucial element for the stability of society, and by extension, the state [1][2][3][4].

However, thanks to feminists and the policies they have crammed down the throats of Americans, only a fool would face the firing squad and say "I Do". The fact of the matter is that marriage is a death trap for a man, financially, spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes, literally.

It's a really simple analysis.

1) The Supreme Court of the United States has decreed that men have no place in the family scheme, via decisions such as Roe v. Wade [5] and Planned Parenthood v. Casey [6] .

2) The Congress of the United States, with the full support of the Executive branch, decreed that men are inferior providers and protectors of their families, and that government knows best, via such programs as the Great Society, Welfare, Child Support, and others.

All of these programs have one thing in common: They create powerful Moral Hazards that induce government agencies, and the women that rely upon them to embrace one another in a symbiotic relationship that utterly destroys the family unit. Under these Welfare State programs, men are viewed as an unnecessary encumbrance, and are ejected from the home at the earliest, most convenient opportunity.

3) The Congress of the United States has decreed that all men are violent potential abusers, and therefore, men have no place in the family scheme, via the Violence Against Women Act [7][8][9], and other related legislation that can also be found on the state and local level.

4) Courts of law across the country view men essentially as non-persons, who have no place in the family unit except as a "walking wallet" in order to comply with court ordered child support [9][10][11].

I could go on.

It is overwhelmingly clear that there is systematic discrimination, on all levels of government and society, against men when it comes to marriage (and a great many other endeavors as well). Therefore, there is no logical reason for a man to get married today, and there is every incentive for guys to stay as far away from marriage as they possibly can.

And all of this has come about because of feminism, and the men who have supported the feminist movement.

I challenge USA Today, or any other "mainstream media" publication (Wall Street Journal, anyone?), to look at this blog, look at the evidence I have presented, and write a REAL article that actually examines the REAL issues.

Unfortunately, finding out the truth of things is the last thing we can expect from our media organizations in this day and age, as most of the conglomerates are too fearful of hurting their stock price, or, heaven forbid, angering the feminist orthodoxy.

A pity.

However, as we find in history, the Marriage Strike has very ancient roots. Men are waking up to the deathtrap that is marriage. And thanks to the Internet, more and more guys find blogs and websites like these everyday.

Ladies and gents, the Men's Rights Movement is here to stay; and we are educating the men and boys of America about the reality in which they find themselves, a utopia of feminist imaginings.

(A copy of this post has been mailed to the authors of the USA Today piece.)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Shroud of the Dark Side...

... has fallen.

Get a load of this video from the Brussels Journal, and check out these pics by White Elefant.

These brave men were arrested for the crime of speaking out against the creeping Islamification of Europe.

Some critics might say that these demonstrators were advocating "intolerance" and "hate."

Frankly, I don't GIVE A DAMN.

I don't care if these guys were the Muthafuckin' Ku Klux Clan (which they are not, btw)...

Free speech means exactly that, FREE SPEECH. By denying these folks their NATURAL RIGHT to have their say in a public, peaceable, and non-violent manner, the leaders of Brussels, and by extension, the EU, have made it quite clear where they stand; that these leaders are indeed full fledged members of the Tyranny of Tolerance.

Europe, in my humble opinion, is the Canary in the Mine; if democracy and FREE SPEECH dies over there, then there will soon be a whole hell of a lot of strife and discord that will rock the entire world.

MRAs, Truthseekers, and Freedom-lovers need to take heed. Because this blatant denial of FREE SPEECH is just a taste of things to come.

Feminism is a symptom of a larger sickness.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Lawrence Lader, the Father of the Abortion Rights Movement.

Before we begin with today's topic, it should be known that I oppose abortion, except in the instances of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. If you are interested, you can read more of my views on the subject here. Also, please note that this is a very long post. I ask your forgiveness in advance.

What's crackin folks?

Now it's pretty common knowledge that Betty Friedan and company made abortion one of the central issues of the feminist movement.

What is perhaps, less well known is that, even when it comes to abortion, there was a MAN working behind the scenes to urge the lemm... err feminists, and the women that buy into such foolishness, over the cliff.

That man would be Mr. Lawrence Lader.

As we read in the Washington (Feminist) Post:

Lawrence Lader, 86, an abortion rights activist who wrote an influential 1966 book on the history of the procedure and started a laboratory in suburban New York to manufacture the French abortion pill RU-486, died of colon cancer May 7 at his home in New York.

For 40 years, Mr. Lader was a clarion voice on behalf of women seeking abortions and for ensuring that the procedure was safe, legal and available. One of his books, titled simply "Abortion" (1966), was cited eight times in the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Note his involvement in the Roe v. Wade decision, which was the first step to the total dismemberment of the traditional Rights of Man to a stable family life and even to their own offspring.

The Post continues:

He was one of the founders of what is now known as NARAL-Pro Choice America. He left that group 30 years ago to start Abortion Rights Mobilization, and through it set up a secret laboratory to copy RU-486, or mifepristone, for distribution by clinical researchers because its European makers declined to enter the U.S. market...

... Described as the father of the abortion-rights movement by feminist Betty Friedan, Mr. Lader was an uncompromising advocate of a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion. But after years of debating abortion opponents on radio and television, he ultimately refused to appear with them, his wife said, and he discarded the reams of hate mail that opponents sent to his home...

... He first addressed reproductive issues while writing a 1955 biography of birth-control pioneer Margaret Sanger. Sanger was anti-abortion and argued that birth control could solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies, but Mr. Lader believed that medical advances since she formed her opinions had made abortions safer. He came to believe "a woman had to be able to control her own fertility," he told the Los Angeles Times in 1995. While researching Sanger, he also realized that there had been no serious book or article written on abortion."

In addition, the Catholic League tells us that:

Lawrence Lader had come to the abortion issue through his involvement with various leftist causes in New York politics after World War II through the American Labor Party. According to Nathanson, "(Lader) had a long history of being ultra-radical and anti-Catholic. He was for a time a political aide to Vito Marcantonio, who was the only card-carrying Communist ever elected to Congress."8 Vito Marcantonio (1902-1954) was considered the most radical congressman to ever serve consecutive terms and was charged with being a Communist.

Representing New York’s East Harlem from 1935-1937, 1939-1950, he espoused various radical causes (he was opposed to the Marshall Plan and cast the lone vote against the Korean War) and claimed to be the unofficial congressional representative of Puerto Rico. He defended America’s Communist Party, and ran for office when abandoned by Republicans and Democrats under the American Labor Party, which was considered a Communist front group.9 Through this early involvement with Marcantonio and extreme leftist circles, Lader was, according to Nathanson, "inoculated with the anti-Catholicism virus"10 years before he was involved in the abortion movement.

Lader, the son of a wealthy family, became a wandering journalist developing articles on different causes until he struck on Margaret Sanger’s birth control crusade in the 1950s. In 1955 he authored his first book, "Margaret Sanger and the Fight for Birth Control," which nurtured his animus toward Catholics, as Sanger certainly faced strong opposition from the Catholic Church in her campaign to encourage widespread contraceptive use among the poor and minorities. Lader was clearly influenced as well by the eugenics crusades of the 1930s and 1940s that would evolve into the Zero Population Growth movement. (In 1971, he would author "Breeding Ourselves to Death.")

But very early, Lader would focus his efforts on the issue of abortion: "(Sanger’s) doctrines shaped my future writing and campaigns on birth control and abortion. Sanger opposed abortion – she was horrified after watching large numbers of poor women line up on Saturday nights outside the offices of quack abortionists during her nursing days in New York. But she stirred my thinking by making me read the one medical text on the subject. I agonized over abortion for years, increasingly convinced that contraception alone could never handle the problem of unwanted pregnancies; that the horrors of back-alley abortions must be stopped and the procedure safely performed in hospitals and clinics. When I published my first book calling for legalization of abortion in 1966, and became overnight a campaigner rather than a writer, it was as though every step I made was with Margaret Sanger’s ghost at my side, directing my strategy."11

Firstly, please note the connection between Lader and Sanger, one of the leading figures in the Eugenics movement. As readers of this blog know from earlier posts, Sanger was a firm advocate of selective breeding; in other words, those who were "unfit," the wrong skin color, or not intelligent enough, didn't deserve to reproduce. You can read the full text of "The Pivot of Civilization", one of her most influental works here.

Furthermore, I have shown extensively how Sanger and others have been tools in fulfilling an agenda that was first proposed over two thousand years previous. Observant readers will note that, although Sanger "officially" was opposed to abortion, Mr. Lader was ready, willing, and able to implement the next step of the endgame. I've pointed out before that our Leftist friends are masters at using the technique of Just Noticeable Difference in order to soften up We the People for the next level of heartlessness and brutality.

Secondly, it is plain that Friedan and feminist thinkers haven't been able to produce a truly original philosophy. At every stage of their "movement," they were being manipulated by MEN, perish the thought.

Women's liberation my ass.

Sanger herself was influenced heavily by the Eugenicists that came before her, and powerful men such as John D Rockefeller, gave her valuable funding and other material support.

As notes:

A feminist author, Germaine Greer, commented on the post-war movement, saying: "It now seems strange that men who had been conspicuous in the eugenics movement were able to move quite painlessly into the population establishment at the highest level, but if we reflect that the paymasters were the same -- Ford, Mellon, Du Pont, Standard Oil, Rockefeller and Shell -- are still the same, we can only assume that people like Kingsley Davis, Frank W. Notestein, C. C. Little, E. A. Ross, the Osborns Frederick and Fairfield, Philip M. Hauser, Alan Guttmacher and Sheldon Segal were being rewarded for past services."

In other words, the population control movement was the same as the old eugenics movement -- the same money, the same leaders, the same activities -- but with a new excuse.

When I say that feminism is a symptom of a larger sickness, this is what I mean. There is overwhelming evidence that the bulk of the feminist movement was planned, aided, and executed by men. Feminism is nothing but a Trojan Horse, constructed by those that seek to dominate and destroy.


A. Plato, The Republic, 375 B.C.

“… our men and women Guardians should be forbidden by law to live together in separate households, and all the women should be in common to all the men; similarly, children should be held in common, and no parent should know it’s child, or child its parent (p.168).”

“As law-giver, you have already picked your men Guardians. You must now pick women of as nearly similar natural capacities as possible to go with them. They will live and feed together, and have no private home or property. They will mix freely in their physical exercises and the rest of their training, and their natural instincts will necessarily lead them to have sexual intercourse… But … it would be a sin either for mating or anything else in a truly happy society to take place without regulation. Our Rulers would not allow it (p. 169).”

Plato goes on to give an example of “hunting dogs and game birds (p. 170),” and how breeders of these animals take great care to make sure that they, “breed from the best of them (p.170).”

The philosopher sums it up by saying that, “We must, if we are to be consistent, and if we’re to have a real pedigree herd, mate the best of our men with the best of our women as often as possible, and the inferior men with the inferior women as seldom as possible, and bring up only the offspring of the best. And no one but the Rulers must know what is happening, if we are to avoid dissension in our Guardian herd (p.171).”

B. Marx, The Communist Manifesto, 1848.

Abolition of the family! Even the most radical get riled up about this shameful intention of the communists.

What is the present family based on? On capitalism, the acquisition of private property. It exists in all of its meaning only for the bourgeoisie, but it finds its complement in the enforced lack of families of the proletarians and public prostitution.

The family of the (41) bourgeois naturally falls by the way-side with this, its complement, and both will vanish when capitalism vanishes.

Are you accusing us that we want to end the exploitation by parents of their children? We confess to that crime.

But, you say, we abolish the closest relationships, by putting social education in place of the domestic one.

And, isn't your education, too, determined through society? Through the social circumstances, within whose scope (42) you educate, through the direct or indirect involvement of society, by means of the education system, etc.? The communists are not inventing the influence of society on education, they are only changing its character, they tear education away from the influence of the ruling class.

The common turns of speech about family and education, about the close relationships of parents and children become the more revolting the more as a result of burgeoning industrial development the family ties for the proletarian are torn apart and children are simply transformed into articles of trade and instruments of labour.

C. Bill Woods, 1926 - late 1970's.


In 1926, an Italian communist named Antonio Gramsci ended up in Mussolini’s prison after a return from Russia. While there, he wrote his “prison notebooks” and they laid out a plan for destroying Western faith and culture. His plans included ways to undermine and discourage Westerners through the intentional collapse of the existing social structure from within.

Gramsci advocated not only Marxist class warfare, which was economically focused, but also social and cultural warfare at the same time. His theories and the “slow march through the culture” (or institutions) which he envisioned to destroy the West are enshrined in current American social policy. His theories surrounding “hegemony” and a “counter-hegemony” were designed to destroy Western social structure and overthrow the “West” from within.

Hegemony, as defined by Gramsci is that widely accepted system of values, morals, ethics, and social structure which holds a society together and creates a cohesive people. Western social structures holding society together (i.e. “the hegemony”) include: authority, morality, sexual restraint, monogamous marriage, personal responsibility, patriotism, national unity, community, tradition, heredity, education, conservatism, language, Christianity, law, and truth. His theory called for media and communications to slowly co-opt the people with the “counter-hegemony” propaganda message.

"... Hegemony operates culturally and ideologically through the institutions of civil society which characterises mature liberal-democratic, capitalist societies. These institutions include education, the family, the church, the mass media, popular culture, etc." [ii]

Through a systematic attack of these institutions he termed the “slow march through the culture,” Gramsci theorized that once these institutions were sufficiently damaged the people would insist on an end to the madness allowing totalitarian control of the Western world. A similar form of these theories was tried before America by the National Socialists (Nazis) headed by Hitler.

Many of the Gramscian Marxist Communist ideals have been implemented in government, education, and law. In practice, women have become the vehicle deceived and used in this quest to tear down and destroy Western culture. This has been done by enlisting their help in ripping apart marriage and the traditional family.

Since economic Marxism was a failure, Gramsci reasoned that the only way to topple… Western institutions was by, what he called, a “long march through the culture.” He repackaged Marxism in terms of a… “cultural war”…

“Gramsci hated marriage and the family, the very founding blocks of a civilized society. To him, marriage was a plot, a conspiracy... to perpetuate an evil system that oppressed women and children. It was a dangerous institution, characterized by violence and exploitation, the forerunner of fascism and tyranny. Patriarchy served as the main target of the cultural Marxists. They strove to feminize the family with legions of single and homosexual mothers and ‘fathers’ who would serve to weaken the structure of civilized society.”

…[A]nother cultural Marxist (George Lukacs) brought the Gramscian strategy to the schools… As deputy commissioner in Hungary… his first task was to put radical sex education in the schools… it was the best way to destroy traditional sexual morality, and weaken the family. Hungarian children learned… free love, sexual intercourse, and the archaic nature of middle-class family codes, the obsolete nature of monogamy, and the irrelevance of organized religion which deprived man of pleasure. Children were urged to deride and ignore… parental authority, and precepts of traditional morality. If this sounds familiar, it is because this is what is happening in our public… schools.

…Under the rubric of ‘diversity,’ its hidden goal is to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. The cultural Marxists, often teachers, university professors and administrators, TV producers, newspaper editor and the like, serve as gatekeepers by keeping all traditional and positive ideas, especially religious ideas, out of the public marketplace.

Herbert Marcuse was largely responsible for bringing cultural Marxism to the United States… He believed that all taboos, especially sexual ones, should be relaxed. “Make love, not war!” was his battle cry that echoed through ivy-covered college campuses all over America. His methodology for rebellion included the deconstruction of the language, the infamous “what does ‘is’ mean?” which fostered the destruction of the culture. By confusing and obliterating word meanings, he helped cause a breakdown in the social conformity of the nation, especially among the… young of America...

Marcuse said that women should be the cultural proletariat who transformed Western society. They would serve as the catalyst for the new Marxist Revolution. If women could be persuaded to leave their traditional roles as the transmitters of culture, then the traditional culture could not be transmitted to the next generation.

What better way to influence the generations than by subverting the traditional roles of women? The Marxists rightfully reasoned that the undermining of women could deal a deadly blow to the culture.

If women were the target, then the Cultural Marxists scored a bullseye… Women have traded the domestic tranquility of family and the home for the power surge of the boardroom and the sweaty release of casual sex. Divorce court statistics, wife and child abandonment, abortion and even spousal murder can be laid at [the feminists] doorstep to a large degree. [iii]

D. Mansfield, Manliness, 2006.

"Manly in substance, feminism is womanly in manner. Rather than by violent revolution, feminism undertook to bring on the gender neutral society by raising consciousness. Unlike the manly suffragettes, who broke the law and demonstrated scandalously in public places, the feminists... were so law abiding that none of them spent a moment in jail. Raising consciousness was intended to make women and men aware of how much society is prejudiced against women... (Mansfield, Manliness, p. 149)."

The author goes on to expose the real villains behind feminism, and their brand of "shaming language":

"Consciousness is a word used by Marx, and conscious-raising is a compound of neo-Marxist origin that was apparently first used in 1969 in the Red Stocking Manifesto, coauthored by Shulamith Firestone when she helped found a radical feminist group in New York... the term is a reminder that feminism came from the left and that it owed much to Marx's critique of Liberalism; many of the early feminists considered themselves to be Marxists, and (Betty) Friedan herself was either a communist or close to communists in the 1940's (p. 150) [a][b][c]."

E. Mansfield, Manliness p. 151.

"The way to liberation that economics (i.e. Marxism - Kumo) could not provide was open to psychology, and feminists turned gratefully to (male) psychologists. Friedan actually studied with two of the most important: Erik Erikson, who touted the concept of identity, and Kurt Lewin, who pushed sensitivity. Erikson, following Nietzsche, showed how identity could be both an individual and a social creation, but Lewin had an even greater sucess with the notion of sensitivity, to which we owe the Sensitive Male. The gender neutral society is much indebted to post-Nietzchean pyschology of this sort."

F. Mansfield, Manliness p. 159-159.

"... the academic feminists base their psycho-philosophical theories on the work of two men particularly, Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault. Both were French, and they provided sophisicated simplification of the thoughts of great minds (such as Nietzsche and Heidegger) for the use of academic disciplines. Difficult thoughts were brought down to the level where common professors could handle them...

... While Lacan helped out the feminists with Freud, Michel Foucault translated Nietzsche for them into a theory they believed they could use. Foucault took from Nietzsche the idea that knowledge is a form of power ("will to power") rather than the result of a simple desire or yearning to know...

... If women are not defined in some fixed respects by nature, then women are either what they make of themselves or what they are made by others, either creators or creatures."

G. Dinesh D'Souza, The Enemy at Home, 2007.

"I believe the reason why feminism prevailed so easily is that from the beginning, the feminists had the tact support of many men. Contrary to the predictions of the feminists, the patriarchy offered no serious resistance to women's liberation. Many men realized that feminists were championing something men have always sought, something that the ethic of the nuclear family denied them. Men discovered in women's liberation a means to have sex with many women without having to marry or support any of them. This was even better than polygamy, which allowed men to have multiple wives but required the husband to look after all of them. Consequently many men--especially rich, powerful men looking to expand their options---enthusiastically backed the feminist goal of liberation (D'Souza, The Enemy At Home, p. 170)."

F. D'Souza.

It may seem odd, given the state of the American family, that a group of Americans would seek to attack and transform the domestic institutions of other cultures where the family remains intact, most children grow up with two parents and a host of relatives, and where divorce rates remain extremely low. Yet for the past three decades, the cultural left (i.e. Cultural Marxists [d][e], Globalists and others) has been conducting a global campaign to impose liberal (i.e. Platonic [f] ) family values on non-Western cultures. Nicholas Kristof expresses the rationale for this enterprise: "The central moral challenge we face today is to address gender equality in the developing world (D'Souza p. 154)."

"The problem... is that most of the world subscribes to traditional values.
Therefore, "cultural change is a necessary condition for gender equality." Feminist Ellen Wills calls for a "serious long range strategy" to combat what she calls "authoritarian patriarchal religion, culture and morality... all over the world, including the Islamic world." Consequently, the family has become ground zero in the global culture war (p.154)".

So what does the UN have to do with all this? According to the author:

"The campaign to undermine traditional values worldwide is spearheaded by feminist groups like the Association for Women's Rights in Development, population control groups [g] like Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives one third of its funds from the U.S. government, has clinics all over the world (p. 154)"...

"Feminist groups provide funding and legal support to indigenous
activists seeking to pressure non-Western courts and governments to make divorce as easy to obtain as it is in the West.

With the help of ideologues like Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland who served as the U.N. high comissioner for human rights, the left works through international agencies to pass resolutions undermining the traditional family. This campaign has been going on since 1979, when the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) first defined women's rights in opposition to the family and proposed abortion as a "reproductive right" protected by international law.

These rights were affirmed and extended at the 1994 Cairo conference on population, the 1995 Bejing conference on women, and the 2002 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Armed with the proceedings of these international meetings, the left proclaims a whole set of newly enacted rights and then browbeats non-Western governments to change their laws or be declared in violation of international norms and treaties. For the cultural left, "international law" provides a mechanism to penetrate the otherwise-opaque barrier of national sovereignty (p. 155)."

There are many more examples of feminists borrowing the ideas of great male philosophers and making them their own, as well as men pulling the strings behind the scenes. And unfourtunately, those who believe that they can murder unborn children at will are being manipulated on a level they cannot begin to contemplate.

So then the story of Mr. Lader should be a reminder that, while feminism is the active and best weapon of those who wish to deceive, to focus exclusively on the bad things that women do, or the feminist movement that eggs them on, are those who cannot see the forest for the trees. There are bigger powers at work here, ladies and gentlemen, and we must focus our efforts on finding them, exposing them, and neutrilizing their poisonious idealism.

Be sure to read more about Mr. Lader at your leisure [1][2]

Kumogakure Out.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Be Fruitful...


Looks like it's time to regulate some fools!!

Check it:


Looks like this nice man is making sport of us. So be sure to stop by and say hello ya?

Kumo out.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ongoing market turmoil : The Asian Housewife Connection.

Most esteemed readers,

I apologize for the length of this post. But, I feel that the volume of information conveyed here justifies such a worthless collection of ramblings.

Forgive me.

All things considered, it has been a wild week in the financial markets. Volatility is the name of the game, as the central banks of the world struggle to prop up the unstable global economy.

My readers will note that I have linked to the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan websites. These are the key players in the ongoing sub prime drama, and those of you who are market junkies should browse these sites at your leisure.

Regrettably, although the Big Banks are gamely trying to put the best face on a bad situation, they are fighting, I'm afraid, a losing battle.

Consider this commentary from the Excellent Prudent Investor blog:

The European Central Bank poured one more for banks suffering from a backlog in clogged deals now believed to hover around the $500 billion mark.

It allocated 256 billion Euros in its regular tender, 46 billion more than last week.

While it is a bit difficult, to say the least, to navigate the ECB website, the latest weekly financial statement shows that the monetary expansion has slowed and the ECB has temporarily drained 65 billion Euros and shrunk the balance sheet a cool 60 billion Euros to a total of 1.16 trillion Euros. Gold sales have come to a virtual halt in the last week of August.

UK MP's to Grill BoE about Credit Crunch

The Independent informs us that British parliamentarians will grill Bank of England officials about the current credit crunch that forced Barclays Bank to borrow 1.9 billion Pounds at the emergency credit facility.

Likely subjects for questions will include the Bank of England's emergency credit facility, the role of the credit rating agencies, and the stability of the financial system.

"We will ask how the emergency facility is being used, what the Bank's view of liquidity is, how we got into this position, and what reassurances the Bank can provide as to the stability of the entire system," Michael Fallon, the senior Conservative member on the committee, said.

Textbook Economic Decline In the USA

The outlook in the USA is not better. Plunging car sales come as the second milestone on the path of bursting bubbles after housing. Next will be credit cards. The Boston Globe runs a story that says credit card offers aimed at sub prime debtors jumped 41% in the first half of 2007. Offers to those in the best credit grade fell 13%, paradoxically. Debtors paying their mortgage with their credit card. And you still want to own bank shares?

Dear readers; I would respectfully avoid BANK SHARES at the present time.

Also, please note the the Barclay's borrowing, to the tune of $3.8 BILLION U.S. Dollars. If a bank with a market capitalization of 77.97 Billion U.S. is borrowing money from the Bank of England, I would be a little concerned about that.

Moving forward, we have headlines like these:

Countrywide to Cut Up to 12,000 Jobs
Friday September 7, 6:38 pm ET
By Alex Veiga, AP Business Writer

Countrywide to Cut As Many As 12,000 Jobs Because Company Sees 2008 Loan Originations Dropping

Stocks Drop After Weak Jobs Report
Friday September 7, 6:26 pm ET
By Tim Paradis, AP Business Writer

Stocks Fall Sharply, Bond Prices Soar Following Weak Employment Report

The fact of the matter is, the global economy is in serious trouble. If we are fortunate, we are looking at a recession, at best.

Why are you so bearish Kumo? you might be asking at this point.

The reason is simple: the Asian housewife.

Now, before you turn that dial, allow me to plead my case.

For those who don't know, the Asian woman is duty bound to save as much money for the future as humanly possible. The Japanese wife especially, has a long tradition of making the ends meet under the most extreme of circumstances.

We live in a changing world, and I am well aware that there are pockets of Asian women, especially in Urban areas, that are spending money like there is no tomorrow. However, such women are the exception rather than the rule, and furthermore, most of these high spending women tend to be single rather than married with children.

Now as every man married to a Japanese woman knows, spending money willy-nilly is the greatest of sins, punishable by such insidious methods as Withholding, Assault With a Deadly Pillow, The Silent Treatment, and other forms of torture outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

So maybe you think I am insane.

Please think again. Just as our free spending American woman [a][b][c] correlates to our status as the biggest debtor nation in the whole wide world, we find that the countries where the typically penny pinching East Asian woman [1][2][3] lives have the highest savings rates (foreign currency reserves) on Planet Earth.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(The Egyptian goddess Isis, beloved symbol of Egypt in the Ancient World)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Ishtar/Astarte, Sumerian/Babylonian/Canaanite/Israelite goddess)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Britain's Britannia, goddess of the Romans.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Marianne as the Spirit of France. She is also a representation of the ancient goddess Ishtar.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(The American "goddess" Columbia. Image is the sole property of Columbia Pictures and company.)

As you can see, the practice of personifing forces of nature and even nation states is a very ancient practice. It should be plain then, that my comparison of countries to housewives is purely allegorical. For our purposes however, it is an appropriate one. Please bear with me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Obedient and utterly charming, the Japanese woman has a long history of defending her home with the edge of a sword. Don't sleep.)

Consider that Japanese foreign currency reserves are at record high levels:

TOKYO, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Japan's foreign reserves, the world's second largest, rose to a record $932.157 billion at the end of August as lower interest rates inflated the value of bonds held in the reserves, the Ministry of Finance said on Friday.

They were up from $923.718 billion at the end of July, rising for the third straight month and marking a record high for the second month in a row.

The reserves at the end of August included $785.602 billion in securities and $125.265 billion in deposits. The rest includes IMF reserve positions, special drawing rights and gold.

Japan's reserves, second only to those of China, ballooned after yen-selling intervention amounting to a record 20 trillion yen ($175 billion) in 2003 and a further 15 trillion yen in the first three months of 2004, as Tokyo tried to keep a rapid rise in the yen from derailing a then-fragile economic recovery and accelerating deflation.

Tokyo has kept out of the market since then, but the reserves have continued to grow steadily, partly on interest rate income.

The government does not disclose the currency breakdown of the external reserves. But historical data on Japan's currency intervention, which has mostly taken the form of dollar buying, suggests most of Tokyo's hefty reserves are in dollars.

Unlike some other countries which have been diversifying their forex reserves recently, Japan has been reluctant to significantly change the make-up of its reserves, fearing such action could disturb currency markets...

The two East Asian titans, Japan and China, hold the keys to our collective castle, literally.

If (or when) our financial weakness becomes a threat to their economic well-being, as I believe it will be, then they will have no choice but to dump our dollars and seek greener (and more stable) pastures. The Asian housewife, who holds all the powers of HELL at home, would demand nothing less.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(The Pride of China, my favorite Street Fighter, and the most popular embodiment of the female fighting spirit in the last 16 years. Underestimate her at your own peril.)

Turning to China, we can see that they are getting restless:

Is China quietly dumping US Treasuries?
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

A sharp drop in foreign holdings of US Treasury bonds over the last five weeks has raised concerns that China is quietly withdrawing its funds from the United States, leaving the dollar increasingly vulnerable.

China threatens `nuclear option' of dollar sales

Data released by the New York Federal Reserve shows that foreign central banks have cut their stash of US Treasuries by $48bn since late July, with falls of $32bn in the last two weeks alone.

"This comes as a big surprise and it is definitely worrying," said Hans Redeker, currency chief at BNP Paribas.

"We won't know if China is behind this until the Treasury releases its TIC data in November, but what it does show is that world central banks are in a hurry to get out of the US. They don't seem to be switching into other currencies, so it is possible they are moving into gold instead. Gold is now gaining momentum across all currencies and has broken through resistance at 500 euros," he said...


Speaking of precious metals, we should heed the wise words of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, Asian Investing Guru Extraordinaire:

The sub prime mess is widespread, and it seems to be getting worse. It's certainly worse if you're about to lose your home.

The stock market is schizoid -- up one day and down the next. If you're a day trader, this volatility is pure heaven; if you're getting ready to retire, it's likely to give you a heart attack.

Big Deal

As for commercial real estate, it's a great market. I just bought a 350-unit apartment house in Tulsa with an assumable loan at a 4.9 percent interest rate. Rents are low, the oil business is creating jobs, and demand for apartments is high.

As with any market, the real estate business is terrible for some people and couldn't be better for others (like me).

But as much as I love real estate, I believe the biggest opportunity today is in silver. I think this precious metal is about to become the most spectacular investment in recent history -- bigger than oil, even bigger than Google...

... As a precious metal, silver is also money. And as the U.S. dollar drops, gold and silver are seen as a hedge against a loss of value. As more and more people wake up to the reality that their cash is trash, real estate is a gamble, and the stock market is too volatile, silver may be a great safe haven.

As I write, silver is approximately $13 an ounce. If industrial consumption continues and monetary panic sets in, who knows how high the price will go? Between 1979 and 1980, silver went to $48 an ounce. In today's dollars, that would be the same as $80 an ounce.

And recently, exchange traded funds in silver have been added as a way for investors to hold silver. The reason I find the silver ETF so intriguing is because an ETF represents real money -- not fake money like the U.S. dollar.

Fake money? The U.S. dollar?

Strong words friend, but utterly true. Mr. Kiyosaki, being of Japanese heritage, surely knows better than most about how strict the Asian housewife can be when it comes to managing money.

And, unfortunately for us, she is well aware of the hollowness of our dollar. And allowing her family to starve because of the foolish actions and lifestyles of others is absolutely unacceptable in her eyes.

Consider this story in the Asia Times:

... When risky assets are purchased wholesale, no one knows for sure how valuable these assets are and therefore how much loss the banks have to take.

In this environment, banks stopped trusting one another. LIBOR has jumped well past the circuit-breakers such as penal overnight borrowing that exist, because of this lack of trust. Even as the US Federal Reserve cut its discount rate to just 50 basis points over the target rate, banks found it difficult to convince one another of their stability and solvency.

That lack of confidence among banks has put paid to any central-bank efforts to hike rates, as required by looking at rising global economic growth and inflationary pressures. Instead, the Federal Reserve has signaled a willingness to cut rates this month, and the European Central Bank, which pre-announced a hike for September just last month, had to backtrack hastily this week and keep rates on hold. Even all of that flip-flopping has not helped in the interbank market, because LIBOR remains stubbornly high.

What to do

When trust breaks down across banks, investors have no option but to walk away from financial assets. This has already happened, as gold prices surged above $700 an ounce, and oil prices hit a new high for the year (US$77 a barrel). The preference for commodities is bothersome for central banks, as high input prices make the task of cutting interest rates (as demanded by banks) less defensible.

More important, central banks in the US and Europe have lost credibility with investors. They are no longer trying to prevent inflation, but appear more concerned with preserving the lot of bankers. This suggests greater value destruction for global investors, particularly for Asians investing in financial assets in Europe and North America.

Neither the US dollar nor the euro has any credibility in this situation, which means that the average Asian saver has no option but to purchase gold as a store of value. Even as US dollar bills proudly carry the motto "In God We Trust", I think it's time for Asians to put their trust in gold instead.

Note the repeated references to "trust" and "credibility."

I believe that last sentence says it all.

Our Asian housewife will ensure that her family is protected, the thoughts, feelings, and suffering of outsiders be damned. After all, it's not her fault that others were not as prudent as she, nor is it her responsibility to compell people in other lands to respect wealth generating institutions, such as marriage and family, that have proved their resilience, worthiness, and dependability over thousands of years of civilized history.

It simply can't be helped.

In essence,

While Market watchers should consider what the Fed, the financial press, and other professionals have to say about such matters, they should also be prudent and consider the viewpoints of others, such as the Asian housewives who, indirectly, control untold amounts of wealth, and ultimately, the destinies of nations.

Be Chinese, take heed, and make sure that you visit the precious metals site of your choice. I fear that the acquisition of commodities might be a very necessary hedge in our current environment, because the future is uncertain.