Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year 2010! - あけましておめでとうございます!





Your man Kirigakure is back in the house.

Happy New Year! Our family appreciates all of the valued readers who visited this blog last year, and we hope you continue to visit in 2010.

Today's post will be a short one.

First up, I want to share with you my vision for the blog in 2010.

As we speak, I have created a youtube account, and I have all of the equipment I need to start making podcasts and youtube videos. I plan to start posting videos within the next two weeks.

Please bear with me, however, as my knowledge of youtubing and podcasting is very limited. It will take a little time for me to work out some of the kinks and put out quality content, which is always my goal.

By expanding into multimedia, I want to add my voice to the chorus of Men's Rights, Libertarian, and Sound Money advocates who are spreading the message of freedom, wealth, and true prosperity to the people. I would be honored to participate in breaking down the walls that Globalists, Socialists, and Feminists have erected to keep the masses enslaved, destitute, and demoralized. Because of my unique background, training, and life experiences, I believe that I can add fresh insight to the challenges that the nation, and indeed the world faces.

Speaking of background and training, it's time for me to share more of what I know. Up until now, I've held back a little bit, for fear of offending some of my readers, or presenting information and analysis that might seem a bit odd to the average person.

But, I've come to the conclusion that my job is to provide the information, not to prejudge whether or not you, as the reader, will accept or reject it. Therefore, expect to see more references from a wide variety of perspectives and traditions.

From Astrology to Quantum Physics, your author receives and processes information that leads to greater wealth, health, happiness, protection from danger, and spiritual awareness from a wide variety of sources.

Going forward, I will do my best to gather and report this data. What you do with it, Dear Reader, is up to you. Feel free to accept or reject my findings at your discretion. Please do not take anything I write as Gospel... at all times, research any and all themes, trends, and contentions for yourself. Remember, we want to become enlightened human beings. Once of the first steps towards that end is being mindful of what we see, hear, and accept as reality.

It is our hope, Valued Reader, that you will find what we write to be thought provoking, relevant, and insightful, even if you may not agree with all aspects of what we bring to the table.

(The Kirigakure Household)

In this, the Year of the Tiger, our family hopes to provide a level of analysis and synthesis that is unmatched. It is our goal to apply our ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge to break down issues of importance, and bring little known facts to light.

Only in this way can the remnants of outdated and obsolete ideologies such as political feminism, globalism, and banksterism be swept aside.

Once these limiting factors are permanently out of the way, humanity can be free to build societies that are unimaginably happy, healthy, productive and wealthy, with, ironically, much less expenditure of time, energy, and resources.

It takes a lot of work, after all, to sustain a system that is illogical, inefficient, and unnatural.

Links to get you started.

At this juncture, I would like to share a few links that are, in my opinion, the most important trends to watch in 2010 and beyond:

I) Financial Sense Newshour forecasts [1][2][3]

II) King World News Forecast [4]

III) Jim Willie CB: Gathering Storm Clouds.

IV) Dollarcollapse: On Healthcare.

V) The Bond Market Bubble, courtesy of Seeking Alpha and Zero Hedge.

VI) Politics: See Market Oracle.UK. They have political commentary that is very hard to find anywhere else.

VII) Libertarians strike back: Peter Schiff and Rand Paul. I'm betting that they will both win their respective elections. If they do, this will open the floodgates for Ron Paul like candidates to run and win elections nationwide.

VIII) Speaking of Ron Paul...

IX) 2010 Congressional Midterm Elections [a][b]

X) Men's Rights [a][b][c][d]

Other items of interest:

And there you have it... things to watch for in 2010 and beyond.


New year, new possibilities.

From all accounts, 2010 is going to be a year of change and upheaval, economically, politically, socially and spiritually.

I believe that the next few years will be ones of transition, and that many aspects of our current way of life are going to morph dramatically.

Take political feminism, for example. It is my opinion that this reactionary movement, conceived in deceit and born in error, is crumbling, ever so slowly. And this year will be like other years for MRAs; a year to marshal evidence and attack the very foundations of political feminist thought. It may seem that our efforts are for naught, and that conditions are only getting worse for men.

This is the common perception, and indeed massive abuses are happening to men on a daily basis. However, I see glimmers of hope. The Berlin Wall of political feminism is starting to come down. Across the country, men are beginning to see more justice. Favorable outcomes for men do happen... but most victories for men are simply off the radar screen and don't receive a lot of airplay in our sensationalist-blood'n guts-lamestream media.

Organizations such as Media Radar, Fathers for Justice, ACFC, and Fathers and Families are making headway. And then there is the invisible legion of men who congregate at the office water cooler, the online message forum, or the halls of government. They are talking to one another, and the word is getting out... trust me on this.

Someday I will be able to tell you all about what those in political office really think about political feminism... but that's another story for another time.

All in all, the future is bright for Men and Men's rights. The trick is to avoid getting ensnared in the present system until the corpse of political feminism is heaved off the side of the cliff for good. Marriage or Cohabitation in feminist friendly countries is definitely not encouraged right now.

Is 2010 going to be the magical year when all wrongs are put to right? Probably not.

I do believe, however, that 2010 is going to be a year when good work is done, when the rock solid foundation will continue to be laid for the liberation of not just men, but of all people.

For you see, the powers that hold us down aren't just fixated on men alone. When we see the fulfillment of true and correct political, social, economic, and spiritual reform, reform that respects the rights of all, promotes special rights for none, and compels all to live up to their freely entered into obligations, then the race of Men will be free to achieve goals that are currently at the fringe of our imagination.

2010, the Year of the Tiger, is the year to discover where true power really lies, and to depend upon that power for one's daily bread. Those who follow the old paradigm and continue to depend exclusively upon outside institutions, governments, politicians, or gurus will not survive and thrive in the years ahead.

For where is the Kingdom?

If you know the answer to this question... you are almost there.

Sincerely yours,



tba said...

What is the name of your YT account so that I can subscribe?

I've been hoping that you would make some vids on YT in addition to your blog and am happy to see that you will do so.

Anyway... best wishes to you for 2010.

Kirigakure said...


Happy New Year brother.

Youtube channel: Kirigakure9000.

Nothing's up yet tho... I'm writing my intro script!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.