Monday, March 1, 2010

Goldbug! and the Financial Report of the United States 2009.


During my brief hiatus, I have been keeping my eye on events in Europe and its current financial crisis.

I believe that the problems Greece is currently experiencing is a dress rehearsal for the massive bond market collapse that America will experience in the near future.

To that end, I wanted to share these powerful and disturbing interviews of Mr. James Dines as he talks about his latest book, Goldbug [1][2][3].

It's my opinion that Mr. Dines gets to the heart of our looming financial disaster in a very compact and easy to understand manner. Must listen material!

Financial Report of the United States Government 2009.

Speaking of American indebtedness, I'm pleased to report that the 2009 Financial Report of the United States Government is out. Click here to read it for yourself.

Case in point: Page vii of the report states:

2 The Federal Reserve is an independent organization and not considered a part of the Federal reporting entity. As such, their financial results are not consolidated into the Government’s financial statements.

Nice to see that Fedgov is admitting what many have known for years: The Federal Reserve is a private, for profit enterprise.

Anywho, if you compare this year's report to the last few years (which I have linked on my sidebar under Finance and Economics), you will quickly realize that the Government is bankrupt, and we have incurred massive debts that we can never possibly repay without debt default or the massive printing of money.

Either way, it's good to be a Goldbug!!

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