Monday, April 6, 2009

The Lost Art of Discipline VII

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Food for Thought.

As I cruse the Net in between professional and personal projects that take up much of my time these days, Gyo is happy to see that MRAs have taken to Youtube in a big way. As I snoop around, I find more and more gems of information, commentary, and activism.

This is a good thing.

For example, have a look at this vid posted by Mr. Roberto Regalado entitled Interview with Roy Den Hollander on V.A.W.A and feminism.

Up next, check out the brilliant Men's Rights V-Blogger Thugtician as he speaks on what a Thug really is, as it relates directly to today's main topic.

In addition, I'd also like for you to watch Austrian Economist Walter Block counter accusations of sexism and racism in this video.

Please take a moment to watch all of these, because they talk about themes that dovetail nicely with one another. I like to think that these videos chronicle the comedy of errors that are strangling the Western Golden Goose ever so slowly and deliberately. More often than not, governments and private ideological groups work hand in hand to generate problems and impose solutions that lead to yet more problems.

For example, Block's observation that labor force inequalities between men and women could be socio-biologically based, and that the productivity and prosperity of black Americans are being undermined by the Welfare State and the War on Drugs is right on the money.

And we cannot overlook the damaging consequences of Feminism on the black family. These three manifestations are the Unholy Trifecta that has ruined the African American family for generations to come.

And what is the source of these above mentioned problems? Need I point out that ALL OF THESE ISSUES HAVE BEEN CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY GOVERNMENT?

Should I mention that without the support of fiat financed government, these social insanities would be rare and inconsequential? Would it be obvious that without government support these social initiatives WOULD NOT BE DESTROYING THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LIKE THEY ARE TODAY?

Something to think about.

Happy viewing!


But before we get down to the nitty-gritty, I want to make a few quick announcements.

I am assembling a body of research in my spare time, as well as preparing for my CFA, Series 7, and Series 66 exams. As I prepare to "turn pro" and enter the money management business, I am also contemplating if I am going to release a book based on the topics covered on this blog, as opposed to an educational DVD of some sort.

My goal is to release a quality product that educates, entertains, and is accessible to the Average Joe on the street, in addition to being comprehensive in scope. I seek to connect the dots that tie feminists, globalists, socialists, and the money powers together.

In addition to consuming massive amounts of chicken and beer, I spend a lot of time looking after my little man. It's surprising how quickly one becomes proficient at handling and taking care of children.

And the smiles they give you... more precious than money in the bank.

(As a side note, the feminist idea that men have zero ability to care for children is the biggest line of bullshit ever sold. Fathers and children get along quite well thank you very much!)

Consequently, I might be a little slow on posting, or my commentaries might be a little shorter than usual going forward. Thanks for your understanding, and more details will be shared as time goes on.

I am also upgrading my equipment in preparation to expand my personal Men's Rights Crusade. I've seen some great Youtube videos, and I've listened to some slick podcasts... and I WANT IN!

When Gyo goes multi-media, I'll be sure to get the word out.

The Social Effects of Economic Disorder.

As our economic crises drags on endlessly, multiple news stories lend more weight to my assertion that fiat financed feminism will crack under the strain of current events, regardless of the friends in high places they currently enjoy.

The New York Times:

States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable

PHOENIX — Battered by the recession and the deepest and most widespread budget deficits in several decades, a large majority of states are slicing into their social safety nets — often crippling preventive efforts that officials say would save money over time...

... Ohio and other states face large cutbacks in child welfare investigations, which may mean more injured children and more taken into foster care. Despite tax increases, California has ended dental coverage for adults on Medicaid, all but guaranteeing future medical problems.

“There’s no question that we’re getting short-term savings that will result in greater long-term human and financial costs,” said Linda J. Blessing, interim chief of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, expressing the concerns of officials and community agencies around the country. “There are no good options, just less bad options.”

Arizona has one of the nation’s highest deficits in relation to its budget. As revenues sank late last year, forcing across-the-board cuts this spring, the child protection agency stopped investigating every report of potential abuse or neglect, and sharply reduced counseling of families deemed at risk of violence...

Without massive quantities of fiat financing, states and other government entities would be forced to act in cases of real need, instead of waging an all out war of terror upon fathers and families.

We know that state governments abuse the rights of men in order to obtain federal dollars. We also know that children have the highest probability of being abused when they do not live with their biological father and mother [1][2].

When we look at the facts, it becomes clear that if governments ceased their "child protection" efforts, then more children and families would be better off. Anti-male and Anti traditional family crusades only lead to incredible amounts of misery, expense, and social devastation for everyone.

The Times continues:

... The Illinois governor’s budget proposal would scale back home visits to ill-equipped first-time mothers, who are given advice over 18 months that experts say is repaid many times over in reduced child abuse and better school preparation.

We spend $1.2 billion a year on child welfare,” said Diana M. Rauner, director of the Ounce of Prevention Fund in Chicago, which channels government money to private agencies. “You’d think we’d spend a lot of money to keep people out of that system.”

Ohio’s proposed budget “will dramatically decrease our ability to investigate reports of abuse and neglect,” with some counties losing 75 percent of their investigators, said Joel Potts, director of the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association, which represents county officials.

New York State is using stimulus money and a tax increase to avoid most of the large cuts in child care, nurse visits to inexperienced mothers and other services that were originally proposed. But if revenues keep falling by the billions, “all bets are off,” said Karen Schimke, president of the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy in Albany, which studies child and family issues...

Longtime readers know that massive quantities of fiat dollars have created more social problems than they have solved. Billions are being spent, and our society is in chaos because of this fact.

Instead of using these billions to buttress and strengthen the institutions that do the best job in educating, protecting, and elevating the well-being, happiness, and productivity of society, we funnel public dollars to public and private organizations hell bent on ripping this country to shreds, one married family at a time.

My argument is two fold: Events will force governments to axe programs that have a negative return on investment, and that the nation will be much better off when this happens.

Government has a limited number of essential duties it must perform. These are to protect life, liberty, and property. It must also provide a fair and impartial forum for the adjudication of disputes. And it must, above all, uphold the rule of law. This is critical because the law is the lowest level of human virtue.

If the government moves from a fixed set of principles to a regime of favored groups and special privileges, then we cannot be surprised when society becomes debased and all of its institutions rot from within. Virtues, currencies, religious systems, social mores and customs... all of these become more distorted and perverted as time goes on.

And, since corruption flows downhill, the nation becomes less likely to agree to the return to the rule of law as time passes. Decay and group insanity sets in.

Billions morph into Trillions... Trillions we cannot hope to ever repay. Classes of people out of favor find themselves stripped of their Natural Rights; Truth and Right are quietly murdered in their own beds. The decline becomes a self-fulling prophecy as the brainwashed masses look to a false messiah to save them; not realizing that they themselves have the power to alter their own circumstances if they would only perform the correct, important, and essential actions that lead to positive outcomes.

Through the Triple Secret of Thought, Word, and Deed, Men would think, say, and do the right things that lead to success. The only way a Man can achieve the higher levels of good are by doing the right things. Thinking, saying, and doing the wrong things lead inevitably to failure, without exception.

Instead of using our powers to violate the Universal Law, we must structure our society to be in harmony with it. We need the law on our side. We need to co-operate with the Father instead of fighting against Him. If we make the changes that need to be made, and eliminate the useless activities and ideologies which provide ever diminishing returns, our nation would quickly become rich, powerful, and enlightened beyond our wildest dreams.

Like it or not, generational change is upon us. Feminists and others who depend on the old paradigm for their daily bread are in for a very rude awakening. Those who cannot, or will not see will have their eyes opened for them in the fullness of time.

Thug Lovin.

So now I tackle the greatest mystery of the age... why do good girls like bad boys?

Before I share my opinion, I would like to highlight what others have to say about this phenomenon, a subject more complex than the Origin of the Universe, or the Loch Ness Monster...

From Ebony Magazine:

"Some women feel they need a man to prove to the world that they're worth something," says psychotherapist Vera S. Paster, co-author of Staying Married: A Guide for African-American Couples. "If they don't have a boyfriend, then they don't count. Bad men [sense] these women, and they know that they will put up with their bad behavior."

My Comment: Human beings need companionship. The American emphasis on women being strong, independent, and completely autonomous goes against basic human needs and desires. From this misunderstanding flows a multitude of errors.

The typical woman, whom I defined at the beginning of this series, would like to have a man who compliments her unique personality, and who is in possession of the genuine manliness she craves.

Unfortunately, our society has driven authentic manliness and honor completely underground. Contrary to popular belief, manly men are not born... they are groomed. The arts of manliness are taught to them by their fathers, brothers, uncles, and elders, and are reinforced by custom, religion, and law.

The No Nonsense Man, Mr. Marc Rudov, explaining how and why Manliness is a foreign concept to so many Western men writes:

The manhood brand is dead, kaput, and that is no accident. Men, who built the legal and physical infrastructure of this country from scratch, have, over the past 36 years, chosen to allow women to marginalize and overshadow them. It's as though the entire history of men was written on an Etch-a-Sketch and then shaken until erased. Maria Shriver, wife of The Terminator, has proclaimed America a woman's nation, and she is right. How pathetic...

... Men are uncomfortable confronting women as peers, because they believe — wrongly — that males are more sexual than females, that kowtowing for sex is a prerequisite. Women, naturally, exploit this male ignorance to the hilt.

Result: Men reflexively buy drinks for women, propose marriage on bended knee, assume fault in every dispute, and rubber-stamp almost every piece of anti-male legislation (think VAWA). This is manhood? ...

And in one well crafted paragraph, Mr. Rudov gives us both the problem with Western man, and how he can right himself:

... these behaviors, ironically, defeat manhood. They are substitutes for real expressions of manhood: standing up to women, disagreeing with them, saying no to them. Their fear of being rejected in the bedroom is so great, yet so unfounded, that men would rather live in a gynocracy and mourn the death of manhood than reverse this sad situation.

... Men must change their views of themselves and of women, and begin treating women like peers. Equality means equality. The Constitution states nowhere that women have special rights or privileges or protections, yet men keep granting them — each time destroying the manhood brand.

The writer has captured the essence of why today's women, many of whom desperately crave someone to share their life with, choose to remain single, or roll with the "Bad Boys" and the "Thugs" that most love to hate.

Faced with a drought of authentic manliness, and denied socially acceptable ways to secure such a man (through traditional marriage and courtship rituals), there is nothing to prevent her from going home with "That Playa Pimp" that many of us like to look down upon.

But as the saying goes: Don't hate the Player... hate the game!

Getting back to the Ebony article:

Still other women tend to fall into the superwoman trap, mistakenly minimizing the badness of the man's behavior and believing that he can be changed or redeemed by their good love. Dr. Paster bashes the thought. "It's wishful thinking," she argues.

In many cases, the law of opposites attract applies for the "good girls" who crave a little excitement in their lives and who feel that the "bad guys" are the only ones who can satisfy them.

These "good girls," who have done all the right things for the majority of their lives, are seeking a taste of the wild life without compromising their own sense of goodness. In fact, these women are attempting to live vicariously through the socially unacceptable behaviors of their men.

"A `good girl' is a woman who has followed the rules all of her life; she's been taught to go along with the status quo of what everyone else thinks she should do, be and want," says Dr. Stovall. "These women have not had an opportunity to be who they are, so they are attracted to the men who rebel against the rules, and they live vicariously through them."

Dr. Paster adds that women who have spent their entire lives pleasing others are more likely to be attracted to "bad guys."

"Being a `good girl' means you've had to forego a lot of your natural instincts, all in the interest of being good," says Dr. Paster. "Therefore, [with a `bad boy'] you can get the pleasure and excitement with someone who hasn't foregone his instincts, all while [maintaining] your image of being good..."

… Chicagoan Mike Luv, a reformed "bad boy" who is now happily married, says it's easy to understand why some men choose to transform themselves into "bad boys."

"Today's culture shows men that it's okay to be `hard' or `cool,' so some guys put on a cool act to make it seem like they're bad, because most often it's bad guys and `players' who get all the women anyway," Luv says.

Let's take a minute to review that last sentence. Why is it that these bad boys get all the women? Could it be that the majority of these men have rejected the feminist party line? Are these the guys that refuse to obey the letter and the spirit of feminist legislation and education? Do bad boys get all the girls because they offer something that 80% of today's feminist friendly men don't have?

Now what if the majority of men in this country were to awaken one morning with their manliness mindset switched fully on? What if the typical man knew what honor was, or if they really knew what women wanted and expected from them? What if law and custom supported manliness as a virtue and a strength, instead of regulating it out of existence?

Would the irresponsible bad boy, competing in the marketplace of love, have a snowball's chance in hell?

If men were in full possession of their manliness, and were proficient in the Old Skool techniques of interacting with their women, and if society adopted marriage and family life as Public Policy instead of the Feminist Friendly regime we live under now, then I assert that the Playas would have a hard time finding women willing to go their way.

Tha Pimp game would then be a small subculture living within the greater society that emphasizes marriage, family life, genuine manliness and authentic womanhood.

Moving back to the article:

.. Dr. Spivey says that sometimes "bad boys" are truly bad, but most often they are just vulnerable men wearing a mask of masculinity and aggressiveness to attract women. He explains that when it comes to love and sex, all the world's a stage, and both men and women are role-playing. He adds that the "bad boy" and "good girl" image is nothing more than an act that he refers to as "the dance."

"I think guys always want to be bad, and the badder the better because women often look for men with that kind of cutting edge," Dr. Spivey states. "But when people put on masks of success or desirability, they start to play games. It's a dance, and both men and women do it; while men are playing `bad,' women are playing `lean and mean,' `not too smart,' or `hard to get.' Men and women have a repertoire of ways to attract and engage one another. Sometimes it can be fun; sometimes it can be painful and destructive..."

Moving on, let's look at this essay from advice writer Lisa Daily:

We've all done it at one time or another. We whine to our friends about the lack of nice available guys, and then, when given the choice between a nice, sweet (safe) guy and a bad boy who makes our toes curl, we invariably go for the toe-curler. The heartbreak-waiting-to-happen. The bad boy.

Doesn't make any sense, does it?

I recently received a letter from a sweet guy who wrote,

"I've been looking for some insights to what women are looking for, because from my perspective, they often go for that which they complain about most! Got any advice for us men?"

Baby, you hit the nail right on the head.

There's good news and bad news for all you nice guys out there. Your day will come. It just may not be today… Most women actually grow out of the bad-boy phase once we hit our mid twenties. Our girlfriends start to couple off, and we start wondering if we used up our nice guy quota in college when were still torturing men for sport. That's where you come in, Mr. Sweet Guy. Because you're the guy we really want.

Here's my advice for all the nice guys:

Remember what we were wearing on our first date. Give romantic gifts on birthdays and anniversaries (and remember flower-mandatory holidays such as Valentine's Day.) Get what we're all about. Let us know what you're all about. Kill any bugs that sneak into the kitchen. Give us your coat when it gets chilly outside. And remember there's a fine line between being a nice guy and being a doormat -don't take any crap from us. After all, you don't want to be a good boy in love with a bad girl.

Please note that the majority of today's modern Western woman uses and abuses all of the "Nice Guys" that would have moved Heaven and Earth to do her bidding. Only when her looks are beginning to fade, and she is tired of the hookups and the late night booty calls, does she consider you, Mr. Nice Guy, to marry up with. In other words, nice guys wind up with sloppy seconds.

Ditto with Single Mothers, the worst event to occur on Planet Earth since the bubonic plague.

Appealing, ain't it?

On top of this, note how our intrepid columnist urges our man to do everything to make her life more comfy, and omits any responsibilities or niceties that our used-goods Partygal should be doing on his behalf.

Sound familiar?

But! Notice that at the very end, the truth comes out. The typical woman does indeed want a man who is stronger than she. While the degree of manliness desired will vary from woman to woman, she wants someone who can stand up to her, and who has confidence in himself as a man, a husband, a provider, a lover, a protector, a Sage, and a leader.

Kowtowing and kissing her buttocks (while sometimes necessary in the case of colossal fuck ups) all the time is the quickest way for a man to find himself Elimi-dated.

Finally, we find an interesting scientific hypothesis from Live

Women's Brains Respond to Manly Men

By Sally Law, LiveScience's Science of Sex Columnist

Hormonal women are more responsive to manly men, and Kinsey Institute researchers have the brain scans to prove it.

Women participating in the Kinsey study were shown 224 photos of men's faces, some of which had been "masculinized" or "feminized" using photo-morphing software. MRI scans revealed higher levels of brain response to the masculinized photos, particularly in women who were in the phase of their menstrual cycle immediately preceding ovulation and higher fertility.

The study, published this month in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, is the first to show differences in neural activation to masculinized and feminized faces. One of the areas of the brain most activated by the images, the anterior cingulated cortex, is involved in decision-making and assessment, which indicates that women are calculating the risks and rewards related to a man with high levels of testosterone.

"Because male traits generally thought to predict good condition and even genetic quality often coincide with less desirable characteristics, women must balance potentially disparate mating priorities," writes Heather Rupp, who headed up the study. "For example, although men characterized by more masculine testosterone-linked traits may be socially dominant and physically healthy, they are also less likely to invest in offspring and to enter into a partnered relationship."

In the battle of nurture vs. nature, however, ovulating women ultimately will choose in favor of genetically strong children. At other points in the menstrual cycle, the feminized faces are preferred, indicating a dip in certain hormones and a preference for men who are willing to stick around and play catch with Junior.

"As is true for most social behaviors, both biology and social influences impact the output of behavior, and likely interact," Rupp told LiveScience.

Games Women Play.

The politically incorrect truth is that women want men who will stand up to them. We also know that they are hardwired to seek out manliness to the degree that their unique personality desires.

We also know that true Manliness nowadays is in short supply. The likelihood that the typical woman will meet a man who is in command of his masculinity isn't that great.

Not surprisingly, womenfolk stay true to their instincts and go with the bad boy, who just so happens to have the Manliness game on lockdown. While the vast majority of men are trying desperately to conform with Feminized expectations of how women say they want to be treated, the bad boys and the pimps have learned, either through direct experience or by word of mouth, that the game is to be sold, and not to be told.

In other words, those who know the whole truth about the feminine psyche, and are willing to do the things necessary to "keep their hoes in check," are out here doing what they do.

With the exception of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) types, the bad boys who are pulling the most women aren't sitting around talking about it... they are out in the field dating and mating like it's 1999. Meanwhile, the Nice Guys are sitting at home, wondering why Cupcake isn't responding to their frantic text messages of love and adoration.

While many condemn "Bad Boys" for playing the game, my thought is that our culture is mostly to blame for the good girl/bad boy phenomenon. When you destroy authentic Manliness and the marriage culture, that opens the door for bad boys and players to (pun intended) slide right in to places (and bedrooms) where they would have encountered a lot more resistance entering into back in the Olden Days. I don't blame the Playas so much because they are reacting to the games women play. Games that, for the most part, are seldom acknowledged in polite society.

Women Want Manly Men, by Hook or by Crook. If they can't find real manliness through the front door, they are going to get it from the back. And the primary way that women confirm you are "Man enough" for the job is through "Testing a man's resolve."

As we go on, I am going to share some information that is controversial and rarely discussed. Please bear with me, as I believe it is vital to our discussion of Discipline to understand why women test men, and how the Enlightened man should respond.

According to

... Women are fully aware of men's problems with communication. Think not? Read any women's magazine -- they're chock-full of information about this! This understanding leads to a little event I call "The Test." The test is a situation (often manufactured) that puts the relationship, and more directly YOU, in a position where you have to act. Not acting (or acting incorrectly) will lead to humiliation, loss of affection or intimacy, looking bad in front of your friends, family, co-workers, etc., or even loss of the relationship.

The test has become so prevalent in our society that it almost always goes unnoticed for what it is. Next time you're watching a movie or a TV sitcom and you see a male character running around like a madman trying to handle something created by his love interest, you're probably seeing a test!

Why would women actually create relationship problems? This seems ridiculous to most men. After all, how would you feel if one of your buddies tried to create problems between you two to see how you'd handle it? You'd just laugh at him! Women, on the other hand, have learned to test their men because they want to be with men that are able to pass tests!

Men don't often admit it, but they know that women control many aspects of the relationship. For example, they decide when you'll first have sex. They'll also decide IF you'll have sex! Men are ready to jump on just about anything. Women have evolved to be more discerning. Thus, along with basic physical, emotional and financial characteristics you must meet, to be truly successful, you must also be able to pass women's tests.

What are tests?

Tests are not problems for you to solve, although they seem that way at first. In fact, to pass a test, you shouldn't try to solve anything. Tests are about how you react, not about a solution. Men often react to tests by getting angry, confused, or just giving in. If you do any of these, you'll either get more tests, or she'll view you as a loser. Either way, you'll have failed her test.

Women want men they can look up to and rely on. If you have good self-esteem and present a strong, confident "male" image, then you're well on your way to passing her tests. In fact, this is really what the test is all about. It's about proving you're the man she hopes you are.

Men are confused about what women want today. I constantly hear men ask things like, "Should I be sensitive?" "Should I be emotional?" "Should I cry?" As well, I hear women screaming that they want their men to be men. It's no wonder that men are confused..."

Confused by design.

Men of old were "schooled" in Tha Game at an early age. The knowledge was handed down from the elder generation to the younger. As I recall, my older male cousins initiated me into the Secret Knowledge in my early teens. And don't get it twisted... both my mother and my grandmother had a lot of advice for me about how to deal with women. Their counsel kept me out of a lot of sticky situations.

And when I was slippin' on my pimpin' (i.e being too nice), I've had ex-girlfriends tell me straight out that, "while I appreciate you being a gentlemen, I need to see your rough side every now and again."

Happily, I've never found myself in a really bad situation with women (i.e. false rape allegations, baby momma drama, domestic altercations that involved police, etc), simply because I exercised good judgment about who I got involved with, how close I allowed these women to get to me, and when to let them go when they were in violation of my code of relationship conduct.

But all of this requires education and experience. And good, bad, or indifferent, the Art of Relationship Conduct is an underground skill kept alive only by the brave few who refuse to bow down to Political Feminism...

For the sake of readability, I'll stop here for now.

My next post will continue with this theme of women testing Men. Bad Boys all over the globe know what Tests are and how to beat them, which is one of the reasons why Good Girls like Bad Boys.

Keep Pimpin',