Friday, May 23, 2008

At the Crossroads.


As I watch the news lately, I've noticed that our unfolding economic and social crisis has gripped the public mind, at long last. And most curiously, I am beginning to hear more people talk about "Inflation" and the Federal Reserve's bad habit of "printing money out of thin air."

Methinks John and Jane Public are finally starting to get it. Of course, full and complete understanding of our condition will come when it is far too late to do anything about it. All Empires die, and ours will be no exception. Social and Mental illnesses such as feminism, socialism, bloodlust, and corruption are manifestations of our Imperial disease.

Feminism is a function of an Empire gone mad. Our fiat monetary system is also a function of the same system.

Imagine, if you will, a hardcore shop-a-holic.

Our girl (did you expect a man to act so foolishly?) shops until she drops; and one fine day, she realizes that all of her gold coinage has been spent buying useless things that she won't even bother with a year from now anyway. She's busted, tapped out, kaput.

But no biggie! Daddy has mega-bucks, so she can get her fix in another way... by opening a charge card based on her family's good name. Nevermind that someone else will have to end up paying the bill later. On to the mall!!

After much time has past, exclusive department stores begin to deny her requests for more and more credit.

"But I'm good for it!" she screams. "My family business is the biggest and the most powerful in the world! We have the deepest pockets of any family in history!"

However, the domestic department stores stand their ground. No more credit until Ms. Warbucks gets her house in order.

Our heroine is non-plussed. If the local yokals won't lend her the cash (credit), then she'll just go right out and open charge accounts with out of town and international companies!

And don't you know it, these out of towners just jump at the chance of having Ms. Warbuck's business. Before you can say Ollie Ollie Ocks and Free, she's back in the game, foreign credit in hand.

On top of that, the domestic banks have a change of heart, because they don't want to loose out on all of that interest that Ms. Warbuck just keeps piling on. They want in!!

But... who will lend to Miss Warbucks now?

She's already tapped into all of the available sources of credit this world has to offer. At 40 years old, unmarried, feministic, and childless, her health and her finances (not to mention her looks) is beginning to fade.

The Summertime of youth and strength is a distant memory at this point, and Winter rapidly approaches.

What will she do?

What will we do?

Who can save us now? Who can redeem us from ourselves?

Not any power on this earth. Because, if money is power, then we have a multi trillion dollar power deficit.

Now, there is a Power greater than ourselves that man can call upon. But unfortunately, this Power is Truth, and the Universe is based upon that Truth.

As my good friend Robb Case would say, Truth is absolute.

And the truth of the matter is, Ms. Warbucks, or Lady Liberty, or whatever you may call her, willingly and knowingly chose to do wrong. She is responsible for her actions, even if certain groups of deluded partisans, such as feminists, socialists, facisits, and corporatists, argue differently.

We have allowed the Lady to run amok. And now, the hard times begin.

There is no escape, and no reprieve. There is only time now for recognition, lamentation, and preparation.

Toku out.


Hawaiian Libertarian said...

Great analogy, Toku.

There is no escape, and no reprieve. There is only time now for recognition, lamentation, and preparation.


Togakure said...

Thanks boss!

How's things in your neck of the woods?