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Political Feminism: A Dead Lady Walking.

Greetings comrades!

It's been a while since I've written anything, and I apologize for the delay.

However, I wanted to sit back and think about current events. I wanted to see if the flurry of daily happenings were just random in nature, or if they formed potential trends that could be used to construct a forecast that might be useful to MRAs around the globe.

After much contemplation, I believe that my long standing thesis still stands: Political Feminism as we know it today is on its last legs. The deathgrip they currently have on economics, politics, and the court of public opinion is weakening, in spite of desperate Leftist efforts to solidify their socialist policies at the highest levels of government.

Perhaps they didn't get the memo: the days of one ideological faction utilizing the mechanics of command and compulsion to push their social agenda forcibly upon the masses are rapidly coming to a close.

World events, and even the very heavens have decreed that the age of deception and ideologically sanctioned devastation will soon end. However, MRAs should be advised that the final outcome will most likely surprise all of us, and that the final product will be years in the making. My personal guess is that we will see a "new normal" with respect to social arrangements. I think that a return to 1950's style family values is unlikely, and that new arrangements will be made to conform to new realities.

Which is fine with me, because the age of men as beasts of burden and corporate wage slaves will be put firmly behind us, and this is a good thing. Victory for men, in my mind, includes freedom to pursue our personal goals and objectives, freedom from Misandry and prejudice, respect and honor for all things masculine, and a new public policy where rights and responsibilities are upheld for men and women alike.

As we go forward, let me say that this post is my opinion and speculation only, and that I do not claim my positions are 100% right on the money. These are my educated guesses about the future, which is unknown and uncertain. But I hope you enjoy them nonetheless!

The Big Picture.

Kirigakure has numerous forecasting tools at his disposal, one of which is traditional Western Astrology.

Please see the following videos hosted by Northwatuppa:

The Astrologer's bottom line: times are changing, and political ideologies which have driven policy (and ran roughshod over the rights of Men, children, and others), will soon be broken down.

My take: Men should continue to push for change, as conditions are ripe for us to right wrongs, and create something new that works a thousand times better than the corrupt system we live under today.

Current events seem to confirm that a massive restructuring is underway as we speak.

Barometer of change: Killer California.

California has a well deserved reputation of being a Leftist, Socialist paradise. For decades, the State has embarked on a number of Leftist social actions, including No Fault Divorce:

California No-Fault Divorce

California was first in nation to approve 'irreconcilable differences' as grounds for divorce

Historically, divorces in California could only be granted within specific parameters, such as adultery and mental cruelty. Those limitations were removed in 1970. Today, a divorce is granted on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences." Irreconcilable differences are any grounds the court determines to be substantial reasons for the marriage not to continue. (A marriage may also be dissolved on the grounds of incurable insanity -- but only if the husband or wife can prove by competent medical or psychiatric testimony that the insane spouse was incurably insane at the time of the marriage.)

California was the first state to implement the concept of a "no-fault divorce." In effect, this means a married person may terminate the marriage even if the other person disagrees. California no-fault divorce acknowledges that both husband and wife have contributed in some way to the marriage's breakdown, so one party is no longer "punished" -- financially and otherwise -- for being solely to blame for the marriage's failure.

California No-fault divorce acknowledges that both husband and wife have contributed in some way to the breakdown of the marriage, so one party is no longer "punished" -- financially and otherwise -- for being solely to blame for the marriage's failure...

Interestingly enough, we now have a petition sponsored by Mr. John Marcotte that would eliminate No Fault Marriage. Check out his website here.

Will it pass? Probably not, at least this time around. But the very idea of No Fault Divorce, the most sacred of Feminist public policies, coming under attack (perhaps even in jest in this case) in the most impregnable bastion of Political Feminism speaks volumes about the hate movement's future prospects.

The time will soon be ripe for Political Feminist gains to be repealed, and I expect the debate about Political Feminist public policy to intensify as economic conditions worsen and force individuals to consolidate in order to survive, similar to shrewd moves being made by Japanese women to ride out the economic storm that looms on the horizon.

Speaking of legal action, committed organizations such as Fathers and Families continue to slowly undermine Political Feminist public policy in California and other states.

The Fathers and Families website tells us that:

Fathers & Families Is 5 for 5 so far in Current California Legislative Session
May 11th, 2010 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

Fathers & Families has co-sponsored and/or been instrumental in introducing and working for the passage of five family court reform bills in the current California legislative session. Our bills address child custody reform, child support reform, protection from family court financial abuses, and others. Below is our progress:

1) SB 1188–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee by unanimous consent

2) SB 1355–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously

3) AB 2416–Passed Assembly by unanimous consent, passed Assembly Judiciary Committee by unanimous consent

4) SB 578–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee

5) SB 580–Passed Senate Judiciary Committee

These victories did not happen by accident. They are the result of months and years of planning and lobbying by Fathers & Families’ legislative representative Michael Robinson and assistant legislative representative Nicole Silverman.

As we’ve repeatedly seen, California family law has an enormous impact on the laws of other states–California victories are national victories. F & F is creating real, tangible family court reform today, but our deep, professional involvement in Sacramento requires money–contribute to the organization which fights for you by clicking here.

Again, for feminists to suffer such political defeats on their home turf confirms their terminal illness. All that remains is for the Perfect Storm to erupt and crush the ship of Political Feminism; and sent it to the bottom of the sea forever and ever.

So what's driving all of these changes? There are many answers to that question, but the looming bankruptcy of the State of California definitely plays a part.

From Mish:

L.A. Controller Says City Could Run Out of Cash by May 5

Los Angeles is in deep trouble. The situation has gotten so grim that the city controller says L.A. to Run Out of Cash in a Month.

Los Angeles will run out of cash on May 5, city Controller Wendy Greuel said today in a release in which she requested a $90 million transfer of reserve funds to pay bills.

“The question I have been asked most often during the budget crisis is, ‘When will the city run out of money?” Greuel said in the e-mailed release. “Unfortunately, we finally have the answer.”

From the Independent Voters Network:

California budget crisis: it's worse than you think
by Bob Morris
Mon, May 17th 2010

Last Friday, Gov. Schwarzenegger detailed the brutal budget cuts coming, saying the state doesn’t have the money, and that the current system is broken and must be repaired. Further, he said he will not sign a budget that does not contain substantial pension, budget, and tax reform.

He singled out CalPERS, the public pension system, as needing reform. By law, CalPERS can force the state to make up any shortfall, and for the coming fiscal year, that will amount to almost $7 billion.

Among the cuts Schwarzenegger proposes is to completely eliminate (not just cut back) welfare, cutting pay for state workers even further (many already have furlough days, which essentially are pay cuts), eliminating subsidized child care for all children but pre-schoolers, cut in-home care for the elderly and disabled, and more...

The San Francisco Chronicle chimes in:

Open Forum: Budget cuts reduce opportunities for California's women and families

By Judy Patrick and Sande Smith

The governor's revision to the state budget is unconscionable. By completely eliminating CalWORKS, California's welfare-to-work program, along with all child-care assistance, it unfairly saddles working mothers and families with balancing the budget and thwarts opportunities for low-income women to move themselves and their families out of poverty.

CalWORKS has had a life-changing effect for people like Deborha Valarde. A single mother of two, she is a full-time student at Chabot College, where she is working on her degree in human services. CalWORKS assistance has helped her to get her education, provided critical supports so that she can hold down a job, and put her on the path to self-sufficiency. "CalWORKS has enabled me to start to get back on my feet again. If the CalWORKS program ends, a lot of single parents, including myself, will be left with nothing and nowhere to turn."

The California Budget Project's report, "How the Other Half Fared: The Impact of the Great Recession on Women," finds that from 2006-2009, the unemployment rate for California’s women doubled from 5 percent to 10 percent -- its highest level in a generation.

California's single mothers were hit particularly hard, with their unemployment rate rising to 15 percent. In addition, job losses among men meant that married women, whose incomes were often secondary and smaller than their partners, increasingly became the sole breadwinners for their families.

Yet where will these families turn? California's safety net is already shredded. While the recession has cast millions into prolonged unemployment, the social services and cash assistance that provided critical lifelines to those who have lost their salaries and health insurance have been steadily cut.

Then there's this from KPBS.Org:

California’s Domestic Violence Shelters Lose All State Funding

MAUREEN CAVANAUGH (Host): I'm Maureen Cavanaugh, and you're listening to These Days on KPBS. Former San Diego City Attorney Casey Gwinn had harsh words for Governor Schwarzenegger in a reaction to news that all funding had been cut for the state's domestic violence shelters. Gwinn, now CEO of the National Family Justice Center Alliance said, quote, this is life and death and the governor has chosen death in the name of fiscal responsibility. The cost of one domestic violence murder in San Diego County will far exceed the money he will save by cutting the budgets of all the shelters, unquote. In a line item veto last month, the governor eradicated all domestic violence shelter funding in an effort to balance California's troubled budget. The shelters were expecting a reduction from the state but the 100 percent cut was shocking. A few of the state's shelters will have to close. Most of the others will struggle to hang on but experts in the field of domestic violence are warning the impact of the cuts will be felt throughout our community. My guests to discuss the issue are KPBS health reporter Kenny Goldberg. And welcome, Kenny.

KENNY GOLDBERG (KPBS Health Reporter): Hi.

CAVANAUGH: Heather Finley is CEO of the YWCA of San Diego. Heather, welcome to These Days.

HEATHER FINLAY (CEO, YWCA of San Diego): Thank you very much.

CAVANAUGH: Heather has brought with her a former client from one of the shelters who we will call Sarah. And good morning, Sarah.

SARAH: Good morning.

CAVANAUGH: And later we'll speak with State Senator Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco. But first, Kenny, let me start with you. Tell us what happened to the state funding for the domestic violence shelters. How much money has been eliminated from the budget?

GOLDBERG: Well, we're talking about more than $20 million, about $20.4 million, to be precise, and that was all the state funding for 94 domestic violence shelters statewide that the governor wiped out when he signed a line item veto.

CAVANAUGH: And what are the ramifications here? We're talking about 94 shelters but how many in San Diego?

GOLDBERG: Well, there's at least five that I'm aware of in San Diego and I'm told that most of them will probably survive although they're probably going to have to cut some of their services. I mean, these aren't just overnight homes for battered women and their children. They provide traditional housing, legal advice, counseling, a whole lot of other services. What I'm told is that some of the domestic violence shelters in more rural parts of California that are more dependent, more wholly dependent, on state funding probably will have to close.

CAVANAUGH: Now you recently did a feature on KPBS about the defunding of the shelters and for that feature you visited a shelter called Carol's House in North County. Tell us a little bit about that shelter and what it's like...

A quick Google search confirms that funding for domestic violence shelters in Killer Kali have yet to be restored.

It seems that Political Feminism is suffering on all fronts, and as California goes, so does the nation. Looking around the country, States such as Illinois are so broke that they can't even pay their bills!

As time goes on, the funding needs of the States will be so great that they will demand that the Federal government print up billions of new dollars to bail them out. And while Fedgov might indeed come to their aid, the time is coming soon when not even Uncle Sam will be able to continue throwing good money after bad.

There's nothing like a bond crisis to focus the mind, and once the Government is cut off from the debt markets, the entire nation will be forced to conserve any and all financial resources available. That means, on the Federal level, that multi billion dollar programs such as VAWA will be on the chopping block.

Governments will have to "outsource" the responsibilities of child rearing, child care, and child education back to the biological parents of each and every child that lives within its borders.

In order to insure that children have the best possible start in life (and to prevent the expenditure of scarce resources), governments and societies will relearn the simple truth that that marriage is the basis for a healthy, happy, prosperous and just society.

Uncle Sam and the Several States will soon find that they can no longer support a Harem of single mothers and children. Instead, they will soon realize that it is far less costly to encourage and support a marriage culture, instead of destroying and undermining it at every possible opportunity, as is the case today.

Make no mistake, the transition from feminism to a normal marriage culture will be painful for many single mothers with children, but such change is inevitable. Political Feminism is dying, so it would be best for everyone if these women flee the sinking ship starting today!

Indeed, many of these women would be wise to follow the example of their Japanese sisters referenced above, as well as to actively work to create a social and legal culture where Men feel secure in marrying single mothers and helping to raise their children.

If women foolishly continue to defend and uphold Political feminist law and custom, they will suffer mightily during these rapidly changing times.

Also in the near future, governments will need to reduce their law enforcement, incarceration, and judicial budgets [a][b][c]. Consequently, we will see certain laws either ignored or repealed outright, such as the failed "War on Drugs," legislation, or Political Feminist inspired domestic violence laws.

These governmental entities will be forced to make double damn sure that only real crimes and offenses enter the criminal justice system, which means that Political Feminist sacred cows, such as restraining orders and the like, will be either reformed or repealed entirely. In any event, the power and influence of Political Feminism will be brought to heel in a major way, and the humbling of the Political Feminist Hag might come sooner than we expect.

The Breakdown.

For a very long time, we as a people have consumed more than we have produced. We depended on governments, academia, religious organizations and corporations to mold our minds and shape our agendas, even as these agendas were harmful to our real health, wealth, spirituality and happiness. We allowed the values of discipline, entrepreneurship, self reliance, and other old school virtues to exit our minds, run down our spines and be flushed out through our behinds.

There are many causes to our current malaise, including our refusal to obey the Universal Laws that govern creation. As an example of our cultural ignorance, we as a society refuse to accept even the basic and simple truth that men and women are two parts of a opposite, yet complementary whole.

When the basis of a society (the family unit) is marked for termination, then all other institutions of that society will rot away and crumble. As the civilizational decline picks up speed, governments borrow, tax, and spend, corporations profit, religious leaders preach sermons about trivial things while ignoring the real issues, and academia educates the citizenry to believe that failed policies and theories are in fact the only true and correct ways to approach the many problems the civilization faces.

Markets and economies are composed of people that employ physical, educational, and financial capital. People acquire these forms of capital from various places, but the bedrock of all forms of capital is the family unit. It has been proven beyond doubt that family formation controls for educational achievement, financial and capital formation, health, and social skills.

So it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the family units of a nation are producing inferior human, financial, and educational capital, then that nation will not have a vibrant economy, financial system, social system, religious system, or legal system. It becomes clear that as the family is attacked and destroyed systematically, the consequences of that action flow through the entire society like a cancer.

However, current events cannot continue as they are. We will reach the tipping point, and tough decisions will have to be made going forward.

As I see it, all the indicators point to the end of Political Feminism. The feminists, try as they might, cannot avoid their fate, and, as Men rebuild the a new social order from the ashes of the old, the feminists will find their power and influence greatly diminished.

We are seeing this process unfold before our very eyes.

Fear not gentlemen... the end of Political Feminism is at hand!


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